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1st Floor Lona House
212 Upper Buitengracht
Bo Kaap, Cape Town, 8001

Jaime-Lee Gardner
072 171 1979

Louise Martin
073 335 4084

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Elkanah House

Private School

At Elkanah House we strive to Live Authentic Lives; to Love Beyond Self; and to Learn Beyond Examinations!

, Western Cape |

Elkanah House

Private School

At Elkanah House we strive to Live Authentic Lives; to Love Beyond Self; and to Learn Beyond Examinations!

, Western Cape |

Elkanah House is the leading Private School on the West Coast of Cape Town that nurtures the whole-child approach to education

In 1996 the dream of a unique private school was born and the growth of the school over the past 23 years has enabled us to provide a dynamic, accessible, future-focused learning environment in an informal and relaxed environment which centres on the developmental needs and unique talents of each pupil.

Our caring staff, together with our three small, homely campuses, ensure that each and every child benefits from a distinctive learning environment that contributes to a real sense of belonging.  Today our school has over 1300 pupils and is well known for its friendly atmosphere – a place where children really enjoy coming to school.

Elkanah House, which means “God’s Creation” upholds Christian family values and is committed to growing young men and women who have an unassuming self-confidence and the ability to use their unique gifts to build successful and responsible lives.

Our co-educational environment offers a progressive, whole-child schooling that enables students to be who they are while optimally developing their creativity, 21st century skills, academic excellence and unique talents. This philosophy is ingrained in our school motto, Carpe Diem, which is the Latin term meaning Seize the Day.

Our children are encouraged to Live Authentic lives, Love beyond self and Learn beyond exams, or as we say, “LIVE, LOVE, LEARN!

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Our Campuses


  • Sunningdale
  • Blouberg

Our Pre-Preparatory accommodates children from Grade 000 – Grade 0 (3 – 5 years old)
Our Junior Preparatory accommodate children from Grade 1 – Grade 3 (Grade 1 from the year your child is 6 turning 7 years)

Senior Preparatory

Our Senior Preparatory campus is located in Sunningdale next to our Pre-Preparatory & Junior Preparatory and accommodates all Grade 4 to 6 pupils.

High School

Situated in Sunningdale, accommodates pupils from Grade 7 to 12.

Learning Beyond Exams


As a school which embraces the slogan “School of Creative Learning”, we are committed to creating teaching and learning experiences in which pupils are able to use their imagination and develop critical thinking to create new and meaningful ideas. Risk-taking is encouraged as part of the learning process. Instead of being expected to simply restate what has been taught, pupils learn to develop their ability to analyse, question and formulate a variety of solutions to authentic problems.

Elkanah House is a proud member of the Independent Schools’ Association of South Africa and the only school on the West Coast to offer students the opportunity to obtain their National Senior Certificate through the Independent Examinations Board, an internationally recognised assessment body, widely used by Independent Schools in South Africa.

As part of our whole-child education philosophy and our commitment to delivering the most relevant academic standards, we apply the IEB assessment methods throughout the primary and high school years.

We align our teaching with the IEB from as early as Junior Preparatory, which means that our students are taught the necessary skills to be well prepared for their final examinations and to take their place in the world.   Our curriculum is built on a foundation of Global Competencies. These competencies of Critical Thinking, Research, Communication, Social Skills, and Self-Management are a group of life skills that go beyond grades and subject knowledge – they are skills which have been identified as being vital for success in the 21st century,  to ensure that our pupils have a competitive edge and can create self-sustainable opportunities.

In the Junior Preparatory, our focus is on the introduction and development of skills that will equip our pupils with future focused thinking and adequately prepare them for High School. Building a solid foundation is essential to the future success of a child’s scholastic development. The focus is on the core skills – numeracy, literacy and social and emotional development.

Enquiry and Research Based learning in our Senior Prep phase provides a pupil-centred approach to teaching and learning, which ensures that our pupils are taught to ask the right questions.  It is essential that our pupils are educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership so that they can take  leading roles in their future working environments.

Our past pupils have repeatedly demonstrated the advantages of this  IEB methodology by coping well with the rigorous demands of tertiary studies and being accepted into International Universities.

Global Competencies

At Elkanah House, we are passionate about equipping our children with the necessary skills for their future. It is estimated that 70% of our children will be working in jobs that do not yet exist or that current occupations which will still be around in the future will look different to what they look like today.

Teaching content has become outdated as today’s children are global citizens with access to knowledge at their fingertips.

For these reasons, we have adopted a curriculum which focuses on skill development. These future-focused skills have been identified as our Global Competencies and are essential life skills, equipping our children to flourish and achieve in life after school. These five competencies are at the core of all our teaching and learning at Elkanah House.

Avatars have been introduced in order to personalise these Global Competencies and help our children identify with them.

Emotional Intelligence

One of our main objectives at Elkanah House is to teach beyond the classroom, equipping our children with future-focused skills. Emotional Intelligence has already been highlighted as one of the most essential skills needed in the workplace, by including it as part of our curriculum, we are future-proofing your child. Our Emotional Intelligence Programme teaches our children to recognise their own emotions and those of others, to discern between different feelings and be able to name them.

