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ViewProtect’s primary focus is to develop aesthetically pleasing safety and security barriers that will not transform your home into a prison. We know that our customers invest large amounts in their architectural design but still require safety and security to protect their families.

That is why ViewProtect has taken the lead in innovating barriers that provide our customers with the required protection without spoiling their investment.

One of these unique designs is our Smart Bar technology products that have the unique ability to combine our transparent security barrier with new, sophisticated alarm monitoring systems to create the ultimate security product.

This patented Smart Bar technology makes it possible to provide around-the-clock alarm protection while providing an aesthetically pleasing transparent barrier in the home or workplace at an affordable cost.

This technology can easily be integrated with any estate security system that will improve the development’s security value.

The Smart Bar technology, made from the world-renowned LEXAN polycarbonate, is at the forefront of physical security products and provides unmatched protection.

For the first time, consumers can now have 24-hour alarm protection while maintaining their ordinary movements in and around their property.

All our products undergo strict quality control. With trained personnel who specialize in the Smart Bar technology product range, we are better equipped to supply a far more superior product.

Why have your home look like a prison if ViewProtect’ unmatched aesthetically pleasing barriers are available?

Armed Bars

Armed Bar is an aesthetically pleasing transparent security window barrier fitted with Smart Bar technology that has the impressive ability to protect the home and inhabitants with physically strong, clear bars integrated with a 24/7 active alarm monitoring system.

These Armed Bars can be installed on the window frame by using the new EziBar system or within a specially designed AluRail column fitted in or around any window frame or opening.

AluRail and EziBars can be made to custom-fit any entry point and are prepared before installation on site. Once the bars are fitted into the AluRail or EziBar, it is connected to any alarm monitoring system. The AluRail components of the installation allow for a seamless connection point between the bars and the alarm monitoring system, no fixtures or wires are visible.

These “first world” physical security barriers will eliminate the imposing prison-like feel typically associated with more traditional, “third world” metal security barriers that are outdated, imposing, and offensive to the eye.

Armed Bar will provide the customer with the kind of freedom they deserve.


The ViewProtect ClearTrellis is the world’s first transparent retractable security gate that provides an alternative in the metal retractable security gate industry known for the caged feeling it gives a home.

All ClearTrellis gates are equipped with the innovative Smart Bar technology and are a customised retractable security gate manufactured according to each client’s needs.

The ClearTrellis will improve the client’s security with a 24/7 active alarm protection, even if the gate is in motion, and a transparent physical barrier that will not influence your valuable views, like other metal options.

These gates will improve your house value by removing the prison appearance you will get when installing a metal retractable security gate at your doors and openings.

With the installation of the ClearTrellis, you will have an unspoiled view, even when the gate is opened and stacked (parked) to the side of the door or opening.

Security Shutter

ViewProtect focuses on the aesthetical security options for our customers. It is essential for us that our customers have the best possible security without having to settle for a “third world cage effect”

ViewProtect Security Shutters provide our customers with a modern “first-world” look with adjustable louvre blades and reinforced with hardened steel pins running through each louvre’s end caps.

We have a superior locking system on all ViewProtect security shutters and ensure that the quality, reliability, and durability align with the high standards of our products.

Trojan Gate

The Trojan Gate is a swing or sliding security gate for the protection of doorways. The Trojan Gate which supplies unmatched protection features and serves as an outside security barrier.

More than 50% of residential break-ins take place at doorways due to a lack of security gates and barrier protection at this point. This trend is further exacerbated by most door lock striker plates’ inability to provide adequate strength and protection against forced entry.

Have the benefit of added protection with our transparent security gates. The Trojan Gate can be used as an outside security barrier at any doorway. It allows the client the benefit of added protection when they choose to open their external door.

Our new Trojan Deco gate allows you the opportunity to add your design on the polycarbonate sheet that once more improves the aesthetics of your security.

Safety Bars

Safety bars are transparent barriers, manufactured from polycarbonate that can be installed at any opening. These bars can be installed directly on the window frame or within a specially designed AluRail or EziBar column fitted in or around any window frame or opening.

Safety Bars can be installed onto window frames or any elevated point of entry, which protects children from falling out. Some countries legislation require these types of window guards in multi-story houses or apartments where children under the age of 10 years are inhabitants of these buildings.

These safety bars are multipurpose. It can also prevent the entry of unwanted animals (monkeys and baboons) through the customized spacing between the bars according to specific consumer’s needs.

Decorative Shutters

For our customers looking for inexpensive shutters that will complement their home with quality and aesthetics, look no further!

The ViewProtect Decorative Shutters have been manufactured from aluminium and have all the security shutters’ attributes, just without the security devices added.

Our aesthetic Aluminium Shutters are ideal for interior and exterior use for such applications as room dividers, privacy screens, architectural features, and even noise retardants.

ViewProtect will soon reveal a new Decorative Shutter development!

Roller Fly Screen

Not only do ViewProtect protect you and your family against the unwanted guest, but also keeping irritating insects at bay. ViewProtect Roller Fly Screens have been designed to fit neatly on our security AluRail system. This combination of two unique products will protect walking and flying irritations.

These retractable fly screens are manually operated with a control bar/handle. Simply grab the bar and pull it up or down. The insect screen has sliding tracks that ensure a smooth operation on either side of the existing.

Each of the ViewProtect Fly Screens is custom manufactured and designed to form an integral part of the existing window/opening. There when you need it, gone when you don’t.

Vertically or horizontal installation on all types of frames (wood, steel, or aluminium).

ViewProtect Fly Screen products are discreet, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to operate – letting you enjoy the fresh air while keeping insects out!

More fly screen options are available on request.


The HotLock will allow the inhabitants to escape the scene and move to an area of safety. These HotLock units form part of the security barrier and fix the transparent bars to the specially designed AluRail frame.

During a fire or when trespassers enter a home or office, an escape route is critical to avoid being trapped or overwhelmed.

The rapid unlocking mechanism allows the occupants to remove the bars and quickly bend the bars to allow exit. The alarm will activate immediately after removing the Armed Bars from the AluRail due to a magnetic contact installed in these bars.

This HotLock mechanism is a vital part of the Smart Bars technology product range.

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