One Point Zero

Started in 1997 by JP Beukes, One Point Zero is an award-winning interior design practice, offering turnkey and bespoke design to a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors.

From project development through to the implementation and coordination, we ensure that nothing less than exceptional quality and skilled craftsmanship is our trademark.

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Research and knowledge development have become the fundamental instigators of our inspirational process.


Client relationships and the drive to understand their story and journey, is what enables One Point Zero to build the foundation and structure to construct a personalized reality.


Drawing inspiration from local and international elements, the team is passionate about staying in the forefront of design and innovation – using design elements, structures and textures to tell the client’s story.


The term ‘bespoke’ is at the forefront of the onepointzero philosophy in order to cater and adapt design and production to the client’s story telling process. Custom designed and crafted furniture juxtaposed with interwoven elements form an integral part of the One Point Zero design journey.


Using the best craftsmen, artisans and manufacturers in the industry, One Point Zero strives to create spaces that tell a story through modern design ideas that are able to project the past, the present and more importantly the future.


Perfection is the benchmark for One Point Zero. Where project management meets pedantic and a compulsive attention to detail.


The dynamic team that makes up One Point Zero is what gives the company its edge. Diving into every project with a kinetic approach - from the research and inspirational stage right through to ensuring that exceptional attention to detail is exercised in every aspect of the spatial journey.

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