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Open Kitchen: The Love and Lure of Spice

Spices – an indispensable part of world history, and in their time the biggest, most tightly guarded industry that generated immense wealth. Spices established and destroyed empires, led to the discovery of new continents, served as the major trading currency, healed the sick, refreshed the air and even inspired literature…. Read More

Fixed-term Contracts and the Amended LRA – What to do?

The inception of the Labour Relations Act 65 of 2014 on 1 January 2015 provides new protection for employees on fixed-term contracts.  The Amendment Act’s provisions that now regulate fixed-term contracts are provided for in the new Section 198B. This section does not apply to employers who have fewer than… Read More

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a set of relationships between a company, its management, the board, the shareholders and its stakeholders, and it provides the structure through which the objectives of a company are set and attained and its performance measured. The directors of a company, HOA or sectional title scheme are… Read More

Amidst the Rocky Mountains – Yellowstone Club

Amidst the grandeur of the American Rocky Mountains, Gallatin River and Yellowstone National Park, and set under a canopy of seemingly endless blue skies and star-filled nights, is Montana. Known locally as the Last Best Place, the region is untamed, wild and natural and is home to Yellowstone Club, the… Read More

Digitally educated

The most recently available statistics show that there are more than 26 000 schools and over 12 million learners in South Africa. And with the ratio of learners to teachers in public schools sitting at around 32 to one, there is a need to be more effective in educating our children…. Read More

I digue it

There are 9 000 bicycles on La Digue – that’s a fact. It’s a thing we can’t deny, and I know I’ll love this island till I die. Okay, huge apologies to Katie Melua, but I’m sure she’d agree with the sentiments, and those lyrics were going through my head… Read More

Questing – adventures of the mind

As a child, did you ever dream of finding buried treasure? I certainly did, but most of us outgrow these fantasies as we get older, stop wearing fairy wings, and lose our sense of wonder. But mine was recently rekindled. I was lounging on a pretty beach, palm trees swaying… Read More

Battle of the appliance brands

Today’s executive and luxury properties have one thing in common – they come equipped with fitted, state-of-the-art appliances. The oven is already installed, and often a fridge and washing machine too. These appliances are factored in by the architect or developer, and built into the retail price of these properties…. Read More
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