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CSOS Updates & Levy Tips with Chief Ombud & Estate Living CEO

< 1 min read Dive into the latest insights with Louise Martin, CEO of Estate Living, and Thembelihle Mbatha, ( Acting ) Chief Ombud from CSOS, as they unpack the freshest updates on CSOS’s mandate and the crucial details on levy collections.

16 Steps to Understanding Community Schemes and Estate Living in South Africa

5 min read Louise Martin, CEO of Estate Living, aptly states: ‘Living in a community scheme can foster a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, enhancing the quality of life for all residents.’


Understanding CSOS: A guide for homeowners and property managers

3 min read Estate Living was delighted to meet with the Acting Chief Ombud of the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS), Thembelihle Mbatha, to spend some time discussing the key issues that CSOS is focusing on right now.

Estate Living Kwazulu Natal Property Development, Management and Investment Event

2 min read Join Estate Living and our expert speakers as we discuss key topics like water resources and infrastructure, security, technology, financing solutions and property requirements for the next generation of investors.

Exploring South Africa’s Two-Pot Retirement System

3 min read South Africa is set to introduce a two-pot retirement savings system designed to preserve and safeguard pension savings but there are doubts about whether it can work

Should you take your car abroad?

3 min read Many people end up selling their vehicle way below what it’s worth just to get rid of it before moving abroad, thinking it’s too much hassle to ship it over.

Pay your rental deposit with bitcoin

2 min read In May this year we explored whether banks would accept bitcoin as deposits when people applied for home loans. Sadly, banks are nowhere near accepting cryptocurrency.

Spotlight on security

3 min read Technological advances in the security field, specifically involving the use of drones, are changing the approach to safeguarding industrial properties and agricultural concerns.

Three ways an estate manager can improve relationships with the local municipality

3 min read As your estate’s most important external stakeholder the local municipality holds huge sway, so developing and maintaining good relationships with them is imperative.

Essential questions to ask before buying into an estate

2 min read Before purchasing a home in any community housing scheme that is governed by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), prospective buyers must make sure they understand all the rules and regulations as well as the financial implications of their decision.

Empowering Communities

2 min read In the intricate landscape of communal housing development, effective infrastructure management serves as the bedrock of resilience.

Local N lekka

4 min read New Kingswood resident Dr Dané van den Berg is a long-time George local who recently returned to the town where her parents and grandparents still live, and where she now shares her extensive healthcare experience with patients young and old.

Four tips to safeguard your estate from vandalism

2 min read Picture this: a pristine neighbourhood, its streets lined with elegant homes and lush greenery, suddenly marred by graffiti scrawled across walls, shattered windows, and defaced public spaces.


4 min read This interview with legendary birding expert, educator and author Peter Ginn is complemented by input from resident wildlife fundi Adrie Conradie – enjoy the flight!

Mastering the Rental Journey

2 min read As the dynamics of property ownership evolve, the surge in demand for rental accommodations prompts both tenants and homeowners to tread the rental path with utmost care and thoroughness.


5 min read When perusing weekly newsletters disseminated by the able team at Kingswood Golf Operations, it’s clear that there truly is an event included in the monthly lineup for every skills level and preference.


4 min read A brief sit-down with Kingswood greenkeeper Ivan van Heerden is of the essence when wanting to know how it’s really going on the golf course.


4 min read The Kingswood Estate plant list has been meticulously curated to pinpoint precisely what thrives in Kingswood gardens.

Meet the team

3 min read Jolene Smit joined the Kingswood HOA fray in April, so here’s a nutshell introduction to this able lady responsible for keeping good relations all round.


3 min read The BUZZard was again fortunate to score an audience with Willem Scholtz on matters related to the grand security plan currently being rolled out at Kingswood Golf Estate.

Kingswood Community Centre/Clubhouse Project celebrated in street-party style and with OFFICIAL APLOMB

4 min read After nearly two decades of envisioning such a facility, the Kingswood Community Centre/Clubhouse (CC/C) Project is now a reality.

Know the law when procuring vendors for your residential scheme

3 min read To protect your financial interests and your investment, you’ve volunteered to be chairman of your body corporate or homeowners’ association. As the person in charge, you’re now navigating things like cleaning, greening, security and a host of other issues. When it comes to handling the vendor procurement process, understanding the law will help you avoid any pitfalls.

Pezula Golf Estate – Nestled in Knysna

< 1 min read Introducing Pezula Golf Estate – where opulence meets eco-consciousness on the stunning Cape Coast.

How to start a career in estate management

3 min read With 3,000 Homeowners Associations in South Africa, 56 000 Sectional Title Schemes and 1.9 million homes established in organised communities, there are many opportunities to find work in the property and estate management sector.

3 Simple ways we can recycle more and send less to landfill

3 min read Probably one of the most difficult and time-consuming issues facing estate managers and residents of estates is waste management. It’s so easy to throw items and food away in the general waste bin and forget about it.

What are the costs involved in buying or selling a property?

2 min read Be fully aware of all the costs involved when buying or selling a property. We asked real estate partners at the Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate in Bloemfontein to share some expertise on the purchase costs – Apart from the purchase price of the property, buyers will also be responsible for the following costs:

Tips for buying a first home or a new home for the self-employed

3 min read At Estate Living one of us is in the process of finding our first home, and the other, a new home – all within an estate, naturally!

Nine key things to know when moving to Mauritius

4 min read This year presents an optimal window to relocate to Mauritius. Experience political stability, a booming economy, and a tax-friendly haven for investors and remote workers.

Podcast: Here’s What You Need to Know About Retirement Villages and Estates

< 1 min read Explore the benefits, operations, and trends in retirement living for individuals over 50. Discover why retirement communities are gaining popularity and how they can enhance your golden years.

Family Community Living – Closing the Gap

3 min read These days your age is not as relevant as your lifestyle, and the concept of retirement estates is changing to accommodate changing needs.

Estates of Play – Final Part

3 min read Aside from the granular detail, and as I have said before, the overarching role for me, for an HOA, has always been as an asset manager.

Items that could bottleneck your WiFi at home

2 min read Identifying potential bottlenecks to your WiFi network, so that you can eliminate them and get back to enjoying fast speeds.

Connect with the world – Hosting

2 min read With Afrihost, building your online presence is quick, easy and affordable

Solo studios 2024 crowns Riebeek Valley as art and culture hub

2 min read Get ready for a weekend of artistic immersion and cultural celebration at Solo Studios 2024, lighting up Riebeek Kasteel on Women’s Day weekend, from Friday, 9th to Sunday, 11th August. In its eighth year, this intimate art encounter promises an array of delights, set against the stunning backdrop of the Riebeek Valley, just a stone’s throw away from Cape Town.

The Digital Crusaders: Generation Z property investment trends

2 min read Generation Z, born into the digital age, is revolutionizing the way property investments are made.

Meeting Generation Z’s Digital, Environmental, and Social Requirements in Property Development

3 min read As the real estate landscape evolves, it’s crucial for property developers and managers to adapt to the changing preferences and demands of Generation Z. This report from Estate Living outlines strategies to cater to Gen Z’s digital, environmental, and social requirements in property development.

Pick n Pay Wine & Food Festival 

2 min read Make the most of the sunny autumn weather and taste some of South Africa’s finest wines with delicious food at the Pick n Pay Wine & Food Festival this April.

5 Tips to cut spend in your home

3 min read Winter can be a depressing time of the year as we often must face cold temperatures and rising costs as we try to keep our homes. This year is going to be particularly tough as South Africa and most of the rest of the world endures a cost-of-living crisis, due in part to the conflict in Ukraine.

