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Our Publications

Estate Living Magazine is distributed into 80 Estates across South Africa by print and online to thousands of subscribers monthly.


The Developer Journal focuses on the lifecycle of a mixed use developments, offering insight and new opportunities to property developers.


The Residential Estate Industry Journal, is the official annual reference guide to best practice, policy and procedure, relevant and significant to the residential estate community in South Africa.

Our Current Issue

December 2021


< 1 min read What a year 2021 has been! For Estate Living, the last 18 months have been a time of constant change – as we are sure is the case for nearly all of you. Instead of dwelling on the challenges, we wanted to rather use this opportunity to reflect on some of the successes we have experienced during the pandemic – because there have been many! Please stay safe on the roads, enjoy the travel adventures and have a wonderful festive season. Just like you, we’ll be toasting to good health and plenty more successes in 2022.

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Estate Living

November 2021


< 1 min read There is no doubt that the world, South Africa, our businesses and home environments have changed over the last year and a half. But the one thing that remains a constant is the benefits of estate life. The positive effects of living in community-driven environments have been seen far and wide, and the support within these structures has been a solace for many.

Estate Living

REIJ Volume 7

< 1 min read ARC would like to thank Estate Living as well as all contributors to this journal, and trust that you will find it a useful resource and a wonderful coffee-table addition to all your reception areas.

Estate Living

April / May 2020


< 1 min read Everything changes, everything stays the same. We have changed the way we do most things – the big things and the little things – and we’ve changed the way we think about life, the future, our friends and families. But we’re also trying to keep some perspective, some normality.

Estate Living

December 2019

Issue 3

< 1 min read In September this year, heads of state and government will gather at the United Nations headquarters in New York to follow up and comprehensively review progress in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And that’s a big deal.

Estate Living

December 2019


< 1 min read There is a theory that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and that the rotation of the earth is speeding up. If that’s true, it means that time is going quicker, and it certainly seems as if it is. It seems like only yesterday that we were singing ‘Auld lang syne’, and now 2019 is pretty much all over bar the shouting. Here’s to a joyful festive season – a time of relaxation, friends, family and fun – and an awesomely fantastic, productive, effective and super-fun 2020.

Estate Living

REIJ Volume 6

< 1 min read It is with immense pleasure that we can bring you this, the 6th edition of the Residential Estate Industry Journal, which was launched at the 7th ARC Annual Conference held at San Lameer on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The Association of Residential Communities (ARC) enters its 11th year of existence, during which we have experienced much change, both negative and positive. Membership of ARC has grown to close to 400 residential communities, and we have developed wonderful partnerships with best-of-breed providers to the residential community industry, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Estate Living

September 2019


< 1 min read It’s spring. Birds are singing, leaves are budding and there’s new life everywhere. So, throw off those heavy winter woollies. It’s time to stretch your wings, explore new territory, and frolic a bit – rediscover the joy of living. Most importantly, let’s celebrate the longer days by making the most of every single one of them.

Estate Living

August 2019


< 1 min read We can make the world more sustainable, more liveable and more fun. The limit is our imagination.

Estate Living

July 2019


< 1 min read Everything we do has an effect: on ourselves, our families, our communities, and – possibly – the whole world. It’s all connected, from the tiniest element to the biggest.

Estate Living

June 2019

Design for Living

< 1 min read Great lifestyles don’t just happen – they have to be planned, designed. And that involves far more than deciding what colour curtains to hang, or where to put the couch.

Estate Living

May 2019

Invest SA

< 1 min read Investing in South Africa is more than putting some funds into a fixed deposit or squirrelling away a few K every month in an endowment. And it’s also more than buying property – although that is part of it.

Estate Living

April 2019

Retirement Living

< 1 min read There are two ways of looking at retirement. In the past, it was the dreaded interim between being useful and being dead, but now it’s the culmination – the pinnacle, the goal we all work towards. The lucky (or clever) ones retire at 40, the rest of us wish we could.

Estate Living

March 2019

The Slow Movement

< 1 min read It always seems to take time to get into the swing of a new year but, by the time March comes round, its pretty much full steam ahead, so we decided to jump off the hamster wheel, stop and smell the daisies, to take stock, and to assess whether all that rushing is really necessary.

