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District 6 Wikimedia Commons 1 - Developer News

District Six open for development

Property developers are encouraged to invest in District Six, despite rumours that the historic Cape Town precinct might be declared a National Heritage site. That’s according to Shahied Ajam, chairperson of the District Six Working Committee (D6WC).

School 1 - Developer News

Schooling solutions

Estates offer families the opportunity to ‘live, work, and play’ in a single space, which has led to a demand for practical schooling solutions in or close to estates.
But schools take up a lot of space, so it’s worth considering smaller collaborative learning spaces, fuelled by online educational centres and curriculums.

Running trails 4 scaled - Developer News

Creating value with running trails

Developing trails in estates not only adds value to properties but provides safe and healthy opportunities for residents – and also creates unique selling features with little investment.

doctor with a sample blood test tube AEK7S43 - Developer News


Okay, it’s official. COVID-19 is a pandemic – and it’s caused a national and international emergency. This is serious, and – yes – there is a risk of contracting the disease, and even of dying from it. But is this really the biggest risk? As with many things, it is easier to see the problems ‘out there’ and ignore the ones in our heads. So, while I’m not for one moment denying the seriousness of COVID-19, let’s look at the real risks.

Green Building 3 - Developer News

Giving developers a greener EDGE

While green building practices – and Green Building Council certification – are known to improve sustainability and reduce running costs, EDGE certification is now also showing its worth as a marketing tool for estate developers.

single moms 2 - Developer News

Single mothers constitute a growing demographic of home buyers in South Africa

Single moms have become a force to be reckoned with in the property market. Developers who want their estates to appeal to this growing demographic will need to keep in mind factors such as security, open spaces, schools and modern living units.

Mud houses 4 - Developer News

Mud buildings of Groot Constantia

Should we be looking to the past for ideas for alternative building methods to reduce our carbon footprint? It makes sense, because traditional, low-tech building methods are almost naturally low carbon-intensive.

Mould 1 - Developer News

What is mould

Most of us can point to the black stuff growing in our shower and say: ‘That’s mould.’ Fewer people can say what mould actually is. There are thousands of different species of mould that all spread through spores. Some of these moulds can cause significant health concerns, ranging from allergies to asthma attacks, and even fungal infections in immunocompromised people. Understanding what mould is, and how it grows, is the first step towards preventing it from growing and spreading in your home.

Influential women - Developer News

Top influential women developers share their industry experience

While the property industry has historically been dominated by men, an increasing number of women are making their mark in property development.

POD homes - Developer News

BDI pod homes

As sustainability and the desire to live off grid have become mainstream, so too has the trend of tiny homes risen in popularity. We take a closer look at BDI’s PanGoPod home and explore how developers can utilise these methods by thinking out of the box.

designers are designing houses model houses and LXQ25AJ 1 - Developer News

Somerset Nurse’s’ Home to become affordable housing

After years of controversy, the old Helen Bowden Nurses’ Home near Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront is set to be developed into social housing following the City’s decision to rezone the site for this purpose. However, the building remains occupied by the Reclaim The City activist group, who moved in in March 2017 and renamed the site Ahmed Kathrada House.

ppa - Developer News

The Property Practitioners Act

The Property Practitioner Act is a new piece of legislation that, once it is signed into law – probably mid-2020 – will replace the Estate Agency Affairs Act of 1976. Its main purpose is to establish the Property Practitioner Regulatory Authority (PPRA), which will replace the Estate Agency Affairs Board; to regulate the affairs of all property practitioners; to allow for transformation in the property sector; and to provide for consumer protection.

JHB Water - Developer News

Where does Johannesburg get its water

Johannesburg is a unique city because it was built without a local water supply. It has become the only major city in the world totally reliant on water sourced from distant rivers and pumped across mountain ranges. This creates a vulnerability that few appreciate when buying or developing real estate.

