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Up to date news and insights from in and around your community


Up to date news and insights from in and around your community

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Herd immunity 3 - News-old

Herd immunity

Our ancestors were devastated by diseases like smallpox, polio and measles, but we hardly give these ailments a thought. They’re just not a threat, due to an interesting phenomenon called herd immunity – a term that’s being optimistically bandied about in relation to COVID-19.

Elderly and dogs 5 - News-old

Dogs, cats and other cute fluffy creatures

Owning a pet offers many health and emotional benefits. Not only can pet ownership reduce stress, but pets also provide companionship and purpose. However, there are several reasons why pet ownership may not be suitable for everyone, so it’s vital to weigh up the pros and cons before committing to owning a pet.

Yoga 4 - News-old

Staying supple

According to various experts, mobility is the key to healthy ageing – but the truth is that holding onto it takes plenty of work. Many will agree that in order to retain mobility as you get older, you simply have to embrace it every chance you get. In other words, keep moving to stay supple, and keep motivated to keep moving.

Architecture 4 - News-old

Six architectural and decor trends for 2020

Just as facebrick dates homes from the eighties and covered patios hit their stride a decade later, 2020 will bring with it new design and architectural hallmarks. What are they?

Fishing courtesy african waters 1 - News-old

Highland gold

The fishing at the Makhangoa Community Camp on the Bokong River in Lesotho is something of a crapshoot, but when you hit it right, well then all your troubles fade away as the reel screams. The Bokong River, which is one of the main feeders of Katse Dam, is a spectacularly remote spot, and troublesome to reach. Where the road ends, and donkey tracks provide the only access to the clear waters of the Bokong, you can – if the gods favour you – find fishing that is out of this world.

Cars 1 - News-old

Do you need a car?

When 97-year-old Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s consort, crashed his Land Rover, injuring two bystanders, the first thing people asked was whether – at that age – he should have been driving at all. In fact, should there be an upper age limit for driving, just as there is a lower one? It’s a provocative question, and one that overshadows a far more sensible one: if you’re living in a retirement estate, does it still make sense to own and drive a car?

BBEEE 2 - News-old

The 2019 amendments to BBBEE legislation

Government gazetted amendments to the BBBEE legislation on 31 May 2019, with a six-month implementation timeframe. This limited implementation period could negatively impact on your business, depending on your financial year end, and the date of the next BBBEE verification.

Conradie Park close up aerial view 2 1 - News-old

Conradie Park’s model for sustainability

Conradie Park, a new mixed-income, mixed-use housing development in Cape Town, has been launched for sale to the public. Its marketing campaign lauds its ‘affordability, sustainability and security’, but how exactly will it be funded and maintained in the long run?

shutterstock 733962541 1 - News-old

The secrets of longevity

They’re called Blue Zones. In five places across the world, the locals regularly – and happily – live to over 100 years of age. Why? What do they do to enjoy triple-digit longevity, and how can you enjoy the same long and fulfilled life?

Simbithi 8 - News-old

Sustainable, impactful CSI

Corporate social investment is a great way for companies – and for estates – to give back to the community. But, while any CSI is a good thing, there is a huge difference between merely diverting funds to a good cause and actually getting involved with the community on a person-to-person basis. The former – at best – improves living standards for the target community, while the latter builds real relationships that can grow into an ongoing circle of benefit.

ceo 3 - News-old

Tackling salary inequity

Under capitalism, the argument goes, it’s every man for himself. Through the relentless pursuit of self-interest, everyone benefits, as if an invisible hand were guiding each of us toward the common good. Everyone should accordingly try to get as much as they can, not only for their goods but also for their labour.

Turf 6 - News-old

The grass is greener

As South Africa becomes more water-stressed, many home owners and estate managers are considering replacing lawns with artificial turf. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to look carefully at how the two options stack up against each other in terms of eco-friendliness, durability, and convenience.

How old 1 - News-old

Old age

Age – it’s just a number. So when does ‘old age’ begin? If you asked that question in the middle of the previous century, the answer would have been 60. That’s when you were expected to retire, maybe grow roses or go fishing, and wait to die. Well, things have changed.

ebikes 1 - News-old


E-bikes are like ordinary bicycles, expect they have an electric motor attached. This motor provides assistance relative to the amount of energy you exert while riding it. As more South African cities lay down bike-friendly roads, the sales of e-bikes have surged, which leaves many people wondering if they’re a viable alternative to normal modes of transportation.

shutterstock 1341854888 - News-old

Free telephonic consultation for Sectional Title Scheme dwellers

Marina Costas of BBM Law is offering free telephonic or Zoom 30 min conversations from Thursday the 2nd of April until the end of lock down from 11 am – 1 pm. All Trustees can join one meeting and ask top of mind questions around the implications and requirements of the lockdown on Sectional Title Schemes.

Life right 9 scaled - News-old

Life right ownership at The Somerset

A Life Right purchase is a transaction where you and your spouse/partner, as the nominated occupants, attain the right to live in a particular house for the duration of your lifetime, after which your capital is returned with an additional profit share, depending on the options chosen.

estate 2 1024x575 1 - News-old

A Property Developer With The Highest Standard Of Ethics & Moral Conduct

In the world of property development, it is a rare and pleasant thing to find a developer that lives his life and carries out his business dealings based on the highest standard of ethics and moral conduct. It has been my pleasure over the past six years, to serve Okkie Potgieter and the Westacre Development team on The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village project. With Okkie having recently announced his retirement, Dion and Johann Potgieter have stepped up to continue his considerable legacy.

care center 3 - News-old

The new Care Centre at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

The Somerset is immensely proud of their beautiful new Care Center and are thrilled to show it off. What you see is the result of collaboration between CPOA & Westacre. Great care has been made in the design of the Care Centre to be residential and not feel like a hospital or institution.

Green Building 3 - News-old

Giving developers a greener EDGE

While green building practices – and Green Building Council certification – are known to improve sustainability and reduce running costs, EDGE certification is now also showing its worth as a marketing tool for estate developers.

NBshutterstock 1478454020 - News-old

Lockdown lowdown

We are moving into uncharted territory with the countrywide lockdown, with many people not entirely sure what is and is not allowed. And, for people living in residential estates, the additional question arises: ‘Where does my home begin and end?’ We asked Marina Constas, a director of BBM Law, to clarify some widely held concerns and uncertainties.

District 6 Wikimedia Commons 1 - News-old

District Six open for development

Property developers are encouraged to invest in District Six, despite rumours that the historic Cape Town precinct might be declared a National Heritage site. That’s according to Shahied Ajam, chairperson of the District Six Working Committee (D6WC).

Hobs 4 - News-old

Size counts – at least for kitchen appliances

When you’re buying in an established estate, you can often get a good deal if the house needs a bit of TLC – and the kitchen is where most people start. The cupboards and counters may still be fine, but built-in hobs do tend to show their age, so they are one of the first things you’re likely to want to replace.

Riebeek Valley 2 - News-old

The Riebeek Valley Olive Festival 2020 – POSTPONED UNTIL FUTHER NOTICE

The Riebeek Valley Olive Festival is an invitation into the cellars, hearts and homes of the people of this Swartland Valley. It is an immersive experience, and a celebration of the abundance of the land and all that is produced in the area.

Icebergs 2 - News-old

Water from icebergs

Something like 70% of the world’s fresh water is frozen up in polar icebergs – and the idea of towing them to dry or drought-stricken areas like California, Saudi Arabia and the Canary Islands has long been a dream – an impossible dream.

Retirees 2 - News-old

Capital gains tax for retirees

Although capital gains tax (CGT) applies to anyone selling a property, it is of particular interest to retirees who have owned a property for 30 or more years. Especially when that property has gained significant value due to the popularity and growth of the neighbourhood. A property bought in Camps Bay for R41,000 in 1971 may now be worth around R15 million, attracting a significant portion of CGT.

School 1 - News-old

Schooling solutions

Estates offer families the opportunity to ‘live, work, and play’ in a single space, which has led to a demand for practical schooling solutions in or close to estates.
But schools take up a lot of space, so it’s worth considering smaller collaborative learning spaces, fuelled by online educational centres and curriculums.

Running trails 4 scaled - News-old

Creating value with running trails

Developing trails in estates not only adds value to properties but provides safe and healthy opportunities for residents – and also creates unique selling features with little investment.

maxresdefault 1 - News-old

BMI Group Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions

BMI Group supports property developments, through scalable and sustainable roofing and waterproofing solutions

doctor with a sample blood test tube AEK7S43 - News-old


Okay, it’s official. COVID-19 is a pandemic – and it’s caused a national and international emergency. This is serious, and – yes – there is a risk of contracting the disease, and even of dying from it. But is this really the biggest risk? As with many things, it is easier to see the problems ‘out there’ and ignore the ones in our heads. So, while I’m not for one moment denying the seriousness of COVID-19, let’s look at the real risks.

Social templates 02 - News-old

Know the law when procuring vendors for your residential scheme

To protect your financial interests and your investment, you’ve volunteered to be chairman of your body corporate or homeowners’ association. As the person in charge, you’re now navigating things like cleaning, greening, security and a host of other issues. When it comes to handling the vendor procurement process, understanding the law will help you avoid any pitfalls.

video - News-old

Estate Living talking levies with Marina Constas BBM Law

Understand your right and obligations when it comes to levy payment. The community living levies series with Marina Constas aims to assist owners and tenant with sectional title developments and homeowner associations.

vid 2 - News-old

Estate Living talking levies with Marina Constas BBM Law Pt2

Understand your right and obligations when it comes to levy payment. The community living levies series with Marina Constas aims to assist owners and tenant with sectional title developments and homeowner associations.

Arabella Country Estate 11 1 - News-old

Safe and Secure

As more cases of Covid-19 are reported in South Africa, residential estates need to take action to keep their residence,…

solar 1 - News-old

2020 SONA lights the way for energy independence

As South Africa continues to battle with power cuts, grid constraints and load shedding, the government is making it easier for businesses – including residential estates – to generate their own solar PV (photovoltaic) electricity.

single moms 2 - News-old

Single mothers constitute a growing demographic of home buyers in South Africa

Single moms have become a force to be reckoned with in the property market. Developers who want their estates to appeal to this growing demographic will need to keep in mind factors such as security, open spaces, schools and modern living units.

Reserve fund 2 1 - News-old

Investing body corporate reserve funds

It’s old news that sectional title schemes need to establish and maintain a reserve fund that is separate from the administrative fund. Most bodies corporate have done so, and have built the fund up to meet the requirements. And some are now sitting on large sums of cash, and may even have a surplus of reserve funds. So investing this surplus makes good financial sense, but it must be done cautiously and with the preservation of funds as a priority.

Mud houses 4 - News-old

Mud buildings of Groot Constantia

Should we be looking to the past for ideas for alternative building methods to reduce our carbon footprint? It makes sense, because traditional, low-tech building methods are almost naturally low carbon-intensive.

Mould 1 - News-old

What is mould

Most of us can point to the black stuff growing in our shower and say: ‘That’s mould.’ Fewer people can say what mould actually is. There are thousands of different species of mould that all spread through spores. Some of these moulds can cause significant health concerns, ranging from allergies to asthma attacks, and even fungal infections in immunocompromised people. Understanding what mould is, and how it grows, is the first step towards preventing it from growing and spreading in your home.

Unit 111 High Res - News-old

It’s the SELL OUT BONANZA at Harbour Bay Village!

Ladies and gentleman, hurry don’t miss out! This is your last chance to get your hands on 1 of the 27 units left at Harbour Bay Village. Your journey to exclusive resort-style, luxury living starts here. Are you ready?

black mould on wall closeup PEWRHB6 1 - News-old

How to control mould in your home

Understanding what mould needs to grow is the first step to controlling mould in your home. By tweaking some conditions in your home, you can almost stop the growth of mould entirely, but we don’t live in a sealed bubble, so it’s also important to know what you should do if you do find mould growing in your home.