Estate Living

February 2019

Smart Moves

< 1 min read With the focus of our February campaigns, both within these pages and online across our digital channels, being Smart Moves, we take a look at some great options for making smart moves.

Estate Living

January 2019

New Beginnings

< 1 min read It’s a brand-new year. Time to start afresh, time to do new things, think new thoughts and try new strategies. So we have a look at what new business disrupters are likely to challenge us in the new year.

Estate Living

December 2018

Alfresco Living

< 1 min read December is generally a time to stop and take stock of the year, and we are delighted to say that we can look back on some phenomenal successes achieved over the last 12 months. We kicked off 2018 by launching our website in February, and bringing in some talented tech pros to help us optimise our content and reach.

Estate Living

November 2018

The Classics

< 1 min read Some ideas have a very short shelf life. But then some things become classics – for the very simple reason that they combine great design, utility and timeless elegance or beauty – and they either never go away, or keep coming back. Classics need not be big and important – they just need to be perfect.

Estate Living

October 2018


< 1 min read While we know residential estates are fantastic places to live, they’re also great investments. And, as we discovered when we started looking, there is more than one way to package your property investment. Hotel rooms are a great way to add to your portfolio.

Estate Living


REIJ Volume 5

< 1 min read We are proud of the 5th annual journal – launched at the annual conference at Serengeti Estates on 13 and 14 September 2018, and trust you will get value from this edition.

Estate Living

September 2018

Precinct Living

< 1 min read Cities and the residential communities within them are changing… Welcome to PRECINCT LIVING, the age-old concept of communities coming together for common interests, safety and investment.

Estate Living

Volume 2

Developer Journal Volume 2

< 1 min read It’s a big brave world out there, and there is so much that’s new and exciting. We’ve had a look at what’s in store once 5G hits the ground with its killer apps, and touched on a few ways you can use that super-speed internet to take your marketing and integrated digital and communication solutions to the next level.

Estate Living

August 2018

New Developments

< 1 min read The property market is changing – for the better in some places, and for the not-really-better in others – so some investors think this is the moment to play hard, play fast and play big, while others are reacting with caution.

Estate Living

July 2018

Retirement and Healthcare

< 1 min read In July, Estate Living has had to research, write about and think about issues that most of us would rather deal with … aftermorrow. Contemplating old age and death can be scary – especially if we focus on the negative – but it can also be liberating.

Estate Living

Volume 1

Developer Journal Volume 1

< 1 min read The Developer Journal is a bi monthly glossy Journal distributed to property developers, with a focus on property development in South Africa. The Journal is a guide to best practice and follows the development cycle, where industry specialists provide expertise for each part of the development process.

Estate Living


REIJ Volume 4

< 1 min read It gives me great pleasure to launch the 4th annual Residential Estate Industry Journal. It is an even bigger pleasure to be doing so at our 5th annual conference, exposition and golf day, attended by a record 150 attendees.

Estate Living


REIJ Volume 3

< 1 min read This, our third annual journal for the residential community industry, is again being launched with the National Conference and Exposition.

Estate Living


REIJ Volume 2

< 1 min read Since establishing The Association of Residential Communities (ARC) in 2008, I have witnessed incredible changes in the sector. One of the most noticeable has been the expectations of owners living in a community association.

Estate Living

June 2018

Smart Environments

< 1 min read Smart Cities, Retirement residential options, Moka City in Mauritius, Pecanwood Estate and Pecanwood Country Club review showing growth for investor market, Sun City and how it stays relevant and still open for business, a review of available property investment opportunities in Kwa Zulu Natal, and finally the ‘code of conduct’ and why it is so important for estates and residents.

Estate Living


REIJ Volume 1

< 1 min read We are extremely proud of the fact that we have now developed an innovative industry journal where you can read about the history of the industry, the many industry initiatives that we have successfully implemented, and the formation of both the Community Associations Institute of South Africa and the Residential Community Council.

Estate Living

May 2018

Country Living

< 1 min read Estate Living printed Magazine is distributed into 80 Estates across South Africa, monthly. This coffee-table styled glossy magazine offers in-depth reviews of some of the most beautiful property in the country, coupled with relevant and engaging content on all aspects of estate life. Supporting the printed publications is the Estate Living E’mag.

