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Construction, Development

Creating concrete possibilities

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Construction, Development

Creating concrete possibilities

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AfriSam is a leading supplier of superior quality construction materials and technical solutions. Our cement, aggregate and readymix concrete construction materials have been contributing significantly to infrastructure development in Africa for more than 88 years.


All Purpose Cement

A specially engineered superior quality cement for use in a wide variety of structural, residential, brick & block as well as masonry applications.

Rapid Hard Cement

AfriSam Rapid Hard Cement is ideal for use in the precast concrete industry where faster demoulding times are required, as well as for fast-track construction projects to facilitate earlier stripping of formwork.

Roadstab Cement

AfriSam Roadstab Cement is a specially engineered composite, high quality cement for use specifically in road stabilisation, ensuring uniform distribution of the stabilising agent throughout the stabilised layer.

StarBuild Cement

AfriSam’s StarBuild is a 32,5N cement and cost-effective alternative for applications not requiring high early-strength development. It is suitable for a limited range of applications in the build environment where it offers consistent performance.

High Strength Cement

AfriSam High Strength Cement is a specially developed composite cement for use in brick- and block-making, reservoirs, precast operations, structural concrete, shotcrete and mining operations.


Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), otherwise known as slag, is a by-product of the steel and iron industry which is milled to a fine consistency.



Starmix is a fit-for-purpose, cost effective concrete solution for the building industry. The beauty of Starmix is that you can place orders in small quantities, which makes it ideal for the residential builder.

Pump Mix

This Readymix concrete product achieves high strength gain and workability that is suitable for all applications where direct discharge from the mixer truck is not possible.

Surfacebed Mix

This Readymix concrete product achieves high strength-gain, finishing and workability making it suitable for slabs on the ground i.e. factories, shopping centres and parking areas.

Post Tension Mix

This Readymix concrete product achieves high early age strength-gain, finishing and workability. It’s ideal for all post tension applications or areas where early strength-gain is required.

Self Levelling Concrete

A specially modified, highly workable, cohesive readymix concrete suitable for specific placement and performance needs, it offers you more flexibility in both design and construction.


A semi-dry concrete specifically designed for hand-packing pools and ideal for complex shaping such as water features and drainage channels.


A highly workable blend of fine aggregate, water, cement and an air entraining agent, Trenchcrete is an efficient and cost-effective trench and void filling material.


Hydrafil is a workable, highly stable backfill material mainly used for regular trenches and larger voids where early trafficking is essential.

Customised Mixes

Customised concrete mixes are the result of close collaboration between our clients, their engineers and ourselves to create the right fit-for-purpose concrete to meet the specific requirement.


Road Stone

Our high quality aggregate is used in asphalt pavements and road surfacing.

Concrete Aggregate

This material covers a wide range of specifically graded products for use in all concrete applications. Concrete aggregates may need to be assessed and correct sampling is important for valid results.

Road Layer Works

This product range includes base and sub-base materials that provide the supporting structure in pavement design. It is made from crushed parent rock as well as from partially weathered material.

Speciality Aggregate

Used in the production of the surface layer of road construction, surfacing aggregates are usually applied by chip spreaders.

How-To Guides

Top Tips

Take a look at some of our TOP TIPS to ensure you get the best results from your cement and concrete.

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Handy guides for Contractors, Home Owners and Professionals

Everything you need to know about building – the perfect guide for contractors, home owners and professionals.

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Technical Reference guide

As a unique value add to our product range, we give you access to years of experience and knowledge from our people – a technical reference guide for the use of our products.

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