Say goodbye to complicated fibre with supersonic

Say goodbye to complicated fibre with supersonic

Since the internet has become another basic utility, alongside water and electricity, ISPs have been bending over backwards to try and deliver the quickest and most reliable internet to the South African market. Hence the introduction of fibre. Unfortunately, consumers have had a bad time of it, suffering through overly complicated application processes, frustrating installations, and ensuing connectivity issues as they try to figure fibre out all on their own.

One provider, however, is breaking the internet in the best sense with its latest fibre-to-the-home offering, and that’s supersonic. Backed by MTN, the country’s most loved brand, supersonic promises a high-quality product, flexible packages, and an exceptional customer service experience to give you the support that you need – from beginning to end.

Starting with the application process. In an effort to defy the frustratingly overcomplicated FTTH consumer experience, supersonic looked at the first point of contact that consumers would have with fibre, which is signing up and choosing their package. It’s really as simple as checking if your area is covered on their coverage map and if you are, there’s an easy 5 clicks before you’re ready to invite the technician into your home to get things installed.


Say goodbye to complicated fibre with supersonic


The 5 click sign-up process:

  1. Choose what you want to use the internet for, such as video streaming, online gaming, social media, and working at home.
  2. Select how many people will be using the internet.
  3. Choose from the different packages supersonic creates for you.
  4. Check the information about the package you’ve selected and answer a few additional questions.
  5. Provide your personal details.


Once you’ve signed up, your fibre line order will be placed and upon installation a technician will visit your home for free and set you up so that you can experience internet that fills your entire house and adapts to your space and lifestyle. Better yet,  once you’ve downloaded the supersonic Smart Wi-Fi app, you’ll have the ultimate control over your home’s wireless experiences, including managing who gets on your Wi-Fi network, which devices they have access to, for how long, and what they can do. You can even schedule time-outs, giving yourself and your family some offline time.


Say goodbye to complicated fibre with supersonic

It sounds so simple, because it is so simple. Consumers finally have access to fibre that’s easy to get, super simple to understand, and customisable enough to create a connection to the internet that makes sense for your needs. Ultimately, it’s internet as it should be.

Of course, supersonic will not tie you into lengthly contracts – every package is on a month to month basis.

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