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Buying foreign property through an independent property specialist saves money

You only need to drive through the upmarket, sea-side suburb of Sea Point to see how many new developments are going up on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard. Sea Point is not unusual, all around the world developments are springing up in sought-after cities, ripe for investing. The trick is to… Read More

Say goodbye to complicated fibre with supersonic

Since the internet has become another basic utility, alongside water and electricity, ISPs have been bending over backwards to try and deliver the quickest and most reliable internet to the South African market. Hence the introduction of fibre. Unfortunately, consumers have had a bad time of it, suffering through overly… Read More

Forward thinking: understanding the importance of planning ahead

Before deciding to invest our hard earned money on the JSE we spend countless hours researching the company that we are interested in, studying its past performance, the short and long-term forecasts and expectations of its share value, the share’s vulnerability and responsiveness to economic turmoil, even going as far… Read More

Retirement developer expands into KZN region

The KwaZulu-Natal province is set to see the development of a number of new retirement villages, designed as vibrant communities to accommodate active, healthy and happy retirees. Development plans are in place for 5 000 Evergreen Lifestyle units to be built over the next three to five years nationally. In... Read More

The Garden Route’s undiscovered gem

In 2001, the dramatic coastal scenery of Oubaai inspired Ernie Els to design an 18-hole signature championship golf course of matching beauty – his first in South Africa.   It also inspired the developers, Kharafi Holdings, to create an extraordinary estate that sits atop a set of jagged Indian Ocean... Read More

Aerotropolis KZN – AerotropInvest for work & play

You’ve just done your annual tax return and you realise how much you spent on hotel accommodation over the period of a year … time for a drastic change, you think. So, what are the options? Reduce your business trips to Durban? Not likely, as business is finally growing, especially... Read More

Oh! Oh the summer nights

Summer’s here, days are hot – maybe too hot – but the nights are perfect: warm air caressing your skin like silk as the day slides into a spectacular sunset and twinkly pinpricks of light stud the deepening purpleblue sky. It’s the perfect opportunity to sleep under the stars.  ... Read More

Australian Parent Visa offers a path to reunite families

South Africans have been migrating to Australia over an extended period, and many have elderly parents left in South Africa. The children often want to reunite the family and take care of their parents as they get older.  Australia offers a number of parent visas that enable children to bring… Read More
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