The Developer Journal

The Developer Journal serves as a resource for the property developer and professional team. It tends to the needs around best practice and follows the development cycle, where industry professionals and specialists provide expertise for each share of the development process. Features includes but is not limited to: Alternative Financing Models, Risk Assessment, Town Planning and Zoning, Sustainability, Property Sales and Marketing, Technology and Construction. Content further profiles new developments and visionaries to the industry. Use the platform to collaborate and share expertise, find innovation and inspiration, all in the name of progressive urban development.

Fibre is the digital differentiator but what is the cost to you?

As a developer, you are already adding fibre to new properties; in fact, you may very well be retrofitting it to old buildings. Why? Because fibre is the digital differentiator. It adds value to a property and is a make-or-break factor in the buying decisions of property and business owners... Read More

Security and beyond security

A professional security presence with 24/7 staffed access is a given, but sometimes a developer needs to add an extra loss prevention and safety component to its security plan. This could include a video surveillance system, restricted access control measures with reduced technology costs, online technology, and increased regulations. Here are... Read More

Landscape construction

Brand image is everything. We understand the importance of this, which is why we ensure that your image reflects perfection and elegance. Our experience in design, installation, maintenance and management of landscapes has developed our capabilities in greening your environment with our artistic landscaping. We manage all aspects, from breaking... Read More

Going green is profitable

It’s good business to protect natural areas within your housing estate, not only because they make it a nicer living space that can command a higher property price, but also because the functions they provide have monetary value for both you as the property owner and also the municipality within... Read More

Building well for living well

In an urban world where we are increasingly paying attention to our physical and mental health needs, the buildings that we occupy can be designed and managed in ways that help us improve our health and wellbeing. The WELL Building Standard provides indicators that can be used by the designers,... Read More

In a perfect world

In a perfect world we would wake up each morning with a spring in our step and breathe in fresh, unpolluted air as we gaze upon rolling hills of pristine grassland abuzz with bees, birds and butterflies, a cup of organic direct trade coffee warming our hands as the sun... Read More

Best practice transition

A development is not a residential estate – it’s a place with houses in a greater or lesser stage of completion. But there comes a time when the developer steps out, and the homeowners association steps in – and from that moment, the estate becomes a community – a place... Read More

Gym Africa

Back in the day the easiest solution to the stress of office politics, work deadlines and related issues was to pop into your GP’s surgery and get a script for ‘a little something to get you through the day’. Thankfully we now have a more holistic approach to dealing with... Read More

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