Urban Farming 3 - News-old

A fresh look at farming

It may surprise you to learn that the ingredients in your salad were probably harvested – not on the rolling fields you imagine – but at a rooftop or urban allotment.

Yellowfish - News-old

Know your yellowfish

Dr Seuss famously wrote One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, but he missed the most important, at least for South Africans: the yellowfish. There are few places in South Africa where you are far from fishing opportunities for yellowfish. There are six different species in various geographically separate watersheds. Whether you plan to fish for them, or perhaps introduce them, understanding the differences can be important.

Influential women - News-old

Top influential women developers share their industry experience

While the property industry has historically been dominated by men, an increasing number of women are making their mark in property development.

Problem pets - News-old

Problem Pets

Living in an estate is typically a pleasant experience, with a strong sense of community as well as an idyllic lifestyle. Unfortunately, problem pets can easily disrupt this lifestyle. They can be noisy, disruptive, smelly, and can even cause physical harm to other residents. And, in some cases, the owners appear to be oblivious to the problems their beloved pets are causing. These situations often lead to tensions in the complex, especially if the owner is unwilling or unable to resolve the issue.

POD homes - News-old

BDI pod homes

As sustainability and the desire to live off grid have become mainstream, so too has the trend of tiny homes risen in popularity. We take a closer look at BDI’s PanGoPod home and explore how developers can utilise these methods by thinking out of the box.

designers are designing houses model houses and LXQ25AJ 1 - News-old

Somerset Nurse’s’ Home to become affordable housing

After years of controversy, the old Helen Bowden Nurses’ Home near Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront is set to be developed into social housing following the City’s decision to rezone the site for this purpose. However, the building remains occupied by the Reclaim The City activist group, who moved in in March 2017 and renamed the site Ahmed Kathrada House.

jhb - News-old

Estate Living Developer Event JHB 2019

With this years property developer focused morning coming up on the 19th of March 2020, take a look back on our wildly successful Durban event held last year

dbn - News-old

Estate Living Developer Event Durban 2019

With this years property developer focused morning coming up on the 19th of March 2020, take a look back on our wildly successful Durban event held last year

a woman suffering from flu in bed PVF9NLP - News-old

The coronavirus outbreak in context

The coronavirus outbreak has been making headlines worldwide as a potential new pandemic. But before you start panicking and cancelling your travel plans, here’s a summary of what you need to know about the current situation and what you can do to protect yourself.

Louise PIC - News-old

Getting to know Estate Living’s COO, Louise Martin

With a qualification in Art Direction and Design, Louise Martin travelled the world before returning to South Africa where she worked in the local film industry. She owes her multi-tasking and communications abilities to these years where she was responsible for a myriad different tasks within the art department. At age 36 she was ready for a change and joined Estate Living – and what lay ahead was a headlong tumble into the exciting world of property.

Sea Change 1 - News-old

Something rich and strange

The book Sea Change relates how regular excursions into the ocean can change your body, open your eyes, free your mind, and nurture your soul.

coffee - News-old

Coffee and croissants

There’s no better way to start a morning than with a croissant and coffee – and that’s not just because, as Bridget Jones says, ‘started having hazelnut pastry and chocolate croissant every morning, and lost loads of weight. So will have cappuccino and croissant as usual.’

brevity - News-old


Every day the average working person receives more than 100 emails. Many are clearly garbage, and get deleted without opening, but you can’t just delete – or even file – mails from colleagues, clients or your boss without reading them. Or can you? You can if you just use your subject lines effectively and creatively.

cpr 2 - News-old

Teams are living things …

As managers, we are sometimes so concerned about the outward signs of effectiveness – whether all the boxes have been ticked – that we often don’t notice that our employees are just going through the motions. For real effectiveness, and a staff that actually enjoys coming to work, we need to manage from the heart – for the heart.

LHWP mohale dam lhda - News-old

Controversy won’t pull plug on LHWP

Work on the multi-billion-rand, cross-border Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) is going ahead, despite protests from local activists and NGOs.

ppa - News-old

The Property Practitioners Act

The Property Practitioner Act is a new piece of legislation that, once it is signed into law – probably mid-2020 – will replace the Estate Agency Affairs Act of 1976. Its main purpose is to establish the Property Practitioner Regulatory Authority (PPRA), which will replace the Estate Agency Affairs Board; to regulate the affairs of all property practitioners; to allow for transformation in the property sector; and to provide for consumer protection.

JHB Water - News-old

Where does Johannesburg get its water

Johannesburg is a unique city because it was built without a local water supply. It has become the only major city in the world totally reliant on water sourced from distant rivers and pumped across mountain ranges. This creates a vulnerability that few appreciate when buying or developing real estate.

Climate Change View of North and South America from space - News-old

Is overpopulation to blame for climate change

A seemingly innocuous comment about overpopulation at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos highlights how oversimplification of the issues and processes can exacerbate the problem, and shift blame from the perpetrators to the victims.

feat - News-old

Colas SA Community offering

Estate Living and Colas introduce a new solution for road surfaces repairs and maintenance. Watch the implementation on Blair Atholl Estate.

due dil 1 - News-old

Do due diligence before investing in an estate

More and more South Africans are evaluating the feasibility and advantages of investing in residential communities. Large mixed-use developments are sprouting up all over the country, and buyers are opting to invest in a secure lifestyle estate, where a return on capital is highly probable.

amazon ring - News-old

Is Amazon’s Ring worth the risk?

With smart camera technology that lets you monitor your doorstep for deliveries, Amazon’s Ring doorbell seems like a winner. But is it?

position 1 - News-old

Positioning your estate correctly is the key to success

The way we live has changed so dramatically in the past few years that disruption is becoming the norm. Property ownership is no longer viewed as a giant step into adulthood and a promise of financial security. Bricks, mortar, a level of security and some pretty landscaping in a desirable location no longer cuts it.

Tenders 2 - News-old

Tenders and their respective duties of due care

Navigating the minefield of procurement in your custodial role of a scheme can be tricky – are you aware which pieces of legislation apply? Let’s be honest: undertaking a custodial role in a scheme in which you either reside or have a financial interest can be somewhat onerous. Emotion-driven general meetings, laced with commendable intentions to ensure the ongoing viability of your investment, can often see you ‘volunteering’ for any number of duties and/or committees. 

small space 2 - News-old

High density, small space – the ultimate decor guide

High-density living makes for greater convenience, but it means less floor space. Small needn’t equal cramped, however. Try these savvy tips.

best exercise 1 - News-old

The best exercise

There are no gyms in the ‘blue zones’ – the five parts of the world identified by National Geographic writer Dan Buettner as the places where most people live to a healthy old age and tend not to suffer from what we call lifestyle diseases.

wallpaper 4 - News-old

Make the room extraordinary with wallpaper

Wallpaper can elevate a space to something interesting, intriguing and sophisticated. Botanical-inspired wallpapers are on trend in 2020, while texture continues to feature prominently as a way to create a cosy, design-conscious environment in your home. ‘Printed or textured wallpaper adds visual warmth,’ suggests interior designer Bailey Basson, owner of Blue Capricorn Interior Design Studio in Durban.

recycle 1 - News-old

Navigating the minefield of plastic recycling

You’re trying to do the right thing by recycling. Cans, glass, cardboard and paper are easy – but plastic! And all those little ‘recycling’ symbols and numbers on them, fat lot of good they do to clear up the confusion. That is unless you know what they mean and how to interpret them.

like home 3 - News-old

Feels like home

Home should feel like a sanctuary, a place where we can breathe out, and feel the weight of the world fall off our shoulders from the minute we drive through the gates.

snake 1 - News-old

Who you gonna call? … Snake rescuers!

If you see a snake – firstly – don’t panic! Most of the time snakes are far more frightened of you than you are of them. That’s hard to remember when a three-metre mamba rears up in front of you on a path, opening its inky black mouth, but take it from me it is terrified of you.

Petowners 2 - News-old

What pet owners should keep in mind when moving to an estate

If you’re looking to move to an estate, but don’t want to leave your furry friend behind, be sure to look through the body corporate rules before sealing the deal.

organic - News-old

The wonders of waste – organic waste converter

Everyone knows that composting is a no-brainer, and now it doesn’t have to be a labour-intensive, space-intensive eyesore. If, as an estate, you’re not composting, you’re crazy. But composting takes up lots of space, there is a limit to what you can or cannot compost, and restaurants produce a lot of organic waste that is not easily compostable. So I was pretty darn impressed when I was recently introduced to a dedicated composting machine.

necsa 1 - News-old

Power to the people

Boardroom battles at nuclear SOE Necsa underline the need for residential estates to take the power back. Boardroom battles at South Africa’s Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) highlight the urgent need for residential estates to create their own power plans.

outdoor 2 - News-old

Play hard, play safe, nobody gets hurt

Outdoor play is critical for children’s development, but may also present a number of potential hazards. Here’s how to manage those risks. Experts tell us that children should spend at least three hours a day outside – and, indeed, one of the joys of estate living is that kids have literally acres to run and roam. Here’s how to ensure that they enjoy it all safely.

love island 7 - News-old

Love – island style

What better way is there to celebrate the month of love than a surprise island break for you and the love of your life? No matter what type of travel couple you are, there’s a perfect destination match for you on one of our delightfully exotic, but so close and accessible, Indian Ocean islands. Best of all, no visas are required for South African passport holders for holiday stays of up to 30 days.*

space 2 - News-old

Gimme space

Yes, economy of scale is important in the residential market in order to make home ownership affordable. But is there space for personal space and why do we need it?

Inanda 1 - News-old

A community is more than buildings

The historic settlement of Inanda outside Durban offers some telling lessons about using space to create communities, and about how those communities can change the world – both within their borders and without. It should be a pilgrimage of learning for all developers and estate managers.

a tablet with smart home screen P3VS3CZ - News-old

Smart-home insurance solutions…the future is here

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and it is the main driver of change in the insurance industry. That is why as Santam, we have embraced the benefits of integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into existing insurance models and systems.

ecobrick - News-old

Brick it!

Recycling is a given in most households nowadays. Dealing with paper, cardboard, cans and glass is easy – just make sure items are clean and not contaminated with any food scraps (think pizza boxes). But plastic! Now there’s a minefield of confusion. Once you’ve worked your way around all those pesky numbers, you’re bound to be left with a mound of unrecyclable material.

food 2 - News-old

Food trends

From vegan fare to pea protein, here’s what we’re eating in 2020. Our constantly evolving plates are a reflection of societal trends. So, what do this year’s food trends say about us?

repo 1 - News-old

How the repo rate drop can make your life easier

On 16 January 2020, the South African Reserve Bank’s monetary policy community announced its decision to cut the repo rate by 0.25% (from 6.5% to 6.25%). This decision came despite all but three of 24 economists surveyed by Reuters predicting that the repo rate would remain unchanged.

community 1 - News-old

Size counts

One of the main reasons people move into residential estates is to recreate the sense of community typical of villages or small, well-defined suburbs. People knew their neighbours – and their neighbours’ pets – and they memorised each other’s phone numbers. In their heads! Kids played in the street or in public open space, wandered in and out of each other’s houses, and only came home when they were hungry.

doggy park 2 2 - News-old

Is it worth building a doggy park on an estate?

Building a dog park on an estate can bring in increased revenue and foster a sense of community. Many of the drawbacks of being dog-friendly can be mitigated through careful planning.

woman walking outdoors QZNUW34 1 - News-old

Biometrics: Is Gait ID The New Gate ID?

