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The Developer Journal serves as a resource for the property developer and professional team. It tends to the needs around best practice and follows the development cycle, where industry professionals and specialists provide expertise for each share of the development process. Features includes but is not limited to: Alternative Financing Models, Risk Assessment, Town Planning and Zoning, Sustainability, Property Sales and Marketing, Technology and Construction. Content further profiles new developments and visionaries to the industry. Use the platform to collaborate and share expertise, find innovation and inspiration, all in the name of progressive urban development.

Builders DIY: How to Make a DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray

In this video we show you how to make a DIY chalkboard serving tray that's cute and easy to make. Shop Product Register with Builders Read More

How Do Insecticides Work

In this video Tanya Visser talks about the different types of insecticides and how to use them. Insecticides are ideal to use for eliminating insects in your garden. Make sure you choose an insecticide that's suitable for your needs in order to get the best results Shop Product Register with... Read More

Using Water Crystals For Your Plants

The Efekto water-wise crystals is a polymer which attracts water and it's completely biodegradable and non-toxic. This means it's safe and good for your plants. The crystals turn int o jelly when mixed with water, plants then absorb the water from the jelly.It's perfect to use for garden beds, lawns,... Read More

How To Use Fired Earth Woodworks

Fired Earth Woodworks is a water based wood stainer and sealer that's perfect for interior and exterior use. It has medium gloss, non-yellow finish and has an excellent abrasion and adhesion properties. This product is easy to apply, lead free, non-hazardous and has low odour. It's perfect for furniture, garden... Read More

Builders DIY: Geometric feature wall

Transform a bland white space into a stunning feature wall in a snap with this short and sweet DIY video! Shop Product Register with Builders Read More

Protect your walls with Fired Earth Breakthrough 5-in-1

One paint with five applications. It's a world-first in paint technology. View product and shop online with Builders. Shop Product Register with Builders Read More

Builders DIY: Paint your ceiling with Fired Earth Ceiling Paint

It applies pink and dries white - so you'll never miss a spot again. View product and shop online with Builders Shop Product Register with Builders Read More

Back to the future

While we celebrate the increasing emphasis developers are placing on mixed-use precincts, and acknowledge that this is the way of the future, it’s nothing new. Cities evolved as mixed-use precincts. In the mid-20th century, when large stretches of New York were being razed to the ground to make way for... Read More
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