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Have your cake and eat it

Enjoy low risk with high returns. The age of high-risk, high-reward thinking may be all but over. For years the investment formula applied by investors has been to craft a diversified portfolio of assets weighted more towards equities. It made sense to build a foundation on safe, low-risk, low-return capital... Read More

Taking smart homes to the next level

Faster Internet, HD Television, Improved Communications & Security… Utopia of the digital world and our homes today. All of this is possible through a technological breakthrough that is optical fibre. Optical fibre accommodates the constant demand for higher bandwidth. Fibre to the home (FTTH), is the installation and use of... Read More

Idyllic Cape Coastal Estate offers retirement quality that’s beyond your wildest dreams

To retirees, the dream of peaceful and carefree living in city suburbs is fast becoming a thing of the past. Ask anyone returning from overseas, and they’ll describe a palpable sense of alienation and insecurity. Something is wrong with our cities. Rising joblessness, vagrancy and urban squalor mean that even... Read More

A Home With A Thousand Views

It’s hard to choose between adventure and security or travelling and home comforts, so – here’s the good news – you don’t have to. The World ® is the world’s first (and so far only) mobile residential estate. You can have it all! The World®, the largest privately owned residential... Read More

Isabel Estate

With its wide-open spaces, horses, golf courses, superb retail and restaurant options – and even skiing – Fourways is rapidly becoming the most sought-after residential, business and retail area in Gauteng. And a fab new development in North Riding offers easy access to it all. Isabel Estate is particularly well... Read More

Aerotropolis Investment: Work Smart, Sleep Easy

Do you remember the eighties? In those days, Cape Town was not the tourism darling of the world, traffic was manageable, petrol was cheap, music made sense and hotels were not priced according to the exchange rate. But things have changed. Nowadays Cape Town traffic is a nightmare, every inch... Read More

A Captive Market Of Eager Students and Anxious Parents

School’s out, and matriculants are at that age when they know everything and are ready to take on the world. Moms and dads all over the country are entering that tricky phase of parenting a young adult. The lucky ones have offspring who have been accepted at the local university... Read More

Trends That Will Shape 2019

In a period of continuing market uncertainty, players in the property market have plenty of questions going into 2019. Could a handful of disruptive trends – some driven by tech, others by economic factors – answer those questions? Will brokers survive mobile property apps? FNB recently introduced a mobile app,... Read More
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