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Aurum Zimbali Lakes

Dolphin Coast, KwaZulu Natal | Lifestyle Estate

Raising the bar for Green Living

Aurum Zimbali Lakes

Dolphin Coast, KwaZulu Natal | Lifestyle Estate

Raising the bar for Green Living

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Aurum Zimbali Lakes is surrounded by exquisite natural wonders, and falls within the prestigious Zimbali Lakes Estate. As one of the first North Coast EDGE-certified green developments, the homes will include renewable energy, water efficiency and reduce embodied energy in the building materials. Aurum Zimbali Lakes luxury homes celebrate the connection to nature, they also offer convenient access to lifestyle facilities, retail outlets, workplaces and outdoor pursuits.

Priced from R8.5 million to R9.2 million

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Next generation Green Living

Pioneering green living within Zimbali Lakes Resort, Aurum sets the precedent for sustainable homes on the North Coast. Based on the resource-efficient design, material selection and expert construction of each innovative residence, an eco-friendly EDGE-certified home is being pursued on completion. EDGE certification is a green building rating that leverages best practice to optimise energy, water and materials, minimising wastage and environmental impact.

Owners can al so choose premium adaptations to secure an EDGE Advanced certification at a marginal additional cost. EDGE certification is awarded when at least 20% savings in energy, 20% saving in water and a 20% saving in embodied energy in building material s i s achieved.

Why EDGE Certification?

The sun is the most powerful light source, and an inspiration of the name AURUM which means gold and the nexus between nature and luxury. The sun is also a source of significant heat gain which is great for our temperate winter months but not during our humid summer months. With this in mind the Nexxagen has sought to capture the benefits of our natural light and use this for our client’s and planet’s advantage. EDGE stands for Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies. EDGE is an innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.

It is important to balance lighting and ventilation benefits of glazing against the impacts of heat gain on cooling needs and/or passive heating. For example, windows generally transmit heat into the building at a higher rate than walls do. Finding the correct balance between the transparent (glass) and the opaque surface in the external façades helps to maximize daylight while minimizing unwanted heat transfer, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Nexxagen has had a design goal to maximise illumination levels without significantly exceeding the solar heat gains in our warm summers, as well as to making the most of passive heating in temperate wintertime.

Windows are usually the weakest link in the building envelope as glass has much lower resistance to heat flow than other building materials. Nexxagen has considered this during the design phase of these homes. Heat flows out through a glazed window more than 10 times faster than it does through a well-insulated wall. While glazed areas are desirable to admit solar radiation in cold winter condition during the day, windows in warmer summer conditions can significantly increase the building’s cooling loads. Nexxagen has selected the most balanced green measures to reduce the flow of energy between the building and surrounds.

Why Water Efficiency

Current technologies exist that reduce the water demand in the development as well as recycling water and harvesting rainwater for watering plants, swimming pools, and washing cars. There is a strong nexus between water and energy use. Energy is used to pump water, purify water to water fixtures such as taps and faucets. Energy is also used to heat water. More heated water requires more energy. When efficient low flow shower heads and facets are installed, there is an overall reduction in energy consumption. Water efficient fixtures and water conservation measures typically have short payback period and mitigate against the effect of climate change whilst future proofing the development against the impacts of water shortages and the demand on potable water. The water storage systems combine captured water for later use using a concealed submersed shared 80 000 liitre capacity rainwater harvesting reservoir.


Why Efficiency in Embodied Energy of Materials

Nexxagen has selected materials that are sustainable, having the environmental impact in front of mind and that reduce the associated carbon emissions and energy use. Building lifecycle energy impacts have been considered. Currently embodied energy is of relative insignificance however as energy consumption is driven down, the relative importance of embodied energy increases and thus this consideration is important to future proof the development for the benefit of the next generation. Design modelling and simulation have assisting in controlling the form and surface areas of the building to make the most of natural sunlight, natural ventilation, and reduce the embodied energy in the homes.

Can Buyers Measure the Benefits of Certification?

An EDGE Zero Carbon Certificate is available in the operations phase, for clients that wish to achieve this rating, provided that the building has achieved an EDGE Advanced status as a prerequisite. Clients can now enjoy the benefits of certified green buildings with incentives that allow for rebates in rates and taxes linked to the level of EDGE certification achieved over the next few years. Smart meters throughout the homes will provide homeowners with measurable indicators of energy and water usage.

The EDGE certification is a rating that signifies a 20% saving in water, energy and embodied energy in materials as a minimum. An EDGE Advanced rating is also available to achieve a 40% saving in energy at a marginal extra cost.

The Benefits of Green Buildings and EDGE Certification

  • Offset energy and water costs with the ability to sell energy into the grid, to reduce energycosts
  • Improved and consistent indoor air quality
  • Improved occupant health, comfort and wellbeing in the homes
  • Higher sales and rental prices (home buyers are willing to pay more for efficient homes withlower bills)
  • Quick payback period for green measures
  • Quicker sales (certified green can differentiate buildings in the market)
  • Reduced maintenance costs because of better-quality construction
  • Improved occupancy rates
  • Lower utility bills which can be used to offset the ever-rising costs of levies, rates, and taxes
  • Higher Resale Values
  • Green mortgages can minimise upfront costs and lower interest rates as financial institutionslower default interest rates
  • Owners have more options to access funding and finance as more and more financialinstitutions are investing in green buildings
  • Reduced mortgage cost can finance the green measures
  • Innovative models can be explored to install green measures without placing a financialburden on the owner or buyer such as the cost of green measure built into the mortgage.The savings in monthly loan repayment over time is greater than the costs of the greenmeasures installed.
  • Certification provides quality insurance (documentation and certification process ensuresquality is achieved)
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Extended equipment life due to less demand on the HVAC system and other appliances
  • Capex costs are lower through the passive design of EDGE certified homes
  • A well-designed green home will keep homeowners comfortable even during power cuts andwater shortages
  • Passive designs have negligible costs but enhance the net positive benefits

These homes are future ready and future proof to meet the demands of the next generation.

Your golden ticket

Aurum in Zimbali Lakes is an exclusive cluster of six bespoke energy-efficient homes. Priced from R8.5 million to R9.2 million, this pet-friendly neighbourhood within Zimbali Lakes has reimagined the estate’s reputation for sustainable family living. Aurum embodies the glistening coastline, its sunset hues and the experience of living beneath wide sunkissed skies.

Where the sun rises

So much more than a conveniently-located address, Aurum within Zimbali Lakes differentiates itself from other Zimbali developments as it stands out with the EDGE-certified status and is a golden ticket to a unique, green inspired lifestyle along the sought-after KZN North Coast. Explore quintessential North Coast living at your leisure. Blue flag beaches, laidback cafés and trendy restaurants, boutique shopping, attractions for the whole family and a charming community, Balli to is KZN’s favourite coastal village.

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