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Marketing at the time of Facebook breaches

At the end of last year, Facebook had more than two billion active monthly users worldwide. Considering the global population comes in at a shade under eight billion, this is not an insignificant number. People have come to rely on the social network site to share photos and stories with… Read More

Possible legal issues facing estates in 2018

As anyone involved in managing an estate or residing or working in one knows, estates can present a challenging legal environment. Here are just some of the legal issues that estates may find themselves having to deal with in 2018 many of which are not new but may require a… Read More

Common real estate formulas you should know

Property still seems to be the best long-term investment one can make into one’s retirement. We all struggle to save. Property, specifically a property you can rent out, is a forced retirement plan. Buying a property is a significant commitment that you are required to commit to and maintain. Property… Read More

Investing in Mauritius is easier than ever

Mauritius today is one of the world’s prime property investment destinations, having recently received the World Bank’s ranking as the top African country for doing business. As a foreigner, as long as you have a minimum of six million Mauritian rupees (about R2.1m) to invest, you are able to buy… Read More


A high-end property destination on the rise A home away from home Best known to foreigners as a sought-after tourist destination, Mauritius is now home to thousands of expatriates from across the world. Some are employed as skilled workers, others as professionals, yet others have invested in companies to take… Read More

Retirement planning, diversifying investment to UK care homes

How the UK care and retirement property sectors could provide diversity of income. The UK’s population is ageing, due to medical advances and an improved quality of life. Whilst it is nice to think that more people will live long and healthy lives, unfortunately this is not always the case,… Read More

Curvy, mobile and green – the seating trends of 2018 – Rounder, softer

Look around the contemporary furniture showrooms, and you’ll see an interesting trend: seating design has become curvier. “We are seeing rounder, softer shapes, soothing cocooning pieces that more than ever are aimed at making a home an inviting sanctuary,” explains Claire Gibson from well-known furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy. This is ‘feel-good’… Read More

Moving on up

Take inspiration from designers who can transform an average space into something exceptional Unlike a new build that offers a blank canvas, a renovation or makeover project involves serious problem-solving and space-maximising skills, and a good understanding of the transformative power of finishes, colour and accessories. Traditional to timeless 86… Read More
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