Estate Living

April 2018


< 1 min read While other sectors are enjoying a little R&R, the property sector is busy exploding into April. Property shows are popping up everywhere, the biggest being the International Property Show in Dubai, which is an insanely large show and attracts investors from all over the world.

Estate Living

March 2018


< 1 min read What is important in your life? Health? Safety? Creating wonderful memories? At this moment in time, the one thing that is most important to the majority of our Cape Town readers is probably access to clean, free-flowing water in their taps.

Estate Living

February 2018


< 1 min read Like it not, 2018 is officially here. The children are (thankfully) now back at school, New Year’s resolutions have almost been broken, or are being adhered to rather loosely, and payday has finally come and then gone again.

Estate Living

January 2018

City Slickers

< 1 min read Happy New Year! This year promises to be one of inspiration and excitement. It is also one of growth, change and commercial value as we all begin to reap the rewards of all our hard work in previous years.

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Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises is the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line. The line’s seven small, luxurious ships carry no more than 1,250 guests and feature the finest cuisine at sea and destination-rich itineraries that span the globe.



Beko is the international home appliance brand of Arçelik operating in more than 140 countries. It offers product lines that include major appliances, air conditioners and small appliances. Beko is the leading freestanding home appliances brand in Europe in the white goods sector and no.1 large home appliances brand in the UK. The brand is Main Partner of FC Barcelona, naming partner of Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team and Official Supplier of European League of Legends Championship (LEC).


Crimson Education and Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Education is the world’s leading US/UK university admission consultancy. Crimson takes college admissions consulting to a new level of personalisation and success, increasing students’ chances of admission to the Ivy League, Oxford and Cambridge and other top universities by up to 700%.


Huawei Solar

Huawei offers leading Smart PV solutions harnessing more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology.


Flight Centre

Flight Centre is the most recognised and trusted mass travel retailer in South Africa. With having built confidence and value with millions of customers over the last 27 years.



With over 600 specialist practitioners, ENSafrica is Africa’s largest law firm and has the capacity to deliver on your business requirements across all major industries and the African continent. We are able to leverage our resources to deliver legal solutions that suit your pricing preferences and timeframes.


Oceans Umhlanga Hotel Residences

This unparalleled development consists of 90 one- and two-bedroom elegantly designed hotel residential apartments and two bespoke penthouses.



Over 20 years ago we taste-tested 170 water samples before we settled on the perfect Aquazania recipe. “Recipe? But it’s just water!” some said. Nothing in life is “just water” is our resounding response.


The Welnest

Situated midway between Port Louis and Grand Baie in the peaceful coastal region of the protected Balaclava Marine Park and facing the Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius beachside golf course and the Turtle Bay, The Welnest is a unique development which combines the serenity and tranquillity of the hideaway with its own comprehensive leisure heart, together with access to all the facilities of the adjoining Maritim’s 5-star beach resort and spa.



Back in 1998, OUTsurance made a simple promise – you always get something out. Since then, they’ve never broken it, paying over R5 billion in OUTbonuses. In fact, in 2020 alone, the average amount paid each and every day in OUTbonuses exceeded R1.4 million.


Homestead Views Security Estate

After months of people being locked down, demand for properties in coastal towns like St Francis Bay is rising rapidly.


Secure by Design

Securing residential estates in South Africa has become a big business. It is not clear which estate initiated the secure-living trend, but rumour has it that it was a small one from the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. It’s likely it was Selbourne Golf Estate, developed by Denis Barker, in the early 1980s.



With the recent launch of a new satellite Multichoice upgraded their capacity to cater for new technological advances to deliver the best offerings in terms of the content, quality, and choice of viewing.


Swan Insurance

We provide the full range of non-banking financial solutions, from general insurance, life assurance, pension & actuarial services, pension administration, investment advisory, to wealth management and securities trading for corporate clients and individual customers.


Sectional Title Solutions

STS, in partnership with Bright Light Solar VCC, specialises in providing cost effective fully funded solar energy solutions to gated residential estates, offering our clients the opportunity to access cheaper cleaner energy.


