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Ring LLC is a home smart security devices company owned by Amazon. Ring manufactures home security products which include the Ring Video Doorbells, Ring Smart Security Cameras, DIY Ring Alarm system and its related accessories. Since its founding in 2013, Ring has produced a range of innovative products to provide customers with effective home security.

Our Mission is Simple: Make Neighborhoods Safer

We believe that stronger communities are the key to safer neighborhoods. That’s why we’re driven to create products that help you protect what matters most at home and empower you to connect with your neighbors from wherever you are. Together, we’ll make neighborhoods safer.

The 3 Rings of Security

Ring offers neighbors 3 Rings of Security: indoors, outdoors and in neighborhoods. By providing a range of products and services to ensure security in these three zones, Ring is able to fulfill its mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods.

Neighbors can cover all the angles an intruder may approach their home, as Ring makes it easy to extend the home security network by connecting further devices. Ring’s innovative products have the same three values at heart: convenience, monitoring, and security.

Peace of Mind Inside – Know What’s Happening at Home

Simple install and smart integration with Ring Alarm and indoor security cams. It’s easier than ever to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the Ring App.  You receive real-time notifications on your phone and tablet if your doorbell rings, or if your alarm is triggered, and more. You can use Live View to see your front yard with real-time video and audio.

Protection Outside

Surround your home with smart security such as outdoor security cams, video doorbells and smart lighting so you’ll always know what’s going on.

Range of Products


A lot happens at your front door and around your house. Don’t miss a thing with instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors of your Cameras. Plus, see and speak to visitors from anywhere.


Add eyes and ears inside or out with a range of our versatile cameras that goes almost anywhere. With countless placement options and customizable motion settings, you can find your perfect setup for you and your home.

Alarm System

No Contracts! Be the first to know when doors and windows open or when your alarm is triggered. It comes with 24-Hour Backup Battery and Optional Cellular Back up in the event your Internet goes down. Your Alarm stays online at all times.

Benefits for Property Developers

Every home deserves good security. With the dawn of Internet of Things, it will be beneficial to add Smart security to every property. This will add value to the property while protecting the people and property in the home. At Ring we design products that suits different home setup. Our range of Doorbells, starting from the Hardwired, POE, Solar powered to the battery Operated can be mounted at any door. Ring Smart Security cameras are also designed for various home environments. We have cameras for both the Indoors and Outdoors, all powered in different ways, Battery, Solar and or Hardwired. The Alarm System ensures that the home is fully protected from intrusion. Speak to your Ring distributor of choice for project pricing.

Ring for Business

Besides protecting homes, we make Protecting your business our business.

Our mission is to make neighborhoods safer, and businesses are a central part of every neighborhood. That’s why we empower business owners with flexible security solutions. You start with a Ring Alarm security system, and easily add a Doorbell, indoor and outdoor security cameras to better protect your business.

Ring is an ideal solution for business owners who want the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with smart, customizable security. With Ring, you can monitor your business from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Estate Security

Most estates have good security systems which includes estate Perimeter monitoring on a regular basis. In such Estates, Ring will serve as a perfect second layer of security to help you See what is happening around and or in your home while you are not there. How about checking if your house windows are all closed, viewing a recording to establish how that scratch on your vehicle happened when you were not there? Ring devices will alert you the moment your Garage door and or your valuables drawers in the house is opened? In a secure estate, security may not be your biggest concern, but convenience and peace of mind will be. With Ring, you will be able to monitor your children playing in the yard, ensuring that the pool cover is on. You will be able to receive deliveries while away from home because you can both see and talk to the delivery agent. You will also be able to see and talk to your family from where ever you are in the world.

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