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16 Steps to Understanding Community Schemes and Estate Living in South Africa

5 min read Louise Martin, CEO of Estate Living, aptly states: ‘Living in a community scheme can foster a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, enhancing the quality of life for all residents.’

Essential questions to ask before buying into an estate

2 min read Before purchasing a home in any community housing scheme that is governed by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), prospective buyers must make sure they understand all the rules and regulations as well as the financial implications of their decision.

Tips for buying a first home or a new home for the self-employed

3 min read At Estate Living one of us is in the process of finding our first home, and the other, a new home – all within an estate, naturally!

The Digital Crusaders: Generation Z property investment trends

2 min read Generation Z, born into the digital age, is revolutionizing the way property investments are made.

Smart towns combat load shedding by becoming Eskom-proof

3 min read In the face of South Africa’s persistent load shedding crisis, small towns across the country are pioneering solutions to liberate themselves from dependence on Eskom, our only national power supplier.

Community Scheme living has become first choice for SA home buyers

3 min read Community Scheme sales now comprise more than half of all property sales in South Africa, with price growth for this type of asset exceeding that of freehold properties for the first time in two decades.


First buyers take ownership at KZN South Coast’s exciting new eco-estate development

3 min read Real estate on the KZN South Coast holds major potential for keen investors looking for a quality coastal property at unbeatable value for money. This is fast being realised as local and international buyers are investing in a number of catalytic property developments in the region.

3 Property Management Trends for 2024 Scheme Executives must know about 

3 min read As a Scheme Executive, you carry the weighty responsibility of overseeing your sectional title community’s management and upkeep. The decisions you make shape everything from property values and growth potential to residents’ quality of life.

Collective property buying

3 min read Traditionally, mortgage applicants consisted of two people (whether married or otherwise), but now banks are launching lending solutions that enable groups of people to buy a house together.

The secrets to first-time buyer success

3 min read Greater Pretoria, Johannesburg, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal have the most new buyers applying for home loans, accounting for 80% of BetterBond first-time home loan applications in the past year, says Bradd Bendall, BetterBond Head of Sales.

Buying your first home

3 min read There is nothing more exciting – or daunting – than buying your first home. It’s a rite of passage, and also a passport to financial, emotional, social and family security. There are so many advantages to home ownership, but it’s a big step, so it’s worth planning carefully.

FLISP – Making homeownership a reality for lower income households

3 min read The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) offers an amazing opportunity for qualifying individuals to own their first property. It’s unfortunate that the details and implications of FLISP are not commonly known, and that there are some misconceptions about its process and value.

What options do buyers have when it comes to new developments?

3 min read Amid house prices falling, interest rates rising, increased financial pressure on the average SA consumer and lack of electricity supply causing national havoc, developers remain optimistic about the property market as many beautiful developments are currently underway or nearing completion across the country.

Top five things to check when moving into a residential estate

3 min read South Africa is home to an ever-increasing number of beautiful residential estates, each offering an unparalleled quality of life. If you’re considering buying a property in one, there are several things you should check before making your final decision.

Five property trends for 2023

2 min read Key economic drivers from last year such as the war in Europe, gradual interest rate hikes and mounting inflation are expected to linger well into 2023. According to Carl Coetzee, CEO of BetterBond, this will significantly impact affordability and give a rise to prudent consumer budgeting.

Downsizing your home? How to make your living space look larger with colour.

2 min read If your kids have flown the nest or you’re looking for a safer place to live, you’re probably considering downsizing. With all the appeals of downsizing — like saving money, reducing clutter and less maintenance —you may still be worried about your living spaces looking and feeling small. Luckily, there are tricks of the design trade that can make smaller rooms bigger.

First-time home buyers’ guide

3 min read Which provinces or towns are popular among first-time home buyers, and what can developers do to mine and appease this lucrative market?

What should you do when buying a home for the first time with a partner?

3 min read If you’re buying a home with your partner – congratulations! It’s a big commitment and an exciting journey. But there are several things you should prepare to have a good and honest experience.

How to put first-time buyers at ease

3 min read Buying a property on a residential estate for the can be a minefield for the first-time buyer. They’re bound to ask a lot of questions of estate managers and other experts to put their mind at ease.

How to attract the female property buyer

3 min read Research released by Lightstone Property during the pandemic shows that, over a five-year period (between 2015 and 2020), single female first-time property buyers have outnumbered male buyers, as well as married couples.

South African housing market 2022

3 min read Record low interest rates have given people the confidence to invest in property. According to data from BetterBond, 70% of its homebuyer applications consisted of first-time buyers over the last 18 months.

Closing the deal

3 min read It’s a good time to sell because people are feeling bullish about taking on a home loan. ‘The favourable lending conditions have encouraged more first-home buyers to enter the market, accounting for 60% of BetterBond applications for the 12 months ending September 2021.

Home loan pre-qualification makes sense

2 min read Buying a property is most likely the largest investment you will ever make. So, to avoid the stress of waiting for loan approval after you have signed for your dream home, get a formal indication of the home loan you can qualify for before you even start looking at houses. There is that a free web-based service that is easily available, paperless and quick.

Attorney realtor hub

5 min read The Attorney Realtor Hub (ARH) is a countrywide network of property attorneys who are collaborating to provide professional property services to their clients. They are able to do this more efficiently and at better costs for both sellers and purchasers.

Advantages of home ownership

3 min read Purchasing a home will most likely be the biggest investment decision you make, and one that comes with specific financial obligations – but also enormous advantages. When you appreciate the benefits of home ownership, you will no longer see obligations such as repaying your loan or maintaining your home as a burden, but as a route to investing in your and your family’s future.

Single mothers constitute a growing demographic of home buyers in South Africa

3 min read Single moms have become a force to be reckoned with in the property market. Developers who want their estates to appeal to this growing demographic will need to keep in mind factors such as security, open spaces, schools and modern living units.

How the repo rate drop can make your life easier

3 min read On 16 January 2020, the South African Reserve Bank’s monetary policy community announced its decision to cut the repo rate by 0.25% (from 6.5% to 6.25%). This decision came despite all but three of 24 economists surveyed by Reuters predicting that the repo rate would remain unchanged.

You can now Apply for Home Loan Prequalification Online

3 min read The real estate industry has been operating in the shadow of technology, compared to other industries. However, as consumers become more aware of the apps and platforms available to them online, they will become more comfortable with beginning and concluding their real estate purchases online, over time.

Things a First Time Home Buyer Should do Before House Hunting

3 min read Buying your own home can be a daunting prospect. Many of us have spent our lives renting, so when we decide to take the step up to owning property we often aren’t quite as prepared as we should be. With this in mind we sat down with Meyer de Waal, owner of My Bond Fitness and a conveyancing lawyer for over 28 years, to figure out exactly what a first time home buyer should know before signing on the dotted line.

First-time buyers: Here’s how to actually DO what your bank expects

4 min read As a prospective first-time home buyer you have seen many articles telling you that at the rate things are going now, you’ll be practically ready to retire by the time you are able to buy your first, entry-level home. Bond approval of first-time applicants has increased, but more than 60% of first-time applicants are still being rejected.

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