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Walkthrough Video of Brettenwood’s Palm Swift Development

Brettenwood’s latest development has been enhanced and is now offering single-storey homes! Brettenwood Coastal Estate’s latest sectional title development has launched 2 and 3 bedroom free-standing, single-storey homes priced from R 2.5 million!


REDi Hero Visual 1 ohtwc69ut6z8gs8kq5v1sd2g7ebaillzfqm10020ow - Affiliate Listing

Single source of truth

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’ve spent hours working on something until it’s finally perfect, only to find – perhaps days later – that a colleague has done the same thing? But it’s a different perfect, so now you have two versions.


Elaleni 1 ohr5unzlx7g1ngab03if7k57e7o5fb6ub3rarb0kqo - Affiliate Listing

Eco-friendly design and sustainability define modern lifestyle estates

The worldwide movement towards eco-friendly living has taken centre stage in the design ethos of lifestyle estates across the country, directing architectural and decor trends without compromising on luxury and style.


de vine 3 ohlm399o78y6047is2kn8sbdpb7k4ismkxnw0zsfeo - Affiliate Listing

A de-vine decision

If you have a hectare or two lying idle, would planting a vineyard be a good idea? That depends on what you plan to do with the grapes. There is a slew of residential wine estates in the Western Cape, and for very good reason. Vineyards are beautiful, and living among them is a privilege and a pleasure.


green palm and tropical monstera leaves on rattan GNAUHSY ohvvkd1wnv5qdpm0o1pd8sriqxr7lo9dnajqd43wn4 - Affiliate Listing

Tracking the green bond market

Climate change has been widely acknowledged as one of the greatest long-term challenges facing humanity. In their monthly report to member countries this October, the United Nations warned that the world has 12 years to avert catastrophic climate damage, and countries needed to get their financing in order.


female manager stands addressing colleagues in P3DKFW8 ohvqaxmtctugmqrlsnz193md0hf9dl8r9pk1mmz4lc - Affiliate Listing

Identifying managers with staying power

The four critical qualities that every leader needs to survive in the industry are adaptability, reliability, the ability to make and own difficult decisions, and being able to engage stakeholders.


22 Penthouse ohrazg3ffqe9ztvr0gx5vfibe2wrl9r8pomk2j1fk0 - Affiliate Listing

BLOK & Oggie hardwood flooring

Blok is a property development brand that is designed and curated by passionate urban dwellers. This understanding results in the ability to create a living space that delivers on multiple aspects of city living from the delicately constructed flow to the generous size of each apartment.


cambridge bbm 2 ohqynf42z6k1j6uttjbp0h9h7fgpgkzyzyb8qxeiv4 - Affiliate Listing

Cambridge Analytica, Car Boots and Confused Security Guards.

Do you remember the moment, that exact moment, when the security guard at a complex you were attempting to gain access into, asked the question: “Can you please open your boot? “I do. I was fetching my daughter at a friend’s house in one of the vast estates in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. “What? I exclaimed, ““Open my boot? ” “Not a chance!” “Do you have a search warrant?”


CSOS BBM 1 ohqxtt73p20vtdv4pqkrgy8rkhegztgcxeimj5ayv4 - Affiliate Listing

Confusion over Appeals against CSOS awards reaches resolution.

The word ‘appeal” can have different connotations:- in the wide sense it means that there must be a complete re-hearing of the merits with additional evidence. In a strict sense it means a re-hearing on the merits but limited to the old evidence. The third interpretation is that an appeal can be a judicial review which is a limited and more informal process.


hoa levvies bbm 1 ohqy01uj2gkew6st9xolivjxjkn73h87gafo8a1vk0 - Affiliate Listing

Body Corporate or Managing Agent powers

Can your Body Corporate or Managing Agent switch off or reduce your electricity if you have not paid your levies? The answer is a resounding NO. Many owners in Sectional Title buildings who are in arrears with their levies are faced with the situation where their electricity supply is unilaterally cut off by the Trustees or Managing Agent.


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