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At Evergreen Lifestyles (a division of leading national property development and investment company, Amdec) they believe it’s not how old you grow but rather how you grow old that matters. Providing over 55-year-olds an enviable, carefree lifestyle in a choice of six retirement lifestyle villages, situated in scenic locations throughout the country, Evergreen is fast changing the way we retire. The company’s reputation for building and managing exceptional retirement villages coupled with its practice of employing caring and experienced staff has been instrumental in its success over the last six years. The distinctive, resort-style retirement villages each provide a refreshing and inspiring take on retirement living and have individually garnered numerous local and international awards. They include Cape-based villages, Evergreen Muizenberg, Evergreen Bergvliet, Evergreen Noordhoek, Evergreen Diep River and Evergreen Broadacres situated in Gauteng. Villages offer secluded parkland settings, with features such as walkways, benches and ponds, providing tranquility and the backdrop to a variety of attractive architect-designed residences. Depending on each village layout, you’ll find homes, cottages and apartments offering a choice of stylish signature accommodation and a full service offering that includes security, home-based healthcare (where required), management and maintenance of facilities, bistros and restaurants, and 24/7 emergency medical response systems. With personal safety featuring high on the agenda for most individuals, all Evergreen Estates offer single access, high perimeter walls, electric fencing and on-site security guards who operate around the clock. Services available to residents are flexible and readily tailored to meet individual requirements. Each village is staffed with knowledgeable, hard-working personnel who take care of the jobs that typically occupy so much time and energy, and so many of the maintenance duties become a memory rather than a responsibility for residents. An Evergreen lifestyle simply offers all of the elements of a life that stays perennially interesting, fresh and enduring. It also offers independence, meaning many individuals choose to live in Evergreen Lifestyle Villages because they want to get the most out of their retirement years and because it is the most trusted name in retirement. Deciding where to retire is one of the most important decisions of our lives. Evergreen Lifestyle villages provide the idyllic answer to a rewarding retirement. Health, companionship, security, financial comfort and, of course, peace of mind, are some of the priceless qualities we seek as we look toward our retirement years. After all, having raised families, forged careers and made sacrifices along the way, retirement should be an exciting time, full of future promise, and the opportunity to live your life the way you’ve always wanted, and enjoy the additional leisure time that retirement affords. Undoubtedly, one of the most important choices we make in investing in a rich and rewarding retirement is to embrace a lifestyle supportive of our ever-changing needs. Selecting the right retirement living option is therefore one of the most essential decisions we can make in order to face the future with confidence, while creating lasting happiness and reducing any stress or burden on you and your family.

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At the heart of each village, Evergreen fosters the natural formation of communities bustling with activities, clubs and interaction and provides ideal gathering places for residents to socialise. There’s never a dull moment in any Evergreen village and residents take delight in the many activities that give them the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. As a resident you’ll find book clubs, social evenings, gatherings around major televised sporting events, and company aplenty around the bar. Hobbies and special interest groups draw many residents together, as do celebrations like Christmas, birthdays and other events. “What’s wonderful about the lifestyle at Evergreen,” comments another resident, providing a glimpse into vibrant village life, “is that you can be sociable when you want to be whilst, similarly, enjoying all the peace and tranquility of your own home by simply closing your gate. I’ve joined a walking group and a few of us play scrabble, but I also have plenty of time just for myself when I want it.” An important aspect of any retirement decision is also the security of knowing your interests are protected. As a result, Evergreen Lifestyles offer the Life Right scheme, a predetermined and market-related purchasing concept whereby a resident enjoys similar privileges as if the home was purchased by sectional or other title except that the developer remains the sole owner of the property, carrying the responsibility for its maintenance and operations. The purchaser retains the right to remain in the property for the rest of their life. There are no bond registration fees, transfer duties or VAT payable and the scheme is protected under The Housing Development Schemes for Retired Persons Act. Ultimately, the reward for a lifetime of work well done is the knowledge that the best years of your life have begun. For Evergreen residents, life gets better as you get older because of the prized qualities of each unique Estate. There aren’t many better words to describe an idyllic lifestyle than ‘Evergreen’!


When residents are asked whether they made the right decision to move to an Evergreen village they answer with a resounding ‘yes!’ “We feel very protected here,” say Mr and Mrs Davis, who moved into the Bergvliet Estate in 2011 from nearby Constantia, wishing to remain close to the area they knew and had loved for many years. “The Estate has really excellent security and the staff are very helpful; it makes a big difference to our peace of mind. When we return in the evening from visiting friends we feel safe doing so,” says Mr Davis. “The fact that each home also has a private garden, which many other retirement Estates don’t, is very important to us, as it means we can keep our dog, who we’ve had for many years.”
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