Abbot Hall

Abbot Hall


A luxury lifestyle retreat

Abbot Hall is a former hotel in the UK’s Lake District that will be transformed into a luxury lifestyle retreat consisting of 50 suites and lodges for both long and short-term residents. The rooms will have magnificent views of the mountains and the sea.

Prices for suites in Abbot Hall start from R1.29m and a 10% return in guaranteed for ten years in a hands-off environment. Buy back options start at year 5 from 110% and at year ten there is the option to have the unit bought back from you at 125%.
The location of Abbot Hall on Cartmel peninsula makes it perfect for those who wish to explore the area and take in the stunning sites. Cartmel itself is renowned for being a “foodie” destination, and has been featured on various television programmes such as The Trip and Countryfile.

Abbot Hall

Abbot Hall is just 7 miles from lake Windermere, which is one of the most popular places in the country for holidays and summer homes. Coupled with the “super-ageing” population of the county (almost 25% predicted to by ages 65 or over by 2020) means that it is an ideal location for a retirement retreat.

Savvy investors are recognising the lucrative nature of luxury retirement homes as many wealthy elderly people are looking to downsize, so these units sell out very fast. This means that there will be a sustainable demand in the long term.

Due to the weak pound, it is expected that more and more people will choose domestic holidays instead of going abroad.

Since Ramaphosa has come into power the rand has already slipped back from 15.95 to 17 to the pound. Isn’t it time to consider diversifying your investments with a rand hedge while it is still relatively strong. Who knows when it will depreciate further?

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