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Vodacom Fibre

, Nationwide |

Vodacom Fibre

, Nationwide |

Vodacom Fibre connects you to the highest speed Internet, Voice, TV, video and security services available today. In addition, fibre networks utilises flexible glass cable instead of copper, which is less susceptible to bad weather, lightning and theft, resulting in unprecedented reliability.

Vodacoms month-to-month uncapped plans offer a variety of internet speeds to choose from. This means that  that customer’s can get high speed, reliable internet without being tied to contracts.

Pricing starts at only R499 and is area dependant.

We keep your community connected through these features and benefits:

1. Talk more for less

With Vodacom Fibre, residents save up to 30% on their landline telephone bills and free in-estate calls via the Vodacom Fibre fixed Voice service. Our network also facilitates uninterrupted high-quality entertainment from TV streaming platforms, fast movie and music downloads, as well as fast, reliable email and file transfer services.

2. Improved community benefits

Intra-estate calling allows residents to call family or friends in other Vodacom Fibre estates at no cost via our VoIP service. Vodacom covers Fibre installation costs, which includes the laying of Fibre cables.

3. Improved peace of mind

Vodacom’s Interactive security platform allows users to keep an eye on their properties from any location. Now you can also add a Wi-Fi extender to your fibre line to ensure signal strength in all corners of your house.

Why you should get fibre in your community?

Fibre optic technology delivers high-speed data through glass cabling which makes it more stable and reliable, unlike ADSL which uses copper cable that is subject to damage and theft.

Fibre is faster, more stable and more reliable than ADSL. It is capable of carrying large data loads with speeds up to 100Mbps. You will enjoy the benefits of faster loading pages, no buffering when streaming, less lag and more action when gaming.

How does Fibre work?

Fibre internet allows you to surf the net through fibre-optic cables. Those cables then send data to and from your computer by harnessing the power of light.

Vodacom’s provider partners

Vodacom has partnered with different providers in different areas in order to get your community connected to high speed fibre, faster and more reliably.

The future is exciting. Ready?

Confirm if your community is connected & register your interest by sending us your details using the form below and visiting Vodacom Fibre.

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