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Building Regulations – Sustainability vs Architecture

Basic overview of the building regulations The government introduced its energy efficiency regulations for new buildings in November 2011. The aim was to bring down the energy consumption of buildings so as to reduce pressure on the national grid and reduce carbon emissions, and as a general contribution to environmental… Read More


Most things in life involve a trade-off. For example, if you’re buying a car you have to trade off fuel efficiency, size, load-carrying capacity, off-road capability, style, cost and performance. But sometimes you find an option that just doesn’t seem to have any negatives – and buying into a residential… Read More

Breedezicht Retirement and Lifestyle Estate

Underneath Witsand is a body of underground water which leaches the red iron oxide from the sand, making the beach a brilliant white. Along this magnificent coastline, the “brulsand” (roaring sand) can sometimes be heard rumbling as the dunes are disturbed by the wind. One of the few places on… Read More

Cornerstone Projects

The Gem of Eye of Africa Signature Golf Estate Cornerstone Projects has worked hand-in-hand with the highly acclaimed Eye of Africa Signature Golf & Residential Estate having built some of the most prestigious homes on the estate. We have completed over 148 homes on the Estate and offer a selection… Read More

Pezula Golf Estate

Knysna has it all. It’s the perfect balance of good infrastructure with wide-open space, between natural beauty and ease of access. You can play golf in the morning, surf in the afternoon, go sailing or fishing in the evening, and then dine in a fabulous restaurant. And the next day… Read More

Link Africa

“Dark fibre”, “dirty movies”, “sewerage pipes” – a little seedy and sordid-sounding, but all part of Link Africa’s mission to bring us closer to the limitless world of the Internet through fibre optics. Fibre optics provides the ultimate in Internet access – the last word in speed and capacity. With… Read More
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