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12 Star Capital

Emigration, Investment

, Cyprus, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Grenada, International, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mauritius, Mpumalanga, Nationwide, North West, Northern Cape, Portugal, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Western Cape |

12 Star Capital

Emigration, Investment

, Cyprus, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Grenada, International, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mauritius, Mpumalanga, Nationwide, North West, Northern Cape, Portugal, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Western Cape |

European countries are at the top of the list for offshore investing and migration due to the lifestyle benefits and strong currency hedge. We have partnered with key experts to help facilitate your investment journey. Through extensive research, our team has identified key investment prospects across Europe that will allow you to capitalise on property while also securing residency abroad.

Benefits of Investment

Boasting 10 years’ experience in Investment Visa Programmes, 12 Star Capital have a distinct understanding of the application process and have affiliated with experts in the field of immigration to ensure success is achieved. With a strong South African presence, with a corporate office in Johannesburg, the 12 Star Capital team are easily accessible for South African investors and understand the various hurdles that might be encountered. Our objective is to ensure you experience a streamlined process through the investment programme and acquire an alternative residency. Additionally, 12 Star Capital is a member of Investment Migration Council and IIUSA.

  • Strong Currency Hedge
  • Alternative Residency
  • Wealth Security


A Southern European country, Portugal’s property market has lured High Net Worth Individuals in South Africa and become one of the top investment destinations. Not only will immigrants experience a rich, diverse culture, Portugal offers a stable economy, healthy property market and a Mediterranean climate.

With a range of investment options to choose from to obtain your permanent residency, the Investor Programme allows you to gain citizenship within 5 to 6 years. Once this Golden Visa has been approved, the investor is allowed to spent time in Portugal, from 7 days for as long as they would like each year.

You will be able to travel freely within Schengen countries and once your citizenship has been obtained you can live and work anywhere within Europe. This is the world’s 4th best passport to gain for foreigners.

Golden Visa requirements

  • Minimum investment will need to be €350 000 – €500 000
  • Proof that investment funds are legally obtained
  • No criminal record
  • Visit the country for 7 days each year

Benefits include

  • Portuguese residency within 7 to 10 months
  • Visa-free travel within Schengen Visa countries
  • Spouse, dependent children or parents can also benefit
  • Live-work-play in Portugal freely
  • Long-term capital appreciation prospects
  • Apply for citizenship after 5 years
  • Currency hedge

United States of America

The world’s leading economy, the opportunity to live-work-play like an American citizen, access to leading businesses, education and healthcare. This investment programme allows you to engage in projects that enhance USA communities.

The second most popular country to attract over 10 000 High Net Worth Individuals in 2019, according to a New World Wealth’s 2019 Wealth Migration Report, America’s strong economy continues to be a first-rate investment destination.

In only 5-short years, this investment programme helps you become a full US citizen. As an investor, you do not need to have to worry about the trouble of finding a sponsor, or do not require a special language, education or business experience.

EB-5 Investment Programme

  • $900k to qualify for US Green Card
  • Ability to create or preserve at least 10 jobs for US workers excluding the investor and their immediate family.

Benefits include

  • Green Card Holder Status
  • Live, work and study anywhere in america
  • Spouse and dependent children under 21 years enjoy same benefits as investor.
  • American Green Card issued after 2.5 years
  • Access to US social programmes
  • Relocate to the US within two years
  • Investment in a property venture


Looking for the ideal island life for you and your family? Look no further than Grenade. The Grenada Visa offers two Golden Visas in one, with the E-2 treaty ‘Investor Visa’ agreement with the United States. Those who invest in Grenada and take advantage of the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa agreement can establish a business and reside in the US.

Grenada is home to growing tourism and with that property becomes a key investment and a means to gain good rental income and capital appreciation, as you are hedging against a strong currency. For the Investor Programme you need not be in the country to apply and go through the process. Investors are finding this a great plan B citizen option.

