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4 Tips to make your estate outsource-ready 2022

Cutting costs and improve efficiency

By Zeenat Moosa Hassan

, |

4 Tips to make your estate outsource-ready 2022

Cutting costs and improve efficiency

By Zeenat Moosa Hassan

, |

2 min read

The remote working revolution came with its fair share of benefits. As well reducing a business’s costs for water, electricity and in some cases even rent, the working-from -home model has also helped to combat some longstanding concerns regarding outsourcing.

In the private estate market, services like security and landscaping have usually been outsourced. However, the pandemic has shown us that it is possible to collaborate with other skilled professionals, even manage entire teams remotely so that things like HR, finance and marketing can be outsourced.

A certain solution in an uncertain world

‘I believe outsourcing during the pandemic allowed companies a bit of breathing room,’ says Candice Burgess-Look, co-founder and director of King of the Jungle PR in Cape Town.

‘Given the uncertain economic climate, companies could outsource services on a short-term or temporary basis instead of getting locked into permanent contracts which can be really beneficial in managing workflow and costs in a time of so much uncertainty,’ she explains.

So, how do you outsource effectively?

Candice Burgess-Look. Co-founder and Director of King of the Jungle

Cheap isn’t always cheerful

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest supplier, especially if the aim is reduce costs but cheap does not always mean quality. Think carefully about whether the task you are outsourcing matches up with the quote.

A freelance accountant, for example, might come in much lower as they have fewer overheads but it is unlikely that they will be able manage the finances of an entire estate on their own. Taking the time to research potential suppliers carefully at the onset will prevent a mess later on.

Speak the same language

‘Be confident that the supplier you are considering outsourcing to fully understands your specific needs and is able to cater to them all,’ says Burgess-Look.

Don’t rely on working on a simple handshake. Put your expectations in writing, as clearly and descriptively as possible, to ensure there is no miscommunication or inaccurate assumptions. It is important that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities. Discuss details of ownership or copyright early on too.

‘Remember, this is a new relationship so communication is vital. The company needs to clearly articulate what they want to get out of the relationship with the supplier before they sign on the dotted line,’ says Burgess-Look.

Start small

If this is new to you, do not outsource everything in one go. Instead, start small until you get comfortable with the process before attempting very large projects to limit your commitment and exposure in case things do not work out.

You could, for example, start by simply hiring someone to write a few blog posts before getting them to rewrite your entire website, internal newsletter, and marketing brochure.

Be open to something different

There are advantages to outsourcing. ‘External suppliers can bring a fresh perspective to a project, as they are not blinded by the company’s standard way of doing things,’ says Burgess-Look. ‘This can trigger some really exciting ideas.’

Whilst innovation and a fresh perspective are welcome, ensuring you find a supplier that fits the culture of your estate is equally important. Suppliers are an extension of your brand, so it is essential that they understands your company goals, the overall vision and are able to adhere to your rules.

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