New technologies allow security teams to identify guests – and intruders – by how they walk. Is this the future of estate access?

eutro 1 - News-old

Icky green goo

It’s great having a dam, pond, lake or river on an estate, but when it turns green overnight, and things start dying in it, it’s more of a liability than an asset. So, as estate managers, we need to understand – firstly – how this happens, and then how to deal with it.

Compost 2 - News-old

Composting in small spaces

We tend to think of compost as a huge heap in an obscure corner of the garden – something that needs to be strenuously turned regularly, and that can generate enough heat to warm bathwater or possibly roast a chicken. Well, that is the traditional method, and it may well be the most biologically efficient way to compost, but there are much neater, smaller, more user-friendly options, some of which can even be used indoors.

apps 2 1 - News-old

Four things you never knew an app could do for your residential estate

Most residential estates in South Africa today have invested in high-tech security solutions to make sure that they can offer residents much-needed peace of mind. However, when it comes to maximising the benefits of app technology, South Africa is still somewhat lagging behind.

maxresdefault - News-old

Walkthrough Video of Brettenwood’s Palm Swift Development

Brettenwood’s latest development has been enhanced and is now offering single-storey homes! Brettenwood Coastal Estate’s latest sectional title development has launched 2 and 3 bedroom free-standing, single-storey homes priced from R 2.5 million!

REDi Hero Visual 1 - News-old

Single source of truth

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’ve spent hours working on something until it’s finally perfect, only to find – perhaps days later – that a colleague has done the same thing? But it’s a different perfect, so now you have two versions.

Elaleni 1 - News-old

Eco-friendly design and sustainability define modern lifestyle estates

The worldwide movement towards eco-friendly living has taken centre stage in the design ethos of lifestyle estates across the country, directing architectural and decor trends without compromising on luxury and style.

de vine 3 - News-old

A de-vine decision

If you have a hectare or two lying idle, would planting a vineyard be a good idea? That depends on what you plan to do with the grapes. There is a slew of residential wine estates in the Western Cape, and for very good reason. Vineyards are beautiful, and living among them is a privilege and a pleasure.

green palm and tropical monstera leaves on rattan GNAUHSY - News-old

Tracking the green bond market

Climate change has been widely acknowledged as one of the greatest long-term challenges facing humanity. In their monthly report to member countries this October, the United Nations warned that the world has 12 years to avert catastrophic climate damage, and countries needed to get their financing in order.

female manager stands addressing colleagues in P3DKFW8 - News-old

Identifying managers with staying power

The four critical qualities that every leader needs to survive in the industry are adaptability, reliability, the ability to make and own difficult decisions, and being able to engage stakeholders.

22 Penthouse - News-old

BLOK & Oggie hardwood flooring

Blok is a property development brand that is designed and curated by passionate urban dwellers. This understanding results in the ability to create a living space that delivers on multiple aspects of city living from the delicately constructed flow to the generous size of each apartment.

cambridge bbm 2 - News-old

Cambridge Analytica, Car Boots and Confused Security Guards.

Do you remember the moment, that exact moment, when the security guard at a complex you were attempting to gain access into, asked the question: “Can you please open your boot? “I do. I was fetching my daughter at a friend’s house in one of the vast estates in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. “What? I exclaimed, ““Open my boot? ” “Not a chance!” “Do you have a search warrant?”

CSOS BBM 1 - News-old

Confusion over Appeals against CSOS awards reaches resolution.

The word ‘appeal” can have different connotations:- in the wide sense it means that there must be a complete re-hearing of the merits with additional evidence. In a strict sense it means a re-hearing on the merits but limited to the old evidence. The third interpretation is that an appeal can be a judicial review which is a limited and more informal process.

hoa levvies bbm 1 - News-old

Body Corporate or Managing Agent powers

Can your Body Corporate or Managing Agent switch off or reduce your electricity if you have not paid your levies? The answer is a resounding NO. Many owners in Sectional Title buildings who are in arrears with their levies are faced with the situation where their electricity supply is unilaterally cut off by the Trustees or Managing Agent.

gaslighting bbm 1 - News-old

Are Gaslighters getting your goat?

Up until a few weeks ago I was blissfully unaware of the meaning of the term-“Gaslighter.” This state is quite contrary to the norm actually, as I feel that I am mostly au fait with colloquial English. When, by chance, I came across the word in an overseas article, I felt momentarily slighted thinking that it meant ‘some sort of lamp utilising gas to illuminate the surroundings’.

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Anchoring the Airbnb debate in Community Schemes

In October last year, I visited Sydney on a study trip, to meet Managing Agents and to view new and exciting developments, in this, my area of passion and expertise. It was simply marvellous to be regaled with interesting information about how Bodies Corporate would have to cater for the electric car revolution by placing  charger docks in garages and within a carport structure.

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The perfect all-rounder

The property market in Mauritius has been a major contributor to GDP since government enabled foreign investment via the Investment Promotion Act in 2000. Possibilities for residential property purchases by foreigners have been refined over the years, with the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) being launched in 2006. According to, capital growth has exceeded 300% in the last decade.

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New Rural Living

Crossways Farm Village and the New Ruralism: new towns, old farms, 21st-century opportunities. Old policies and new ideologies have plunged South Africa’s rural areas into a downward spiral towards economic disater. It doesn’t have to be like this, though – if we return to basic by reconnecting with our agricultural roots. ‘Agriculture,’ says Chris Mulder, ‘is the new golf.’

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Forty on L

BLOK RAW’s FORTY ON L brings global travellers and savvy locals a trendy urban lifestyle at a deliberately lower price point without compromising on quality.

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Greenhill Estate

The Green Housing Company is a Gauteng-based building and property development company. They work across a spectrum of markets including domestic and commercial buildings such as off-grid shopping malls. Their speciality is building highly insulated and energy-efficient homes for both the high-end luxury property market and the affordable housing sector.

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Staycation Johannesburg

Rather than fight your way to a popular holiday spot this December, stay home and get to know your city better. Really, are you going to join the lemming exodus down to the coast? Or brave the crowds at OR Tambo so that you can spend hours squished up in a plane? While a holiday is a great idea, sometimes getting there and back is so stressful, you need another one once you get home.

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Invest in Property in Cyprus

Buy direct from the developer and save thousands on your property investment in Cyprus (member of the European Union). Many South Africans are looking to invest in overseas properties, with most of them seeking a Plan B as well as an investment opportunity.

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Count your blessings

While the end-of-year holiday is a great time to go hiking, biking, diving, surfing or more, it’s also a great time to kick back and just chill. And what better way is there than to line up a bunch of seriously feel-good movies, make some popcorn, open a bottle of something fizzy, and curl up on the couch surrounded by friends and family, with at least one pet snoozing gently on your lap?

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The good the bad and the ugly

Restoring and developing old buildings is essential to preserving our heritage, so it’s important to go beyond minimum compliance with the regulations. There’s so much to consider when you’re developing an old building – and that’s over and above the regulatory hoops.

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2019 Legislation summary of relevant acts

Important legislation applied to estates and their management teams in 2019. Here is a summary of each legislation, its application and what you need to know and have in order to ensure compliance.

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Are self-storage units a viable development option?

Storage units are cheap to build and easy to maintain, and there’s a constant demand for tenancy. So what’s the catch? Self-storage units are a tempting option for property developers. But in an increasingly competitive market, cheap building costs and attractive rental income has to be balanced with a quality offering.

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Out in the open

Take advantage of balmy summer nights by organising some fantastic outdoor events for your residents. One of the big advantages of living in South Africa is our fabulous weather, and one of the big advantages of living on an estate is the open space – so take advantage of those fabulous summer nights by organising some great outdoor events for your residents.

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Private Equity Funding

As private equity funding continues to enjoy favour among South African investors, we take a look at the traditional structure, and consider alternatives.

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Sustainable cement

With increasing consumer awareness of global warming and CO2 emissions, combined with possible future carbon taxes on various industries, it may be time to rethink concrete.

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What are the techprop and proptech start-ups to watch in 2020?

Digital transformation is disrupting every industry across the world. The real estate sector is no exception, with residential and commercial markets seeing a large number of techprop and proptech start-ups each year.

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Growing investments

You have to have plants on the estate, so why not plant things that can bring in a bit of an income? Many estates have quite significant tracts of open land, some of which is used for recreation, and some of which is just there because the plan for the estate specified a certain percentage of green open space.

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Should estates go plastic free

How can residential estates contribute to reversing the preponderance of plastic waste in our surroundings, rivers and oceans? Plastic litter is possibly the most visible of the environmental issues facing us. And, unlike greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, it’s not really debatable.

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Azuri’s rental guarantees

In addition to providing high quality and highly desirable homes, the Azuri team is offering a 3.5% income guaranteed for...

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Neil Whitehead of Olarm introduces Olarms new offering to community managers

Olarm is a digital transformation partner for security companies and the residential estate community

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Malcolm Samuel, Simbithi Eco Estate, on the value of community social investment

Estate Living chats to GM of Simbithi Eco estate, Malcolm Samuels about the value of community.

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Community is everything at Arabella Country Estate

At Arabella Country Estate, we believe that community is what makes our estate one of the best in the Western Cape and is one of the key reasons why we are consistently voted one of the top 10 estates to live in!

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Purchasing and managing an investment property – a few fundamentals

It seems every investor is jumping on the property investment bandwagon and boasting about margins and fantastic rental incomes. Granted, the property market, especially in Cape Town CBD, has been given a shot in the arm thanks to short and medium-term-type rentals and the success of student accommodation, Airbnb, and the likes, but believe me, managing and making a favourable ROI on a second or third property is not a walk in the park. Getting it right, though, can be one of the best investments you ever make.

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Colour in Nature

Blur the lines between the great outdoors and your interior spaces by replicating nature’s colours on your walls. Here’s how.

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Is a smart city a healthy city

While developers of smart cities claim that they are healthier than non-smart cities, do they really address the issue that cities – regardless of their IQ – are unhealthy? Or are they just applying a metaphorical Band-Aid?

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All at sea

Danish students are living in beautiful floating container homes in Copenhagen Harbour. Can this system help us to solve our affordable housing crisis?

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Are IKEA flat-pack houses viable in South Africa?

Prefab housing does not have a great track record as an affordable option in South Africa. So could IKEA-style flat-pack houses work here like they are in the UK?

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Security Switch

Humans or robots? It sounds like the sort of choice you’d only have to make in a sci-fi movie, but for more and more estate security managers, it’s a very real dilemma. The advances in digital technologies – including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, automation and machine learning – have made it possible to employ a full-service security force staffed entirely by non-humans.

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Eaton Square – A brand new offering in Cape Town’s latest urban renewal zone

Diep River is currently seeing rapid urban renewal and is expected to assume its place as a popular hub for new families and up-and-coming professionals. We are extremely excited to be introducing Eaton Square, our 4-storey, mixed-use project situated on Main Road, Diep River, to this area.

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Zane de Decker

Zane found his aptitude for property development early in his career. After graduating from UCT with a BSc in Property Studies, he pursued the complex and intriguing arena of asset management, finding that the assets he was drawn to most often were in the property sector.

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Section 12J, are you really getting it?

We have recently taken our newly launched Section 12J property fund to the investment market. I’m a property specialist, with a bit of an asset management background, so the 12J structure really appealed to me when it first caught my interest. What I’m finding is that many people we are chatting to about the tax incentive really don’t fully understand its structure and workings. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? Wrong!

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Grenada strikes a chord with SA investors seeking secondary citizenship

Citizenship by investment in under nine months and visa-free travel to 143 countries, including the EU Schengen area, UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong, is seeing Grenada in the Caribbean receiving increasing attention from South Africans, including those seeking an ideal holiday home with sound investment potential plus rental income from a growing tourism base.