Climate Change View of North and South America from space - Developer News

Is overpopulation to blame for climate change

A seemingly innocuous comment about overpopulation at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos highlights how oversimplification of the issues and processes can exacerbate the problem, and shift blame from the perpetrators to the victims.

community 1 - Developer News

Size counts

One of the main reasons people move into residential estates is to recreate the sense of community typical of villages or small, well-defined suburbs. People knew their neighbours – and their neighbours’ pets – and they memorised each other’s phone numbers. In their heads! Kids played in the street or in public open space, wandered in and out of each other’s houses, and only came home when they were hungry.

doggy park 2 2 - Developer News

Is it worth building a doggy park on an estate?

Building a dog park on an estate can bring in increased revenue and foster a sense of community. Many of the drawbacks of being dog-friendly can be mitigated through careful planning.

woman walking outdoors QZNUW34 1 - Developer News

Biometrics: Is Gait ID The New Gate ID?

New technologies allow security teams to identify guests – and intruders – by how they walk. Is this the future of estate access?

plastic - Developer News

Forget streets paved in gold – plastic roads are the future, and Jeffreys Bay is leading the way.

Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape is best known as a top surf spot, home to the perfect wave. The J-Bay Open is one of the stops on the Men’s Surfing Championship Tour, and boasts the longest right-hand point break on the planet.

Balize Double storey 2 9 On Fern updated hi res 1 - Developer News

KZN fastest growing wealth market in SA

The AfrAsia Bank SA Wealth Report for 2019 has named Durban-Umhlanga-Ballito corridor as the fastest growing wealth market in South Africa, with a 25% growth trajectory reported over the last decade.

Untitled 1 - Developer News

Zimbali Lakes Resort – Development Site available for development

Estate Living discusses opportunities for development at the gorgeous Zimbali Lakes Resort

ppa header - Developer News

Property Practitioners Act: What it means for developers

Early October 2019 saw the Property Practitioners Act of 2019  signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The new law was generally welcomed by property practitioners … even if there was initially some confusion about who exactly counts as a property practitioner!

Chris Mulder heads the community development conference. Photograph by Richard Nira - Developer News

Dr Mulder does it again

Chris Mulder is no stranger to winning awards. In his illustrious career, Dr Mulder – together with his team from CMAI Architects – has won numerous awards from US and South African professional associations and universities since he founded the firm in 1980.

header - Developer News

Negotiation is key when purchasing a property

Finding the right property is hard enough but negotiating the right price and related fees can be harder, especially if one party is unwilling. Sometimes you may need to walk away from the deal.

grandfather newspaper coffee retirement man PR83GSC - Developer News

Why developing retirement facilities under R1.5m is a no-brainer

We all know retirement facilities are the new big investment opportunity, and research shows that the R1.5 million price mark is the sweet spot. The most recent census conducted in 2011 put the total South African population at 57.7 million people. Of this number, 5.4% were aged 65 and over. When compared to the same figure in 2000, only 3.7% were aged 65 and over.

johannesburg 4322256 - Developer News

How does Johannesburg measure up as a megacity?

Joburg is fast becoming a megacity, but how does it compare with existing African megacities for return on investment? Cairo, Kinshasa and Lagos all carry the status of megacity – cities with a population of at least 10 million inhabitants. Fast on their heels are Dar es Salaam, Luanda and Johannesburg, which are predicted to attain the status of megacity by 2030, according to the United Nations.

bamboo ecoplanet - Developer News

Bamboo houses … are they the answer to the affordable housing crisis?

Bamboo is sustainable and easy to grow, and South Africa has the perfect conditions for cultivation. Could this be the answer as a building material for affordable housing?

photovoltaic 2138992 - Developer News

How green is green?

To take the greening of your estate seriously, you must consider each step from conception to design, through the building process and continuing to operation and management.

staging 2816464 - Developer News

Xers mark the spot

As Gen X hits 50, existing and planned estates need to re-evaluate their position on retirement, and on multi-generational living. As the oldest of the Gen Xers are turning 50, and watching their baby boomer parents ‘raging against the [dimming] of the light’, they are starting to ponder their own mortality, potential morbidity and – shock, horror, gasp – old age!

video thumb - Developer News

Estate Living interview with Santam

Louise Martin, COO of Estate Living, interviews Santams Head of specialist real estate, Karl Bishop, on Santam’s development guarantees.