Citizenship by investment Visa

  • Non-refundable minimum investment of $150,000 or purchase real estate to the value of $220 000.
  • Have a high personal net worth.
  • Proof of how funds were obtained.
  • No criminal record

Benefits include

  • Visa-free travel to 140 countries including UK, China and Schengen regions.
  • Visa is applicable to spouses, dependent children under 30, children fully supported by the main applicant, dependent parents and even siblings.
  • No wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains tax
  • No educational requirements.
  • Exit investment after 3 years and retain citizenship
  • Access to e2 us investor Visa
  • Citizenship in 180 days
  • No physical residency required


Boasting a tropical climate, international schooling and universities, quick travelling from South Africa and a safe lifestyle, Mauritius is another popular investment option for South Africans looking for permanent residency.

With air travel approximately 4-hours from South Africa to Mauritius, this country is deemed an easy investment option that allows for close ties to South Africa. Notably one of the best places to conduct business, Mauritius has consistently achieved GDP growth between 3% to 5.9% over the last decade.

Mauritius is home to 4600 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and an AfriAsia and New World Wealth’s Global Wealth Migration Review indicates that between 2007 and 2017, Mauritius showed a 195% wealth growth. The wealth growth has not subsided as the Mauritian economy goes from strength to strength.

Golden Visa

  • Permanent residency
  • Property investment of US$500k
  • Capital appreciation in hard currency
  • Health and background check
  • No visitation requirements

Benefits include

  • Strong economy
  • Mauritian Permanent Residency
  • Maximum 15% Income & Corporation Tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax & no Inheritance Tax
  • Tax free dividends

United Kingdom

One of the first-world destinations high net worth individuals choose to live, work and travel to. Boasting a strong currency hedge, stable economy, sought-after property market, high standard of living and education, the UK is a popular choice for South Africans.

Real estate is a steady asset to invest in within the United Kingdom. As an investor there are a few property opportunities to choose from including apartments, freestanding homes, or office spaces. The UK Law allows foreign investment into this country, giving savvy investors access to this powerful economy, infrastructure and lifestyle.

Diversify your portfolio, secure your wealth and enter into an economy that will ensure steady growth.

Immigrant Investor Programme

  • A minimum investment of £2 million
  • 75% of investment deposited to either UK government bonds, share capital or trading UK-registered companies.
  • Remaining 25% invested through purchasing assets or by depositing into a regulated financial institution.

Benefits include

  • Access to free health care services
  • Attractive tax regime for high net worth investors.
  • Spouse and dependent children enjoy benefits.

Turnkey process to residency abroad

The 12 Star Capital Team will facilitate the application process and will walk you through each step and connect you to the necessary partners to successfully complete the application and achieve the investment Visa.

Step 1 – Contact 12 Star Capital

Step 2 – Identify the alternative residency you would like to apply for

Step 3 – Check that all criteria is met and background check

Step 4 – Submit application


What documentation will I need to apply for the Golden Visa?
In order to apply for the Golden Visas, you will be required to provide proof of how your funds were obtained. Additionally, you will be required to provide certified copies of your ID/Passport, and a completed medical exam.

How long does the application take?
The application can take any time between 8 months to 2 years.

Do I need qualification?
No, the investor just needs to meet the investor requirements, be of the required net worth and have the minimum capital.

What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?
Permanent residents cannot vote and are not entitled to certain jobs and positions. Permanent residents have similar rights and obligations of the citizens of the country they choose to live in.

What does it mean for the funds provided to be ‘lawfully gained’?
Under USCIS regulations, the applicant must demonstrate that his/her assets were gained in a lawful manner. This requires the applicant to prove his/her funds were obtained through lawful business, salary, investments, property sales, inheritance, gift, loan or other lawful means.

Can a son or daughter apply as a principal investor? If so, how would they prove the funds were obtained legally if they don’t file a tax return?
Yes, tax returns are usually submitted as documentation that funds were obtained lawfully. Therefore, if the invested funds are a gift, the donor would submit the required tax forms.

When will my investment be returned to me?
This varies and is dependent on the Investor Programme you applied for. Most commonly, it takes over a 5-year period.

Do I have to live in the area of investment?
No, you are not obliged to live in the area of investment.

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