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Why the E-2 VISA is often the best U.S. VISA

Many South African clients are motivated to immigrate to the U.S. and are prepared to invest a significant sum of money, but are not prepared to wait a substantial amount of time to enter the U.S. Educating children in the U.S. is a priority, as is avoiding taxation on worldwide income and flexibility to travel in and out of the U.S. 

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Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort A World-Class Citizenship by Investment Opportunity

There has been increased demand from High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in South Africa seeking secondary citizenship as a way to protect themselves and their families from the risks caused by external political and economic factors beyond their control.

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REDi Property Technology

REDi was founded just a week before Christmas of 2003, the intent being, as founder Deon Basson is often heard saying, ‘to do something remarkable’. So we created a business based on our strengths and interests, which have always been property, technology and entrepreneurship.

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Gardening is good for you

A lovely garden impacts positively on property values and relationships with your neighbours as well as the quality of your leisure time. A garden is a joy to behold. But did you know a garden is also a joy to create? We all know that exercise, fresh air and a moderate amount of sunshine are good for you, and gardening provides all that. But there is more to gardening than that.

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Forget streets paved in gold – plastic roads are the future, and Jeffreys Bay is leading the way.

Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape is best known as a top surf spot, home to the perfect wave. The J-Bay Open is one of the stops on the Men’s Surfing Championship Tour, and boasts the longest right-hand point break on the planet.

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Should you use Myers-Briggs in your management team?

Can estate managers use personality tests like Myers–Briggs to create (and manage) better teams, boards and bodies corporate? Despite widespread scepticism, more and more organisations are using personality tests like the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to create and manage their teams. Should you?

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What’s mine is yours …

The sharing economy might just revolutionise all aspects of estate living, ushering in a less expensive, more connected way of life. Just a few years ago, it seemed as though shoppers had embarked on an acquisitive drive that would have no end. Consumerism had reached precipitous heights: the more one had, the more one needed. Houses were bursting at the seams as people responded to ads pushing more, more, more.

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Going Green is Profitable

It’s good business to protect natural areas within your housing estate, not only because they make it a nicer living space that can command a higher property price, but also because the functions they provide have monetary value for both you as the property owner and also the municipality within which you live.

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Association of Residential Community Annual 2019 Conference

The 2019 Annual ARC Conference hosted at the stunning San Lameer Estate in KZN, brought together 150 residential community leaders to learn and grow as an industry.

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Association of Residential Communities ( ARC ) and Estate Living partnership

Onsite at the pristine Steenberg Estate, we chat with Jeff Gilmour around what a chapter meeting is and how Estate Living and ARC bring communities alive.

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KZN fastest growing wealth market in SA

The AfrAsia Bank SA Wealth Report for 2019 has named Durban-Umhlanga-Ballito corridor as the fastest growing wealth market in South Africa, with a 25% growth trajectory reported over the last decade.

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Balize Private Estate

The FNB Property Barometer reports that the number of new townhouses and apartments nationally accounts for 60% of all new stock on the South African property market. This is a significant increase of almost 50% in just the last three and a half years; previously reported as 29% in 2015, and 13% in 2000. 

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Zimbali Lakes Resort – Development Site available for development

Estate Living discusses opportunities for development at the gorgeous Zimbali Lakes Resort

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Servest Landscaping – What makes a great community landscaping partner

Sebelo Khoza from Servest Landscaping chats to Estate Living about what makes a great community landscaping partner.

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Weirdly wired for wireless

One of the first things we ask before buying a house, now, is whether it has FTTH, and what the cell phone reception is like. We live and breathe technology, and we believe we have shaped it to our needs.

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The benefits of a tax- free investment for your children

The value of a tax-free savings account (TFSA) is seen in the long term. Once the investment is sizeable enough, the tax-free aspect becomes noticeable on the growth. It may not make sense for you to open a tax-free investment for yourself, but starting one for your child could be a fantastic idea.

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Property Practitioners Act: What it means for developers

Early October 2019 saw the Property Practitioners Act of 2019  signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The new law was generally welcomed by property practitioners … even if there was initially some confusion about who exactly counts as a property practitioner!

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Dr Mulder does it again

Chris Mulder is no stranger to winning awards. In his illustrious career, Dr Mulder – together with his team from CMAI Architects – has won numerous awards from US and South African professional associations and universities since he founded the firm in 1980.

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Fishy business

Countless studies have shown that outdoor activity is good for your mental health, and – interestingly – even more so if there is water involved. And that’s hardly surprising. We all know that the sound and sight of water is soothing.

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Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment puts extra responsibility on developers to reduce their carbon footprint, right from the planning stage. As more signatories add their names to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, South African developers are reflecting on what it means for them – and for the building industry.

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In the Zone

Most people who work in an office from, say, nine to five, spend between one and three hours every day commuting. That is time that could be spent at the gym, strolling on the beach, shopping, doing chores, cooking delicious meals, walking the dog, or playing with the kids.

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Arthur Case of Evergreen discusses Evergreen offering

Estate Living sits down with Arthur Case of Evergreen and discusses the support Evergreen offers residents with selling their home and moving into an Evergreen village

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Estate Living chats to Joan, a resident at Evergreen

Estate Living and Joan Misplon, discuss the Evergreen lifestyle

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ProjectProp Leloko Eco and Lifestyle Estate

ProjectProp presents Leloko Eco and Lifestyle Estate, development sale opportunity.

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Art that’s smart

Why choose between buying something beautiful and buying something useful when you can do both at the same time? Designer and artist William Morris once wrote: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ Functional art combines both these directives, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Retire with like-minded people

Imagine a retirement community of like-minded people – of artists, academics, birders, mountain bikers, anglers or retired nurses. It’s possible.

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Negotiation is key when purchasing a property

Finding the right property is hard enough but negotiating the right price and related fees can be harder, especially if one party is unwilling. Sometimes you may need to walk away from the deal.

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Why developing retirement facilities under R1.5m is a no-brainer

We all know retirement facilities are the new big investment opportunity, and research shows that the R1.5 million price mark is the sweet spot. The most recent census conducted in 2011 put the total South African population at 57.7 million people. Of this number, 5.4% were aged 65 and over. When compared to the same figure in 2000, only 3.7% were aged 65 and over.

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How does Johannesburg measure up as a megacity?

Joburg is fast becoming a megacity, but how does it compare with existing African megacities for return on investment? Cairo, Kinshasa and Lagos all carry the status of megacity – cities with a population of at least 10 million inhabitants. Fast on their heels are Dar es Salaam, Luanda and Johannesburg, which are predicted to attain the status of megacity by 2030, according to the United Nations.

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Bamboo houses … are they the answer to the affordable housing crisis?

Bamboo is sustainable and easy to grow, and South Africa has the perfect conditions for cultivation. Could this be the answer as a building material for affordable housing?

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How green is green?

To take the greening of your estate seriously, you must consider each step from conception to design, through the building process and continuing to operation and management.

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Xers mark the spot

As Gen X hits 50, existing and planned estates need to re-evaluate their position on retirement, and on multi-generational living. As the oldest of the Gen Xers are turning 50, and watching their baby boomer parents ‘raging against the [dimming] of the light’, they are starting to ponder their own mortality, potential morbidity and – shock, horror, gasp – old age!


Greenhill Estate – Launch Event

Greenhill Estate in Waterkloof Heights is Pretoria’s new premier off-grid​ estate. Conceptualised and developed by the Green Housing Company, the estate features insulative advanced tech buildings , ensuring that the contemporary-styled homes will require minimal (if any) heating and cooling, and more.

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The Rive Droite Show villa will soon be ready

Things are moving in Azuri Ocean & Golf Village in Mauritius on the new neighborhood of Rive Droite, with an exquisite villa that will soon be revealed.

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Wefarm secures $13 Million in funding to scale its Smallholder Agricultural Ecosystem

Wefarm ( the digital network for global small-scale agriculture, announced it has raised $13 million in a Series A financing…

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Winning at the numbers game

Converting leads into sales is the most important element of ensuring the success of your development, so it’s worth streamlining the process. When selling off plan, it is important to remember that you are doing just that … selling a plan, a concept, an intangible future. And, without those sales, there is a good chance that your development may never get off the ground.

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Managing your parents’ finances if they are incapacitated

It can be tricky discussing finances with your ageing parents, but it’s vitally important to have some sort of plan...

cinque terre 828614 - News-old

Not that kind of LSD trip

There are some fabulous citizen-by-investment opportunities for gaining a more powerful passport and/or living in a safe, secure and convenient location. But emigrating is a big step, so – regardless of how attractive the nuts and bolts of the offer – you really should make sure your soon-to-be-adopted home is a place where you could actually live. And the best way to do that is to take an LSD trip.­ This kind of LSD trip is not a psychedelic, away-with-the-fairies experience – quite the opposite. LSD stands for ‘look, see and decide’, and it’s a practical, sober exploratory trip that is undertaken with open eyes and an open mind.

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Security estates – to the max

Developers in the USA are cashing in on doomsday prophecies by building extreme survival estates. Could this work in SA? For many residents, security is the number one reason for moving to an estate. There is a comfort in the electric fences, controlled access, and the staffed gates. But, for some, that’s not enough.

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IRP 2019: What does it mean for developers

The new Integrated Resource Plan sets out a roadmap for SA’s energy supply. What does that plan look like, and what opportunities does it offer residential estate developers?

shutterstock 1185234649 - News-old

Turning home-work balance on its head

Facebook has been likened to a virtual community of more than two billion people, but the company’s attempt to build a real – bricks as opposed to clicks – village is proving more problematic. Originally planned to provide office space for Facebook and housing for some employees, the Willow Village development has been plagued by controversy.

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Estate Living interview with Santam

Louise Martin, COO of Estate Living, interviews Santams Head of specialist real estate, Karl Bishop, on Santam’s development guarantees.

Paddle Tamarin Bay - News-old

Spellbound in Mauritius

Sales have been brisk at the luxurious Akasha Villas lifestyle estate on the west coast of Mauritius. Only three villas are still available for sale. Priced at €595,000, permanent residency is part of the package for investors, their spouses and dependants up to the age of 24.

Island Style 5 - News-old

Island style

The Islands is a revelation for those who equate Hartbeespoort and its surrounds with golfing – it’s a slice of European-style marina living.

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Estate Living and Openserve interview

Estate Living interviews the team from Openserve at Kyalami Estate. Discussing Openserves experience within residential communities

shutterstock 1043546371 - News-old

How community-friendly is your estate?

Every residential estate understands the need for a people-focused environment, but a few truly stand out as accessible, integrated and human-centric.

simplicity 1 - News-old

Simplify your life

Less is more, space is freedom, possessions weigh you down, clutter makes you sick. So tidy up. Decluttering is the new big thing, and a quick Google search will reveal a slew of best-selling books on the subject, all published in the last three years. So rush off and buy them all – you’re bound to find space for them.

servest 4 - News-old

The complicated art of simplicity

Simplicity is deceptively hard. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things to achieve in garden design. And, with all the confusion of different plants, materials, accessories and styles available to gardeners today, it’s daunting too.

play areas 3 1 - News-old

It’s serious – it’s just a game

Families buy into estates largely so that their children can grow up free to play and to explore. And that’s not just because it’s nice. It’s vital. So developers who want to entice families should ensure that they leave lots of ‘room for adventure’.

annuity 1 1 - News-old

Choosing between a life annuity and a living annuity

When reaching retirement, we’ll almost all be faced with the choice of taking either a guaranteed annuity (also known as a life annuity) or a living annuity.

three r 2 1 - News-old

Rethinking the three Rs

You’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of the tons of plastic floating in our oceans, the mountains of refuse filling up our landfill sites and the waste clogging up our rivers and streams, let alone our highways and byways. We’ve gone way beyond the solution that recycling offers. While it’s a valid industry for the employment it offers and the waste it deals with, it’s no longer enough. Nowhere near enough.