Relocating to Mauritius – A comprehensive e guide to assist you with the journey

When I first came to work in Mauritius over 10 years ago, a large part of me fell in love with the wonderful island. Having run a law firm and a business consultancy firm in Mauritius for several years now, it was natural to assist clients with both their business and personal requirements when they came to Mauritius. TBI increasingly specialised in relocation services until it became an integral part of our business. There are so many topics to think about and every client is so different which makes it a dynamic and interesting service to offer.


Porta da Frente Christie’s

Porta da Frente Christie’s is a real estate brokerage company that has been operating in the market for 25 years, focusing on the sale and rental markets. The company was selected by the prestigious Christie’s International Real Estate brand to represent Portugal in the Lisbon, Cascais, Oeiras, Vale do Tejo and Alentejo regions. Our main mission is to add value through excellent services provided to all our customers.


Old Mutual

Old Mutual was established in Cape Town in 1845 as South Africa’s first mutual life insurance company, offering financial security in uncertain times.  



Your renewable energy partner offering custom and flexible energy solutions, no matter the size, come in at the lowest cost of ownership and are available on flexible funding options. GreenSun is a trusted renewable energy EPC company with extensive technical cross border experience in working with remote locations across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.



We offer a Visitor Management System, to augment security and customer service. Ranging from access control via handheld scanners to full online visitor management, we are able to meet all of your business requirements. Openitem Access Control enables you to manage your community in one integrated state-of-the-art solution. You can rest assured that our solutions are designed with your community and safety in mind.



Serta is the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of innovative mattresses designed to help you get a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Fifteen West

Fifteen West is the newest residential precinct launched within Heritage Villas Valriche. Ideally located near to both Heritage C Beach Club and Heritage Golf Club, it offers a unique collection of newly-built freehold villas of varying sizes in single and double-storey configurations.


Domaine de Teredom

Magnificent luxury villas of Domaine de Teredom, a PDS in the heart of nature in Tamarin, Mauritius, yet close to all amenities in the village



The Luxury apartments and penthouses of Lorlamer, a Ground + 2 scheme in Black River, on the West Coast of Mauritius


Bayview Estate @ Cap Marina

The townhouses are available in two-bedroom and three bedroom designs. The interior design is characterized by abundant use of light wood and fabrics. White colors provide a stylish and elegant contrast with the wooden textures. The three-bedroom duplex comes with a jacuzzi and an outdoor plunge pool.



Sileview apartments, duplexes and penthouses in a prestigious residence in Tamarin, west coast of Mauritius. Located on the heights of Tamarin, this project of 10 apartments combines space, comfort, refinement and tranquility.


Temple Group

Composed of six companies and based in Mauritius, Temple Group’s team provides a full range of services in the legal, compliance, publications and financial services sectors.


Park Lane Properties

In 2004, Philippe and Frederique de Beer became cognizant that the real estate market in Mauritius had a gap in servicing and providing personalized high level customer service. With this opportunity, they founded Park Lane Properties, operating from a single branch in Tamarin and member of the Estate Agents Association of Mauritius (EAA).


Les Résidences de Mont Choisy

Private and exclusive, this property development is in the north of Mauritius. It extends over more than 485 hectares. The luxury real estate is near the crystalline waters of Mont Choisy Beach. It’s also close to the only 18-hole golf course in the area. If you feel like the bustle of village life, Grand Baie is a few minutes away. It’s a hive of activity in this part of the island, a favourite among tourists.



Established in 1989, Wind-O-Wash began as a small but dynamic window cleaning company situated in Ottery, Cape Town. In the intervening years it has grown and improved its services, offering a comprehensive and specialised cleaning service for commercial, domestic and industrial properties throughout the greater Cape Town area including Somerset West, Stellenbosch and Melkbosstrand.


Widenham Retirement Village

Widenham Retirement Village, the newest addition to the Hibiscus Retirement Village group, is set on 100 hectares of plush coastal forest in the quaint community of Widenham. Blessed with mild weather throughout the year and a pristine coastline, the area has so much to offer those looking to escape the rush of the city to retire in beautiful, peaceful surroundings.



The CSOS was established in terms of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act, 2011 (Act No 9 of 2011) to regulate the conduct of parties within community schemes.



Lexpro Systems offer a variety of online software solutions to assist you with practice management and increasing productivity! We also offer desktop based software solutions.