Forty 15 - Developer News

A global trend

It should seem unsurprising to most of us that urban space is at a growing premium. It’s been a growing trend across the world since the industrial revolution, but particularly so in the last few decades as people flock to urban areas.

complaints 4 - Developer News

Customer complaints & social media

Not so long ago, if somebody wanted to have their complaint heard, the best options were to write a letter to the newspaper (and hope that it would be published) or dial into the radio. now, in the digital age, everyone has a voice. Never before has it been easier to have your concerns or thoughts heard – no matter how insignificant or trivial they are – and that has implications for estate managers

12j 4 - Developer News

Property Development and Section 12J

The Section 12J tax allowance has introduced an exciting new asset class that has attracted over R6 billion within a very short period of time. Let’s explore how this can benefit developers.

protecting 3 - Developer News

Protecting your investment with insurance

Your home is likely to be one of the most valuable assets you will own. While you put a lot of time, effort and money into making it the ideal home, it is equally important to keep yourself informed on how well this investment is protected.

header - Developer News

Estate living: getting ahead in today’s risky property market

As with anything in life, knowledge is power and in today’s risky economic climate, investors need as much as possible to make bold, calculated investment moves that yield great results. Cue Estate Living, South Africa’s leading resource and specialist consultancy within the community living environments. Masters at building relationships and identifying new opportunities, Louise Martin and Jaime-Lee Gardner’s innovative services are helping investors and developers all over the country to understand their market.  

The Melrose Interior Bedroom View Final - Developer News

How to find the luxury in city living

Some of us get the idea of “Joburg luxury” completely wrong: We see ourselves in the car of our dreams driving down William Nicol on the way to work. When in fact, real city luxury (or perhaps even city happiness) could be found not when you upgrade your ride but when you shorten your commute. Living closer to work does not only add more time to your day and more buck to your budget, but recent research shows that it can also improve your overall wellness.

Deteriorating 5 - Developer News

What deteriorating municipal infrastructure means for residential estates

Not a day goes by without one hearing of some municipal crisis somewhere in the country. These range from banal but extremely annoying stories of billing crises, lack of budgetary control and bloated bureaucracies to the horror story unfolding in Emfuleni, where total collapse of the municipality as a functional entity has unleashed a tsunami of raw sewage flowing unabated along the streets and through the buildings, as it makes its way to the nearest river.

Uniciti 4 1 - Developer News

UNICITI: a vision for education on the west coast of Mauritius

The Medine group, a century-old key player in the local sugar industry with a land bank of over 10,000 hectares, launched its Education Village in 2012 in the region of Pierrefonds as part of its diversification strategy. This campus has been designed to host a selective cast of world-class and internationally recognised institutions across different fields of study.

CitiQ 2 1 - Developer News

Simple, transparent utility metering can be a differentiator for developers

In a worryingly flat property market, developers are facing an ever-growing challenge to find value-adds to help them move units.

Sustainable 1 - Developer News

Investing in a sustainable future

We’ve come a long way since Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth documentary in 2006. Although not the first we’d heard of climate change and the effects of globalisation, it was an eye-opener for many and it sparked fierce debate. Things that were only spoken of then are now becoming reality, and we probably all understand the severity of global climate change, and what this means for future generations. 

santam - Developer News

Building Retirement Communities

People aren’t retiring like they used to. Instead, many are working longer out of necessity or from a desire to remain vital and engaged.

Untitled design 10 - Developer News

Keep it Clean

Probably one of the most difficult issues facing estate managers is waste management. It’s a truly Sisyphean endeavour – just...

h rV01xw - Developer News

Fire Risk Management for Estates

Every time we hear stories of veld fires, we are alerted to the very real danger to our homes of...

DSC5516 2 - Developer News

The Next Chapter

ARC (Association for Residential Community), proactively supports Homeowners Associations and Bodies Corporate, their management teams and trustees, to establish, maintain...