Untitled 1 - News-old

Lifestyle estates are on the coalface of the digital revolution

Fourth industrial revolution technology is fast manifesting in every South African business sector, creating ever more seamless ways of living and working, but the property market is where it’s already becoming a living, breathing reality.

aff housing 2 - News-old

How is the world tackling the global affordable housing crisis?

South Africa’s lack of affordable housing is a well-documented problem. The country is short some 2.3 million houses, and the number continues to jump by nearly 200,000 every year. The picture is no better outside of our borders either, with 1.6 billion people – it’s estimated that, by 2025, a fifth of the world’s population will lack secure, adequate, and affordable housing.

039 Arabella 2013 - News-old

Arabella Country Estate boasts impressive security

In an age where home security has become the norm, the chance to live in an environment that does not look like Fort Knox, but is completely secure at the same time, is becoming more and more of a need than a luxury for most people.

Ocean 3 1 - News-old

Oceans of change

Summer is around the corner, and you’re probably thinking about heading to your favourite coastal holiday spot. It’s a great opportunity to gaze out to sea and contemplate – nothing! But, perhaps it’s also a good time to think about the sea. We can’t imagine a world without it, and it is so big, we can’t imagine it ever changing, or being vulnerable. But it is. And it is time to think about it.

santam 1 1 - News-old

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

More and more people are buying homes in residential estates, with around one in 10 South Africans choosing a luxury lifestyle community when purchasing residential property, according to Lightstone – a local business that provides valuations and market intelligence on property.

Greenhill EstateC03 - News-old

GreenHill Estate in Waterkloof Pretoria

Fabulously positioned at the top of Waterkloof Heights, Greenhill Estate offers 360-degree views and energy-efficient, sustainable living in an exclusive, secure lifestyle estate.

brochure 55 - News-old

A Short History of the Bo Kaap

With records of its initial development dating back to the 1760s, the Bo Kaap is among Cape Town’s — and South Africa’s — oldest residential areas. One of the first houses built in the area during this initial wave by architect Jan de Waal still stands as the Bo Kaap Museum on modern-day Wale Street, echoing the area’s original name of Waalendorp. It’s a rare glimpse of the prevailing urban design inclinations some 250 years ago.

Forty 15 - News-old

A global trend

It should seem unsurprising to most of us that urban space is at a growing premium. It’s been a growing trend across the world since the industrial revolution, but particularly so in the last few decades as people flock to urban areas.

maxresdefault 1 - News-old

Estate Living Interview with Dirk Uys from Arabella Country Estate

Watch: Louise Martin, COO of Estate Living, and Dirk Uys of the magnificent Arabella Country Estate discuss three of the challenges estates and their management team face today with Dirk Uys

arabella - News-old

Estate Living presents Arabella Country Estate

Watch: What do you look for in a top-class, well-aged red wine? Style, certainly; body and taste, definitely; but also the subtle, understated excellence that comes to great wines only when they begin to mature; an excellence that reflects an impeccable track record.

AdobeStock 163032723 1 - News-old

Retirement: Working with what you’ve got

Discussions around retirement typically revolve around having the required funds to live comfortably once a person stops working. This ‘income for retirement’ is what most of us save up for during the bulk of our lives.

arc 2019 3 - News-old

2019 ARC annual conference, expo & golf day

We can truly echo San Lameer’s slogan ‘The Good Life!’, as we thoroughly enjoyed the good life in so many ways for a few days. Thank you to San Lameer for treating the early arrivals to some Night Golf to whet our appetite for the ‘main event’.

rcc - News-old

The Residential Communities Council (RCC)

Estates in the residential community industry and all ARC members will have heard by now that we have established the Residential Communities Council (RCC), which has been successfully registered with CIPC as a non-profit company (NPC) that will pursue the objectives as defined in the MOI.

caisa - News-old

The case for CAISA

Community Association Institute of South Africa (CAISA) is the first international chapter of the US-based Community Association Institute (CAI). We believe that home owners and community associations should strive to exceed the expectations of their residents.

data 3 - News-old

The communication challenge – is the data correct?

Effective communication in a world of information overload and instant gratification is difficult to achieve. But this becomes even more challenging when the accuracy of the information on which these communications are based comes into question.

workplace 1245776 1920 - News-old

Fundamentals of communication

According to an article written by Ravi Kaneriya for the World Economic Forum, studies show that the key to happiness lies in having rich social bonds and meaningful relationships. And being part of a community is a powerful way to build those relationships in a faster, more scalable way.

Management - News-old

Building a powerful management team

Great management teams don’t just happen; they are built – carefully and deliberately. Creating an effective management team, which is probably one of the most important functions of boards, trustees and HOAs, requires both discipline and being open to new ways of doing things.

good intentions 2 - News-old

When good intentions go bad

Sometimes, good intentions go bad. When things go wrong, there are always lessons to be learned. Read on. Not all decisions are easy. Be careful not to ignore a problem and hope it will go away. In this litigious world, if you have a question, seek advice. Surround the board with competent advisors. This will make your job easier. What follows are eight real-life examples of situations faced by boards of directors.

ob - News-old

Nedbanks new home-buying kit and HeyNed

Nedbank is the first bank in South Africa to incorporate a lifestyle enhancing virtual assistant into its banking app. With the exciting addition of two new features in the Nedbank Money app, these life-enhancing digital solutions are set to catapult the highly rated, award-winning MoneyApp beyond the realm of banking.

AdobeStock 208924152 - News-old

Good news for real estate industry as GDP returns to positive growth

Positive news to emerge from Statistics SA today is that South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 3,1% in the second quarter of 2019 (to end-June), compared to a decline of 3,1% in the first quarter.

Village life 2 - News-old

Village life

Gowrie Village in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is the quintessential country community, integrated into the greater village of Nottingham Road. Established in 2002, Gowrie’s sense of relaxed rural spaces and neighbourliness are key to the success of this mixed-use estate.

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Managing Marina Martinique for its community

Which processes, procedures, and best practices keep a successful older estate at the top of its game? Marina Martinique – a unique Cape-Caribbean-style estate consisting of 384 residential stands and 475 units in group housing developments – is built around a lake and seven kilometres of constructed canals that lie three metres above sea level, and whose water is pumped in from, and flows back into, the ocean.

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On the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain in Somerset West, the prestigious Erinvale Country Estate and Golf Club, which will be celebrating 25 successful years in 2020, was one of the first residential golf estates in South Africa. To find out what the ingredients are for this success, we chat to Kerstin Dinklage, Erinvale HOA trustee responsible for marketing and communication.

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Silver Lakes Golf and Wildlife Estate

Silver Lakes Golf and Wildlife Estate epitomises idyllic and peaceful estate living. The estate has been developed around a world-class Peter Matkovich signature golf course and a game reserve that offers spectacular views of the lakes and tranquil surroundings.

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Customer complaints & social media

Not so long ago, if somebody wanted to have their complaint heard, the best options were to write a letter to the newspaper (and hope that it would be published) or dial into the radio. now, in the digital age, everyone has a voice. Never before has it been easier to have your concerns or thoughts heard – no matter how insignificant or trivial they are – and that has implications for estate managers

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If you can’t take the heat …

The world is facing a climate crisis. A young Swedish schoolgirl is now leading a global campaign of defiance driven by school children. The world has just experienced the hottest July ever recorded, even while a vocal segment of the chattering masses in leading economies like the USA believes that the science underpinning global warming is a massive hoax perpetuated by scientists who are – somehow – conspiring to make money.

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South peninsula

Cape Town is South Africa’s most scenic city, and the South Peninsula is arguably the most scenic part of the city, so it’s not surprising that savvy people have – for ages – put up with the long commute in order to live in this little slice of paradise.

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Property Development and Section 12J

The Section 12J tax allowance has introduced an exciting new asset class that has attracted over R6 billion within a very short period of time. Let’s explore how this can benefit developers.

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Idyllic Leloko Lifestyle And Eco Estate in Hartbeespoort is for sale!

Projectprop, which owns Leloko Lifestyle and Eco Estate in Hartbeespoort, is seeking a solid new buyer, or buyers, for this idyllic estate following a resolution by the shareholders to disinvest in the company through the sale of all of their shares.

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Effective utility management guides estate managers through rough economic seas

The sluggish economy and continued inflationary pressures are taking their toll on the property market in general. According to credit bureau TPN’s latest report, the last three years have seen a steady decline in demand for residential properties, with a concomitant increase in the supply of properties. What’s more, the bureau says vacancy rates remain consistently high at 8.64% with escalations at just 4.85%. Most worrying for estate and property managers is that tenant good standing numbers continue to decline, with a current level of 81.8%.

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Something you love …

The oldest ceramic object is a nude female figurine dating back to about 25,000 BC, found in the Moravian Basin in the Czech Republic. Generally accepted to be a fertility symbol that formed part of a wider culture, no one knows how the first one was made. Perhaps a man yearning for his wife, or even – let’s not limit ourselves here – a youth on the brink of puberty, fashioned a voluptuous woman from a handy bit of clay and, not appreciating his handiwork, tossed it in the fire. Unbeknown to him this action hardened his creation, enabling it to last until this lifetime…

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Future proof

As AI, big data and smart homes become a lived reality, what are residential estates doing now to make that future happen?

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Keeping your world beautiful

The gardens, areas of natural vegetation, rivers, water features, paths and even parking lots on your estate are all part of your ‘shop window’. So they need to be beautiful – and also sustainable in every sense. That’s where Servest comes in – creating beautiful spaces that enhance your estate both aesthetically and environmentally.

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Financial reserve planning for estates

The world is changing faster than any of us can comprehend. So how can homeowners associations and estate managers plan for the future? And what is reserve funding, anyway?

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Being reasonable

Most community associations seek to enforce their rules while still maintaining a harmonious community that the residents view as a desirable place to live. At times, though, these goals seem to be contradictory, and strictly enforcing the rules can result in controversy.

HOA teeth 2 - News-old

Do HOA’s have teeth?

Policies, procedures, our governing documents and our rules and regulations are binding on members who choose to buy into a homeowners association or sectional title scheme. But, of course, the directors, trustees, management, and the members themselves have to ensure that these are lawful, consistent and fair, and that they protect the common interest of the community at large.

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Protecting your investment with insurance

Your home is likely to be one of the most valuable assets you will own. While you put a lot of time, effort and money into making it the ideal home, it is equally important to keep yourself informed on how well this investment is protected.

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Sometimes we need a little help…

There comes a time in everyone’s life when simple day-to-day tasks become overwhelming and difficult to deal with; when confidence levels start to wane, and cooking becomes a frightful chore. Thankfully, most retirement estates offer a wide variety of assisted-living options – just what you need when that helping hand is required.

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Make sure your travel insurance is in order before you get on that plane

Travel – whether for business or leisure or both (bleisure?) – can be extremely exciting. But it comes with its own set of risks. According to short-term insurer, Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC), a division of Santam, it is wise to prepare for the unexpected by getting travel insurance before your trip and understanding exactly what you are protected against so that you have enough cover for any eventuality.   Some of the other most claimed for travel events are pre-existing medical expenses, cancellation of journey, luggage loss and travel delays.

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Estate living: getting ahead in today’s risky property market

As with anything in life, knowledge is power and in today’s risky economic climate, investors need as much as possible to make bold, calculated investment moves that yield great results. Cue Estate Living, South Africa’s leading resource and specialist consultancy within the community living environments. Masters at building relationships and identifying new opportunities, Louise Martin and Jaime-Lee Gardner’s innovative services are helping investors and developers all over the country to understand their market.  

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Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances

We hear every day that 70 is the new 60 and that with advances in medical science people are living longer. Looking at this realistically if I work to age 60 but live to 90 I will have approximately 40 years to save up for a 30 year retirement.

