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Going Green is Profitable

It’s good business to protect natural areas within your housing estate, not only because they make it a nicer living space that can command a higher property price, but also because the functions they provide have monetary value for both you as the property owner and also the municipality within... Read More

Your Bricks and Mortar Legacy Abroad: Retirement Planning with Offshore Property Investment

When reviewing your retirement portfolio, it’s wise to consider all the available asset classes – including offshore property. The key, however, is to ensure that you’ve done your homework and sought expert advice.   The economy and the rand have shown stability since President Cyril Ramaphosa took office. However, experts... Read More

Get Smart

Smart homes are becoming increasingly mainstream, helping millennials and other home owners keep a finger on the pulse of innovation and convenience. Home automation was, until recently, the stuff of fantasy and sci-fi movies. The ability to monitor the goings-on inside and outside your home while on holiday, warm up... Read More

All Decked Out

Haven’t we all at some point in our lives wished we could chuck the day job and launch out as entrepreneurs with an innovative and successful idea? Some put those dreams on hold and start each new year as they did the last... but others ‘just do it’. Like the... Read More

An Introduction to Community Association Living

What is the role of a community association? What’s the difference between sectional title and freehold communities? And how does all this work? These questions and others are answered here. FIRSTLY, WHAT IS A COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION? According to Jeff Gilmour, the president of the Association of Residential Communities SA, and... Read More

The Boulevard: The Tax-Savvy Way To Buy Into Zimbali Lakes Resort

Investing is risky, so savvy investors need to stick to investment opportunities that offer the potential of fantastic returns, and are both credible and scalable. This means investing in real businesses, with real products and value, not simply chasing tax breaks and certainly not following the hype. Enter Zimbali Capital,... Read More

Buying foreign property through an independent property specialist saves money

You only need to drive through the upmarket, sea-side suburb of Sea Point to see how many new developments are going up on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard. Sea Point is not unusual, all around the world developments are springing up in sought-after cities, ripe for investing. The trick is to… Read More

Say goodbye to complicated fibre with supersonic

Since the internet has become another basic utility, alongside water and electricity, ISPs have been bending over backwards to try and deliver the quickest and most reliable internet to the South African market. Hence the introduction of fibre. Unfortunately, consumers have had a bad time of it, suffering through overly… Read More

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