This programme also grows the emotive vocabulary of our young children, equipping them with skills to self-regulate their feelings so that they can respond appropriately to difficult situations that they may experience. We introduced this programme over three years ago and we are delighted with the impact that it has had in growing the emotional intelligence of our young children.

Integration of technology

We follow an integrated approach, whereby the use of technology is woven into the curriculum and it is seen as a tool for learning, rather than an added extra or a stand-alone. The necessary IT skills such as word processing, digital presentations, spreadsheets are used to enhance our curriculum. We strive to create technology-infused learning experiences for our children and expose them to a variety of platforms such as Microsoft, Google and Apple through desktop computers and mobile technology.

From Grade R to Grade 3, technology is brought into the classroom on a more meaningful level with the use of iPads, and our teachers use the technology to enhance and transform both teaching and learning. Not every lesson requires the use of technology, but the iPad is seen as an additional tool for learning. Our focus is on content creation and innovation, and the preparation of our pupils as capable and responsible Digital Citizens.

Coding is an essential skill for young people preparing for the future workplace. The skills learnt from coding are less about actually learning to code, and more about learning life skills such as how to solve problems, troubleshooting, perseverance, collaboration and creative thinking. Our children are exposed to various forms of age-appropriate coding platforms such as online coding programmes, Bee-Bots and Robotics.

Living Authentic Lives

We actively encourage our students to live authentic lives, and our commitment to ensuring this, defines us as a school.  Elkanah House is also characterised by a blend of traditional and new ideas, we wear blazers, but not ties, we use technology but we have a hand-rung bell, we value individuals and serve the community.  We take pride in working to a high standard because it is only through this process of engaging with authentic challenges that we can expect any transformation of the heart and mind to take place.


We offer our students many opportunities to develop their cultural skills as we believe that this is a vital part of their early development. We have a whole school music programme where all students learn to play the recorder in Grade 2 and the violin in Grade 3; this helps with the development of the neural pathways which is so crucial to early brain development. Participation in these activities forms an important part of the whole-child education that we offer at Elkanah House.

We offer an extensive choice of extra-murals which include a mix of cultural, technology-based, musical and creative activities.


Our Sports philosophy at Elkanah House places emphasis on participation and the development of skills, rather than competition in the early years. Our well-trained coaches instill the value of sportsmanship and teamwork in the children. We offer a wide variety of age-appropriate sports skills so that children can try different sports before deciding where their passion lies. Children from Grade 3 are given the opportunity to participate in competitive sport.

Outings and camps

At Elkanah House, termly school outings and annual camps provide our children with an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom in a supervised, safe and positive environment. Annual Camps provide a nurturing environment for children to grow their independence, build relationships with their fellow pupils and return with a sense of achievement, having completed tasks which extended them beyond the curriculum.

Aftercare and Holiday clubs

At Elkanah House, we understand the needs of our working parents and offer an aftercare facility from the start of school until 17h30, for children up to Grade 3. This facility offers children support from a separate team of aftercare staff, a balanced lunch and supervised homework classes. We also offer a fun-filled holiday programme with varied activities to keep the children happy and entertained.

Loving Beyond Self

IN community FOR community BUILDING community.  We value the partnership of parents and the community and these relationships, together with our caring and committed staff, ensure that our students and the community all have a sense of belonging to the Elkanah House family.

At Elkanah House, we truly endorse the philosophy of School at the Centre of Community. We inculcate it into our educational philosophy and school life by offering students many opportunities to engage in impactful community projects. Whether collaborating with sister schools in impoverished areas, working with older citizens in retirement homes, revamping animal shelters or assisting abandoned-children homes, our social outreach programme transforms not only the communities we work with, but also the hearts and minds of our Elkanah House students who develop a deep social conscience that also has led to the establishment of several of their own social entrepreneurship ventures. Our Social Outreach programme is at the heart of our school, and every child participates.

Social Outreach

As a school who holds a Christian ethos and places the community at the heart of everything we do. We believe it is very important to expose our children from a young age to the importance of caring for others less fortunate than ourselves. This supports one of the underlying values of our school, “Loving beyond self.” During the Foundation Phase, every child plays a role in raising funds towards their chosen class charity. In addition to this, we take part in many whole school outreach initiatives which support throughout our community.


At Elkanah House, we have taken an inclusive approach to our fee structure, in that tuition fees include many extras such as: outings, compulsory extra-curricular activities, sporting activities, workbook packs (Grade 1 to 6) and Visual Art and Design basic packs for Grade 12.

To apply at Elkanah House, please select the campus of interest below, relevant to your child/rens ages. Sunningdale is split into the Preparatory and Senior Primary campus once you select it. Kindly complete the online prompts and upload all required documentation. A non-refundable application fee of R 650 will be applied to all applications.

From this point, our Admissions Officer will be in contact with you to assist you in the process to complete your registration. A non-refundable enrolment fee of R 12 000 will be required before enrolment is finalised. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school.

We would love parents to visit our school before applying, so please select the ENQUIRE button below so our Admissions team can reach out to you. They would be happy to answer any questions you might have to get a good understanding of the Elkanah House curriculum and philosophy.

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