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1st Floor Lona House
212 Upper Buitengracht
Bo Kaap, Cape Town, 8001

Jaime-Lee Gardner
072 171 1979

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Estate Security

Offsite Monitoring and Managed Services

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Estate Security

Offsite Monitoring and Managed Services

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Initially set up in 2009 to monitor the Constantia community, Verifier quickly grew a significant national portfolio of commercial and residential clients. We have since expanded, having established monitoring centres in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. This configuration allows for the automation of fail-over and load balancing protocols – crucial for internet reliant remote monitoring and management.

Verifier focuses on managed services- sourcing, implimenting and managing innovative technologies. Also specialising in remote monitoring of video analytics, licence plate recognition, alarm and fire systems, as well as IOT inputs. Our understanding of the hi-tech analytics arena, AI (artificial intelligence), Facial Recognition, LPR (licence Plate Recognition) and general CCTV is unsurpassed in the industry. Our services have been broadly applied to industry challenges as complex radar and underground IOT devices. We continue to strive to stay informed and engaged with the latest technology and industry innovations.

Verifier has a highly experienced management team, supported by a skilled in-house technical support team. With our extensive recruitment and evaluation procedures and our ongoing controller training, the people at the core of our business helps keep Verifier engaged with changing industry standards.

Some of Our Clientele


  • Redefine Properties
  • Growthpoint Properties
  • Excellerate
  • Shoprite Properties
  • Stor-Age Group
  • Masalini Properties
  • Broll Properties
  • Dawn Wing
  • Twin City Trading
  • Moolman Group

Estates and Precincts

  • Century City
  • Midstream Estates
  • Silverhurst Estate
  • Triangle Property Owners Association
  • Kanonberg Estate
  • Evergreen Lifestyle Villages
  • Klein Constantia Estate
  • Wynberg Improvement District
  • Lake Michelle Estate
  • The Meadows HOA

Verifier’s Operational Pillars


Our independence from installers, suppliers and armed response/guarding companies means that Verifier reports only to the client. This allows a totally transparent relationship and effective reporting. No cover ups, no collusion, just honest feedback and advice.

Knowledge & Reputation

With more than 10 years of industry experience, and a combined 40 years of management experience, Verifier combines tailored monitoring solutions with proven results. Verifier’s intellectual property is a major competitive advantage and differentiating factor. Verifier provides security for some of the most recognised names, globally.

Monitoring Platform

We utilise one of the most advanced Central Station Software packages available. The developers are committed to meeting the world’s most stringent requirements for Monitoring Stations including ASIAL Grade 1, UK Standards and UL certification.

Control Centres & National Footprint

Verifier owns and manages two control centres, one in Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town. This configuration allows the potential automation of failover and load balancing protocols. This has shown to be crucial in a country fraught with aging infrastructure, and a potentially unstable power supply.


Verifier has significant community monitoring experience, tried and tested over several years.We have developed an excellent and nuanced appreciation of what works and what doesn’t, all while growing and nurturing our network of contacts along the way.


Our understanding of the hi-tech analytics arena, AI (artificial intelligence), LPR (licence Plate Recognition) and general CCTV is unsurpassed in the industry. We continue to work to stay informed and engaged with the latest technology. We have significant experience in human detection technologies (Analytics), be it device, cloud or edge based – utilising their respective strengths and mitigating their respective shortcomings. We continuously source and impliment the latest emerging technologies, such as Facial recognition, radar, intelligence databases, IOT devices and more, while tailoring the solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Our People

Verifier has a highly experienced management, supported by marketing/media consultants and a talented in-house technical support team. With our ongoing controller training and extensive recruitment and evaluation procedures, the people at the core of our business helps place Verifier in a class of its own.

Verifier’s Speciality Services

  • Managed Services
  • Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) Services
  • Smart Commercial & Industrial Monitoring
  • Business Park Monitoring
  • Smart Community Monitoring
  • Smart Residential Monitoring
  • Farm/Rural Monitoring

Our Knowledge Base

Commercial Control Room Management

  • Management
  • Staff Provision
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Facilities Assistance
  • Operations Assistance
  • Security Oversight


  • Independent Management of Security Equipment & Projects

Off-Site Monitoring

  • CCTV
  • Video Analytics
  • Alarms & Fire
  • Internet of Things (1.0.T)

LPR, Intel & Facial Recognition

  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Intelligence Facilitation
  • Facial Recognition
  • Investigations

Clients Pain Points:

  • Insufficiently trained operators.
  • Need for high quality operators.
  • Bloated staff contingent.
  • Lack of intelligence foresight.
  • Call center incapable of dealing with customers, tenants, contractors.
  • Facilities Managers overload.
  • Minimal maintenance followup.
  • Disjointed reporting.
  • Cover-ups/ collusion
  • No independence.
  • No central accountability
  • No back-up/redundancy
  • Poor management.
  • Paper-based inefficiency.


  • Intelligence overviews/sharing= applied intelligence. Dealing with external risk.
  • Leveraging Internet of Things (IOT) technology to streamline facilities management.
  • Managed Integrated Services.
  • Support from Verifier’s off-site Control Centres.
  • Blended Call centres.
  • Extensive Knowledge-base.
  • Specialists.
  • Independence.
  • No collusion.
  • Accountability.
  • Reduce the load on Facilities Managers.
  • Reduce staff count.
  • Efficiency.
  • Adaptable to changing demands/complexity.
  • Consolidation of people and systems at the core of operations.

What our managed services can do for you.

With technological progress in the broader intelligence industry occuring at a staggering pace, navigating the fields of Artificial Intelligence, IOT, and integrated operational management has become an increasingly complex task.

We at Verifier would like to offer our guidance through this technological landscape through diversified technological and operational consultancy. It is vital for operational managers to look towards expanding their technological capabilities as this can support and enhance their existing manpower services through a number of unique innovations.

Efficiencies via data insights.

Optimal utilisation of technology has been shown to greatly improve efficiencies, by generating insightful data. This data, once interpreted, streamlines effective and informed decision making. This has the knock-on effect of increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only will operational teams, driven by cutting-edge data analysis avoid potential pitfalls in the present moment, but they will be able to project their insights to the future to help mitigate unnecessary expenditure. Thus improving Return on Investment.

Cost-effective operations.

Verifier’s managed services reduce operational expenditure as we provide access to valuable management resources to assist Facilities Managers. They leave the general day-to-day site management to us and in return we use advanced reporting tools to give them immediate dashboard/data access they need to stay informed, and ahead of the curve.

Improved revenue.

Technology driven management can help boost a businesses agility and responsiveness changing circumstances. Additionally, through technology-led innovation, your business can foster an ethos of continuous improvement, which will in turn attract like-minded clients and partners. The technology we utilise can help you to reduce costs by re-purposing existing resources, and optimising the systems you already have.

An example of this is the use of Al-powered CCTV monitoring to reduce the need for addi ional on-site guards, to reduce false alarms, and to streamline access control management.

Applied intelligence.

Verifier’s managed services has interwoven PSIM (physical security information management), BMS (building management system) and IOT (internet of things) management systems. Through the integration of de-centralised systems, we have the capacity for centralised reporting, escalation and efficiency in operational management.

An example of this usage would be utilising the expanded national resources such as Facial recognition and LPR to aid and improve security planning and strategy development.

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