We take a scenic look at Preekstoel Beach Estate’s unparalleled natural beauty

2 min read When looking for a beach lifestyle estate, proximity to the beach is a major contributing factor as to whether or not to invest in a beach estate. In this article, we look at Preekstoel Beach Estate’s incredible surroundings with its majestic mountains in the background, beautiful nature reserves, and pristine beaches.

Do restaurants make residential estates more attractive?

4 min read Restaurants are one of the increasingly common and popular features on residential estates. Some, like Nooitgedacht Village in Stellenbosch, want to have multiple facilities on site when it comes to foodie pleasures. So, besides restaurants they want to add a deli and coffee shop, for example.

Don’t let the taps run dry in your community housing scheme

3 min read Community Housing Schemes should as a matter of urgency be making sure that they have a secure water supply system that is independent of the municipal infrastructure. 

The Drone as a Management Tool in

4 min read The utilisation of drones with multispectral capabilities thus exemplifies a technologically driven approach to estate management, promoting the sustainability and vibrancy of the natural environment.

Smart towns combat load shedding by becoming Eskom-proof

3 min read In the face of South Africa’s persistent load shedding crisis, small towns across the country are pioneering solutions to liberate themselves from dependence on Eskom, our only national power supplier.

Community Scheme living has become first choice for SA home buyers

3 min read Community Scheme sales now comprise more than half of all property sales in South Africa, with price growth for this type of asset exceeding that of freehold properties for the first time in two decades.

Estate Living Property Development, Management and Investment Event

2 min read Join Estate Living and our expert speakers as we discuss key topics like water resources and infrastructure, security, technology, financing solutions and property requirements for the next generation of investors.

Guidelines for Architectural and Design Policies

11 min read Residential community associations play a pivotal role in maintaining the aesthetic quality and value of neighbourhoods in South Africa. Architectural and design standards form the foundation of these efforts, ensuring that properties are developed, renovated, and maintained in a manner that enhances the community’s overall visual appeal and property value.

Estate Living Mauritius Roadshow Recap

< 1 min read Estate Living was very pleased to host the Mauritius Roadshow in partnership with Bijou Résidence, Harcourts Offshore and Ariston Capital. This exclusive event ran from 12 – 14 March 2024 and offered investors a taste of the Mauritian lifestyle and all its rewards.


2 min read The trends within medical development projects range from virtual healthcare, proactive healthcare approaches, and preventative care to frail care centres in and around residential areas.

Dealing with parking issues

3 min read Having more vehicles than available parking space on communal living grounds is the norm worldwide, and this dearth invariably creates challenges for estate management. The problem is exacerbated when residents ignore the rules in place by parking on common property or using visitors’ bays.

Property Development and Section 12J

3 min read The Section 12J tax allowance has introduced an exciting new asset class that has attracted over R6 billion within a very short period of time. Let’s explore how this can benefit developers.

7 Exceptional residential estates to look out for in 2024

4 min read When it comes to buying a home, personal choice shapes the decision-making process. Estate Living’s CEO, Louise Martin, handpicked these luxury estates to showcase a spectrum of options that provide distinct property, Lifestyle, and environment options catering to families, retirees, and investors.

Estates of Play – Part 3

3 min read Advertisement


2 min read Welcome to the March 2024 edition of Estate Living magazine, where we delve into the world of community living.

Your Logistics Partner for Property Development

2 min read We understand that managing the delivery of materials and fixtures from suppliers to construction sites is crucial.

Efficient Delivery Solutions for Business Owners

3 min read We understand that delivering products to customers efficiently and on time is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The West

3 min read Located in the heart of The West of the island, the smart city of the Medine Group captivates with the beauty of its surroundings

You have mail

3 min read I remember the days of taking my mini grey postbox key, looking for my postbox number among all the little labelled blue boxes neatly lined up in the basement parking of the local mall, and being exceptionally excited to receive a slip telling me that there was something for me to collect in the post office. What could it be?

Moving to a Retirement Community

2 min read You’re deep into the empty nest syndrome, with two, three or maybe even four empty bedrooms in your big house, and you want to move somewhere smaller, more manageable.

Squaring is Caring

9 min read Boredom is a killer. Ask any preschool teacher or any retirement facility manager and they’ll tell you that the worst thing they can do is let their charges get bored.

Garlicke & Bousfield’s blueprint to success

3 min read Garlicke & Bousfield is a well-known law firm in South Africa. Founded in 1875, it is one of the oldest law firms in the country and has established a reputation for providing high-quality legal services to its clients.

Transforming green waste into Gold

4 min read These heaps of garbage at the corners of the stone blocks, these tumbrils of mire jolting through the streets at night, these horrid scavengers’ carts, these fetid streams of subterranean slime which the pavement hides from you, do you know what all this is?

All aboard- The AI Rocket

4 min read Artificial Intelligence is the new rave investment trend, and at the forefront of this sector stands NVIDIA Corporation.

Zapping Around

4 min read According to Johlene Wasserman, a community scheme specialist from JW Consultancy, the answer largely depends on the rules established by most members within the estate.

Bitcoin adoption in South Cape

4 min read Spearheaded by a couple of ambitious initiatives, such as Bitcoin Ekasi, Bitcoin Ubuntu, and Bitcoin Witsand, the South Cape is set to develop into a pioneering hub for decentralised finance in Africa.

Pezula Golf Estate – The Cape Coast’s Best Address

3 min read Pezula Golf Estate – The course offers spectacular views, undulating greens and a variety of holes that provide a challenging round for golfers of all skill levels.

How to finance going off grid

3 min read After more than a decade of load shedding, more South Africans are looking at off grid solutions that allow them to carry on with their daily lives. Alternative power comes with a hefty price tag though, but some banks are now offering a range of funding options to lessen the financial blow. We look at what these are and if they really are worth it. 

AirMobile by Afrihost

3 min read AirMobile is an MVNO – a wireless and virtual network operator with which you can have a registered number, buy airtime, make calls etc.

Pure VoIP by Afrihost

2 min read Ditch the old landline and make affordable voice calls to anywhere in the world with Pure VoIP.

Estate Living Expands Market Dominance with Estate Life Publishing Acquisition

2 min read Estate Living – South Africa’s foremost authority on community schemes media and marketing, from new development financing and community management to information for investors and homeowners – proudly announces the strategic acquisition of Estate Life Publishing (Pty) Ltd., effective January 2024.

Demystifying the CSOS levy

3 min read The Community Schemes Ombud Service’s job is to foster harmonious living within community schemes and resolve disputes but there is still much confusion around how the CSOS levy works

Look before you leap into renting

3 min read With many property buying decisions having been delayed by rising interest rates over the past two years, the number of prospective tenants has, of course, increased, and thus also the competition for rental homes, but this does not mean that tenants should be any less thorough when checking out a property or the terms of a lease.

Can your children become victims of gaming fraud?

3 min read The global video game industry is thriving, but so too are video game scams. An increasing concern is how children are becoming targets of scammers while they’re innocently playing games and interacting with people online.

What do you need to know before downsizing your home?

3 min read A big home has its advantages, but what happens if that space becomes a burden. Perhaps the children have flown the nest, or you find yourself alone after a divorce? Perhaps you’re travelling more than you used to and are hardly at home.

Choosing a residential estate

3 min read There are so many fabulous residential estates from which to choose that you can be forgiven for feeling a tad overwhelmed. But, don’t be intimidated by the cornucopia of choice. Many of them will suit your needs, but some may be just perfect for you. It’s worth doing your homework.

Embark on an Elevated Lifestyle

2 min read In the exclusive world of luxury estates, Sungrow is poised to make a grand entrance with the upcoming arrival of its Residential Hybrid Three-Phase Inverters SH15T&SH25T. Expected to debut in South Africa by February 2024, this state-of-the-art product is not just a technological innovation, it’s a gateway to a new era of sophisticated smart living, perfectly tailored for the discerning readers of Estate Living.

