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Trellidor: Safe and secure – and good looking too

By Trellidor

, |

Trellidor: Safe and secure – and good looking too

By Trellidor

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We all want to know that our homes are secure, and that our families are safe, but we also don’t want to feel that we’re living behind prison bars. So we got together with Peter Rawson from Trellidor to find out about their latest offerings.

EL: Peter, Trellidor is known by most people for its trellis-style sliding steel gates, which are not really appropriate for estate homes. We believe this has changed over the years. What is different now?

PR: What’s different is that our lifestyles have changed over the years. People are living very differently to the way they did 40 years ago when our business was established. Although crime has risen unbelievably in the last decade, the way many people live has become safer. Think about gated communities, lifestyle villages, townhouses and housing estates. These community-based homes are safer than the more traditional free-standing homes in suburbs, so they don’t need the same type of burglar proofing. But home owners still want peace of mind, so we have had to become innovators in this interesting market.

EL: So what does that mean in terms of product development?

PR: Well, for a start, gone are the days of limited options when it comes to burglar proofing. People still need some sort of protection because petty crime and ‘inside jobs’ happen, even on estates with excellent security. But this type of intrusion doesn’t need highly visible barriers so ,over the years, we’ve developed what we call our ‘Lifestyle Range’ of window and door coverings. They still offer a high level of protection, but they don’t look anything like a traditional security barrier. And an added bonus is that they do more than one job for you, making them very cost-effective.

EL: Give us some examples of what you’re talking about.

PR: A great example is our Trellidor Clear Guard security screens. We were the first to introduce these to the country, and we had the mesh specially designed for our local conditions. They have a neat aluminium frame with a woven steel mesh panel inserted into it. You can see right through the mesh and after a while you don’t even notice it’s there. They’ve been very popular in eco-estates because the mesh blocks out mosquitoes, snakes and even Warthogs, which apparently sometimes wander in at private lodges around Kruger Park. For anyone that has struggled with messy monkeys, the screens are a fantastic looking way of keeping them out.

EL: Apparently you have a new take on polycarbonate bars. Why did you decide to include these in your Lifestyle Range?

PR: Yes, this is an interesting one. We were not the first to manufacture polycarbonate bars for windows but we did reinvent them to make them better in every respect so that they match the standard of beautifully styled homes. We designed a four-sided extruded aluminium frame that gives it a lovely, neat finish. The polycarbonate panels are fitted into the frame, then the whole unit is fitted into the window reveal. Being virtually invisible, it provides the sense of space we’re all looking for, but gives peace of mind, reassuring you that you won’t be surprised by messy monkeys or anything else.

EL: What about homeowners that want privacy as well as protection? Do you have anything for them that strikes a balance between protection and affordable aesthetic appeal?

PR: Our aluminium louvre shutters fit into this category. There are many different designs on the market that look fairly similar, but they don’t all provide an acceptable level of security, and some have rods and levers that make them look cluttered. Our research and development team came up with a shutter that has all the operating mechanisms concealed inside the shutter, plus it has in-built reinforcing that makes it a strong security barrier too. It has been exceptionally popular, especially in coastal homes where people use the shutter in place of curtaining, blinds and burglar proofing. The shutters can be securely locked and the louvres can be tilted by hand to create the privacy, light penetration and air flow that you need.

EL: How do home owners decide which product is best for their home?

PR: Home owners are very welcome to contact any of our outlets countrywide. They will listen to the home owner’s requirements, and make suggestions as to which of these products are best suited to the lifestyle they’re looking for.

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