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Redefine typology

The exclusive Somerset Lakes is situated in Somerset West close to the Hottentots Holland Mountains, False Bay, and the Western Cape’s wonderful wine country. The estate meets the growing demand from families who are increasingly looking to live in close proximity to quality schools and other amenities. Somerset West has... Read More

Mall of the West – Unlocks significant economic opportunity in the Ntshongweni Urban Development

  The first phase of the catalytic Ntshongweni Urban Development region will be an 85 000 square metre regional retail experience. Aptly named the Mall of the West, the new retail offering will cater to Durban’s underserviced western suburbs and surrounding areas and kickstart the Ntshongweni Urban Development which is expected… Read More

Investing in Water

There’s a new buzz phrase doing the rounds – investing in water. Is that wise? Is it even possible? It all started with The Big Short, the book and movie about how über investment genius Michael Burry predicted – and cashed in on – the popping of the US housing… Read More

Somerset Lakes

Proximity to good schools increases the value of your property. Lifestyle estates offer security and convenience and have become a major property trend in South Africa. They create a sense of security for the residents while giving them the peace of mind to enjoy the amenities incorporated within the estate:... Read More

Effective directors and trustees

Most companies and HOAs strive to appoint a board of directors that will be competent and effective in providing leadership and good governance but, in my opinion, vested interests and limited stakeholder perspectives often reduce the long-term effectiveness of their efforts.   Directors are meant to provide strategic direction; make major decisions;... Read More

Outsourcing aspects of real estate management – what is the process and best practice?

Managing community schemes involves wearing a number of service hats, and juggling different functions daily, which becomes increasingly complex the larger the scheme becomes. Trying to keep all of these functions running at peak performance simultaneously can sometimes go against the old belief that if you want something done right,… Read More

Properties you can buy for R5 million, here and abroad

As more South Africans diversify their property portfolios, many are looking offshore in search of a good rand hedge and global growth. Diversification is a key wealth strategy but what can we actually get overseas with our rands? Here’s a list of what you can buy for R5million.   An... Read More

Invest in a Hotel? What a Capital idea!

Ever thought of investing in a swanky hotel apartment? Sectional title ownership of hotel rooms or suites is on the upswing, due to rising demand for flexible corporate accommodation. ‘The decline in the rand exchange rate over the past few years has boosted South Africa’s popularity… Read More
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