Transforming Bellville with revitalisation of New Boston Centre

4 min read With the aim of contributing to revitalising the Bellville CBD, Brönn Properties, under the experienced guidance of Alewyn and Gerdus Brönn, embarked on an ambitious project to refurbish the New Boston Centre.

A New Era of Transport and Business Innovation

2 min read In the past few years, the sharing economy has emerged as a transformative force, particularly in the transport sector. This paradigm shift towards utilizing shared resources—like trucks and bakkies—is not just a trend but a strategic approach to achieving economic efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability.

Top 10 home and decor trends for 2024 and how to bring them home

5 min read As 2024 unfolds, the world of home and decor continues to witness dynamic shifts, embracing innovative ideas that redefine the way we approach interior design. From sustainable living to the resurgence of classic styles, the trends of 2024 offer a diverse palette for homeowners to draw inspiration from.

4 Things that will influence your property value in 2024

2 min read Every homeowner wants the best possible return when selling their property investment. Objectivity is often difficult though, because, unlike other investments, owners can have a financial and emotional stake in their property.

Common challenges of exclusive use being misinterpreted as ownership in sectional title schemes

2 min read Sectional title complexes frequently face challenges related to unauthorized alterations made to common property areas.

Expert Home Services Most in Demand in 2023

3 min read Data from leading South African online home services marketplace,, shows that South Africans are staying put in their homes and making smart investments with the help of experts. 


4 min read Despite the country’s economic woes and the somewhat lacklustre performance of the housing market, stock shortages are looming in many areas – and not only in those where ongoing semigration has led to a spike in demand.

Estate Living on Hot 102.7 FM

< 1 min read Estate Living had a business segment with Nzinga Qunta on HOT 102.7 FM. We discussed community schemes and shared insights.

The solar energy boom comes to holiday homes across South Africa

2 min read As South Africa’s rooftop solar capacity skyrocketed by *349% from March 2022 to June 2023, the country’s solar wave is now reaching popular holiday destinations as demand for integrating sustainable energy solutions into holiday homes grows, says Ross Mains-Sheard, Co-Founder and CEO of Versofy SOLAR.

Smoking in sectional title schemes

2 min read In South Africa, smoking tobacco products is governed and regulated by the Tobacco Products Control Act (TBCA), which regulates smoking in public places, among other functions, and is defined as “any indoor, enclosed or partially enclosed area which is open to the public”.

First buyers take ownership at KZN South Coast’s exciting new eco-estate development

3 min read Real estate on the KZN South Coast holds major potential for keen investors looking for a quality coastal property at unbeatable value for money. This is fast being realised as local and international buyers are investing in a number of catalytic property developments in the region.

Double digit price growth in Western Capes Coastal Towns

3 min read A surge in semigration since the pandemic has bolstered the coastal market, especially in the Western Cape’s where towns like Plett where homes like this stunning designer Signal Hill Home are being snapped up by upcountry buyers.

New Year, New Rules

2 min read Over the Summer Holidays you have likely spent more time in your sectional title property than you do when you’re working your nine to five; either because you had the opportunity to relax in your sectional title home or because you got to escape the city and stay in your seaside holiday apartment.

Arrear Levy Funding: paving the way for financial stability and peace of mind

3 min read The current economic climate has taken a toll on people’s finances and mental well-being. Rising interest rates and increased cost of living left individuals struggling to make ends meet.

3 Property Management Trends for 2024 Scheme Executives must know about 

3 min read As a Scheme Executive, you carry the weighty responsibility of overseeing your sectional title community’s management and upkeep. The decisions you make shape everything from property values and growth potential to residents’ quality of life.

Which Fibre speed is right for you

2 min read Fibre is up to 25 times faster than the fastest ADSL. But which Fibre speed is right for you? Today we’ll give you a quick overview of what the different fibre line speeds are capable of.

Fun Fibre Facts

2 min read These days it is nearly impossible to live without an Internet connection. And there is a good reason for that! Almost everything we do is online-based or is linked to some online task.

SA property market set for big rebound in 2024

4 min read The local property market will see a resurgence in 2024 predicts Renier Kriek, Managing Director at Sentinel Homes.

Sungrow’s Innovative Home Energy Solution System Redefines Luxury Living in 2024

2 min read As we prepare to embrace the promising dawn of 2024, Sungrow, the trailblazer in smart energy solutions, is delighted to introduce its groundbreaking 3 Phase Home Energy Solution System.

Collective property buying

3 min read Traditionally, mortgage applicants consisted of two people (whether married or otherwise), but now banks are launching lending solutions that enable groups of people to buy a house together.

Property stokvels

3 min read Stokvels are pooled savings schemes with several members who are obliged to contribute a set amount on a monthly basis. Traditionally, each member receives a hearty payout based on a predetermined rotation.

“The Living Relay: Navigating Financial Independence and Generational Momentum”

2 min read In the captivating reel of life, each frame captures a moment in our personal movie. From childhood innocence to the wisdom that accompanies age, life is an ever-evolving narrative. In this perpetual motion, we find ourselves navigating two distinctive but interconnected financial journeys: the pursuit of personal financial independence and the relay of assets across generations.

How to Choose a Moving Company

3 min read When it comes to selecting the perfect moving company for your home or office relocation, you may find yourself facing numerous questions.

New Year rituals for luck, love and laughter

6 min read While most of the serious New Year traditions are about effective practical strategies to ensure that you start the New Year with the best possible chances of health, happiness and success, there are some lovely traditions for bringing in some good old-fashioned luck. And some that are just silly, frivolous and fun. If you’re planning a New Year’s do for the estate, consider some of these (obviously, not all) and remember to play safe.

Fostering Harmony and Governance

6 min read The CSOS was established in terms of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act, 2011 (Act No 9 of 2011) to regulate the conduct of parties within community schemes.

Samsung Announces Global Launch of Bespoke Jet™ AI, the World’s First UL Verified AI-Powered Cordless Stick Vacuum

3 min read Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. recently announced the global launch of the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI, the company’s most powerful cordless stick vacuum yet with up to 280W of suction power, a self-emptying enhanced All-in-One Clean Station™ and artificial intelligence (AI)-based functionality.

Composting in small spaces

4 min read We tend to think of compost as a huge heap in an obscure corner of the garden – something that needs to be strenuously turned regularly, and that can generate enough heat to warm bathwater or possibly roast a chicken. Well, that is the traditional method, and it may well be the most biologically efficient way to compost, but there are much neater, smaller, more user-friendly options, some of which can even be used indoors.

Estate Living – Community Scheme Specialist

< 1 min read Estate Living is the leading resource within the residential community. It is a trusted source of information about living in a homeowner association or sectional title development.

Colour is also a spectrum

5 min read You’ve decided to bravely break away from purchasing a few cubic metres of ‘builder’s beige’ when it comes to painting or repainting. But, before you gaily decorate the frail care centre bright yellow because it’s cheerful, the restaurant red, because it increases appetite, and the spa blue, because it is said to be calming, be aware that it’s not that simple.

Own a piece of a vineyard

4 min read There’s more to offshore investing than money laundering and preserving mega wealth. It’s also about the lifestyle – sitting back with a glass of wine and your little piece of offshore paradise.

Round houses

5 min read From Transkei to Alaska, round houses have been the norm for centuries – more probably millennia. In fact, it was only with the (in some case quite strong) encouragement of missionaries that Christian converts started to build ‘civilised’ square houses in southern Africa.

