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BMI Coverland Dry Ridge system

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BMI Coverland Dry Ridge system

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When it comes to roof ridges and hip-lines, not much thought is put into the application. For many home owners ridge and hip tiles are fixed with pigmented mortar. When the mortar cracks and their roof leaks it is then either replaced with more mortar or waterproofed with a “pap-en-lap” system resulting in a ridge and hip line that is usually a darker shade to the rest of the roof. This is acceptable. This is how is has been done locally for years. Why change?

The BMI Coverland Dry Ridge system is an innovative solution to traditional mortar ridge and hip line fixing methods. The system is called the Dry Ridge System due to the dry application of our Figaroll Plus ridge roll on the ridges and hips and because of its weather proof quality.  The Dry Ridge System also allows for optimum air circulation of the roof space.  There are additional elements of the system in addition to Figaroll Plus to add to its efficacy.

  1. Pliable Ridge Tree that aligns the ridge and hip battens. The ridge and hip batten is used to fix the ridge and hip tiles using the ridge clips
  2. Ridge Clip that facilitates the rapid and secure fixing of ridge tiles
  3. Kro Klips that are corrosion-resistant spring clips that fix tiles to valleys and hips.

Figaroll® Plus is a progressive ridge and hip roll with an innovative double ventilation channel system having adjusted holes for ideal roof ventilation and resistance against driving rain. With strong yet easy to form aluminium side strips provide a very high stretch ability for an easy and uniform installation.

Produced and tested in Germany, our ridge and hip solutions for your roof stand for durability and quality. Although slightly more expensive than traditional mortar fixing for the initial installation, the Coverland Dry Ridge System is a long term solution that is easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and, best of all, maintenance free. Why not consider this innovative solution for a future project?

Contact BMI Coverland at for more information with reference W&R Dry Ridge.

The advantages at a glance

  • Storm- and weather-proof.
  • Ventilates the roof
  • Material and labour cost saving: installed in one third of the time of traditional mortar ridge applications.
  • No cracking or leaking
  • Maintenance free.
  • Quick, easy installation.

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