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Servest Landscaping Value Proposition

By Servest Landscaping

, |

Servest Landscaping Value Proposition

By Servest Landscaping

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Since our inception in South Africa in 1997, we have grown from a provider of specialist soft services into a leading integrated facilities management company. In 2015, the landmark black empowerment transaction, which involved Kagiso Holdings acquiring 51% of Servest, also positioned us as one of the largest majority black-owned integrated facilities management companies in Africa.

Employing over 20,000 staff in Africa, we are extremely proud to provide one or all of our services to approximately 6,500 customers across more than 11,000 sites on the continent, with some contract relationships spanning over 20 years.

As a team, we embrace integration, strategic partnerships and innovation across the entire facilities management spectrum. We bring the right mix of people, processes, technology and expertise together to drive maximum value for our clients while ensuring that our promise of personalised, high-quality service solutions remains constant.

Our innovative technologies give us the leading edge, and bring demonstrable economies of scale that substantially reduce the cost of services, while delivering improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness. These advancements also minimise the operational risk for our clients, allowing for real-time monitoring and auditing of services.

To stay abreast of today’s challenges, we go beyond conventional facilities management solutions. We widen them to bring a more sustainable and kinder approach to the environment, while also creating a more responsive and safer environments for our clients, their staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are committed to playing an impactful role in inclusive development and economic growth. Through the Lesipho Trust, founded in 2014, we empower local communities and black businesses to create meaningful social change within the communities in which Servest operates. We assist these companies by advancing their businesses and providing them with the necessary support to become Servest preferred suppliers through our Supplier and Enterprise Development Programme.

Our aim is to support your business vision. To this end, our integration experience comes with additional flexibility. Together with our technical advisory services, we are able to seamlessly integrate with your systems and processes whether you choose one or several of our solutions, or choose to insource, outsource or implement a blend of either of these approaches.

When you partner with Servest, you will benefit from our experience as a truly integrated service partner – one that continuously invests in best-of-breed technology solutions, provides a single performance and reporting platform, gives you access to holistic real-time monitoring and management dashboards, and centralises proactive services with one point of contact, all backed by a national footprint and a highly responsive team focused on achieving our your triple bottom line and strategy.

Landscaping value proposition

We go beyond the beauty of landscaping to bring a leading combination of global best practice and environment-friendly solutions, all integrated with value for money, reliability and quality

Reasons to believe

  • National capacity – as a leading provider, we have the most extensive footprint of in-house and on-the-ground people, equipment and expertise in South Africa. We have also uniquely bolstered this in-house capacity with Servest-owned technical workshops throughout the country, ensuring the continuity of services, with all the necessary people and parts on standby.
  • We do specialisation – we have dedicated in-house departments specialising in all spheres of the landscaping value chain, ensuring specialist and seamless solutions from design, technical, build and maintenance to environmental impact and advisory services. This expertise is further bolstered with over 30 national in-house horticulturalists who have more than 600 years’ combined experience, as well as a dedicated ecologist.
  • We build sustainable ecologies – with over 20 years of scientific, professional and environmental experience, we know how to harness the power of nature. Our holistic model is focused on ‘functional restoration’, where we incorporate solutions beyond landscaping to solve the challenges of excess water consumption, additive usage, storm water, erosion, waste and habitat destruction.
  • Healthier environments are at our core – our dedicated in-house environmental department is ISO14001 compliant, and brings the added value of environmental impact assessments. These are integrated into our overall 360-degree solution to drive additional positive planet impacts, improve sustainability, lower carbon footprint and protect scarce resources.
  • Enhanced service outputs – by embracing technology, we have integrated our proprietary SCSI (customer service intelligence) online portal into our overall offering. This real-time automated auditing system gives clients valuable and accurate quality control and performance information against agreed SLA parameters, all in one place.• Local passion – the commitment, passion, energy, ingenuity and work ethic of every in-house colleague continues to surprise many new clients. As our most important asset, we actively invest in their upskilling and company benefits. Our local communities also play a critical role in our ongoing success, and together with clients we impact and grow local black-owned SMME economic activity through our ongoing incubation process.

From design, to planning, to construction, we create and maintain striking, eco-friendly, and natural landscapes, sporting and recreational facilities.

Key services:


  • maintenance services
  • full lawn and flowerbed maintenance
  • planting of focal point plants/annual colour plants
  • supply and spreading of compost and top dressing, tree care and arborist services
  • landscaping enhancements
  • road and hard surface maintenance Refuse and green waste removal Water feature maintenance
  • asset protection through vegetation control Firebreaks around perimeter fences Conveyor belt spillage cleaning
  • control of invasive plant species Rehabilitation
  • environmental management Landscape consulting
  • worm farms Composting systems Roof gardens Vertical gardens, Veggie gardens, Environmental services
  • consulting – environmental surveys and assessments, biodiversity certification, environmental management plans, systems and policies, ecological master planning and design
  • environmental management services – rehabilitation and restoration of natural/wilderness areas, alien plant eradication, organic sustainable maintenance approach, erosion control
  • waste management – waste management plans and strategy, collection, separation and recycling, composting
  • water management – storm water management, biological effluent treatment (constructed wetlands, bio-filters and polishing ponds), waterwise strategies, wetland and riparian rehabilitation

Industry focus


• We manage all aspects from breaking ground to the completion of the project
• Our services include landscapes, water features and dams, irrigation systems, transplanting of large trees, wet lands, boulevards, tennis courts, multi courts, golf courses, sports fields, urban parks, play areas, roof top gardens, vertical gardens, hardscaping, composting systems, greenhouses

Golf course design and implementation

  • We maintain some of the finest properties in South Africa, with partnerships that have been going for the last 15 years Advisory
  • Whether clients insource or outsource, we provide tailored advisory services – technical expertise from a global best practice point of view across the landscaping value chain in the realms of saving money, doing things differently, environmental practices and water-wise conservation.


  • We have created one complete turf solution to maintain the highest standards in sporting and leisure facilities, using either natural or artificial turf.
  • Our solution is turnkey from design and layout to earthworks, shaping, grassing and irrigation.
  • We bring unrivalled products by collaborating with global partners, achieving FIFA and FIH certification.

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