Cooking with gas

3 min read Many serious cooks swear by gas hobs. They’re reliable, incredibly controllable, efficient, cost-efficient and – best of all – they work during load shedding, as long as you have a box of matches nearby. And you can’t beat the aesthetics of a gleaming stainless steel gas hob. But how safe is cooking with gas?

Edible cement

3 min read Food waste, if not composted, is one of the worst contributors to greenhouse gases, as it decomposes into methane. So Tokyo University’s new research into using food waste to make cement offers an innovative way to sequester all that carbon, and – perhaps – create some tasty buildings.

Facial recognition

6 min read Whether it’s unlocking your phone or accessing your banking app, facial recognition technology is everywhere. It’s a tool that is rapidly gaining popularity with banks, security companies, law enforcement, retailers and – of course – social media platforms. And, like every tool from a claw hammer to a chainsaw or a steamroller, this tool can be used constructively or destructively. Or, if not actually destructively, at least creepily.

How to make every place a happy place

3 min read The plethora of ‘information’ about how colour affects mood has had property managers considering painting their facilities green for calming, or orange to increase food sales. But the relationship between colour and mood is not an exact science, and one person’s happy colour may well make another person positively nauseous – at least when it comes to paint. But available evidence indicates that different coloured light can reliably affect a person’s state of mind.

What Steps can Durban South Coast Developers and Community Take to Secure Future Water Supply?

5 min read South Africa is facing a new reality. Major urban centres are under growing distress caused by failing water infrastructure. Two of our biggest water boards – Rand Water and Umgeni Water – are both intimately connected with this failure.

How to manage Halloween on a residential estate

3 min read Celebrating Halloween with trick or treating may be a relatively new concept in South Africa, but neighbourhoods in the US have been celebrating October 31st for decades. Part of Halloween’s charm is that it gives one, particularly children, the opportunity to dress up and canvas the neighbourhood looking for the infamous trick or treat.

How do you ship unusual things abroad?

3 min read Many people ship furniture, pets and other necessities abroad. But what is the best way to ship bigger items like caravans and boats? And is it worth it? We unpack the best tips to help make moving abroad that little bit easier and more efficient.


6 min read We continue our discussion with Fancourt’s, Gerhard Van Rooyen, Head Golf Course Superintendent, and Ryan Reid, Director of Sports and Recreation, who now joins the discussion.

Buying your first home

3 min read There is nothing more exciting – or daunting – than buying your first home. It’s a rite of passage, and also a passport to financial, emotional, social and family security. There are so many advantages to home ownership, but it’s a big step, so it’s worth planning carefully.

How do capital protection products work?

3 min read Capital protection products can offer South African retail investors a secure way to safeguard their investments while enabling them the ability to participate in financial markets

13sex Taxbreak promotes benefits for developers and investors alike

4 min read We’ve always known that the popular Section 12J had an expiry date, but we assumed (hoped) it would be extended. Well, it won’t be. So, if you want to take advantage of it, you had better move very, very fast to get in before the 30 June cut-off. But it’s not all bad news. While 12J is on the way out, Lucky 13sex is still around.

What are the pros and cons of joining Threads

3 min read Most of us are already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other platforms. But as if that’s not enough there’s a new social media platform in town.

The pros and cons of investing in residential property in the most sought-after offshore locations

3 min read For South African investors seeking to diversify their property portfolios, offshore residential investments in some of the most sought after locations, including Portugal, Mauritius, the United Kingdom (UK) and Spain, can offer a range of opportunities.

Empowering prosperity

3 min read In an era characterised by environmental challenges and an urgent need for sustainable solutions, the role of financial institutions in shaping a positive future cannot be overstated. To steer the country toward a brighter and more sustainable future, it is imperative for South Africa’s fund management companies demonstrate how they are actively investing in companies and funds that promote renewable and sustainable practices.

How to create a dog-friendly estate

3 min read Pets in estates and complexes always being a bone of contention (pun intended). However, a new trend is emerging where estates are embracing dog ownership and seeing the value in creating an estate that welcomes and provides amenities for owners and their dogs. 

Estate Living – 2023 Western Cape Property Development, Management, and Investment Event

< 1 min read Join Estate Living for the 2023 Western Cape Property Development, Management and Investment Event on the 19th of October at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town

What are the various schemes available for retirement? 

3 min read In recent years, the choices and options for purchasing in a retirement development have increased with many new estates and complexes coming on board, each offering very different options for retirees. It can be overwhelming, especially under the current economic circumstances, to figure out what suits you best and which is right for your pocket and your future.

Do you have to elect a chairperson in a body corporate?

2 min read Sometimes, the management rules of a body corporate would dictate who the chairperson must be. In this regard, it may be an independent person, or the developer, or the developer’s representative(s). It may even have to be a trustee from a specific component of the scheme, for example, the residential or commercial component in a mixed-use development.

Should you trade in your old phone for the iPhone 15?

3 min read Phone enthusiasts don’t have long to wait – every year Apple introduces the new iPhone (this time the iPhone 15) in September or October. The actual unveiling of the new device typically occurs in the month of September.

Will AI lead to a collaborative evolution or redundancy?

3 min read Many expect artificial intelligence to take over jobs, but AI is set to also boost the economy and if people adequately retrain and prepare they’re unlikely to lose their jobs.

What are the different solutions for renewable energy and how can they be financed?

3 min read Discover the various funding mechanisms and options for financing the adoption of renewable energy technologies in South African households.

5 Tips on passing the ‘Life in the UK Test’

3 min read The Life in the UK Test is an unavoidable exercise for many South African expats as it’s a necessary requirement for those who are applying for either British citizenship or settlement in the UK.

The importance of communities and facilities beyond a residential estate’s borders

3 min read Discover the significance of communities and facilities beyond residential estates in South Africa 

6 Hotel industry tricks to promote your Airbnb business

3 min read Discover the secrets of the hotel industry’s promotional prowess including brand storytelling, visual appear and influencer collaboration.

Are IKEA flat-pack houses viable in South Africa?

3 min read Prefab housing does not have a great track record as an affordable option in South Africa. So could IKEA-style flat-pack houses work here like they are in the UK?

FLISP subsidy buyers can now qualify for a home loan of up to R870,000.00

5 min read Good news for property buyers, but even better news for property developers and sellers. The affordability ceiling for first-time buyers who qualify for a FLISP subsidy has been increased from the previous average home loan amount of R 680,000.00 to R 870,000.

FLISP – Making homeownership a reality for lower income households

3 min read The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) offers an amazing opportunity for qualifying individuals to own their first property. It’s unfortunate that the details and implications of FLISP are not commonly known, and that there are some misconceptions about its process and value.

How to get the best bank account for your teenager 

3 min read As teenagers transition into young adulthood, it becomes essential for them to have a bank account that caters to their financial needs. A well-structured bank account not only allows teenagers to manage their money effectively but also helps them build responsible financial habits for the future.

What options do buyers have when it comes to new developments?

3 min read Amid house prices falling, interest rates rising, increased financial pressure on the average SA consumer and lack of electricity supply causing national havoc, developers remain optimistic about the property market as many beautiful developments are currently underway or nearing completion across the country.

Why has the Rand depreciated? 

2 min read The Rand has recently depreciated to its lowest levels and its events within our borders that are to blame. The Rand has always been erratic but recently it has depreciated so much that it’s caused concern among economists, policymakers and investors.

De Zalze – a walk in the winelands

3 min read Situated perfectly between the Blaauwklippen River and the Stellenbosch mountains, De Zalze Golf Estate offers guests and visitors a lifestyle like no other – where luxury, entertainment and comfort meet to bring you a slice of the good life. The future of the 300-hectare estate was secured when permission was granted in 1996 for its development on the three adjacent farms, Groote Zalze, Kleine Zalze and De Vleie.

