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Sheet Roofing vs Concrete Roof Tiles – Product debate

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Sheet Roofing vs Concrete Roof Tiles – Product debate

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2 min read

Estate Living as we discuss a hot topic in the property construction and roofing sector: Sheet Roofing vs Concrete Roof Tiles The aesthetics of Sheet Roofing has grown in popularity with investors over the years, however the products of BMI Coverland, one of South Africas leadings roof tile manufactures, have evolved and offer a range of Concrete Roof Tiles that create sophisticated finishes for roofs.

Is the increase in metal prices and current sheet roofing shortage giving the traditional concrete roof tile industry a competitive edge?

Estate Living has asked the experts. Nico Hanekom of BMI Coverland, Vincent Den of Elegant Roofing and Keith Harmsworth MSP Developers join our panel to share their expertise and bring new insight into this debate.

Partners in this webinar:

BMI Group

At BMI we supply complete systems to provide fully integrated solutions. BMI Group is the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout Europe with a significant presence in parts of Asia and Africa.


00:00 Opening
00:22 Louise Martin | Estate Living – Welcome and Introductions
03:37 Nico Hanekom | BMI Coverland – The benefits of concrete roof tiles
06:35 Louise Martin & Nico Hanekom – What investors are looking for
09:20 Louise Martin & Nico Hanekom – The role of the pitch of roof
12:36 Louise Martin & Nico Hanekom – Suppliers involvement in design
14:59 Louise Martin & Nico Hanekom – BMI Coverlands position on cost, scalability & reliability
19:53 Vincent Den | CEO Elegant Roofing – Performance of sheet roofing vs roof tiles in the market
24:15 Louise Martin & Vincent Den – Benefits of sheet vs tiles
26:08 Louise Martin & Vincent Den – Intrinsic values to each option
27:35 Louise Martin & Vincent Den – Hidden challenges to each option
30:19 Louise Martin & Vincent Den – Guarantees & warranties
31:31 Keith Harmsworth | Developer Olive Estate MSP Developers – The decision to move from sheet to tiles
35:14 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Investor preference
35:48 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Structural differences
36:13 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Consumer considerations
36:39 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Hidden risks to sheet roofing
37:18 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Educating consumers and developers on environmental and financial impact
40:06 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Backlash from existing buyers to the change
41:03 Nico Hanekom – Style & colour
43:59 Louise Martin, Vincent Den & Nico Hanekom – Structural manageability around changing to tiles
47:43 Louise Martin & Keith Harmsworth – Cost savings involved in moving to tiles
48:50 Louise Martin – Summary & close
49:26 Closing

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