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Valenture Institute

Private Online High School

Think outside the classroom

, International |

Valenture Institute

Private Online High School

Think outside the classroom

, International |

Valenture Institute is a global private online high school offering a curriculum recognised by the world’s leading universities.

Our students experience a highly engaging, inclusive and socially rich learning environment which is supported by expert tutors and mentors. Our unique approach includes integration with worldwide sustainability objectives and encourages the holistic development of every student towards their purposeful and impactful future.

A day in the life of a Valenture Institute student is unlike any other no matter your personal dreams, goals and aspirations.

Every touchpoint is aimed at furthering your individual growth through collective learning – while never forgetting the impact your presence will have on the ever-changing world around you.

Valenture is about thinking differently, about thinking outside of what you know, about thinking outside of the classroom.

Our Team

The Valenture team is made up of experts in their fields, passionate mentors and educational visionaries. These are just a few of our instrumental members.

“I’ve had the great privilege of working with a number of the world’s leading experts in Education, Technology and Sustainability to design the learning experience our students enjoy at Valenture Institute. There are huge opportunities for improvements in our education system, and we hope to be a shining light that others might follow in time.”

– Robert Paddock, Founder & CEO


Valenture Institute work with Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, who have a simple mission to help make a measurable impact on improving people’s lives through learning.

Pearson Edexcel

By combining world-class qualification standards with a forward-thinking approach and international content, Pearson Edexcel qualifications are the ideal pathway to the top universities – offering today’s learners access to tomorrow’s global opportunities.

Our Approach

Ours is an action-oriented, transformative pedagogical approach which seeks to evolve education:

High-touch learning

Students are supported throughout their academic experience by expert Teachers, Tutors and Mentors. Weekly live classes per subject are taught by expert teachers. Students also work in smaller tutorial groups of no more than 15 students, facilitated by a dedicated Tutor. Mentors provide 1:1 support to help students keep their learning and holistic development on track through bi-weekly calls. Here, students review their progress ahead of a monthly three-way check-in with their Mentor and their parents.

Collaborative and social

Our curriculum emphasises the deeper critical thinking skills that are fostered by multiple perspectives and a global lens. Students engage in diverse classes, smaller tutorial-style groups and in facilitated groups around action-oriented projects in their SDG Labs. Schooling traditions are augmented and enhanced in online assemblies, award ceremonies, and extra-curricular clubs and societies. Mentors work with students to ensure that they are plugged into an expansive global network of sports clubs, while students are also encouraged to organise localised meetups and attend annual local or international field trips.


Valenture’s rigorous curriculum is centred on a competency-based approach. Teaching and learning strategies, modes of assessment, grading, and academic reporting are based on a student’s demonstration of defined competencies. These cover the cognitive, behavioural and socio-emotional domains and focus on every student’s holistic development. Personalised enrichment or remediation is targeted at the individual student level, based on their personal competency framework.

Flexible and disciplined

Students work through their subjects in semesters, and new topics are released weekly. The approach is semi-synchronised, allowing students the freedom to structure their week in a way that makes sense to them, but encouraging discipline around weekly deadlines, project work and live sessions. Mentors work with students to personalise their timetables within the structured learning parameters, and review progress against their goals weekly to ensure that students do not fall behind.

Students are able to dictate their pace of study through subject selection which affords great flexibility in the overall time required to progress from International GCSEs to International A-Levels.

Conscious Engagement

Every semester, our students put their skills to (good) use in themed Labs aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Students have the opportunity to work in facilitated groups collaboratively with peers from around the world, ensuring a meaningful and participatory high school experience.


We offer four levels of qualifications:

  • Junior High: Equivalent to Grades 8 & 9
  • International GSCE: Equivalent to Grades 10 & 11
  • International AS-Levels: Equivalent to Grade 12
  • International A-Levels: Post Grade 12

Students are required to select a certain number and configuration of subjects from our offering in order to achieve the desired qualification.
The full range of subjects* is:

subs1 - Valenture Institute
subs2 - Valenture Institute

*Additional subjects are added to our offering every semester

Subjects for January 2020 intake:

Junior High: Equivalent to Grades 8 & 9

Students who have completed Grade 7, or an equivalent, may apply for admission to study the Valenture Institute Junior High qualification as a pathway towards admission into any qualifications offered by Valenture Institute at International GCSE level. Valenture Institute Junior High students are required to take 7 subjects over the course of 18 months, all of which are mandatory.

