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1st Floor Lona House
212 Upper Buitengracht
Bo Kaap, Cape Town, 8001

Jaime-Lee Gardner
072 171 1979

Louise Martin
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Tsebo Hygeine & Cleaning Solutions

Nourishing your success since 1971

, Nationwide |

Tsebo Hygeine & Cleaning Solutions

Nourishing your success since 1971

, Nationwide |

Emerging from a single contract in 1999, Tsebo Cleaning Services now has over 500 contracts across South Africa and a staff complement of over 13,000 cleaning professionals.

We are a leader in the contract cleaning industry, thanks in part to our roots in the healthcare sector – a heritage that translates into a service ethos and cleaning standards of the very highest quality. We provide hospital-level cleaning services, no matter the environment.

Tsebo Cleaning Solutions

Equipping community members

Tsebo’s Capacity Building Programme focuses on developing sustainable local skills. Communities in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province are experiencing socio-economic upliftment because of our public sector healthcare contract where 50% of the labour force is sourced from these communities.

Local contractors are also being taught skills so that they can take over Healthcare facilities maintenance in the future. In recognition of the efforts, Africa’s national power utility, Eskom, voted Tsebo the ‘Most Successful Transferor of Skills’ in the sector.

We Minimise Environmental Impact

We use green-certified and environmentally friendly chemicals whenever possible to reduce direct pollution.

We Eliminate Unnecessary Use of Materials

We drive innovation to create improved processes that reduce water usage and packaging waste.

We Recycle

We encourage and support our clients in their recycling initiatives, ensuring that our operations add to the success of these endeavours.

Environmental policy

The Tsebo Solutions Group is committed to running its business in a responsible manner so that impact on the environment is minimised and the wellbeing of all stakeholders, including the environment, surrounding communities and employees, is ensured. Activities in this regard include staff training, operational processes, inputs used and products marketed. Sustainability in our commercial relationships is always actively encouraged.

What we offer

Day to day cleaning services

We do maintenance cleaning services for offices, hospitals, industrial premises, nursing homes, schools, hotels, government buildings and shopping centres.

Specialised cleaning

We offer once-off or more periodic cleaning services that include preoccupation cleans, high-pressure cleaning, exterior building cleaning, preparation and restoration of floor surfaces, deep cleaning of ablutions, spring cleaning of offices, factories and houses, stripping and sealing various floor surfaces, steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery, high level cleaning of girders, pipes and factory fittings, abseil window cleaning, installation and testing of anchor points, flood and fire damage.

Indoor plants

We provide insight into the right solutions that works with your décor, offering plant, potting and ongoing maintenance.

Garden services

We provide fortnightly and weekly onsite maintenance of gardens and grounds, landscaping, irrigation, turf management and once-off clean ups.

Beyond the obvious

Broad Industry Knowledge

We understand the requirements and nuances of different industries and environments, providing services for your specific needs.

Service Responsiveness

Our Account Managers get to know your business inside and out, forming strong client relationships to facilitate exceptional service responsiveness.

A Powerful Support Infrastructure

Our processes and business systems are geared to provide you with service that is both reliable and of the highest quality.

Better Cleaning Technology

We train our people to see the microscopic and incentivise them to perform, ensuring that when we say something is clean, it truly is clean.

In-Built Flexibility

Our customised contract plans and specifications are designed to meet your immediate needs as well as adapt as those needs change.

We safeguard the environment

We dedicate ourselves to deliver the highest levels of quality, value and service to our clients. At the same time, we are committed to doing our part in safeguarding the environment.

Environmental protection and sustainability are especially important in the cleaning industry because of the chemicals used, and because the manner in which they are disposed of can create lasting damage to the environment.

We improve the health of our customers

We continuously roll out new cleaning techniques and equipment that go beyond the minimum levels required by law. Our hepa-filter vacuum cleaners and cdc-level standards for air purification remove dust and bacteria from the air, creating healthy spaces in which to work.

Health and safety

Tsebo cleaning helped pioneer the health and safety practices for the tsebo solutions group in accordance with the highest benchmarks in order to ensure that our staff and customers always work in environments that are safe. Tsebo’s cleaning professionals are called upon to perform their duties under many different circumstances and the tsebo solutions group ensures that in every instance we adhere to safe practices.

