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Next Level Security

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Next Level Security

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Vumacam works alongside security specialists to provide the best CCTV feed, widest visibility and a superior VMS platform to ensure that every suburb is secure

Why manage your own CCTV?

Vast network

See them coming across the network, not just your area.


Your greatest headache removed. Vumacam ensures minimum 96% uptime.

No capital outlay

Just sign up to a monthly SLA and Vumacam will take care of the rest.

Smart detection

Devices are monitored with battery backup for power outages.

Industry Leaders

The security landscape in South Africa is fragmented and a radical solution was needed. Vumacam has worked hard to deliver just that. In the last 10 years of excellence in the security industry, the team behind Vumacam has fine-tuned CCTV deployment and surveillance technology. Vumacam has been an ambitious next step: a large-scale technology partnership with the sizeable resources, manpower and scale necessary to make the delivery of a superior surveillance network a reality in every suburb.

The new eyes of surveillance

Think innovation, think Vumacam. As South Africa’s first and only video management-as-a-service provider, they deploy hi-tech cameras strategically across entire suburbs on a solid fibre network to ensure a consistent, reliable and quality feed.

Vumacam’s sophisticated system architecture enables intelligent video analytics; from licence plate recognition to the real-time detection of abnormal activities, this centralised video management solution rests on a secure Tier-3 datacentre.

Vumacam’s business serves security companies, residents and property owners who want to build better suburb and city security through advanced technology.

Technology at the core

Harnessing the internet of things


Vehicles that have been seen in an area on multiple cameras in a specific time frame


Sets of vehicles passing the same cameras in the same area for a period of time


Same number plates seen in physically different locations

“Our state-of-the-art technology and processes deliver the finest integrated security solutions across the country”

A smart surveillance solution

Wide coverage

The best feed in town, all over town. Cameras are interconnected and able security companies visibility across different suburbs.

Guaranteed uptime

Vumacam takes care of camera operation, connectivity, feed streaming and storage under one simple monthly contract.

Centralised technology

Security professionals monitor footage, integrate analytics and use ANPR from industry leading software milestone.

Strict privacy

Footage retrieval and the use of data is subject to stringent controls. Go to download policies for more information.

All-in-one management

Meet milestone VMS

Welcome to a centralised software solution. Security companies are now able to manage feed, footage, Licence Plate Recognition and integrate analytics inside Milestone as a one stop easy-access platform, without having to switch between programmes. You get an industry-leading Video Management System that runs in Teraco’s secure Tier-3 datacentre. Milestone is used in over 150,000 security control hubs worldwide.

Live feed

Here, you can see real-time feed from Vumacam’s cameras. It’s easy to stream the feed inside any monitoring and surveillance analytics solution, including deep learning software licenses. Integration is easy and seamless.


The playback tab will allow you to review, and extract footage. The retrieval process strictly adheres to privacy and data protection regulations. All footage is stored for 14 days in the default contract, or more if the security company requires so (impacts pricing).

Alarm Manager

This is where you will see all the LPR hits that are received from the Unicode database once a vehicle of interest (VOI) passes an LPR camera. These events are flagged and can be seen and managed in the alarm manager.


Licence Plate Recognition is built-in and runs automatically in the background, tracking every vehicle that passes an LPR camera both in your contracted area of interest and around the city. Suspect vehicles are immediately flagged and stored for your review directly in the Milestone VMS. ANPR Vumacam’s LPR solution can be seamlessly integrated into any monitoring setup.


Vumacam wide camera coverage not only ensures ideal visibility: it helps monitoring and armed response companies from different areas collaborate on securing streets and property. This is what real safety should look like, and Vumacam is making it happen – suburb by suburb.

Using custom built Licence Plate Recognition technology fast, reliable, fibre internet and complex algorithms, Vumacam enables a smarter way of keeping citizens and cities safer. This allows tracking across the city and prompt action by security companies.

With traditional CCTV suburb solutions being largely isolated “islands”, once criminals move outside the covered suburb, they “ghost” until they happen to cross into another “island” suburb that has surveillance. Even then, the chances of these feeds being linked and on the same network are slim to none.

Vumacam’s vast connected network helps drive smarter collaboration between communities and independent armed response companies from different areas to secure streets and property where you live, work and play.

This means criminals can’t ghost. Once their vehicle has been identified take action and intervene while constantly tracking the vehicle.

LPR Cameras capture all licence plates that pass the detection zone. This image is processed and converted to data.

The feed is streamed to your service provider’s Control Room, and LPR hits query multiple databases of verified vehicles of interest.

If a plate is on a database, an alert is sent to the Control Room monitoring station with relevant details.

Vumacam’s wide network of cameras enable us to track the suspects through their entire journey, something that simply isn’t possible with isolated CCTV coverage.

Vumacam’s vision is a fully connected CCTV infrastructure network across urban areas in South Africa, suburb by suburb, city by city to ensure safer, smarter communities.

The security company will dispatch a vehicle immediately to the location of the vehicle once an LPR alert has been received.

Vumacam’s solutions are unrivalled

Vumacam deploys cameras and keeps them connected, operational and well maintained, with 96% guaranteed uptime. All infrastructure is insured and built-in sensors that alert us immediately in case of malfunction.

Privacy takes priority

We’re serious about protecting the privacy of our customers and fellow citizens. Being maintained centrally on an ultra-secure server infrastructure, our footage is safe from prying eyes and unauthorised access.

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