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Real Estate Development Interactive

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Real Estate Development Interactive

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Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Cape Town, Real Estate Development Interactive ( REDi) is a specialist online property technology development company that enables property professionals to market, manage and communicate effectively and efficiently.

Consisting of an experienced team of developers, marketers and creatives with a understanding of the property industry, REDi’s vision is to develop technologies that transform the way the property development industry markets, manages and communicates. These systems enable clients such as property developers and their professional teams, governing bodies such as homeowners’ associations and bodies corporate, property sales teams, attorneys and managing agents to operate efficiently and effectively throughout the full life cycle of a development project – and specifically in the key areas of sales and marketing, management and administration, and communication.

REDi is currently involved with, and active in, numerous new and established residential and mixed-use property development projects, sectional title schemes, retirement schemes and estate communities throughout South Africa.

REDi has three distinct core product sets that can be used individually as required, or together as one integrated system. These are the iSM (interactive sales map), the SiMS (sales information management system) and the Community Portal (an estate management system). Together, these cover almost every aspect of developing, selling and managing estates.

iSM – interactive sales map

Accessible via all modern operating systems and browsers, the iSM provides access to live, real-time sales data and rich visual media. And the responsive interface creates a user experience that scales with your requirements. Potential purchasers and sales teams share a common view of property information as an interactive map, while administrators and sales teams have access to detailed user analytics and leads generated via the interface.

The iSM serves as the visual front end to the SiMS development manager. The information displayed on the iSM is updated automatically as changes are made on the back end, thereby providing prospective purchasers and investors with real-time sales data.

The iSM is more than just a mechanism to display sales information visually. It significantly enhances communication between the sales team and prospective purchasers by recording all user activity, and streaming this information to the SiMS development manager in the form of leads, analytics and ongoing market intelligence.

Sales teams can access click-and-search patterns as well as user preference data linked to a specific lead profile. This translation of user activity into valuable market intelligence makes it possible to gauge the market response accurately, profile buyers more intelligently, and manage leads more effectively.

The system can also display real-time sales information – such as status or price – for each property, and search across multiple developments via a single map interface.

SiMS – sales information management system

SiMS is an online sales information and management system that connects key role players. Its fully configurable administrative functionality and interface define the property sales process from start to finish, and ensure that every component of the development roll-out is measurable and available to all parties at any given time, regardless of geographic location.

Developers, administrators, sales agents, mortgage originators, attorneys, financiers, project managers and other key stakeholders all have access to up-to-the-minute information based on the access rights assigned to their secure login. They can access, view and update information as well as communicate more effectively with one another in real time. Business rules are configurable, and the entire sales process is tracked via specialised reports and automated notifications.

All leads and purchasers are contained in one central online database. A comprehensive reporting structure allows 24/7/365 access to updated information and real-time status on all aspects of the development (sales, finance, origination, transfer etc.). SiMS is set up and configured to suit the developer’s specific requirements, and consists of various modules, such as off-plan sales, resales, aesthetics and construction.

SiMS delivers and displays property and sales information directly to public websites via the iSM, ensuring that sales status updates are relayed to the general public in an easy-to-grasp visual format the moment they happen.

Community Portal – estate management system

The Community Portal is a secure online platform which facilitates estate managements’ functions, and enables publishing capabilities with 24/7/365 access.

Designed specifically to enhance the management functions and communications within developments, estate communities and sectional title schemes, it provides real day-to-day value for all members.

The Community Portal features a configurable permission-based publishing platform, allowing admins to publish various content types such as notices, news, documents, poll’s.SMSs and calendar events. An internal messaging system, user forums, estate facilities and online marketplace enhance the day-to-day running of estates for administrators.

User data can be synchronised directly via sales recorded in SiMS, and residents are driven to update their profiles, resulting in a user database that is kept updated in real-time.

Residents, HOAs, body corporates, managing agents and other stakeholders are all included in the day-to-day life and operations of the estate or scheme, with instant access to the most up-to-date information, according to their clearance status.

The clean, user-friendly interface is fully responsive, and securely accessible via multiple devices. Native iOS and Android notification apps are also available from their respective app stores.

The Developer Journal is available online and in print.


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