The tsebo solutions group supports the occupational health and safety act no: 85 of 1993. To ensure compliance in our business with this legislation, we engage in continuous training on accident prevention and constantly update our gmps in accordance with the latest practices in this field. Over and above all this, we have an internal team that audits operational practices on occupational health and safety in order to drive continuous improvement.

Customer service excellence

Our hospitality heritage means that customer service is built into our staff training, business structure and the qualification levels of our managers.

Our senior and middle managers are required to attend management development programme (mdp) courses run by the gordon institute of business sciences (gibs), making them the best qualified managers in the industry.

Our structures are kept deliberately flat and lean, giving our clients small-company responsiveness.

Our mandate is to make your brand shine in the eyes of your employees, shareholders and customers.

Higher quality standards

We operate via a quality-driven business model, and our hospital cleaning heritage gives us the edge in this regard.

We manage our business according to the standards of private healthcare.

  • Continuous staff training
  • Tough performance measurement
  • Infection control in every space
  • Most thorough sops in the industry
  • Most systemised processes and systems
  • Constant innovation and training

Tsebo hygiene solutions

Who we are

A hygienic environment is essential for the health and safety of workforces, and ultimately the success of organisations. Tsebo Hygiene Solutions are the professionals at delivering immediate, cost-effective solutions for a germ-free environment.

Our seasoned professionals create solutions that eliminate sanitation and health threats, maintaining the health and hygiene of your business and employees and giving you complete peace of mind.

Hygiene services are highly technical by nature, and for this reason Tsebo Hygiene Solutions operates separately, providing specialist services across the Tsebo Solutions Group’s divisions as well as to external clients.

What we do

Best value hygiene services to clients in all industries

From the fixtures and equipment used in washrooms to the chemicals and processes used to keep workspaces clean, Tsebo Hygiene Solutions is there to ensure that your working environment remains healthy and productive.

Your workforce needs to remain healthy and content in order to perform. Tsebo Hygiene Solutions is there to deliver this to you in a way that is simple and cost effective, freeing you up to focus on your core business.



  • best cost and value
  • low-cost consumable model
  • fit-for-purpose solutions that meet real needs
  • responsive client service from seasoned, educated professionals
  • flat management structures
  • consistent quality guaranteed by deep industry experience

We provide

  • hand care solutions
    • wall mounted soap dispensers
    • hand sanitizers
  • hand drying solutions
    • hand dryers
  • toilet sanitising solutions
    • safe seat systems
  • odour control solutions
    • air freshener dispensers
    • urinal & drain treatments
  • femcare sanitary disposal solutions
  • biological deep clean solutions
  • walk-off appearance mats

Long term

  • the right balance between cost and quality
  • hassle-free hygiene solutions that free you to concentrate on your mandate
  • assured predictability of cost
  • a personal dimension to your contract relationship
  • supervision by senior management
  • direct client liaison with senior management

We deliver complete assurance – every one of our clients has a direct line to the senior people in our business and a higher level of personal relationship.

Our comprehensive services

Tsebo Hygiene offers solutions for every need in every industry, supplying a full range of hygiene services and restroom dispensers to manage and maintain a healthy environment for your workforce.

Our Product Range

We also offer a Stainless Steel Dispenser Range

For the Tsebo Solutions Group, transformation has never been a compliance requirement; it is part of our DNA and is weaved into our business model, business processes, cultural values and business strategy.

B-BBEE Credentials

As part of the Tsebo Solutions Group, Tsebo Cleaning has always held that transformation is not a compliance requirement. It is part of our DNA and is weaved into our business model, business processes, cultural values and business strategy. We encourage all our clients, suppliers and stakeholders to engage with us to create and sustain transformation success.

As part of the Tsebo Solutions Group, Tsebo Hygiene Solutions are at the forefront of transformation in our industry and society at large. We relentlessly pursue annual transformation improvement targets across all elements of the scorecard.


Other Tsebo Divisions

Tsebo Catering Solutions

Emerging from a single contract in 1999, Tsebo Cleaning Services now has over 500 contracts across South Africa and a staff complement of over 13,000 cleaning professionals.

Tsebo Facilities Solutions

Entrust your non-core business to the leading facilities solutions provider. From office park maintenance to wholesale management of municipal service delivery processes, Tsebo Facilities Solutions is synonymous with expertise in technical and non-technical business support services.


As the leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa,  we provide employment for more than 40,000 people and form an important part of many societies. Our values underpin who we are and serve to direct our thinking, our decision-making and the way we conduct our business as ‘One Tsebo’.

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