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Our Publications

Estate Living Magazine is distributed into 80 Estates across South Africa by print and online to thousands of subscribers monthly.


The Developer Journal focuses on the lifecycle of a mixed use developments, offering insight and new opportunities to property developers.


The Residential Estate Industry Journal, is the official annual reference guide to best practice, policy and procedure, relevant and significant to the residential estate community in South Africa.

Our Current Issue

April 2022

50 and Fabulous

< 1 min read This is the 50th edition of the printed Estate Living magazine. It is quite amazing to write that sentence. I can remember the very first edition like it was yesterday. We launched Estate Living in October 2012. Dirk Uys was the first community manager to support us, and we showcased Arabella Country Estate on our front cover. Around 10 Western Cape-based communities subscribed to the publication on behalf of their residents for the first edition. We thank you again and look forward to continuing to support the value of residential community living in the pages to come.

Estate Living

December 2021


< 1 min read What a year 2021 has been! For Estate Living, the last 18 months have been a time of constant change – as we are sure is the case for nearly all of you. Instead of dwelling on the challenges, we wanted to rather use this opportunity to reflect on some of the successes we have experienced during the pandemic – because there have been many! Please stay safe on the roads, enjoy the travel adventures and have a wonderful festive season. Just like you, we’ll be toasting to good health and plenty more successes in 2022.

Estate Living

November 2021


< 1 min read There is no doubt that the world, South Africa, our businesses and home environments have changed over the last year and a half. But the one thing that remains a constant is the benefits of estate life. The positive effects of living in community-driven environments have been seen far and wide, and the support within these structures has been a solace for many.

Estate Living

April / May 2020


< 1 min read Everything changes, everything stays the same. We have changed the way we do most things – the big things and the little things – and we’ve changed the way we think about life, the future, our friends and families. But we’re also trying to keep some perspective, some normality.

Estate Living

December 2019


< 1 min read There is a theory that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and that the rotation of the earth is speeding up. If that’s true, it means that time is going quicker, and it certainly seems as if it is. It seems like only yesterday that we were singing ‘Auld lang syne’, and now 2019 is pretty much all over bar the shouting. Here’s to a joyful festive season – a time of relaxation, friends, family and fun – and an awesomely fantastic, productive, effective and super-fun 2020.

Estate Living

September 2019


< 1 min read It’s spring. Birds are singing, leaves are budding and there’s new life everywhere. So, throw off those heavy winter woollies. It’s time to stretch your wings, explore new territory, and frolic a bit – rediscover the joy of living. Most importantly, let’s celebrate the longer days by making the most of every single one of them.

Estate Living

August 2019


< 1 min read We can make the world more sustainable, more liveable and more fun. The limit is our imagination.

Estate Living

July 2019


< 1 min read Everything we do has an effect: on ourselves, our families, our communities, and – possibly – the whole world. It’s all connected, from the tiniest element to the biggest.

Estate Living

June 2019

Design for Living

< 1 min read Great lifestyles don’t just happen – they have to be planned, designed. And that involves far more than deciding what colour curtains to hang, or where to put the couch.

Estate Living

May 2019

Invest SA

< 1 min read Investing in South Africa is more than putting some funds into a fixed deposit or squirrelling away a few K every month in an endowment. And it’s also more than buying property – although that is part of it.

Estate Living

April 2019

Retirement Living

< 1 min read There are two ways of looking at retirement. In the past, it was the dreaded interim between being useful and being dead, but now it’s the culmination – the pinnacle, the goal we all work towards. The lucky (or clever) ones retire at 40, the rest of us wish we could.

Estate Living

March 2019

The Slow Movement

< 1 min read It always seems to take time to get into the swing of a new year but, by the time March comes round, its pretty much full steam ahead, so we decided to jump off the hamster wheel, stop and smell the daisies, to take stock, and to assess whether all that rushing is really necessary.

Estate Living

February 2019

Smart Moves

< 1 min read With the focus of our February campaigns, both within these pages and online across our digital channels, being Smart Moves, we take a look at some great options for making smart moves.

Estate Living

January 2019

New Beginnings

< 1 min read It’s a brand-new year. Time to start afresh, time to do new things, think new thoughts and try new strategies. So we have a look at what new business disrupters are likely to challenge us in the new year.

Estate Living

December 2018

Alfresco Living

< 1 min read December is generally a time to stop and take stock of the year, and we are delighted to say that we can look back on some phenomenal successes achieved over the last 12 months. We kicked off 2018 by launching our website in February, and bringing in some talented tech pros to help us optimise our content and reach.

Estate Living

November 2018

The Classics

< 1 min read Some ideas have a very short shelf life. But then some things become classics – for the very simple reason that they combine great design, utility and timeless elegance or beauty – and they either never go away, or keep coming back. Classics need not be big and important – they just need to be perfect.

Estate Living

October 2018


< 1 min read While we know residential estates are fantastic places to live, they’re also great investments. And, as we discovered when we started looking, there is more than one way to package your property investment. Hotel rooms are a great way to add to your portfolio.

Estate Living

September 2018

Precinct Living

< 1 min read Cities and the residential communities within them are changing… Welcome to PRECINCT LIVING, the age-old concept of communities coming together for common interests, safety and investment.

Estate Living

August 2018

New Developments

< 1 min read The property market is changing – for the better in some places, and for the not-really-better in others – so some investors think this is the moment to play hard, play fast and play big, while others are reacting with caution.

Estate Living

July 2018

Retirement and Healthcare

< 1 min read In July, Estate Living has had to research, write about and think about issues that most of us would rather deal with … aftermorrow. Contemplating old age and death can be scary – especially if we focus on the negative – but it can also be liberating.

Estate Living

June 2018

Smart Environments

< 1 min read Smart Cities, Retirement residential options, Moka City in Mauritius, Pecanwood Estate and Pecanwood Country Club review showing growth for investor market, Sun City and how it stays relevant and still open for business, a review of available property investment opportunities in Kwa Zulu Natal, and finally the ‘code of conduct’ and why it is so important for estates and residents.

Estate Living

May 2018

Country Living

< 1 min read Estate Living printed Magazine is distributed into 80 Estates across South Africa, monthly. This coffee-table styled glossy magazine offers in-depth reviews of some of the most beautiful property in the country, coupled with relevant and engaging content on all aspects of estate life. Supporting the printed publications is the Estate Living E’mag.

Estate Living

April 2018


< 1 min read While other sectors are enjoying a little R&R, the property sector is busy exploding into April. Property shows are popping up everywhere, the biggest being the International Property Show in Dubai, which is an insanely large show and attracts investors from all over the world.

Estate Living

March 2018


< 1 min read What is important in your life? Health? Safety? Creating wonderful memories? At this moment in time, the one thing that is most important to the majority of our Cape Town readers is probably access to clean, free-flowing water in their taps.

Estate Living

February 2018


< 1 min read Like it not, 2018 is officially here. The children are (thankfully) now back at school, New Year’s resolutions have almost been broken, or are being adhered to rather loosely, and payday has finally come and then gone again.

Estate Living

January 2018

City Slickers

< 1 min read Happy New Year! This year promises to be one of inspiration and excitement. It is also one of growth, change and commercial value as we all begin to reap the rewards of all our hard work in previous years.

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