AdobeStock 210044505 - Developer News

Evergreen Sitari

A recently concluded joint venture between Evergreen Retirement Holdings and the Uvest Property Group will see the development of Evergreen...

bamboo 1 1 - Developer News


Bamboo is one of the world’s oldest natural building materials. In Asia and South America, where it occurs naturally, it’s...

chalk tray - Developer News

Builders DIY: How to Make a DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray

In this video we show you how to make a DIY chalkboard serving tray that's cute and easy to make....

insecticides - Developer News

How Do Insecticides Work

In this video Tanya Visser talks about the different types of insecticides and how to use them. Insecticides are ideal...

water crystals - Developer News

Using Water Crystals For Your Plants

The Efekto water-wise crystals is a polymer which attracts water and it's completely biodegradable and non-toxic. This means it's safe...

fired earth woodworks - Developer News

How To Use Fired Earth Woodworks

Fired Earth Woodworks is a water based wood stainer and sealer that's perfect for interior and exterior use. It has...

protect - Developer News

Protect your walls with Fired Earth Breakthrough 5-in-1

One paint with five applications. It's a world-first in paint technology. View product and shop online with Builders. {{ vc_btn:...

ceiling - Developer News

Builders DIY: Paint your ceiling with Fired Earth Ceiling Paint

It applies pink and dries white - so you'll never miss a spot again. View product and shop online with...

wall - Developer News

Builders DIY: Geometric feature wall

Transform a bland white space into a stunning feature wall in a snap with this short and sweet DIY video!...

students one - Developer News

Breaking Ground with Cape Town student accommodation at the right price

'Our upcoming studio units in Obs are ideal for first-time investors’ – Rawson Developers’s Brad Morgan Smaller units geared to...

New jozi featured - Developer News

New jozi developments may have to include affordable housing

Johannesburg’s proposed new housing policy, which recognises the need for developments to yield a profit, may turn out to be...

Meets style featured - Developer News

Lifestyle meets style La Balise Marina

There are so many reasons to invest in Mauritius, and even more reasons to live in Mauritius – for at...

Trending small featured - Developer News

Trending small

Is bigger always better? Not always – and especially not if you want the convenience of living close to your...

Why estates should join featured - Developer News

Why estates should join association of residential communities and estate living partnership

The Association of Residential Communities (ARC) has been in existence for over 10 years, with 11 founder members, 10 chapters...

If you build it featured - Developer News

If you build it, they will come – or will they?

So, you’ve gazed upon your ‘fields of corn’ … you’ve dreamt, you’ve designed and you’ve built. Now what? Do you...

Pecanwood Estate 1952 - Developer News

Best practice transition

A development is not a residential estate – it’s a place with houses in a greater or lesser stage of...

Green featured 1 - Developer News

Going green is profitable

It’s good business to protect natural areas within your housing estate, not only because they make it a nicer living...

Landscape featured - Developer News

Landscape construction

Brand image is everything. We understand the importance of this, which is why we ensure that your image reflects perfection...

Security featured - Developer News

Security and beyond security

A professional security presence with 24/7 staffed access is a given, but sometimes a developer needs to add an extra loss...

Fibre featured - Developer News

Fibre is the digital differentiator but what is the cost to you?

As a developer, you are already adding fibre to new properties; in fact, you may very well be retrofitting it...

Mobile next gen featured - Developer News

Mobile’s next generation

As providers prepare to roll out 5G mobile technology, what does this mean for us? A generation ago, mobile video...

Battle of the brands featured - Developer News

The battle of the brands

There are people who get a thrill out of picking out new furniture and appliances when they move house –...

Mixed use featured - Developer News

Getting the retail mix right in mixed-use developments

Gone are the days when developers took a shot in the dark choosing retail tenants, with some white elephants that...

Selling your development featured - Developer News

Selling your development estate agent vs sales team

Your development is ready for sales, and you need widespread marketing to reach as many potential buyers as possible, followed by a flawless sales process. What is the best way – a dedicated sales team, or an estate agency?

Sweet spot featured - Developer News

Sweet spot

The beautiful plantations of sugar cane that are such an intrinsic part of the landscape of the KZN North Coast...

shutterstock 630702011 - Developer News

Urban regeneration vs gentrification

Rejuvenating inner-city neighbourhoods can be an uplifting, progressive and profitable enterprise, but it’s not as simple as that. There is...