Frequently Shouted Questions

5 min read Hasn’t this happened to all of us? We’ve walked into a store that sells telecommunications devices, armed with our credit card and the specials page from the newspaper, all set to purchase a device that we’re convinced will make our life easier. We’re met at the front of the store by a pimply-faced whippersnapper who rolls his eyes in boredom before we’ve asked a single question. He then tries to baffle us with science. He couldn’t care less about the customer, and by the end of the engagement you are enraged beyond reason.

How to plan a financially comfortable retirement

3 min read There are many South Africans that can’t afford a comfortable retirement. There are many reasons for this but one of the things that people tend to do is dip into their retirement pots too early (especially when changing jobs) and fail to preserve their retirement savings.

Are urban living aparthotels able to cater to digital nomads?

3 min read Aparthotels are rejuvenating cities while meeting the needs of the upcoming generation. Stylish designs and clever use of space offer comfort in a fraction of the area of traditional babyboomer dream homes.

Choosing the right relocation specialist

3 min read It’s imperative to select the right international relocation specialist to ensure a successful move abroad. Asking the right questions will enable you to choose a reliable and reputable company that can provide you with required services at a reasonable price.

Five of the best winter holiday destinations   

3 min read A list of the best holiday destinations for South Africans keen to get away in winter 2023. As winter looms, many South Africans start thinking of spending the July school holidays in warmer climates.

5 Ways of protecting yourself from Cyber-attacks while travelling

2 min read You can take protective measures to ensure you are not a victim of cyber criminals while you are travelling abroad.

How to become financially stronger

3 min read There have been many interest rate hikes and now with the other costs increasing it’s difficult to keep budgets in check. Here we offer tips on how to make yourself financially resilient.

Directing an estate – how hard is it? 

2 min read Directing an estate may seem like a daunting task, but it can be done with the right mindset and preparation.

Rules and regulations

3 min read If you are living in a residential estate, you probably know that there are a host of rules to which you have to adhere. Most of these you will find quite reasonable, and probably appreciate how they protect you from minor (and some major) nuisances. But you may find some a bit onerous so, if you are thinking of moving to, or buying into, an estate, make sure you know the rules before you sign on the dotted line.

ARC and the Industry’s Digital Transformation

3 min read The residential community industry in South Africa is facing significant challenges as it grapples with the challenges of a growing population and increasing demand for better services and amenities.

10 Qualities of a Community Manager

4 min read It’s no surprise that the person who is acting as a representative of the brand should have strong people skills. The community manager, in many ways, is the face of a brand, and this person must be able to effectively communicate the message to the members, whether it be short form or long form.

Estate Living – Who We Are

< 1 min read The Estate Living platform focus on all the pillars of the property sector; from development, management, ownership, service providers and potential investors. Estate Living promotes community spirit and the value of the industry for all stakeholders.

Estate Living – Meet Our Publications

< 1 min read It’s inspiring to see how the residential estate industry is constantly adapting to the changing trends. #EstateLivingMagazine offers insight into community living in South Africa and abroad, reaching across the community to share up to date news, opportunities and best practices.

Don’t shy away from offshore investments in your living annuity

3 min read If you are a retiree with a living annuity or are close to retirement and looking at investing in a living annuity, you need to consider to what extent you should be invested offshore

We didn’t want to leave our pets behind

3 min read Emigrating is hard enough without facing the prospect of giving up the family cat or dog, so many people take them along. But it involves an awful lot of planning, and not inconsiderable expense. Three recent emigrants tell us how they did it – the challenges, the stresses, and – of course – the joy.

Should you buy to let on a residential estate?

3 min read Is buying an investment property on an estate a good idea? Buy-to-let is a form of investment where an individual purchases a property with the sole intention of renting it out to tenants. It has become increasingly popular with units in residential estates.  

Four ways you can appeal to teenagers on a residential estate

3 min read Residential estates are a great place to live for people of all ages, but sometimes teenagers can feel a little left out. This is especially true if the estate doesn’t offer amenities that cater to their age group. However, with a little bit of effort, residential estates can easily appeal to teenagers and make them feel more at home.

Has SARS exempted BCs and HOAs from income tax in South Africa?

< 1 min read In South Africa, Bodies Corporate (BCs) and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) may be eligible for income tax exemption if they meet certain criteria. However, not all BCs and HOAs are automatically exempt from income tax.

Top five things to check when moving into a residential estate

3 min read South Africa is home to an ever-increasing number of beautiful residential estates, each offering an unparalleled quality of life. If you’re considering buying a property in one, there are several things you should check before making your final decision.

Somerset Lifestyle & Retirement Village – Phase 6

2 min read After a year of exceptional sales in 2022 by the Westacre Development sales team The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village are proud to announce our much-anticipated launch of Phase 6 consisting of 43 life-right homes.

How long will the building industry suffer from supply chain issues?

3 min read Global supply chains have been disrupted by geopolitical instability, the pandemic, climate change, and a myriad of other reasons. Saint-Gobain experts give their view on when the building industry could see an end to it.

How do you effectively complain to the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud?

3 min read It’s been ten years since the Consumer Goods & Services Ombud (CGSO) was introduced. The CGSO gives ordinary South Africans the ability to turn to an independent industry body to help resolve disputes in the consumer goods and services sector.

Can you get a tax rebate for going solar?

3 min read In a bid to reduce the pressure on Eskom, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced a new tax incentive last month, to encourage South African homeowners to invest in clean electricity generation. As part of the new scheme, homeowners who install rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will get a tax rebate of up to 25%.

The future of estate security

3 min read There is no doubt that an increasingly pressing concern for homeowners, estate security and property managers is the continual increase in crime. Statistics released in the Governance, Public Safety and Justice Survey show that 983,000 households in South Africa experienced housebreaking incidences during 2021 and 2022.

What you need to know about Gap Cover

3 min read Gap cover is supposed to cover the deficit between your private healthcare professionals’ rates and what cover your medical aid rate covers. Usually, medical aid companies in South Africa at 100%, 200% and 300% but some specialists can charge far more.

Should you trust financial advice given on Tik Tok?

3 min read They call it FinTok (Financial TikTok). It refers to the world of online personal finance guidance offered by influencers and others happy to give it a go on TikTok for help and for financial advice too, particularly when it comes to the younger generation.

How homes can respond to your needs

3 min read Home automation is no longer a concept of the future or a novelty for the rich and famous; smart-home technology is now an expected feature in any new home. Homemation Solutions architect Warren Husband believes houses can be intelligent and secure when integrated.

Public versus private education in Australia

3 min read What are the differences between public schooling and private schooling in Australia. Our guide to the schooling system down under will help you decide which option is going to be best for your family

Will developers be able to qualify for load-shedding relief?

3 min read After 200 days of load shedding last year, and not a single day without power cuts since the beginning of 2023, South Africa’s Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) are barely surviving.

Can you buy a home in Italy for R19?

4 min read With property prices out of reach for many first-time buyers in South Africa the possibility of snapping up a home for €1 or approximately R19 (depending on currency fluctuations) may sound far-fetched. But this is a real possibility if you’re happy to consider a property in far flung Italy.

Eye of Africa Golf and Residential Estate

5 min read The Eye of Africa is ideally located in the South of Johannesburg, just 20 minutes from Sandton. The vision for the Eye of Africa Golf & Residential Estate is to create a vibrant recreational, social and community hub that will become the key destination and gathering space for Eye of Africa’s residential community. At Eye of Africa, the standard of living is only rivalled by the sense of community and facilities available to all residents

Living in Mauritius

3 min read Living in Mauritius is basically like living in paradise, but there is more to this lovely island than the beaches and luxury resorts. When I go overseas and tell people I am from Mauritius, they’re pretty envious that I get to wake up to white sandy beaches every day. Yet, there is so much more to Mauritius than what you see in the pages of travel brochures.

