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212 Upper Buitengracht
Bo Kaap, Cape Town, 8001

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We are an innovative management company in Mauritius

, Mauritius |


We are an innovative management company in Mauritius

, Mauritius |

Based in Mauritius, JurisTax is at the centre of trade and capital investment flows between Africa, Europe and Asia and a presence across the region. We have a pool of clients who are active in some of the fastest growing economies, of the world.

Our reach, approach and experience are built around an intimate knowledge and understanding of our clients’ objectives. Together, we foster deep relationships to develop long-term partnerships that are pivotal to the delivery of innovative, dynamic and bespoke solutions spanning across borders, generations and the entire investment spectrum.

Taking a South African view

Our services range from company formation up to relocation in Mauritius and everything that a client might need during the journey. The advantage of working with JurisTax is that we are privileged to have a well known South African tax consultant who works exclusively with us; he previously worked at the SARS. He is one of two original editors of the:

  • SARS Practice Manual in 1996.
  • Editor of the LexisNexus Tax Diary – This publication enters it 15th year and is updated annually.
  • Original editor of the LexisNexus Financial Advisors Handbook. The publication is now in its 14th year.

We provide international tax advice and exchange control advice geared towards South Africans wanting to use Mauritius as a jurisdiction into Africa. We provide guidance in setting up off-shore companies and trusts.

Taking a Universal View

JurisTax, through its group of companies, delivers a range of fiduciary services, corporate finance solutions, wealth & fund management as well as administration, outsourcing services, IT and many other corporate and value-added services to high net worth business owners globally.

We strongly believe, much in the way old merchant banks believed, that in order to optimise and protect the generational wealth of an entrepreneurial dynasty, it is necessary to take a comprehensive and complete view of the wealth creation and preservation drivers available to any individual, family or corporate in order to provide for a long term strategy.

This holistic approach identifies and takes into consideration the entirety of a client’s financial situation, both present state and future projections.
When a client receives inclusive advices, he is far better equipped to make decisions to ensure that his objectives are achievable and realised.

It is for this reason that we, at JurisTax, have developed a team of multi-disciplined specialists who can advise on and deliver a comprehensive range of services and products that provide solutions for many private wealth or business related requirements.

Trust is at the core – Whilst we fundamentally believe the holistic approach described above, is the optimal route to financial security, we also realise that, in these turbulent times, once highly trusted providers have been left wanting and so we would never ask or expect to be granted the immediate stewardship of your personal and business wealth. This is why our services have been designed to be modular.

You can use our services as you need them – severally or jointly – but they are built in such a way so that they can be integrated easily into your overall strategic plan.

Our Services

Fiduciary Services

  • International Company Structuring & Formation
  • Structuring of Corporate & Estate Planning Vehicles
  • Corporate Services
  • Fund Administration

Wealth & Future

  • Fund, Asset & Wealth Management Services
  • Work & Live in Mauritius
  • Pension Fund Administration
  • Family Office

Outsourcing Services

  • Accounting
  • Secretarial Support
  • HR & Payroll
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Investor Relationship Management
  • Citizenship Services

IT Services

  • Techfinance
  • Techlogics
  • Techsafe

Fiduciary Services

Our all-encompassing range of fiduciary services provide the building blocks for ideal family and corporate wealth solutions…

The prudent use of fiduciary structures, whether Trusts, Foundations, Companies, Partnerships or Funds, can result in a reduction of tax liabilities, protection of assets, freedom from exchange controls and increased investment opportunities. In many instances, they also offer a route to control how those assets are bequeathed to future generations in a way that is flexible, reliable and tax efficient.

We have expertise in establishing, managing and developing structures to undertake a wide range of business activities and hold a wide range of assets, including securities, alternative investments, real estate, yachts and art collections.

Our specialised team not only keep track with the ever-changing international laws and regulations that may impact our clients’ financial arrangements, but they also help relieve the burden of managing your assets.

We always strive to work with our clients to assess the way the structure and management of their assets and businesses as their requirements and objectives alter over time.

Our fiduciary services include:

Private Wealth

Trust, Corporate, Foundation and Partnership structures can reduce the impact of local and foreign taxes for you; protect assets from a range of potential threats such as political instability, and expropriation.

Corporate Services

To create, manage and administer business operations such as holding, trading or regional operations. If correctly structured, a company can operate as an efficient, low-cost, legally tax-efficient entity for the conduct of business.

Fund administration

Independent administration of retail, specialist, hedge and private equity funds.

Mauritius has developed structures of international standard in support of all elements of fund establishment, administration and ongoing management that compares favourably, if not better, with other international financial centres such as The Channel Islands, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man and Malta.

Value Added Services

Our all-encompassing range of fiduciary services provide the building blocks for ideal family and corporate wealth solutions.

In an increasingly specialized world, the need to outsource back-office, middle office tasks and other non-core services to a specialised and experienced service provider is in great demand. We have the right expertise and tool to respond to your needs.

We have woven a closely knitted network of professionals all around the world in the field of company formation services, back office services, investment management services, succession planning services, fund administration services and audit support services.

Outsourced Services

Administrative, secretarial, accounting, administration & compliance services for various structures regardless of establishment country. Seamless cost-effective back and middle office operations with a mix of qualified human resources and world class software.

IT Services

  • Techfinance: (Core Banking Solutions, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, P2P Lending/Crowdfunding, Payment Exchanges)
  • Techlogics: (Research & Development, IT Consultancy)
  • Techsafe: (DR/ BCP Services, Software-as-a-Service, Server Colocation and Network Virtualisation)

Pension Fund Administration

Administration of pension and retirement schemes focusing on delivering capital protection and comfortable returns to cater for future needs.