Dem bones featured - Developer News

Dem bones

You’ve probably heard all the hype about Maropeng and the Cradle of Humankind, but there is a lot more to it than the tourism marketers make out.

BuildingWell - Developer News

Building well for living well

In an urban world where we are increasingly paying attention to our physical and mental health needs, the buildings that...

hammer 802298 960 720 - Developer News

Work hard, work fair, nobody hurt

Author: T van Staden – attorney specialising in health and safety legal compliance Construction is a hazardous endeavour, so here’s how…

Kitchen Stand 2 - Developer News

Builders DIY: DIY Kitchen Stand

Andrew Donkin and Builders Warehouse show you how to build your own DIY kitchen Stand.

build kitchen - Developer News

Builders DIY: How to build a Kitchen

Creating a kitchen with off-the-shelf units not only makes building your kitchen a breeze, but is really affordable too.

JNCS EVENT - Developer News

JNCS Beyond Security presents the future of proactive estate security

Come and join Estate Living at JNCS Beyond Security’s highly informative presentation on the Future of proactive Estate Security at…

featured 11 - Developer News


Security is top of mind for people looking for a retirement village, so cutting edge security systems such as CCTV…

Characteristics 02 - Developer News

Wireless – the 5G vision

Mobile and wireless data are expected to increase a thousandfold over the next decade as more than 50 billion devices,…

Enforce  - Developer News

Dynamic security solutions with Enforce Security Excellerate Services’

Central to any estate security product offering should be the understanding that estate security is not only about keeping the…

Security - Developer News

Smart City: Security adds value to estates

State-of-the-art security is a natural expectation in any upmarket development, and the more unobtrusive it is the better. Estates with…

image13 - Developer News

Treasure in the cellar

Perspectives change, and that’s just one of the reasons you need to keep an open mind. This whole management-speak gobbledygook…

Views 2 - Developer News

Open up your Views

If there’s one strong design feature that defines homes in a modern estate, it has to be expansive, frameless glass…

Semigration - Developer News

A new semigration destination

The Western Cape may be the primary destination for inlanders seeking a coastal lifestyle, but soaring property prices in the province, and Cape Town in particular, have made potential home buyers turn their focus to the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) North and South coasts.

park Square render 4 - Developer News

Iconic Park Square set to change uMhlanga Ridge

PARK SQUARE TO BENEFIT COMMUNITIES AND INVESTORS IN THRIVING UMHLANGA RIDGE uMhlanga’s most significant new commercial and retail development is…

Enigna Signature Shot1  - Developer News

Enigma Private Estate in KZN sets new records

Having launched 9 months ago, Enigma Private Estate in KwaZulu-Natal has had a positive response, so positive that this new…

Characteristics 02 - Developer News

Wireless – the 5G vision

Mobile and wireless data are expected to increase a thousandfold over the next decade as more than 50 billion devices,…

Water 02 - Developer News

Water and Real Estate – Making the Connection

For decades, residential real estate developers and managers have worked within a given set of relationships between themselves, the municipality…

clarens golf estate 5691online - Developer News

Occupational health and safety act (OHS)

At a recent health and safety workshop, the question of contractor responsibility was raised in cases where the homeowners’ association…

zz - Developer News

How will we live in 2025?

As early as 2025 homes could look vastly different. By 2020, UberAir plans to run air taxis in at least…

Road Safety 01 - Developer News

Regulation of roads in secure estates

Over the past couple of decades, the number of secure estates in South Africa, both residential and commercial/ industrial, has…

Life Right 01 - Developer News

Seeing value in the Life Right model

One of the biggest business surprises in the latter half of 2017 was PSG’s investment of R 675 million in…

Sibaya Coastal Precinct 01 - Developer News

Sibaya Coastal Precinct: What’s on the cards for 2018

The 1 000 hectare Sibaya Coastal Precinct on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast is well on its way to realising its vision…

Business Person of the Year Giuseppe Plumari CEO Steyn City Properties centre - Developer News

Steyn City Properties CEO named Business Person of the Year

Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties, has been named Business Person of the Year at the Nedbank Business Excellence…

shutterstock 164103137 - Developer News

FTTX Conference 2017 – Cape Town ICC: 3 – 5 October 2017 

Under the patronage of Dr Siyabonga Cwele, Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Dr Andile Ngcaba, President FTTX Council Africa, the CEO Juanita Clark and other…

DSC 4105 - Developer News

What makes a modern home better?