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How to find the luxury in city living

Some of us get the idea of “Joburg luxury” completely wrong: We see ourselves in the car of our dreams driving down William Nicol on the way to work. When in fact, real city luxury (or perhaps even city happiness) could be found not when you upgrade your ride but when you shorten your commute. Living closer to work does not only add more time to your day and more buck to your budget, but recent research shows that it can also improve your overall wellness.

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AMAX Estate Technology

In the words of Richard Branson, ‘launching a business is essentially an adventure in problem solving …’, and in the case of AMAX Electronics, they’re having one heck of an adventure as solving problems is what they do best. Their 15 years of experience in solving the security problems of secured communities has seen them grow to market leaders in this technology space.

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The lock-up-and-go investment property

Thinking of investing in Cape Town or further afield? Lock-up-and-go investment properties have become more and more popular as investors realise the benefits of low maintenance, security and easy placing of tenants.

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What deteriorating municipal infrastructure means for residential estates

Not a day goes by without one hearing of some municipal crisis somewhere in the country. These range from banal but extremely annoying stories of billing crises, lack of budgetary control and bloated bureaucracies to the horror story unfolding in Emfuleni, where total collapse of the municipality as a functional entity has unleashed a tsunami of raw sewage flowing unabated along the streets and through the buildings, as it makes its way to the nearest river.

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UNICITI: a vision for education on the west coast of Mauritius

The Medine group, a century-old key player in the local sugar industry with a land bank of over 10,000 hectares, launched its Education Village in 2012 in the region of Pierrefonds as part of its diversification strategy. This campus has been designed to host a selective cast of world-class and internationally recognised institutions across different fields of study.

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Think Big

The secret to successful property development is spotting opportunities before others do, seeing potential in a place where others don’t. It’s about taking the gap, thinking out of the box, and a whole lot of other clichés. And that’s just what Dennis Hope did more than three decades ago.

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Smooth and seamless transitions

A development is not a residential estate – it’s a place with houses in a greater or lesser stage of completion. But there comes a time when the developer steps out, and the homeowners association steps in – and from that moment, the estate becomes a community – a place where people live.

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Simple, transparent utility metering can be a differentiator for developers

In a worryingly flat property market, developers are facing an ever-growing challenge to find value-adds to help them move units.

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Santam real estate scheme development insurance

Santam’s seamless insurance product continues to receive enthusiastic support from developers and development financiers alike.

SANBI 4 - News-old

SANBI online: treasure trove for gardeners

The South African National Biodiversity Institute’s awesome online resources make finding information about the living world around us a genuine pleasure. And if you’re a gardener, developer, or estate manager with a special interest in indigenous plants, it’s a treasure trove almost as rich as biodiversity itself.

People prosperity 2 - News-old

People, planet, prosperity, and peace

On 24 and 25 September 2019, heads of state and government will gather at the United Nations headquarters in New...

Monkey Business 1 - News-old

Monkey business

Often, it’s the reserve-like setting of a lifestyle estate that makes it a draw card for residents. But what happens when nature starts encroaching on households?

Mdluli 2 - News-old

Land reform and private investment can go hand in hand

Combining a successful land claim, community development, hard-nosed economic opportunity, responsible conservation ethics, and a fabulous tourist destination, Mdluli Safari Lodge is a win-win-win-winner. 

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Home grown

By some estimates, South Africa has a housing backlog of about 2.3 million, and that number grows by about 178,000 houses a year. Despite the country’s sophisticated banking system, busy property market, generous impact investment projects and advanced construction industry, neither the public nor private sector has been able to catch up that backlog.

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Going out on a limb

How do you fancy heading out to sea on what is really not much more than a very big log tied to a smaller log?

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One of the most enticing features of WhatsApp is its offer of end-to-end encryption. This has ensured that our most personal conversations, and our treasured photographs of children and grandchildren, would be safely sent to family members and friends in a closed and safe communication loop.

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Double trouble or twice as nice?

On Friday 5 July, South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, was the first world leader to be in two places at once. Is this the beginning of a bold new era in politics – and more?

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Connectivity – the essential building block for smart movements

The future of ‘Smart’ everything – leveraging digital technology to do just about anything more efficiently – is inextricably linked to our ability to ‘connect’ via the internet. ‘Smart’ anything and ‘Smart’ everything will depend on a frenzied exchange of data with, within and between people, entities, things and machines. The actual connection required for this exchange – in terms of speed and accessibility – will be as critical as available and adequate bandwidth is, or we risk losing out on the next wave of the internet. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is what the gurus the world over are calling this next wave.

Citizen science 2 - News-old

Citizen science

When you look at them closely, the gardens and protected wildlife areas on your estate probably host an astonishing number of different plants, insects, birds, and even reptiles and mammals. Your observations about the natural world around you can be enormously helpful to scientists – and collecting data can be a lot of fun, and a great way of building your community, too.

Footpath 2 - News-old

A footpath named desire

Developers, HOAs, municipalities and the management of all manner of complexes, schools and campuses are learning that there are some things you just can’t fight. Put up as many ‘Keep off the grass’ signs as you like, people will take the shortest (or most convenient) path to get to where they’re going. So, the smart ones are giving in.

Small scale retirement 13 - News-old

Are small-scale retirement developments a viable option?

Retirement is the new buzzword in the residential development market, but building a retirement village is an enormous undertaking with huge implications – it’s a much bigger deal than building a golf or eco estate. So, is there room for small investors to cash in on this profitable sector?

Security 1 - News-old

Affordability and funding of technology to secure estates

What are the key drivers for the buyers in residential estates and how can a security service provider support estate managers? The impact of security risk at residential homes in the form of violent crime and burglaries, has fuelled the growth and development of residential estates to meet the upward demand.

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Arabella Country Estate proves their green ways

Arabella Country Estate, home to Fynbos and fine living, located on the shores of the Bot River Lagoon surrounding the magnificent World Heritage Nature Reserve, has recently been re-certified with their full ISO 14001 compliance certificate.

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July Savings Month – what did you achieve?

South Africans are notoriously bad at saving money but the annual National Savings Month is a great opportunity to get your kids involved in some good financial habits which can set them up for life!

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The smoking gun

If you’re attacked in your home on a residential estate, who’s responsible for your protection? The answer – and the legal technicalities around private security and personal firearms – might surprise you.

Xeriscape 3 - News-old

The dry allure of the xeriscape

Gardening in the driest or windiest parts of the country? Xeriscaping may be the system you’ve been looking for. We’ve all heard about water-wise gardening – the practice of choosing, grouping, and placing plants according to their watering needs in order to maximise the efficiency of the little water you have.

Retire comfortably 3 - News-old

Retire comfortably for less than R2M

Seeking secure retirement community living but for under R2 million? There are surprisingly many options. Today’s retirees are quite a young lot, living active, lock-up-and-go lifestyles that often set a fine example to the generations after them, but not all of them have R3 million or more to invest in a contemporary home on a lifestyle estate.

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Invest offshore with a guaranteed rental

Many South Africans are investing in property in the UK, and if you can afford to do so, now is a great time! Whether it be due to family or business circumstances, future plans or simply the desire to diversify, there are some exciting opportunities to look at.

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The best years of your life are ahead of you

Have you planned sufficiently for your retirement? It’s about a lot more than finances – you also need to decide where to live. Retirement isn’t what it used to be. Slowing down and putting one’s feet up is no longer the “default setting” in later life.

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Luxury, style in Simon’s Town

Harbour Bay Village is the pinnacle of exclusive retirement living for the age 50 and older. This exclusive retirement development is located behind the Harbour Bay Shopping Centre and the medical day hospital.

Hartebeesport 4 - News-old

Hartbeespoort havens

Blue water, a beautiful mountain, a bustling food scene … no, it’s not Cape Town, although it’s easy to see why inland-dwellers consider the
Hartbeespoort area the next best thing to a beach. 

Sustainable 1 - News-old

Investing in a sustainable future

We’ve come a long way since Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth documentary in 2006. Although not the first we’d heard of climate change and the effects of globalisation, it was an eye-opener for many and it sparked fierce debate. Things that were only spoken of then are now becoming reality, and we probably all understand the severity of global climate change, and what this means for future generations. 

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When you read the word ‘wearables’, it conjures up images of wrists with Apple watches or Fitbits, especially for those of us who deal with certain health insurance companies. But wearables are much more than monitoring your heart rate, steps and sleep.

IPGlobal 2 - News-old

Invest in Europe’s ‘coolest’ capital

Satisfy your dream of owning property in Europe by investing in one of the region’s most dynamic and affordable cities – the wealthiest city in Portugal and its capital, Lisbon.

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S’now is the winter of our discontent

Wherever in South Africa you live, it’s probably freezing, so you’ll be thinking of escaping to somewhere warm – possibly with turquoise water, waving palm trees and snow-white sand. But then, come summer, you may head north to go skiing. It just shows how out of touch we can be with the seasons. But we don’t have to be.

Poison 2 - News-old

Rat poison – threat to city’s peri-urban wildlife

Pest control is an essential element in estate management, but it needs to be carefully managed – both to ensure the safety of residents and pets, and also to prevent ‘collateral damage’ to urban and peri-urban wildlife.

Industrial Hubs 3 - News-old

Industrial hubs

If you’re thinking of investing in South Africa, it’s worth looking at some of the rapidly developing industrial hubs that are evolving in strategic locations around the country.

teens 4 - News-old

Getting teens away from screens

Trudging around the golf course and playing tennis are ‘like so yesterday …’ your teenagers say, rolling their eyes skyward. Followed by a ‘there’s nothing to do here’ as their fingers tap the keys and the mayhem of one of a dozen blood-and-gore-filled computer games continues. This lament can be heard from tweens, teens and young adults the world over – gone are the days that residential estates could get away with the bare essentials of outdoor activities like (indoor or outdoor) gym, jogging and MTB trails, and a pool. The youth of today are way more demanding, and as parents and estate developers we need to take heed.

IOT 1 - News-old

The internet of things on our daily lives

The Internet of things (IoT) has become a hot topic of conversation with technical, social and economic implications. It is a concept that not only has the potential to influence how we live, but also how we work and play. Projections for the impact of IoT are notable, with some anticipating as many as 100 billion connected IoT devices, and a global economic consequence of more than US$11 trillion by 2025.

Citi Q 2 - News-old

Bringing the case for prepaid electricity to light

Hardly a day goes by without the future of South Africa’s power grid making front-page news. Keeping the lights on, and sustainably, is a favourite topic around the dinner table, whether you live in Port Elizabeth or Pearl Valley.

Betterbond 2 - News-old

Better bond, better home, better life

Backed by over 19 years’ experience and expertise, and strong relationships with major banks and estate agents, BetterBond is one of the largest bond originators in South Africa.

Cb6bmc0MQiq4L7rMvKfT elderly care - News-old

Changing needs of healthcare for a 100-year lifespan

We’re all getting older – it’s just part of the cycle of life. And with no fountain of youth or magic chocolate bar to cure us of our ailments, we’ll just have to make do with ageing and the added health issues that arise.

Dainfern 633 Grill Room 1458 - News-old

Creating communities

The estate that appears so avant-garde today will have lost its competitive edge in 20 years, as developments with ever more sophisticated technology take the lead. So, how do you remain relevant? This is the question Dainfern sought to answer when it recently embarked on renovations to its clubhouse, restaurant and outdoor areas.

mauritius 3 - News-old

Mauritius, the perfect balance for investors and businesses

The destination requires no introduction! Mauritius combines attractive business opportunities in a strategic regional location, a high economic resilience, and social stability with a quality lifestyle amidst a welcoming population and landscapes of great beauty in which to indulge in a wide choice of leisure activities – the perfect balance.

