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Solving For Private Space CCTV Surveillance using the Experience of Public Space CCTV


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Solving For Private Space CCTV Surveillance using the Experience of Public Space CCTV


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Crisis brings with it rapid change and innovation. A new reality presents itself for the private sector: responsible AI-led surveillance to keep people safe during trying times as we embrace a new normal.

In the “new normal”  the world is finding itself faced with, CCTV surveillance has unquestionably become a necessary tool for managing public safety both in the public and private sectors.

Positive strides in the current COVID-19 pandemic have been made in the area of “disease surveillance” because of smart technologies, of which smart surveillance forms the backbone in both the public and private spaces of society.

While Vumacam is known for its rollout of public space CCTV Smart Camera Network, the company has identified the need to offer the myriad of private companies, operating and managing their own CCTV Surveillance network, an instant solution. A solution providing answers to the following challenges.

  • The Private and Commercial CCTV spaces in South Africa are largely unregulated and unmonitored and there is an urgent need for compliance
  • Uptime monitoring of cameras is often an impossible task for private networks that lack intelligent technology
  • Locally stored footage which can result in deliberate or accidental damage to servers and the risk of violating privacy protocols
  • No AI resulting in only post-event analysis with little to no data analytics derived from it
  • The increasing complexity of hybrid systems over time that has not only consumed massive CAPEX, but is rigid and difficult to scale
  • Security operations requiring more tech staff rather than the empowerment of guards
  • Lack of shared intelligence for proactive responses and situational awareness

Collaborating with a partner like Vumacam who brings platform, technology and expertise together to create access to unparalleled solutions which include:

  • Compliance and expertise of data management that can scale as the needs of the business grow
  • Access to advanced NMS (Network Monitoring System) which constantly pings devices to ensure they are online, with active notifications if a camera, sensor or alarm goes down
  • Secure storage of footage in the cloud at Tier 4 data centres
  • Plug & Play integration with intelligent alert based software providers and proprietary systems
  • Empowerment of human capability and greater efficiencies in response times
  • Providing improved guard safety by providing situational awareness
  • Integrated Network sharing information to enrich data feeds including Vehicle Of Interest (VOI) databases. Quite simply: a suspect exits a private building to get into a get-a-way car; that car will be picked up by any camera within the Vumacam Public Space Network, triggering alerts to multiple security companies instantaneously
  • Best of breed solution that can be retrofitted and is cheaper than ownership of a disconnected solution

Vumacam is currently researching and running proof of concepts for a wide range of commercial and private space solutions. Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam says “…results so far are promising and we are looking forward to launching a solution to businesses, estates, shopping malls and other spaces that will bring them to the forefront of CCTV technology and compliance while staying focussed on their core business”.

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