The Industry Journal

The Industry Journal serves as an official reference guide to best practice, policy and procedure, rules and regulation relevant and significant to the estate and community management industry. The articles serve to educate through experience-driven industry knowledge and covers all aspects relevant. Features include but are not limited to: Financial Management, Human Resources, Security, Risk Management, Legal, Conservation, Occupancy Standards and Government Legislation sectors. An essential tool to the Board of Trustees, Estate Management, Managing Agents, Homeowners Association and Bodies Corporate.

Mobile’s next generation

As providers prepare to roll out 5G mobile technology, what does this mean for us? A generation ago, mobile video calls were the stuff of spy movies and science fiction. Now, as mobile technology enters its fifth wave of evolution, we’re stepping into a future that not even James Bond... Read More

The right stuff

Finding a new director of golf, a general manager or a business manager can be a daunting enough task at the best of times, but when the trading environment is tough it takes on whole new levels of angst. It may sound like an odd question, but it needs to... Read More

Catering for the rainbow nation

September is Heritage Month, and we celebrate Heritage Day on the 24th, so perhaps this is a good time to explore how we, in estates, honour and accommodate the heritage and traditions of all South Africans. Estates should be spaces where people can express their personal and cultural identities –... Read More

Best practice: community, harmony and spirit

Residential communities are not about buildings – they’re about people, about communities. The houses are just where the people live. The community is about how they live. Ways to promote community spirit To promote community spirit in your community, try one of these activities: Support local charities and schools. Sharing... Read More

Best practice: Governance for community associations

Estate managers, HOAs, bodies corporate and other community associations are responsible for managing huge swathes of land and property worth millions of rands, and are responsible for ensuring that the homes of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people remain a safe and uplifting place to stay. This requires high levels of... Read More

Best practice: security for community associations

Of the many good reasons for moving to a residential estate, the one most often cited is security. Residential estates are seen as safer places to live, and places where children and adults alike can walk and play in public open space. So security is extremely important. Your association’s obligation... Read More

Best practice: transitioning to HOA

A development is not a residential estate – it’s a place with houses in a greater or lesser stage of completion. But there comes a time when the developer steps out, and the homeowners association steps in – and from that moment, the estate becomes a community – a place... Read More

Best practice: strategic planning for community associations

No matter how well things are going, you can’t just sit back and hope the situation will continue, and when things are not going well, you need to make sure they get better. Both situations require strategic planning. It’s an essential, ongoing feature of good management. Strategic planning definition and... Read More

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