There is no need to change your entire security system to upgrade to the latest technology.

JNCS Beyond Security

By using your existing Infrastructure, JNCS – Beyond Security can enhance your Security system to become more reliable & cut out false alarms.

With the emergence of IP Cameras and the technological advancements that they bring, the time of analogue cameras on a perimeter has passed – Now fewer IP cameras are required to that of the old analogue counterpart when protecting a perimeter.

JNCS – Beyond Security are able to decrease the number of IP Cameras as well.

Axis’ Newley released D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, is designed as a complement to your video surveillance system and can now bring you the accurate & reliable detection you thought you had with your current system when combining the Radar & IR PTZ Technology.

The system is fully solar- ready and can be deployed anywhere along your Perimeter for Real Time Alerts of Exact Positions, Speed of moving object, Size & Visual Verification & PTZ Auto tracking.

Contact JNCS- Beyond Security for our festive season Special, and affordable rental structures.


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