Wildlife Management Plan

4 min read The dynamics of a game population and the management of herd health and size can become quite complicated, especially in a unique setup such as Kingswood Golf Estate. It is therefore important to bear in mind that a set of basic principles, rather than a strict programme, should be followed to manage and maintain the wildlife population on the property.

Update on Telesto Tennis Centre

2 min read In the previous edition, readers of The BUZZard were introduced to Jonathan Hills – the developer of Telesto Clay Court Tennis Centre at Rooirivier. If you missed that story, the nutshell version is that the centre is being constructed over a number of phases, the first comprising the establishment of padel tennis and clay courts, a pro shop, and refreshment stop.


3 min read When the South African Landscapers Institute dished out their coveted SALI Awards this year, one Southern Cape-based company raked in a great many accolades for work done at some of the Garden Route’s most prestigious estates and golf courses.

Immigration Act

8 min read Employing a foreign national without a valid work permit is an offence and could result in managers or individual employers getting a possible fine or even imprisonment.

Dubai – The Middle East’s Beating Heart

2 min read Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and is undoubtedly the area’s beating heart. Established in the 18th century as a small fishing and pearl diving village, in 1822 it had a population of about a thousand people living in a wind-swept town (most buildings made of interwoven palm fronds known as barasti) surrounded by a crude mud wall.

Top interior colours for 2023 

2 min read Earlier this month, Plascon announced its second annual colour combination of the year, this time choosing a trio of related colours, specifically designed to capture simple joie de vivre and in doing so, reflect the mood of 2023. 

Guaranteed rental income make their way to South Africa 

2 min read A while ago, we wrote about rental guarantees, and how well they work for off plan purchases and how big they were in the United Kingdom.

How aquaponics could benefit your residential estate

3 min read Aquaponics is a burgeoning industry. It has revolutionised how we grow our own organic food and provided an alternative to many communities. People have introduced the practice of aquaponics into their own homes but, increasingly, it’s being adopted on an event grander scale.

Aurum Zimbali Lakes is built with the future in mind

< 1 min read Aurum Zimbali Lakes is located within the Zimbali Lakes development on the Durban North Coast in South Africa. Learn more about Aurum and meet the developer, Dean Young, and the professional teams who through calibration have developed the first Edge certified development within Zimbali Lakes. Aurum includes a number of renewable energy solution that will create enduring value of investors.

What should you do if your medical aid hikes up premiums?

3 min read Last month, Momentum, one of the country’s leading medical aid providers, announced that their premiums will be increasing by a whopping 6.4% increase from April 2023.

5 Inexpensive kind things you can do for your home and environment

2 min read Many religions teach us to be kind and to give to others. But there are other reasons why you should practice kindness. There are many reports that suggest kindness is ultimately good for your health – mentally and physically.

Catering to the competitive and non-competitive horse rider

3 min read Horse riding has become an increasingly popular sport in South Africa. This trend is partly due to the pandemic. People realised that they wanted more quality of life, a luxury life in the country and sports that complimented it.

Cuisine confidential

3 min read Owing to its geographic location and centuries of colonialism, Mauritians are highly diverse in ethnicity, culture, language and faith. Indo-Mauritians make up the bulk of the population, with significant Creole, Sino-Mauritian and Franco-Mauritian minorities.

Surprising things that can affect the value of your home

3 min read Many of us believe that investing in our homes by making renovations and changes can increase the property’s value. While that may be true some of the time there are changes and scenarios that could reduce a home’s value. If you want to boost the value of your home, adhere to these dos and don’ts.

Your guide to kids’ bikes

2 min read Kids’ bikes are all about having fun, making memories, and giving your child the kind of freedom only found on two wheels. It’s amazing to see your child ride for the first time, head out together on a family cruise, and watch them grow as a rider.

Cape Town vs Joburg: Which city should you live in?

3 min read According to data from Lightstone Property, Johannesburg and Cape Town are the most popular cities to relocate to. While coastal regions may still be in favour thanks to COVID-induced semigration, we look at the reasons why you might be tempted to move to either of these cities.

How to guarantee your paint guarantee

3 min read Guarantees are major selling points for coatings systems, especially when investing a substantial amount into a property portfolio. Plascon has high performance paint systems (primer, undercoat and topcoat) that are fit-for-purpose and designed specifically for the trade professionals, from architectural and construction teams through to estate facilities managers.

Why top quality paints are an investment worth making!

4 min read Mention the name ‘Plascon’ to do-it-yourself enthusiasts and paint contractors and the association is invariably one of uncompromised quality and performance, reflected in superior application intrinsics and exceptional durability. It’s a perception that is based strongly on reality, as evidenced by the superior spreading and obliteration capabilities exhibited by Plascon’s paint products, not to mention the longer anticipated lifecycle of the finished coating. And industry-leading guarantees!

Weighing up the investment value of South Africa’s most exciting new beachside estate

2 min read The new Preekstoel Beach Estate is considered not just a lifestyle investment but also an opportunity for a rental or capital return. This makes the sleepy seaside town of Stilbaai such a valuable investment option. From Stilbaai’s safety and security to its attractive beachside holidays, we address the increase in demand for properties to let, and look at Preekstoel Beach Estate’s value proposition.

Be wise when buying cars online

4 min read We can buy lots of things online. Traditionally these things have been books, CDs, small electronics gadgets and so on. However, now the market has changed and we can now buy cars and even vans online.

Say yes! To Seychelles

2 min read Pristine beaches meet unspoiled forests, and unique natural treasures range from the tiny Tiger Chameleon to giant Aldabra tortoises and the Coco de Mer nut found nowhere else on Earth.

4 Mistakes you could make if you don’t have a financial advisor

3 min read When it comes to managing our finances few of us can claim to be experts. However, some of us forge ahead and try to manage our money ourselves. Some do it as they believe they know what they’re doing and others do it because of some misguided belief that they are saving themselves money in fees.

Combining PV and energy storage

10 min read With more than 140 countries and regions committed to carbon neutrality, Huawei actively supports and participates in climate action while accelerating the adoption of green energy through continuous technological innovation, helping countries achieve their carbon neutral goals. In response to the environmental policies in Europe, Huawei continues to innovate and collaborate with local partners to provide clean energy for low-carbon development, enabling a smarter, greener, and better life for people in the region.

Should estates cater to work from home residents, or was WFH just a temporary fad?

3 min read With more people than ever working from home, the prospect of loneliness is ever increasing. So, how can estates cater to WFH residents and have any estates begun to do so while still facilitating the need for a ‘buzz’ of human companionship?

Rambling through wondrous walks

3 min read One of the most lavish indulgences of living on a lifestyle estate is the low-density living that often comes with the added perk of beautiful scenery. From rolling hills, dense forests, magnificent wine valleys and untouched coastal splendour, South African residential estates offer some of the most exquisite views and walking trails the world has to offer.

What Investments beat inflation?

4 min read Interest rates have gone up several times in the last few months as the Reserve Bank tries to minimize the impacts of inflation. The Reserve Bank meets six times a year to try and manage inflation, which in South Africa currently stands at 7.6%.

Estate Living Western Cape Property Developer Event

< 1 min read The Estate Living Western Cape Property Development and Investment Event, was a great success with over 100 delegate participating in the morning. The focus of the event is to create a platform where information and insight, affecting the property development and investment industry, can be shared for industry growth. Estate Living invites leaders within the relevant sectors to discuss innovation, opportunity and collaboration.

General Manager Position available at Simbithi Eco Estate

2 min read Simbithi Eco Estate (Simbithi), is a leading gated estate on the North Coast of KZN which is home to approximately 6500 residents, comprises a commercial business zone, Country Club, restaurants, and a golf course.

