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Treasure in the cellar

Perspectives change, and that’s just one of the reasons you need to keep an open mind. This whole management-speak gobbledygook of “thinking outside the box”, “blue-sky thinking”, and – my favourite – “win-win situation”… they’re all just words, until they’re backed up by action. So I was recently delighted to… Read More

Community Organisations – Making a world of difference to property value

A residential community can boast state-of-the-art security, stunning green vistas, and great amenities, but the most desirable communities are those blessed with a tight-knit and organised group of individuals who are committed to maintaining high standards in their neighbourhood. Global and South African statistics show that the organised approach to… Read More

The Docklands affect

While mixed-use precinct is the buzz-word of the day, the concept is not new, and some of the best examples date back three decades. Canary Wharf is a 40-hectare estate with 140 000sqm of office, retail and leisure space, and a working population of around 120 000 people. There are… Read More

Wireless – the 5G vision

Mobile and wireless data are expected to increase a thousandfold over the next decade as more than 50 billion devices, all of which will be able to access and share data, anywhere and any time, connect to the cloud by 2020. 2020 is also the deadline that international mobile operators… Read More

Rental returns remains promising for savvy SA investors.

The UK enjoys the second highest amount of investment in real estate out of all of Europe, totalling €64bn between Q4 2016 and Q3 2017 and according to PwC, interest rates will not rise enough to dampen investor enthusiasm for real estate for the remainder of 2018. The UK’s care... Read More

Marketing at the time of Facebook breaches

At the end of last year, Facebook had more than two billion active monthly users worldwide. Considering the global population comes in at a shade under eight billion, this is not an insignificant number. People have come to rely on the social network site to share photos and stories with… Read More

Investing in Mauritius is easier than ever

Mauritius today is one of the world’s prime property investment destinations, having recently received the World Bank’s ranking as the top African country for doing business. As a foreigner, as long as you have a minimum of six million Mauritian rupees (about R2.1m) to invest, you are able to buy… Read More

The Hoteliers home

As one of South Africa’s most famous hoteliers, Sol Kerzner – and the formidable Kerzner brand – has over the years been synonymous with luxury, prestige and sheer class in the hospitality industry. Far from hanging up his hotel boots just yet, the 81-year-old Sun City founder and hotel and… Read More
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