junior high subs 1 - Valenture Institute

International GCSE: Equivalent to Grades 10 & 11

The Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs are 18-month courses. At Valenture Institute, students select between 5 and 7 International GCSEs from the following list, with English and Mathematics compulsory:

GCSE subs 1 - Valenture Institute

International AS-Levels: Equivalent to Grade 12

Also taken over 18 months, Valenture students select between 4 and 5 Pearson Edexcel International AS-Level subjects from the following list:

International AS Levels 5 - Valenture Institute

International A-Levels*

Our final offering at the Valenture Institute, Pearson Edexcel International A-Levels, are recognised globally as the best preparation for the critical and independent thinking needed at university. They are usually vital to gain access to international universities.

At Valenture, students select between 2 and 4 of the following subjects, taken over a 12-month period:Our final offering at the Valenture Institute, International A-Levels, are recognised globally as the best preparation for the critical and independent thinking needed at university. They are usually vital to gain access to international universities. At Valenture, students select between 2 and 4 of the following subjects, taken over a 12-month period:

int a levels 1 - Valenture Institute

*International A-Levels being offered from July 2020

Sustainable development goals (SDG) labs

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It outlines 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which seek to address major development challenges for humanity.

Using the SDGs as a guiding framework, Valenture Institute’s SDG Labs offer an action-oriented and immersive learning experience, equipping students with the understanding and courage to drive social change for a sustainable future.

sdg 3 - Valenture Institute

An introductory course provides a good grounding in sustainability and is a prerequisite for taking any of the SDG Labs. Students then self-select into an SDG Theme Lab at the beginning of each school semester that follows. Each lab is aligned to specific SDGs, and students work with a diverse cohort of other students to solve meaningful challenge-driven projects for submission to the annual SDG Action Awards. Cross-cutting goals support and integrate with each of the themed labs.

These theme-specific labs take place over the course of 8 weeks, every school semester. In these labs, students:

  • Work with a diverse group of no more than 10 students on local challenges that can be submitted to global competitions such as the SDG Action Awards
  • Partake in live collaborative sessions with their lab facilitator who assists in integrating the core curriculum and supports the lab group in making progress towards their goals
  • Participate in live sessions with guest speakers
  • Access a curated content library and newsfeed on current trends and events in their chosen theme Engage in localised meetups

University progression

A major commitment of Valenture Institute is the offering of qualifications that widen future study opportunities for every student within a global context.

Our alignment with Pearson Edexcel allows for precisely that, with their International Advanced Levels (IAL) being recognised by universities worldwide for entry into undergraduate degree programmes and their International GCSEs being equivalent, grade-for-grade, to UK GCSEs and accepted by universities globally.


Online schooling has the potential to create isolation, but at Valenture, we’ve created a socially rich environment where co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are not only highly valued but a cornerstone of our offering.

This is achieved through a variety of initiatives, with each student’s personal mentor aiding them in selecting the most relevant, appealing and interesting activities. These vary from online clubs and societies offered by Valenture to local sports or cultural clubs we have relationships with.

Fee Structure

There are many methods and payment structures available with Valenture, created to make the process of payment for the schooling as simple and customisable as possible for each student. If you have any queries regarding the fees for Valenture Institute, please don’t hesitate to contact an Admissions Officer – they are here to help in any way they can. There are a few general figures you should be aware of.

Application process

Application to Valenture is a multi-point process involving the completion of a form, uploading of documentation, as well as a personal discussion with an admissions member and a screening process to gauge applicant learning level. All factors are taken into account when considering a student for acceptance.

“The world isn’t flat. And it’s not round. Not anymore.”

This world is infinitely complex. It ends when we stop exploring it. An intricate array of connections between explorers exchanging ideas, ideals and experiences in real-time.

And where do these expeditions of discovery lead? Wisdom with purpose is the new frontier and now education can be the vessel.

Because what you think you know is not enough. Not for what you’ll need to do tomorrow.
And while a guide will take you as far as you think you can go, a mentor reveals a path far beyond what you thought was possible.

Conventions will fall away, become outdated, be made obsolete. But thinking will adapt.

Think outside of what you know. Think outside the classroom.

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