Work & Live in Mauritius

With its rich history and a melting pot of cultural traditions, Mauritius is a privileged country to live. An attractive and thriving place for business with an incomparable art de vivre. Investor, professional, self-employed or retired non-citizen – there are a number of compelling reasons to consider Mauritius as your location for doing business and living. Foreign nationals wishing to work, live or retire in Mauritius may explore various avenues and acquire property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.

Key Questions when considering offshore opportunities

  • How does one create or preserve family and business wealth through international diversification?
  • How do I stay within current exchange control and tax legislation when externalising assets or investing abroad?
  • Which international financial center is best suited for my needs and is regarded as a credible jurisdiction?
  • Which service provider can I partner with, who understands the regulations and provides a comprehensive product offering?

We help address these questions through the 4 main building blocks to consider when diversifying offshore:

1. Credentials of Service Provider

Are they efficient, skilled, secure and client focused with an understanding of Africa, Europe and Asia?

2. Choice of Jurisdiction

Does the jurisdiction offer tax, trading and financial advantages within a flexible cost-efficient framework?

3. Products & Services

Is there a comprehensive set of Products & Services to provide complete solutions?

4. Skills & Expertise of Advisers Do they have unparalleled knowledge of exchange control and tax regulations?

Our diffentiating factor is the methodology we apply when blending the 4 building blocks in order to create and manage the optimal solution.

We gather information on our clients’ circumstances and goals.

We expertly review the analysis and evaluate options for the client, utilising the 4 core building blocks.

Choosing from our full suite of Products & Services and where necessary, those of our “best of breed” partners, we are able to construct bespoke solutions to clients’ specific needs, regardless of how complex their requirements are.

We implement the solution ensuring a smooth set up and thereafter undertake ongoing management & administration, efficiently delivered through our expert operational & admin teams

Our clients benefit from our long experience & deep understanding of Europe, Africa & Asia

  • Over a decade of experience – We have been supporting international businesses and families for over 10 years from Africa’s International Financial Centre-Mauritius
  • Conceived for an International Clientele – A bond that has been constant for the last 10 years and strengthened over time
  • Leading Provider – Out of hundreds, we are one of the top 5 Mauritian based Management Companies offering fiduciary, wealth & corporate finance services
  • 1st Choice for International Clients – We administer 20 billion of dollars of assets, with a predominantly European, African & Asian client base, making us the pre-eminent Mauritian service provider
  • Unparalleled Knowledge – In terms of creating robust strategies and solutions within the parameters of South African Exchange Control and Tax legislation
  • Pro-active partner – Our extensive knowledge of South African legislation and our all-encompassing services allow us to be a creator of solutions and not just an administrator of structures
  • Multilingual staff – With fluency in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Hindi, we are able to support your business projects across both English and French speaking African nations

Choice of Jurisdiction

Global Players select Mauritius as the hub for administering both local and multi-jurisdictional structures because of its:

  • Stable environment – Internationally recognised as the financial leader in Africa and maintaining a high ranking position in Africa and globally for ease of doing business by the World Bank
  • Cost effectiveness – For company and trust establishment and on-going operations, far lower than
    “traditional” centres (Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey)
  • Favourable Tax Environment – GBC corporate tax at a maximum of 15% of profits, there is however a partial exemption for certain categories of income, such as dividend, profit from permanent establishment etc. There is no capital gains tax, withholding or estate taxes and personal tax at 10% & 15%
  • Convenience – Frequent daily flights of less than 4-5 hours from African countries – efficient use of time for attending board and business meetings, compared to 12-18+ hours to Channel Islands, IOM,Asia, UK, USA etc…..
  • Broad and increasing DTAA network – 14 African states, empowering you to expand your business across Africa. 12 EU nations including UK, France and Germany, 8 in Asia including China and India
  • Broad and increasing IPPA network – 44 of which 28 are currently in force
  • Straightforward residency schemes – Obtaining residency and running your business from Mauritius, where the personal tax rate is only 10% & 15%, is possible through the purchase of real estate as well as through business ownership and investment options

Our group delivers products and solutions to meet your international diversification needs.

  • Establishment and administration of Trusts
  • Creation and administration of Foundations
  • Creation and administration of Corporate
  • Creation, administration & listing of Asset Management Companies and Investment Funds
  • Access to the exclusive managers and advisors
  • Ensuring the correct structures are in place to achieve your objectives
  • Sound investment strategy and management is key to sustaining wealth through the generations

We coordinate and deliver the services needed to help our client and their families successfully transfer their financial, intellectual and human capital on through
the generations.

Secretarial Services, Accounting and Fund Services, Value Added Services, Compliance and Risk Services, Business Intelligence Services Techfinance, Techlogics, Techsafe, Techmobile.

JurisTax team has extensive knowledge of Exchange Control & Tax Regulations.

An International Team

The team at JurisTax is multinational, emanating from Africa, Europe and Asia, with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds.
Experience in Africa.

Many of the team members have worked for large financial services companies both in South Africa and internationally as well as holding senior positions in government departments such as SARS. All have comprehensive experience of the South African business, regulatory and legislative environment.

All Encompassing Skills

Our expert teams bring skills to address all aspects of the management of a structure and include lawyers, accountants, tax experts, wealth managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and estate planners.

Taking an all-encompassing view

Our teams are bound by a shared passion for problem solving to make a significant impact in the structuring, management and administration of your personal and business wealth.

We invite you to reach out to Nishi for further information on how JurisTax can assist you in your business.

Nishi Kichenin

Director & Group CEO of JurisTax Holdings Ltd

Email :
Tel : (+230) 465 5526
Mobile : (+230) 9405526
Fax : (+230) 468 1886
Skype : juristax.nishi

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