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Common mistakes to avoid when involved in a fender-bender

Being in a car accident is stressful but just imagine having your insurance claim rejected because of something silly that you did! It could be a financial disaster and make your unpleasant situation far worse. Don’t let that happen and take a look at these 4 common mistakes to avoid when you’re involved in an accident.


Gen-Z really loves property, wants to own before 30

It’s Youth Month, when SA focuses on the 38% of the population aged between 18 and 35. But there are two distinct generations of consumers represented within that cohort, and they have very different ideas about real estate. Generation-Z, born between 1995 and about 2010, are the world’s “digital natives” who have been exposed to the internet, social networks and streaming media their whole lives, and they are proving to be very different from the Millennials born between 1980 and 1994 – especially when it comes to their views on real estate.

How much is enough 3 - News-old

Retirement. How much is enough?

Planning for retirement can be both exciting and scary. Exciting in the sense that you’re planning for a life event that is spoken about so often throughout your life that it’s really a milestone and period to look forward to. Scary though, as you never know whether you’ll have enough since it’s impossible to predict the future. So much could go wrong in our economy and even if you’ve invested offshore, nothing is certain.

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Turn your development into a SMART development

A single network infrastructure offering solutions and services to suit the requirements of individual residents.

Sitari PWJ Village Home Exterior - News-old

Showhouse of The Residences at Sitari now available to view

With a starting price of R2.995m The Residences plot and plan homes at the award-winning Sitari Country Estate outside Somerset West offer excellent value for money, and the release of new plan designs opens up a plethora of choice for potential purchasers. Claudius Combrinck, Executive Director of Uvest Property Sales, explains: “We have just released a further set of plan designs for The Residences, all of which are freestanding homes with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a double garage.”

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FLISP – Making homeownership a reality for lower income households

Empowering first-time homeowners with a one-off government-funded subsidy . The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) offers an amazing opportunity for qualifying individuals to own their first property. It’s unfortunate that the details and implications of FLISP are not commonly known, and that there are some misconceptions about its process and value. The benefits, however, are huge, and estate agents and those involved in financing have a crucial role to play in educating prospective buyers and assisting in the process.

old 3608950 - News-old

The transition to retirement

Thirty years ago I attended a lecture in Minneapolis USA by a Dr William Bridges on change and transition. Change he said is what happens in the real world but transition happens in the mind. When planned change fails its usually because people have not made the mental transition to accept the change. He offered a simple way to understand transition by breaking it into three stages. Stage 1 is all about making endings and letting go. Real change he said must begin with an ending, counter intuitive isn’t it.

Life less ordinary 13 - News-old

A life less ordinary

You can have it all – live in the country with wide-open spaces. Perfectly balancing freedom and space with top-of-the-range, AAA-rated security, Monaghan Farm offers safe, secure country living – a place to breathe, relax and wind down. A place to bring up a family in a nurturing environment without the hustle and bustle of city life.

IP Global Portugal 7 - News-old

A ‘golden’ opportunity to relocate to Portugal

If an endless supply of pasteis de nata isn’t enough to entice you to relocate to Portugal, perhaps the favourable quality of life, cost of living and friendly investment and residence programmes will do the trick. Portugal has become one of the most sought-after destinations for South Africans seeking to relocate, largely because its investment opportunities and Golden Visa regime make it one of the easiest European Union countries to secure residency and citizenship – simply by purchasing property to the value of €500,000, provided certain conditions are met.

Facial 1 - News-old

Facial recognition – Not to be taken at face value

Facial recognition – whether it’s a passing fad, or the next big thing, one thing is sure: everyone has an opinion – good, bad, delighted or furious.

Rondebosch Oval 40 - News-old

Community building requires time and effort

Community. What a nice concept. So simple. So appealing. And so elusive for residents of so many common-interest ownership developments that are communities in name only. A collection of residents who share ownership but nothing more may form an association, but they do not create a community by any definition of that term. True communities – living, breathing, vibrant communities – are not born, they are built, and the community association board is the primary architect in that construction process.

Eastern cape 8 - News-old

Eastern Cape residential estates: wild and wonderful

The Eastern Cape is a friendly and endlessly fascinating province – especially if you’re a fan of wild places – and its residential estates reflect its amazing diversity. There’s literally something here for everyone.

Eastern promise 4 - News-old

Eastern promise – explore south africa’s most underrated province

The Eastern Cape is a region of extreme diversity. Pristine beaches rub shoulders with forest-clad dunes, aloes punctuate the sere brown Karoo plains, and the history of Settlers, San and Xhosa communities tells stories of the region’s past. It’s South Africa’s premier malaria-free Big Five safari destination and it’s an adventure junkie’s playground – the highest bungy jump in the world, some of the world’s best surf, great diving, mountain biking and hiking – and it boasts South Africa’s only ski resort.
But it’s not all nature and adrenaline.

Rules 3 - News-old

Rules are rules… or are they?

How important are estate rules, and can they really be enforced? This question is at the heart of a recent legal wrangle between Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate Management Association II and a resident.

Servest 12 - News-old

Lawns – lush oases or green deserts?

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” Walt Whitman. The ubiquitous urban lawn. Where did it come from? Do you really need one? And what do you choose if you do? In the bad old days they used to say you should never interfere with a South African’s lawn – or their braai. And while that’s probably still true for the braai, is it really still true for the lawn?

memory 5 - News-old

Hope for an effective treatment for memory loss

A promising new treatment for memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s, ageing and depression was presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting in Washington DC on 14 February this year. An auspicious date. If it works, no doubt everyone will love it.

Om nom 1 - News-old

Om nom nom nom num-nums!

Quick! Which ridiculously handsome South African is wind-resistant, drought-tolerant, security-ready, eminently prunable, easy to grow, farmable, culturally significant, and downright delicious? Answer: the plant with the tastiest name of them all – the num-num.

Liquid gold 1 - News-old

Liquid gold and low-emission bricks

The manufacture and transport of bricks contributes quite a lot to the carbon footprint of a building, which is why some of the finest minds all over the world are looking at alternatives – be it beer bottles, sandbags, straw bales, bag-stuffed plastic bottles, or bricks made from ash, toxic sludge, compressed solid waste, and even cannabis. So it’s pretty exciting that local researchers have come up with a novel, energy-efficient way of manufacturing bricks from a waste substance that usually takes lots of water and other resources to process – and that we don’t usually like to talk about.

Hurry up 2 - News-old

Hurry up and wait

The affordable housing market has high demand, low supply, and the promise of long-term investment returns. So what’s the catch? Investing is a long-term game. Gregg Sneddon, the financial adviser who blogs and tweets at, often emphasises this point to his clients: ‘Investing takes time,’ he says. ‘Three years is not “time”.

Consulting 5 - News-old

In consulting on risk, its nose in, fingers out!

Nose in, fingers out! This is how I was taught to approach risk detection in property development consultancy. In other words, ask lots of questions, look, learn and observe everything, and yes, sniff around. But don’t interfere. 

Hurricane 2 - News-old

Cyclone Idai shows why long-term disaster resilience is so crucial

The almost complete inundation of the city of Beira was in the news for a while, but then it fell away in the midst of newer, more important, or just more entertaining news – Ethiopian Airlines crash, Christchurch mosque shooting, South African elections, a 37-year-old woman successfully giving birth, and David Beckham’s conviction for talking on the phone while driving.

Takeoff 2 - News-old

Ready for takeoff

An educational initiative is providing the communities living around Cape Town International Airport with access to home-building skills and affordable housing – building communities, and laying the foundation for the city’s long-term growth.

Retire with a view 5 - News-old

Retire with a view

If you’re thinking of retirement or scaling down, why not move to a development with a view? Even if you continue working part-time, which is what many modern retirees do, you’ll probably have a lot more leisure time – all the more reason to have scenic landscapes or city skylines to immerse yourself in and enjoy.

arabella 3 - News-old

Arabella Country Estate moves even closer to nature

Arabella Country Estate, consistently voted as one of the top residential estates in South Africa, has recently undertaken a full rebrand in order to bring their current look and feel more in line with their natural surroundings and eco-system.

shutterstock 171278828 - News-old

Insurance while you build

Building a new home, or having your existing one renovated, can be one of the most rewarding experiences. But, for most people, the thought of investing in a fixer-upper or a new build is more than a little overwhelming. The good news is that, with a little help and a lot of planning, it’s definitely possible to create the house of your dreams.

AdobeStock 109909411 - News-old

Why QLED TV is the Technology to Watch Out for in 2019

Samsung has been a pioneer in TV design for 50 years. Over that time, Samsung has researched what people love most about TV – the way it brings friends and families together and the many details that amplifies the viewing experience. This knowledge has led to innovation that has transformed how people watch TV and is one of the reasons it has been global number 1 for the 13 years. The 2019 QLED line-up builds on this legacy in a big way.

students 1807505 1 1 - News-old

JJ Rewards

J AND J REWARDS PTY LTD entered the market in 2014 as an innovative wholesale distribution company. Founded by a young Belgian and American, we pride ourselves on sourcing quality products at a great price. We visit up to 4 international trade shows a year to make sure we never fall behind when it comes to tech focused products worldwide. With an office based in Shenzhen, China, J AND J REWARDS has the ability to source, test, and brand products at the highest levels possible. Our head office and warehouse in Cape Town distributes seamlessly to every end of Southern Africa.

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Final 14 apartments at Waterford Place in Sitari Country Estate now move-in ready for luxury living

Sitari Country Estate situated just outside Somerset West has been a remarkable success story, with unprecedented buyer interest and 926...

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Reality Perfected – Samsung Launches 2019 QLED TV Line

On April 23 2019 Samsung announced that its 2019 TV line, including new QLED 4K and 8K models, are available at select retailers nationwide from May. Powered by Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor, the 2019 QLED TV line-up features more screen size options, stunning picture quality enhancements, dazzling colours from every angle, exciting new design elements and intuitive smart TV upgrades.

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Samsung’s QLED TVs and Its New Ambient Mode Transform Living Rooms into a Gallery Space

Samsung announced today that its 2019 QLED TV line-up will offer a brand new Ambient Mode that is designed to display various content including world-renowned works of art, even when the TV screen is turned off. Through the Ambient Mode, a variety of content like daily news headlines, weather updates, photos and music can be accessed from the TV screen.

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Near the Beach, on the Ball, on the Money

There’s so much to consider when you’re buying a home, not least because of its investment potential. Having said that, you don’t want to buy something just because it makes financial sense and then find you don’t like living there, or possibly worse, follow your heart and find you’ve made a bad financial decision.

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Your New Security Detail

You use artificial intelligence (AI) every day, often without knowing it. Shouldn’t your estate’s security team have the same kind...

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The Tax Implications of Cashing in your Provident Fund

It’s not uncommon to change jobs every few years and at the same time decide to cash out your provident...

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Six Trees for Small Gardens

Life’s getting harder, everything’s getting more expensive, the world’s getting madder, and it’s all happening faster by the hour. How...

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Common Ground, Common Interests

Most lifestyle estates strive to create a sense of community, yet few succeed. So, how has Kyalami Estates managed to get it right? Wander through any of the events that Kyalami Estates host annually and you’ll notice that almost every resident stops on their way to greet their neighbours. It’s the kind of collegial atmosphere that most residential estates try to emulate but, although they might achieve friendliness, cohesiveness often remains just out of reach. Yet it appears to be an integral part of the Kyalami Estates character; indeed, it’s one of Estate’s defining qualities.

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Global Assets

If you’re considering an offshore investment property, it’s best to partner with a company who understands the intricacies South Africans will face, the pros and cons of the markets you’re investing in, the local conditions that might affect your decisions, and the international laws and considerations you should be aware of. Take a look at how IP Global can help you to expand your investment portfolio across borders.

