The Industry Journal

The Industry Journal serves as an official reference guide to best practice, policy and procedure, rules and regulation relevant and significant to the estate and community management industry. The articles serve to educate through experience-driven industry knowledge and covers all aspects relevant. Features include but are not limited to: Financial Management, Human Resources, Security, Risk Management, Legal, Conservation, Occupancy Standards and Government Legislation sectors. An essential tool to the Board of Trustees, Estate Management, Managing Agents, Homeowners Association and Bodies Corporate.

Servest Landscaping

Do you know your Aptenia from your Carpobrotus … or your Dymondia from your Arctotis? No? Thought not, that’s why all but the green fingered among us prefer to rely on the experts. And if you’re the manager of a residential estate, the professional team from Servest Landscaping is the... Read More

Effective directors and trustees

Most companies and HOAs strive to appoint a board of directors that will be competent and effective in providing leadership and good governance but, in my opinion, vested interests and limited stakeholder perspectives often reduce the long-term effectiveness of their efforts. Directors are meant to provide strategic direction; make major... Read More

Why we have rules

Rules are the basis for ensuring a harmonious lifestyle for residents in a residential community All institutions in the world have rules and regulations that govern the operation, use and participation in that institution. Residents living outside a residential estate are governed by municipal laws relating to noise, the keeping... Read More

Arabella Country Estate making every drop count

In the midst of a crippling regional water crisis, Arabella Country Estate leads the way in responsible and sustainable water management. In all the talk of ‘Day Zero’, along with the suburban stampede to buy JoJo tanks and the general panic around Level 6B water restrictions, there was one number... Read More

An introduction to community asssociation living

What is the role of a community association? What’s the difference between sectional title and freehold communities? And how does all this work? These questions and others are answered here. Firstly, what is a community association? According to Jeff Gilmour, the president of the Association of Residential Communities SA, and... Read More

Managing heritage resources: Pinnacle Point Estate

You’ve probably heard all the hype about Maropeng and the Cradle of Humankind, but there is a lot more to it than the tourism marketers make out. South Africa has quite possibly the richest fossil and archaeological record in the world – from the earliest known living organisms to dinosaurs,... Read More

Selborne Golf Estate, Hotel and Spa

Your eyes meet, you share a smile, maybe a drink … the relationship blossoms, you take the commitment further and make it legal. The years that follow are a combination of give and take, conversations and sometimes compromises. As in all relationships, like that of the resident and their body... Read More

Silver Lakes Golf Estate

Silver Lakes Golf Estate is situated 17 kilometres east of Pretoria, and 80 kilometres north of Johannesburg. It boasts a signature 18-hole Peter Matkovich-designed golf course and one of the best golf academies in South Africa. The residential estate has 1,645 erven, of which only 34 are undeveloped. The estate... Read More

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