Two words define modern lifestyles – mobility and flexibility. Building a contemporary home or home office, therefore, has become all…

Borehole 02 - Developer News

More estates and homeowners are ‘getting off the grid’. Drilling a borehole is a good start.

The world is clearly getting warmer – 2016 was recorded as the hottest year since records have been kept, and…

CapeTown 02 - Developer News

Cape Town’s signature urban spaces

Ten years ago, a desirable lifestyle would probably have been to own a modest house in the suburbs with a…

Propertuity 01 - Developer News

Propertuity: Bringing Durban’s grande dames back to life

With land at a premium and in short supply wherever in South Africa you may be, property developers are now…

Impact zone 01 - Developer News

Impact Zone

The forecast warned that an extreme cold front was to hit the Western Cape that night. Emergency services were preparing…

Century property 01 - Developer News

Century Property Developments: One size for all

The residential property market, just like any other market today, continues to evolve, and one developer is fast off the…

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Paradise Gardens Block C 3 olceecdsbcxbhra28sohl493x0iebwjfxxsovnfp4w - Developer News

Paradise Gardens

This new project evolves into an exclusive development with direct access to all the contemporary urban amenities such as educational institutions, shopping centers, luxury restaurants and hotel resorts a mere 5 minutes from the historic city center. 


Viewpoint Hills Villa Type 2 2 olcg3paig0x5de5hybhrcmubwi2ysm4npmvqnwgiyo - Developer News

Viewpoint Hills

At an idyllic and tranquil location of distinct natural beauty in Peyia (Pafos District), overlooking the breath-taking west coast of the city, Aristo Developers has completed the design and proceeds to the development of another outstanding project.


Elite Residences Plot 307 2 1 olchb6bsj6fkc5073lzl65wsz1t3snpqot36pm016o - Developer News

Elite Residences

The Elite Residences at the Venus Rock golf resort in Pafos are designed to set a new precedent for luxury living in Cyprus. These state-of-the-art villas are defined by their unique and superior quality, offering sweeping views of the Secret Valley golf course and the alluring waters of the Mediterranean.


unnamed 1 olardrqcu8jljdca9fros8vz609i8o4oi9x8qdk934 - Developer News

Schonenberg Retirement Village

Welcome to the Schonenberg Estate where you can live, relax and walk safely out of your home in a secure landscaped environment surrounded by natural beauty. Designed for people of all ages and from all walks of life, who have been yearning for a return to an almost-forgotten lifestyle without compromising all the conveniences of modern living.


CAL 2 ojyg3kvrvsfrzxy25lyb87wqrjmyx94uut2woe8vls - Developer News

The Seaton

From country to coast, Seaton presents a diverse lifestyle across 411 hectares of KwaZulu-Natal’s prime North Coast land. Boasting integrated living, this estate is home to world-class equestrian opportunities, exquisite beach residences, generous retirement offerings, retail and markets, offices as well as direct access to private schooling.


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Estate Mate

EstateMate is a modern paperless solution to connect your community. Simplify the management duties and improve communication within your community by using our mobile solution. Make your life easier with EstateMate.

0 - Developer News

BMI Group

At BMI we supply complete systems to provide fully integrated solutions. BMI Group is the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout Europe with a significant presence in parts of Asia and Africa.

0 - Developer News

Aristo Developers

With over 250 projects island wide and 50 new projects currently in the market, Aristo Developers is one of the most dynamic and credible Cyprus property developer companies. Aristo Developers is one of the largest Property Developing companies in Cyprus, as well as the largest private land owner on the island with more than 30 years of extensive experience in the construction and Real Estate sector.

0 - Developer News


The REDi Digital Product Suite provides property developers and their teams with the technology to increase sales and reduce risk. We aim to simplify yet enhance the procedures of developers and developments that demand an accurate and real-time sales management process and state-of-the-art marketing material and tools.


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