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BSH and Dion Chang dissect the art of communicating in a hyper visual era

Left to right: Guests enjoying the evening at the BSH Showroom in Cape Town; Quinton Lamprecht (Regional Manager BSH Group), Jaime-Lee Gardner (Estate Living), Dion Chang (Flux Trends), Enrico Hoffmann (MD BSH Group) On Thursday, 12 October 2017, BSH Home Appliances Group, an innovative and forward-thinking company invited the world-renowned… Read More

Digital technology heralds fuss-free decision making in residential communities

Is this the beginning of the end of AGMs as we know them? Residential estates and sectional title complexes are managed according to rules, regulations and decisions based on the preference of the majority of owners, determined in the AGM. But think of the time, energy and expense that goes… Read More

A delicate balancing act

How should a homeowners’ association optimally compose its balance sheet to minimise levy increases? HOAs are on the horns of a dilemma: how to live up to the new, stricter regulations on capital reserves while minimising long-term levies and answering the call from investors for new amenities and lifestyle upgrades…. Read More

Artist’s Palate: the story of a natural-born sommelier and winemaker

Most people who drink wine can tell if it tastes of vinegar or paint stripper, and most can also recognise when it’s rather special, when it dances on your tongue, making all your synapses sing in harmony. But we usually can’t say why. And that’s okay, because we can enjoy… Read More

Increasing the value of your property without spending

In South Africa we are trying to educate estate agents on FTTH and reminding homeowners to inform estate agents if their home is fibre connected. South Africa’s economy is struggling. High interest rates and weak household finances are pushing investors and buyers to the sidelines, and homeowners are under increasing… Read More

Bank Balance vs Lifestyle

Over the past several months I have engaged extensively with residents, contractors, companies, clients, regulators and others on leveraging the long-term approach to creating value for owners of property within a residential development, while ensuring that the lifestyle they bought into is at the level of fair expectancy. There is… Read More

Water & Estate Living

  The worst drought on record still has the Western Cape in its deadly grip. Fortunately, reasonable rains have fallen over the rest of the country and, from an agricultural perspective at least, the drought seems to have broken. So, our water problems are behind us? Not so fast. The… Read More

Impact Zone

The forecast warned that an extreme cold front was to hit the Western Cape that night. Emergency services were preparing for storm waters, but the pre-frontal wind conditions that pushed ahead of the storm fanned smouldering embers and unleashed a surge of fire comparable to the opening of floodgates. There… Read More
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