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Keeping track of utilities bills is tricky

PEC eliminates the guesswork

By PEC Utility Management

, |

Keeping track of utilities bills is tricky

PEC eliminates the guesswork

By PEC Utility Management

, |

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As estate managers we are responsible for ensuring that all our residents pay for utilities, so we need to be 100% confident that the bills we forward accurately reflect the actual consumption for which we are charging. And we can only do that if the utility companies send us accurate accounts.

Unfortunately, that is often not the case, which can result in much aggravation, lost time, lost revenue – and even lost hair, as exasperated estate managers pull their curly locks out by the roots. But, never fear, PEC is here – and they can relieve you of the frustrating experience of trying to deal with councils.

Service delivery shortfalls

We are dependent on a range of services, such as electricity, water and sanitation, so we have no problem about paying for them. However, it seems that the only things the utility companies can reliably deliver are invoices, statements, and payment demands, while the standard and reliability of the actual services declines dramatically. As individual consumers, and as estate management, we are not adequately and reliably informed about our consumption of services, so we ‘pay up’ reluctantly with the niggling feeling that we may well be being overcharged. So, it’s time to find a solution that will enable us to accurately monitor our consumption, so that we can confidently pay for services that have been delivered. But how do we do that?

Knowledge is power

The best, easiest and most reliable way to do that is to do an independent audit of your supply history with a registered supply authority. PEC, which has a national presence, has – over the last 26 years – built relationships with councils across South Africa and ESKOM, NERSA, AMEU, SARPA & ERASA.

As an established utility expert with direct access to local authorities, PEC can audit accounts from supply authorities to confirm the status quo, and consult on incorrect applications including tariffs, consumption, account identity and technical configuration.

And when things go wrong

Of course, it would be great if you had an audit done, and it turned out everything was perfectly above board, but that is unlikely. So, it’s usually only once you’ve actually completed the audit that the really hard work begins. And this is where you will be grateful you have PEC on your side. They can log formal queries, and follow them up relentlessly until they reach some resolution. Within the boundaries of fair regulation, they will ensure that you receive accurate accounts and, if necessary, can arrange for the revision and amendment of tariffs.

And, of course, this will enable estate management to effectively manage residents’ expectations of fair billing.

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