12 Star Capital

European countries are at the top of the list for offshore investing and migration due to the lifestyle benefits and strong currency hedge. We have partnered with key experts to help facilitate your investment journey. Through extensive research, our team has identified key investment prospects across Europe that will allow you to capitalise on property while also securing residency abroad.


Fontainebleau Villas

The exotic island of Mauritius, nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, offers plenty of scenic beauties and hidden adventure experiences. Mauritius is considered by many to be a Paradise Island which has something to offer to everyone.


Elkanah House

Established in 1997 and home to nearly 1,400 students from ages 3 to 18 across four campuses, Elkanah House is the leading school on the West Coast of Cape Town. Our school boasts four leafy and picturesque campuses, each with a unique architectural design overlooking Table Mountain, which is conducive to allowing children to learn optimally in a homely environment.


DTOS Group

Operating in the Mauritian financial services sector since 1993, DTOS Group has positioned itself as a leading regional Management Company. With 27 years of existence, the group has been closely associated with the development of the Mauritius International Financial Services Centre since its early days and keeps contributing to the development and the reputation of this industry.


Pam Golding International

Around the world, prime-located properties in world-class destinations are increasingly regarded not only as a resilient and reliable asset, but highly desirable as a lifestyle choice for partial or permanent use. Pam Golding International has adopted a highly selective approach to bring you this collection of hand-picked properties for sale, situated in leading cities and locations around the world.


At The Gate

At The Gate allows easy control at access points for companies, corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, gated communities – or anywhere that requires positive visitor identification.



Teljoy was founded in June 1969 and launched with a campaign that gave people the opportunity to book a television for rent when TV eventually came to South Africa. After much deliberation and perseverance, TV was allowed in South Africa. Teljoy and its founder Theo Rutstein installed the very first TV set in South Africa in December 1974. Teljoy was the very first company in the country to supply TV sets commercially in South Africa.


Cypriot Realty

CYPRIOT REALTY is a Plan B and relocation marketing company in operation since 2008 with offices in Sandton, Cape Town and Cyprus. We offer a true 360-degree personalised service; and we have an impressive track record of the number of families we have assisted over the last thirteen years.


Kabeljauws Beach Estate

At Kabeljauws Beach estate, situated between the edge of Jeffreys Bay and the Kabeljous river mouth, you are living within luxury, without bounds and in harmony with the rise and fall of the ocean, right on your doorstep.


Currencies Direct

At Currencies Direct we’ve been helping individuals and businesses streamline and simplify their international currency transfers since 1996. Our expert team are on hand to help your clients make their money go further, and over the years we’ve won a number of awards on the strength of our exceptional customer service. We have a number of banking partners and are a licensed Financial Services Provider (43493) in South Africa.


Go City

Go City exists to simplify day-to-day living in gated communities. By integrating all of your communities technology needs into one platform Go City is the only app your community will need. A proudly South African product.


Advanced Corporate Solutions

Advanced Corporate Solutions (ACS), established in 1995, is a global player in Corporate Intelligence and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) “Debugging”.



Initially set up in 2009 to monitor the Constantia community, Verifier quickly grew a significant national portfolio of commercial and residential clients. We have since expanded, having established monitoring centres in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. This configuration allows for the automation of fail-over and load balancing protocols – crucial for internet reliant remote monitoring and management.



ViewProtect design, manufacture and distribute transparent safety and security barriers for the global market. Our advanced Smart Bar technology products have the unique ability to combine the old, dependable physical security barrier system with new, sophisticated alarm monitoring systems to create the ultimate security product.


Moka Smart City

The Moka region is transitioning into a more sustainable and liveable city through the progressive rolling out of a concept of ‘citysmarting’ over the past decade. Stemming from a well-thought-out Master Plan, this flexible improvement process is continually adapted in line with the critical mass attained and technological advances.


ABC Banking Corporation

Strategically located in the heart of the island’s capital at Place d’Armes, Port- Louis, ABC Banking Corporation is known for its attractive broad palette of traditional and innovative products and services, and its excellent rapport with customers.



With Cape Town’s population growing faster every year, and in light of the new world order after COVID-19, developers will have to embrace a new vision when it comes to the planning of residential estates.


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