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pop art PGVNTAZ ogkj50qrj4ug9nh94mtye45bqo547mxciqx2pg7shs - Affiliate Listing

Art that’s smart

Why choose between buying something beautiful and buying something useful when you can do both at the same time? Designer and artist William Morris once wrote: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ Functional art combines both these directives, giving you the best of both worlds.


grandfather newspaper coffee retirement man PR83GSC ogkg3b0xtanl46ufs7jmcsuflkwrrhd8rpms4qw2rk - Affiliate Listing

Why developing retirement facilities under R1.5m is a no-brainer

We all know retirement facilities are the new big investment opportunity, and research shows that the R1.5 million price mark is the sweet spot. The most recent census conducted in 2011 put the total South African population at 57.7 million people. Of this number, 5.4% were aged 65 and over. When compared to the same figure in 2000, only 3.7% were aged 65 and over.


johannesburg 4322256 ogkfkprun97fhtukc6991hq8n8jfizkcvp52fqgdts - Affiliate Listing

How does Johannesburg measure up as a megacity?

Joburg is fast becoming a megacity, but how does it compare with existing African megacities for return on investment? Cairo, Kinshasa and Lagos all carry the status of megacity – cities with a population of at least 10 million inhabitants. Fast on their heels are Dar es Salaam, Luanda and Johannesburg, which are predicted to attain the status of megacity by 2030, according to the United Nations.


bamboo ecoplanet ogkf2r2w18m5m3xx8epxe0x3y52wf8912sb09d38qo - Affiliate Listing

Bamboo houses … are they the answer to the affordable housing crisis?

Bamboo is sustainable and easy to grow, and South Africa has the perfect conditions for cultivation. Could this be the answer as a building material for affordable housing?


staging 2816464 ogkcik2rp8eouzuyl229bsgielhufz8tegripbsd1c - Affiliate Listing

Xers mark the spot

As Gen X hits 50, existing and planned estates need to re-evaluate their position on retirement, and on multi-generational living. As the oldest of the Gen Xers are turning 50, and watching their baby boomer parents ‘raging against the [dimming] of the light’, they are starting to ponder their own mortality, potential morbidity and – shock, horror, gasp – old age!


maxresdefault ogewstef3zbig66wrhw39rbaud210k53daa0dqktfk - Affiliate Listing

The Rive Droite Show villa will soon be ready

Things are moving in Azuri Ocean & Golf Village in Mauritius on the new neighborhood of Rive Droite, with an exquisite villa that will soon be revealed.


Aerial 01 1 ogbfmo25jgqq5lmgi6tofday8pad9c1m5x6tclw0lc - Affiliate Listing

Winning at the numbers game

Converting leads into sales is the most important element of ensuring the success of your development, so it’s worth streamlining the process. When selling off plan, it is important to remember that you are doing just that … selling a plan, a concept, an intangible future. And, without those sales, there is a good chance that your development may never get off the ground.


cinque terre 828614 og9vj7oydc9elazsp9ovgyzl2yx7ziy76js7bc5kow - Affiliate Listing

Not that kind of LSD trip

There are some fabulous citizen-by-investment opportunities for gaining a more powerful passport and/or living in a safe, secure and convenient location. But emigrating is a big step, so – regardless of how attractive the nuts and bolts of the offer – you really should make sure your soon-to-be-adopted home is a place where you could actually live. And the best way to do that is to take an LSD trip.­ This kind of LSD trip is not a psychedelic, away-with-the-fairies experience – quite the opposite. LSD stands for ‘look, see and decide’, and it’s a practical, sober exploratory trip that is undertaken with open eyes and an open mind.


Garage 2 1 ogafjhgrd29b4crctlz747p868so9wdljk8o2g78qo - Affiliate Listing

Security estates – to the max

Developers in the USA are cashing in on doomsday prophecies by building extreme survival estates. Could this work in SA? For many residents, security is the number one reason for moving to an estate. There is a comfort in the electric fences, controlled access, and the staffed gates. But, for some, that’s not enough.


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