Shoot the birds!

3 min read Taking into account the burgeoning bevy of birders around the world, and more specifically bird clubs based at estates, two expert lensmen provide guidance to the wannabe nature photographers out there.

Is sustainable fashion in South Africa achievable

3 min read South Africa’s fashion and textile industry has suffered in recent years thanks to cheap imports from China and other emerging markets, but this is starting to change thanks to initiatives like Proudly South African and consumers realising the importance of supporting local talent.

How to choose the best colours for communal spaces

3 min read The decoration of restaurants, clubhouses and other shared, communal spaces on estates is often a pulling factor for guests. An attractive space is more likely to be used or hired more frequently. What’s more, the colours chosen for these spaces will have an effect on those who visit, making colour choice an important decision.

Downsizing your home? How to make your living space look larger with colour.

2 min read If your kids have flown the nest or you’re looking for a safer place to live, you’re probably considering downsizing. With all the appeals of downsizing — like saving money, reducing clutter and less maintenance —you may still be worried about your living spaces looking and feeling small. Luckily, there are tricks of the design trade that can make smaller rooms bigger.

Why developing in townships is the future

3 min read Building properties, especially upmarket ones, in townships has been an unattractive proposition for developers for many years. This is because crime, poverty and lack of affordability among potential homeowners has always been a concern in these areas.

Finding a job in the UK

3 min read Looking for a job abroad can be tough. Uncertainty on where to move and what career path to go down are challenges faced by many who move to the United Kingdom.

What is the UK’s Innovator visa?

2 min read The Innovator visa targets individuals who are looking to establish or invest in an original, unique business in the UK. However, these must be endorsed by a Home Office approved endorsing body, so is it the best option? And is it the key to kickstarting your business overseas? We unpack how the visa works and the pros and cons.

Careering ahead through COVID, one managed property at a time

3 min read Imagine starting a new division of a property management company, only for Covid to set in a little over a month later. That is exactly what happened when talented entrepreneur Chanet Muller took over the reins of Devmark Property Group’s property management arm.

A passion for teaching and impactful investments

3 min read Empowerment has always been at the centre of everything Tefelo does. She started her career as a high school teacher, teaching accountancy and economics. When a group of youngsters found themselves without a scheduled class or a teacher to teach them, Tefelo took these foundlings under her wing when no other teachers were interested in the additional burden.

A dynamic force behind South Africa’s digital infrastructure revolution

4 min read Having sat down with Juanita Clark to discuss the digital landscape in South Africa, it is clear that she is exactly the kind of person the country needs to galvanise us into an inclusive Fourth Industrial Revolution economy.

Beat load shedding with Huawei fusionsolar

4 min read Spanning 13 years, South Africans have lived with the spectre of load shedding, due to ageing and poorly maintained infrastructure. According to a report released by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in August, South Africa experienced 650 hours of load shedding in the first half of 2021, shedding an estimated 963GWh of energy. This represents 76% of the total load shedding experienced in 2020.

Clear Access Offering to Residential and Commercial Developers

2 min read Through our extensive range of connectivity products and services, Clear Access is able to meet the needs of developers across the spectrum.

Choosing a Fibre Provider – The Answer is Clear Access

3 min read People buying new homes will have certain expectations, and these include being able to enjoy the best of their modern city lifestyle.  

Xanadu Nature Estate, North West Province South Africa

< 1 min read Nestled in the Magaliesberg Mountain range, close to the Hartbeespoort Dam in the North West, Xanadu Nature Estate offers the perfect location for communal living in the tranquility of nature. Located within a 45 minutes drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, the estate is set on 240 hectares of beautiful indigenous bushveld, with a natural wetland, and is home to 280 different species of birds and many animals.

How to stay on top of your taxes

3 min read Many of us are guilty of leaving tax filing to the last minute. But there are plenty of easy habits you can adopt that will help you streamline the admin that comes with filing your tax return.

5 Best Ways To Advertise Your Estate On Social Media

2 min read Having a social media presence is a non-negotiable for any brand or business these days, and estates are no exception. The reality is that if you’re not on social media, you are losing out on selling the lifestyle elements and amenities of your estate to a captive audience – which leaves them wide open to your competitors. Effectively leveraging social media isn’t easy though.

How a bolder colour palette can change the face of a residential estate

3 min read A palette of vibrant shades is swaying contemporary developers to change their usual modus operandi when it comes to defining estate palettes; usually, this is to opt for beige, peach, white or grey. This bold change in approach is likely due to the effect of surrounding colour on our mental well-being.

Should property developers accept Bitcoin as legal tender?

3 min read The price of Bitcoin recently dropped below $20,000 (R318,366) – its lowest level since November 2020. It’s not only the most famous coin that’s lost some value as other digital currencies have seen their value reach zero.

What is rentvestment?

3 min read A strategy that gives you the ability to maintain the lifestyle you want, while allowing you to launch your investment trajectory, seems like a great way to start building a property portfolio.

Building your property portfolio

3 min read You’re fresh back from a magnificent holiday, and now the bug won’t stop biting: You’ve simply got to invest in Mauritius… if not relocating for good. But is this a sensible move, especially if deals may have to be clinched over a fair stretch of Indian Ocean?

Should South Africa continue converting commercial spaces into residential units?

3 min read South African developers have been converting unused commercial spaces into residential units for quite some time now. However, according to Joff van Reenen, founding partner and lead auctioneer of specialist real estate auction company High Street Auctions, things are becoming a real challenge for developers and city planners post pandemic.

How to deal with seasonal depression

3 min read Winter may not be everyone’s favourite time of year, but that’s not to say the colder days can’t be endured with a more positive outlook.

The pros and cons of investing in gold

4 min read A company in the United Kingdom called TallyMoney is understood to be the first employer in the country to pay their staff in gold rather than pounds and pence to help them stay ahead of inflation.

How to improve a bad reputation

3 min read We chat with reputational managers to get some tips and tricks to tackle a bad reputation. Know what makes a good reputation, and what doesn’t.

Let retirement be everything you dreamed it would be

5 min read Ageing and retirement can be considered a rite of passage, in the same way that graduating, getting your first job, or buying your first house are. But what makes retirement and ageing different is that they are about letting go, and many people let go reluctantly.

Approvals precipitated

3 min read Planning challenges are common for developers, but there are still things that the industry can do to ensure that approvals are attained more swiftly.

Do greener appliances help you save electricity and water?

3 min read There’s plenty of noise in the news about getting to ‘netzero’ by 2050. It’s effectively the world’s ambition to achieve a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it.

Styling, precision and luxury are the hallmarks of the new BMW 8 Series

2 min read The company offers its most discerning customers a unique variety of vehicles that combine exclusivity with superior driving experience. The new edition of the BMW 8 Series provides a particularly emotional boost for the brand’s current model offensive in the segment.

How to spot a charity scam

3 min read Fake fundraisers are the latest way in which fraudsters are conning victims out of their hard-earned cash. Scammers are using sophisticated technology, such as fake donation websites, to obtain people’s personal information and to fleece them out of their money.

What is gap insurance and why is it essential?

3 min read Gap insurance has become a necessary product for most South Africans who want to use private healthcare services. It can be a lifesaver for those who approach specialists who charge far more than is covered by standard medical schemes.

Colas SA Specialists in Road Construction and Maintenance

< 1 min read Colas South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a specialist manufacturer and applicator of bituminous binders and slurries for road surfacing. With a range of products and solutions developed for the maintance of residential estates roads and construction of new roads within developments. As leaders in the sector, they understand and address the needs of community living spaces.

