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Some of the main pros of having a GYM at HOME

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Some of the main pros of having a GYM at HOME

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Many of us aspire to being fitter, stronger and healthier overall than we were yesterday (or at least maintain the level), and one of the best ways to achieve this is by exercising – and the more appropriate the exercise the bigger the gain.

Playing sports, running and the like are certainly a great way to achieve your goal, but sometimes using gym equipment and accessories can either supplement your training, or even be your main activity, and millions of people train daily on gym equipment. You have an option when it comes to gym equipment training, and that is at a commercial facility or in the comfort of your home. We list a few of the considerations and benefits of having a home gym for you to take into account to achieve your aspirations.

There’s no membership cost.

Invest in your own chosen equipment, at the level you can afford and require to meet your training needs, and save money over time. The space required can be as little as a couple of square metres and the cost as low as a few hundred rand. You eliminate travel time to and from gym and, of course, the traffic hassles that often go with the travelling. Your home gym is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – and you know the equipment is as clean as you want it to be!

Train when it suits you with your own equipment in your own space.

You train at a time that suits your daily schedule, and you never have to share equipment, wait for a station to open up or reset weights or settings to suit you. You can happily train in silence or to the music of your choice or watch whatever you want on TV – grunt, scream or act however you want without embarrassment and with nobody to judge you. Plus, there is no dress code – exercise is not about looking the part, it is about playing the part!

A gym that suits your individual needs.

You can fit out your gym with exactly the equipment you need. It can be overwhelming to walk onto a gym floor where there are multiple machines and cardio training options. Eliminate the confusion with targeted equipment tailored to your workout needs and, if space and budget allow, grow as you need more.

Build your own gym schedule that respects your family’s schedule.

Work out when the kids are sleeping or playing. Being a parent has its sacrifices – don’t let your gym training be one of them. Exercising at home allows you to be around and available while the kids are sleeping or at home with you. There’s no need for babysitting or paying more for gyms with childcare services. Plus, allowing your kids to see you work out and make better lifestyle choices can inspire them to also be healthy and more active.

Are you ready to make the investment and accomplish your aspiration of a healthier life for you and your family? Choose a creditable supplier with a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, and who can also provide the necessary expertise to assist with the right solution and after-sales support.

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