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So you want to go on holiday without neglecting your exercise habit, and maybe get out into nature for a good cardio workout. An unspoilt location, good food and wine, a decent bed and a shower at night are essentials. Pretty flowers, wildlife and interesting cultural attractions are a bonus. And you’d prefer for someone else to take care of logistics. Is that too much to ask?

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Getting to the Point

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a reluctant renter or a wannabe holiday home owner by the sea, buying property requires some thoughtful planning – and with so many factors to consider, not least the political and economic climate of the country, it’s hard to know where to start, but we are confident that Pinnacle Point Estate will amaze and impress you beyond your wildest dreams.

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Restoration Begins on Joburg CBD’s Most Neglected Buildings

Johannesburg City Council is driving an initiative to restore 84 buildings in the CBD to provide efficient, contemporary accommodation for city dwellers, and tenders have been awarded to various developers who’ve now started this visionary transformation of some of Jozi’s oldest residential hubs.

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Arabella Country Estate uses water responsibly and sustainably

Arabella Country Estate, one of SA’s leading lifestyle and golfing residential estates situated along the Bot River Lagoon in Kleinmond, is reaping the rewards of their long established water and environmental management plans despite the current drought conditions plaguing the country and the Western Cape in particular.

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Santam – Market Leader in Property Development Insurance in any Economy

In a constrained economy like that of South Africa, the possibility of new construction projects is limited. This, along with the rapidly increasing cost of living as a result of the increasing cost of fuel, the inflation rate, and the VAT hike of 2018, has put pressure on consumer spending. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news.

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Sustainability in South Africa

An important consideration when investing is the state of affairs in the region you are considering investing in – and this goes beyond the obvious financial and political considerations. Ask questions about the sustainability of the region’s energy and water sources, its waste management policies as well as its biodiversity conservation. With all considered, South Africa still ticks most of the boxes for being a desirable region to invest in.

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South African Design is Going… Well… Everywhere

South African design is going places. Porky Hefer’s installations and furniture designs, Andile Dyalvane’s ceramics, Rich Mnisi’s fashion and furniture designs, and Dokter and Misses’ furniture and product designs are just some local pieces increasingly rocking art fairs and exhibition halls around the globe.

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It was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Museums are not about old crockery, vintage clothes, beautiful furniture, historical photos and rusty farm implements. They’re about stories, but sometimes you have to look hard to find them. And sometimes those stories illustrate an important principle or moral.

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Take a virtual tour of Sandton Gate Terrace

Step inside one of the luxurious units at Sandton Gate Terrace. Craft homes has created specialised virtual tours for 3 of Sandton Gate Terrace’s stunning units. Take your pick and start your virtual tour

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New residential trends unlock new investment opportunities

The growing move away from suburban residential living to urban living has the potential to unlock a passive revenue stream for investors in a rapidly expanding urban node.

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Design for (community) living

Design is always a matter of taste: after all, one person’s idea of clean lines may be depressingly Spartan for someone else, which makes the question of estate design rather complicated. So how do developers and HOAs appeal to the broad variety of people that estates inevitably attract?

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Estate Living Marketing Opportunity

Estate Living campaign themes over the next three months are focused around SA investment, opportunities for growth, and connecting people, businesses and services.Packages comprise of a comprehensive strategy that includes Event participation, editorial reviews, online communication, social media, and sales lead generation. Contact us to get involved.

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Retiring in Mauritius

A much coveted tourist destination, the tropical island of Mauritius is fast emerging as a preferred destination for non-citizens looking for an enticing place to retire. With its all-year-round temperate climate, first-class infrastructure and harmonious environment, this rainbow nation with an affordable cost of living has opened its doors since 2006 to eligible non-citizens looking for a stress-free retirement.

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How does prepaid electricity work and how to purchase a voucher?

Needing some guidelines in managing and loading/cancelling your prepaid meters? Watch the videos below to get some helpful support and insight. Pro admin is one of the founding members of the electricity re-sellers association and is still actively involved in the industry.

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How the 2019 Budget Speech affects individual tax payers

There was much hype and anticipation ahead of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s budget speech last month. Knowing some of the major challenges the country faces many were interested to see how the Finance Minister would juggle the fiscus to address issues such as the Eskom crisis, rampant corruption and the other issues covered by the media daily.

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The finishing touch

So the kids have at long last moved out … either with a little ‘push’ or at their own insistence to explore the world beyond. Suddenly the house seems somewhat empty and larger and no longer fulfils the same purpose as before … it’s time to move on to a new beginning, a cosier and more manageable home. Hello retirement, bye-bye rat race!

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Capital security in volatile times

Many investors have seen their wealth preservation strategies frustrated by a stock market that has moved sideways, delivering below-inflation returns for several years in a row. Contrary to traditional wisdom, better returns are now coming from more secure investments that provide the compelling combination of capital security and high growth in a volatile local investment environment.

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Standard Bank empowers first-time home buyers

In an effort to further showcase their purpose of improving lives and fulfilling aspirations through home ownership for all South Africans, Standard Bank has once again aligned themselves with the Property Buyer Show.

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Live Large

South African retirees have come a long way – and are going a long way. Rather than banish themselves to the local old age home to toil over macramé, those with adequate financial resources are increasingly slipping on their Raybans, waving sayonara and flying off into the sunset.

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Navigating the World of Property (Literally)

When chatting over the dinner table you often hear ‘yeah, property in Portugal is doing great’, or ‘you really should be looking at the UK now’. But how do we as South Africans enter the offshore market?

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How We Got Here from There

From Sumer to Vredendal, two Thursdays more than seven centuries apart play a serendipitous role in the emergence of South Africa’s cheese industry.

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Feathering your Retirement Nest

There are many ways to invest for your retirement years and, even though you may contribute to a compulsory company pension or provident fund, you should most definitely not be content with just that.

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Matching lifestyle to life stage

It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from university with a big future ahead of me and then I was at the alter with Francis and wow my second child was born, a home and a mortgage and an exciting career unfolding. Time moves so quickly and with time so does ones lifestyle. The exhilaration of youthful independence, followed by the responsibilities of family and career, moving home, moving province and so my lifestyle continues to change to suit my circumstances.

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Blazing New Trails

Servest Landscaping, with over 4,500 people, 57 horticulturists, and 600 years of combined industry experience, has recently used its expertise and technology to successfully partner with two high-profile clients on their exciting and challenging ecological restoration projects.

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Outstanding Outsourcing

The quality of a retirement community is measured by its care, and the quality of care is often determined by the quality of the staff. So, whether you’re looking to hire permanent or temporary nursing staff or to upskill your employees, Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd. is your go-to, one-stop solution.

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Choosing a Retirement Village

Retirement villages – or lifestyle estates, as they are now being called – are popping up like (Barberton) daisies throughout South Africa, all with promises of enjoying the best years of your life in surroundings brimming with all the bells and whistles.

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Beyond Bowls

There was a time when retirement estates built bowling greens for the ‘more active’ residents, and something as daring as a tennis court or an outdoor pool was considered an unnecessary expense because – well – you know, old people don’t really do exercise.

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Squaring is Caring

Boredom is a killer. Ask any preschool teacher or any retirement facility manager and they’ll tell you that the worst thing they can do is let their charges get bored.

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Building Retirement Communities

People aren’t retiring like they used to. Instead, many are working longer out of necessity or from a desire to remain vital and engaged.

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Lombard’s Property Development Guarantees

Lombard Insurance has close on 30 years’ experience in delivering guarantees across multiple industries.

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Style and Function

Your mind is sure you are 35, but sometimes your ears, eyes, hands and back tell you different, and a lot of the things you did with ease a few years ago may have become a challenge.

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Retire to the Coast. But Which Coast?

The coast of South Africa is more than 2,500 kilometres long, it’s wild and tamed, rocky and sandy, restless and restful, and probably more varied than any coastline anywhere else in the world.

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Early Birds

A residential estate is a strange thing. First it’s a piece of land, then a plan and marketing concept, then a construction site, then a bunch of empty buildings.

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Scaling Down

As retirement looms, it’s natural to begin reflecting on the past, but it’s not a time for doom and gloom. It’s the time to put the past behind you, and look at the new opportunities these changes bring.

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Active Ageing

Forget the old age homes of the past. Today’s mature lifestyle estates offer residents an active retirement with customised healthcare options.

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Evergreen – Life Right Retirement Lifestyle

Drawing on its existing position as industry leader in the life right retirement community landscape, and leveraging the new financial muscle it developed in its transaction with PSG, Evergreen is rapidly expanding its retirement village footprint and setting new benchmarks for every aspect of retirement living.

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Zimbali Lakes Resort – Multigenerational Living at its Best

Internationally there is a trend towards multigenerational living, where sometimes three generations reside under the same roof – either for convenience or out of necessity due to the rising cost of living and unaffordable property prices.

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Family Community Living – Closing the Gap

These days your age is not as relevant as your lifestyle, and the concept of retirement estates is changing to accommodate changing needs.

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How Old Can We Grow?

There’s all this talk of how our population is ageing, and how the baby boomers are not ‘going gentle into that good night’ any time soon. But, really, how long can we live? And how will living longer affect society?

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Pecanwood: Moving With the Times

With over 800 luxury homes, a world-class golf course, a small-craft harbour, a country club including tennis courts and swimming pools, and three restaurant areas, Pecanwood Estate has already established itself as one of South Africa’s premier residential estates.

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The benefits of Evergreen living

Thinking of downsizing now that you’re retired? Then you might want to consider an Evergreen retirement village, which offers plenty of attractive lifestyle benefits. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect as a resident.

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Security by SLA

Based on a service-level agreement, AMAX offers security, maintenance and communications installation services to estates in Gauteng.

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Multi-generational living is back

Sixty years ago it was not uncommon for kids to ride their bikes to their grandparents’ house. Children played outside,...

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Insight into Capital Reserve Fund management

Capital Reserve Fund Management: As trustees and community managers what should we be asking ourselves? Pro admin shares their thoughts:...

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You can now Apply for Home Loan Prequalification Online

The real estate industry has been operating in the shadow of technology, compared to other industries. However, as consumers become...

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Live Large in a Small Town

Forty years ago, old-age pensioners were perceived as stooped, white-haired and often quite grumpy old people killing time until they...

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Keep it Clean

Probably one of the most difficult issues facing estate managers is waste management. It’s a truly Sisyphean endeavour – just...

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Fire Risk Management for Estates

Every time we hear stories of veld fires, we are alerted to the very real danger to our homes of...

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Natural Unspoiled Harmony

When Simbithi Eco Estate was conceptualised 15 years ago, it was all about ‘home’, and today, the 430-hectare estate has...

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Invest in a Healthier Ocean

Everybody knows that good business has to be sustainable,and that – really – we do not have to choose between...

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Slow down in Slow Town

Some small towns are naturally slow – stuck away in the middle of nowhere – but some have to work...

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Best Practices – Managing Financial Reserves

Careful planning for future repairs and replacements is in the best physical and fiscal interests of the community association. Maintaining...

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The Garden Pergola: Ancient and African

‘Pergola’ might be the one word more than any other in the language of gardening that gets us thinking of...

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A Cooling System that Works Without Electricity

As we slither our sweltering way to the end of the hottest summer most of us can remember, we find...

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Colour in Nature

Blur the lines between the great outdoors and your interior spaces by replicating nature’s colours on your walls. Here’s how....

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It warms, it cooks, it illuminates. Fire is central to our lives, and it’s not too far a stretch to...

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Le Sube

Hunter S Thompson once said: ‘Love is the feeling you get when you love something as much as your motorcycle.’...

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Living the Country Life – Close to the City

While many people choose to live in lifestyle estates for the serene surroundings and country feel, they still need to...