4 Simple ways to keep weight down over winter

3 min read Winter is the perfect time for a break and embrace comfort dishes like stews. While we deserve it, winter weight gain can be a problem.

How to put first-time buyers at ease

3 min read Buying a property on a residential estate for the can be a minefield for the first-time buyer. They’re bound to ask a lot of questions of estate managers and other experts to put their mind at ease.

How to improve your credit score in the UK

3 min read If you emigrate to a place like the United Kingdom and haven’t lived there before, chances are you’ll be starting from scratch with your credit history.

Top winter holiday destinations in South Africa and surrounds

3 min read If you’re keen on a getaway to combat the winter blues, here’s our pick of some of the best local and SADC (South African Development and Economic Community) holiday destinations.

Disney+ launches in South Africa in May 2022

3 min read Streaming service Disney+ will launch in South Africa next month on the 18 May and is set to rival Netflix and DStv.

Estate Living – Everything you need to know about Community Living

< 1 min read Estate Living is a consortium of businesses that focusses on the value of residential community living within South Africa and abroad. Estate Living’s audience and subscribers consists of investors, community management, homeowners and residents, and property developers.

Adding a new coat of paint is very much a team effort

4 min read If you’re a construction professional who has been tasked with the exterior maintenance of a residential estate, here are a few things to consider before you set any painting work in motion…

The growth of the small town

3 min read Unconventional towns have suddenly become cool. Young buyers are finding properties in non-metro towns financially attractive. They want to take advantage of lower prices and enjoy the medium- to long-term growth that investing in property in these towns brings. What’s more, they’re also keen to benefit from the lifestyle that’s on offer – clean air, country living and a laid-back lifestyle.

Pet owners

3 min read Domestic animals must live by these rules In terms of the constitution of Kingswood Golf Estate’s Homeowners Association and its House Rules, as amended in February 2021, animals and their keepers are bound by a reasonable list of do’s and dont’s.

How will residential communities be affected by future corporate branding

3 min read Out of home (OOH) advertising (also referred to as outdoor advertising) is advertising that consumers may come across outside of their home. It includes billboards, posters and wallscapes.

How To Start A Business On An Estate In 2022

3 min read The pandemic has created a situation where more of us want to start our own business to continue to enjoy working from home (WFH). However, if you’re living on a residential estate, starting up your own business may be a bit more complicated a process. This is because there are often rules and regulations that you need to adhere to.

Servest Won Double Gold Awards At The University Of Pretoria

4 min read ‘SALI was created by a group of landscapers who believed that the true potential of the landscaping industry could be realised only if landscapers showed unity, produced excellent work and worked with professionalism and integrity,’ says Professor Susan Adendorff, Director of UP Facilities Management. ‘SALI and its members are associated with and represented by the South African Green Industries Council [SAGIC].’

5 Ways to protect a residential estate from fraudsters

3 min read Did you know that someone is defrauded online every 32 seconds? According to Sharon Knowles from Da Vinci Forensics, residential estates are prime pickings for scammers.  

Finding Affordable Ways To Pay For Tertiary Education Abroad

3 min read In January we reported how Johannesburg matriculant Sazi Bongwe secured admission to Harvard University. It was a well-deserved placement as Bongwe achieved nine distinctions in his final matric exams with an average of 95.9%. If you have similar visions of your child excelling and studying abroad then you may have to think about the affordability of it all. So, is it affordable? Here we look at the options.

Self-generated Electricity 101

3 min read Survival of our planet lies in alternatives to conventional energy generation, which relies on coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear technology. But when focussing on property developers, what proportion seriously considers solar power and other renewable energy sources as prevailing standard?

4 Things we waste money on when moving abroad

3 min read When you’re having a spring clean you tend to start off with the best of intentions. But the longer you take and delve into the things that have sentimental value the harder it is to let go of items you should really throw out.

How Makers Landing can help catapult your food business

3 min read Makers Landing is a food emporium with a twist. Situated at E Berth next to the new Cape Town Cruise Terminal at the V&A Waterfront, it is withing walking distance from the Silo District and a quick water taxi trip from the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Can you grow dagga in your backyard?

3 min read Cannabis is in the spotlight yet again as cultivation regulations are revised by South African lawmakers. For growers, possibilities to plant weed for personal and medicinal use seem legion. But will relaxed rules have a bearing on estate managers and residents, and what are sentiments on this practice within estate gardens?

Where to invest your extra cash

3 min read Do you suddenly have extra disposable income through perhaps no longer paying for things like school fees, student loans or your mortgage? If so, should you spend it or invest it?

Will rents go up or down this year?

3 min read The cost-of-living crisis is unfortunately not showing any signs of letting up. Fuel and energy prices are soaring, a basket of groceries costs a lot more and if 2021 is anything to go by, then rent is likely to increase too.  

How to find Estate Living news on your Residential Community App powered by Glovent

< 1 min read Estate Living is now available to read directly from your Residential Community App powered by Glovent. Easy to access directly from the ‘Lifestyle & Wellness’ Botton on your homepage . You can how read and watch a wide range of community relevant information and insight directly from you residential community app.

5 Tips on getting kids interested in golf

3 min read There are many benefits to children choosing golf as a sport. It helps develop their core muscles and improves their hand-eye co-ordination. It also gets them out and about in the sunshine and can be a boon for mental health.

How will Russia’s attack on Ukraine affect the South African economy

3 min read Russia’s attack on Ukraine has dominated our news feeds. While South Africa may be a long way off geographically from the conflict that’s not to say it won’t feel the brunt of it financially.

MAURITIUS – The Time to Invest is Now

< 1 min read Mauritius continues to not only offer a great lifestyle, but over the last 18 months the Mauritian government have created more opportunities for South Africans to invest or emigrate. Legislative changes, new visa options and a wider variety of price points for property investment are just a few of the tools implemented. 

5 insurance must-haves for property developers

2 min read Building success as a property developer is often about balancing the amazing possibilities of a new project with the inherent risks. And mitigating those risks starts with a proactive assessment of your insurance solutions. While standard Contractors All Risk Insurance provides substantial cover, there are a few optional add-ons that could make your risk management solutions more watertight.

Build peace of mind with the right Contractors All Risk Insurance

2 min read Property development is certainly a multifaceted profession. But whether you’re making planning provisions, sourcing land, financing, budgeting, or coordinating your team, one skillset shines through. You are a master problem solver. And one of the many problems you need to solve is choosing the right Contractors All Risk Insurance. Luckily, the solution is relatively straightforward, provided you base it on your unique business needs.

How to choose a good builder

3 min read A home renovation can be exciting, but it can also be a stressful process because there’s a myriad of things that could go wrong, especially if you hire the wrong builder.

The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme – is it financially attainable?

3 min read The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme is a scheme designed to help those not in the European Economic Area who wish to immigrate and make investments in the State.

4 questions South Africans must ask themselves before studying abroad

3 min read There are many considerations when looking to study in the US, UK and Europe. Things like weather, costs and culture; language, alumni and geography, are all important and must be considered objectively and realistically.

Leading property developer creates 7000 employment opportunities amid SA’s perilous economic climate

3 min read Bloomberg recently reported that South Africa’s unemployment rate, which includes people who have stopped looking for work, rose to 44.4 percent in the second quarter, 2021. It also pointed out that the country’s unemployment rate surged to the highest on a global list of 82 countries it monitors.

The coolest roofing solution for your estate – Plascon Nuroof Cool lowers interior temperatures by up to 8°C!

2 min read We all know that roofs take a beating from the sun, and especially so here in sunny SA! And summer 2022 has been marked by record temperature highs. With heat soaring up to 45 degrees in parts of the country, it has been near impossible to be outdoors at midday and stifling to remain inside.