The Industry Journal

The Industry Journal serves as an official reference guide to best practice, policy and procedure, rules and regulation relevant and significant to the estate and community management industry. The articles serve to educate through experience-driven industry knowledge and covers all aspects relevant. Features include but are not limited to: Financial Management, Human Resources, Security, Risk Management, Legal, Conservation, Occupancy Standards and Government Legislation sectors. An essential tool to the Board of Trustees, Estate Management, Managing Agents, Homeowners Association and Bodies Corporate.

Mobile apps – how they are estate managers latest tool

Looking at their phones is one of the first things most people do in the mornings. Whether it’s for checking emails, reading the news, updating social media, messaging friends or getting a weather forecast, the reality is that the screens viewed by most people most of the time are on… Read More

Communication drives sales

The residential community industry is enjoying year-on-year growth. The demand for a better-quality, family-centred lifestyle is driving the market and steering more and more individuals to invest in property in residential estates. Furthermore, foreign investors are now, more than ever, flocking to South African shores, and the communities in the… Read More

Access control

Most people who buy into secure residential communities do so in order to be – or at least feel – more secure. As well as genuinely offering security and privacy, gates and fences enhance the perception of safety. And this, in turn, increases property values, helps to attract new residents,… Read More

Message from Jeff Gilmour and ARC

The Association of Residential Communities (ARC) is very proud to be able to continue adding value to all member communities – and, in fact, to all communities, large and small, whether current ARC members or not. During 2015 and early 2016 much has been reported on the rights of a… Read More
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