The Developer Journal

The Developer Journal serves as a resource for the property developer and professional team. It tends to the needs around best practice and follows the development cycle, where industry professionals and specialists provide expertise for each share of the development process. Features includes but is not limited to: Alternative Financing Models, Risk Assessment, Town Planning and Zoning, Sustainability, Property Sales and Marketing, Technology and Construction. Content further profiles new developments and visionaries to the industry. Use the platform to collaborate and share expertise, find innovation and inspiration, all in the name of progressive urban development.

New jozi developments may have to include affordable housing

Johannesburg’s proposed new housing policy, which recognises the need for developments to yield a profit, may turn out to be a win-win solution. As part of its strategy to create a more liveable urban space, the City of Johannesburg is introducing a new Inclusionary Housing Policy that could make it... Read More

Urban regeneration vs gentrification

Rejuvenating inner-city neighbourhoods can be an uplifting, progressive and profitable enterprise, but it’s not as simple as that. There is absolutely no doubt that inner-city rejuvenation is an indispensable aspect of development in South Africa and, in some cases like Johannesburg’s inner city, the benefits are clear. In others, like... Read More

Selling your development estate agent vs sales team

Your development is ready for sales, and you need widespread marketing to reach as many potential buyers as possible, followed by a flawless sales process. What is the best way – a dedicated sales team, or an estate agency? To be clear about their different functions, a sales team or... Read More

The battle of the brands

There are people who get a thrill out of picking out new furniture and appliances when they move house – and then there are the rest of us, which explains the growing appreciation of, and demand for, integrated appliances. Kent Gush of Kent Gush Properties has played a role in... Read More

Dem bones

You’ve probably heard all the hype about Maropeng and the Cradle of Humankind, but there is a lot more to it than the tourism marketers make out. South Africa has quite possibly the richest fossil and archaeological record in the world – from the earliest known living organisms to dinosaurs,... Read More

Getting the retail mix right in mixed-use developments

Gone are the days when developers took a shot in the dark choosing retail tenants, with some white elephants that followed. The retail component of a mixed-use space is optimised today with the help of consultants and technology, underpinned by solid developer experience, greatly improving and securing returns on investment.... Read More

Sweet spot

The beautiful plantations of sugar cane that are such an intrinsic part of the landscape of the KZN North Coast are transforming into new urban spaces made up of well-planned mixed-use precincts, and also into green open space and rehabilitated coastal forest. As cities grow and expand, the surrounding areas... Read More

Mobile’s next generation

As providers prepare to roll out 5G mobile technology, what does this mean for us? A generation ago, mobile video calls were the stuff of spy movies and science fiction. Now, as mobile technology enters its fifth wave of evolution, we’re stepping into a future that not even James Bond... Read More

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