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Baronetcy Estate

Platterkloof, Western Cape | Lifestyle Estate, Security Estate

A Rare, but Perfect Balancing Act

Baronetcy Estate

Platterkloof, Western Cape | Lifestyle Estate, Security Estate

A Rare, but Perfect Balancing Act

4 min read

From its elevated position and situated in a spectacularly striking part of the Western Cape, Baronetcy Estate offers a rare opportunity for homeowners to enjoy natural eco living within the comfort of a secure gated community.

Aptly named after Sir David Pieter de Villiers Graaff, the first baronet of the Graaff baronetcy, development of the warm and inviting estate began over ten years ago after the land was acquired from the De Grendel Farm, one the country’s oldest and most historical farms. The lifestyle at Baronetcy encompasses a deep love and respect for the local environment, including the bordering Tygerberg Nature Reserve, which residents will soon have direct access to. The 300-hectare reserve is home to 125 bird species, 50 different species of mammals, 35 different types of reptiles, eight types of frog and 33 different types of butterfly, and the relationship between the estate and the reserve is of paramount importance to the overall success of the development. The reserve will construct walkways and trails so homeowners can enjoy the nature outing so close to home.

From the outset, the estate was designed to draw the reserve down into itself and, in keeping with De Grendel Farm tradition, indigenous fauna and flora such as fynbos are encouraged to flourish. A stringent set of architectural and landscaping guidelines are in place, allowing for beautifully designed open-plan homes with plenty of room for creative freedom. As a result, the uber modern homes at Baronetcy soar proudly above the ground and boast breathtaking panoramic views, stretching from Cape Point on the left to Melkbos on your right. The gently sweeping ocean, Table Mountain, and Robyn Island are the focal points from the windows of homes that still retain environmental harmony and buyers are encouraged to thoroughly research the architectural design of their home and the choice of materials used.

The landscape planning for the development is also based on the interplay of the environmentally sensitive area behind the estate, including the highly endangered Swartland Shale Renosterveld found in the reserve, and the residential component. Working closely with local specialists, the estate management has drawn up a suggested plant material list that limits the risk of endangering material in the conservation area, and garden facilities are available and outsourced to a local company that ensures that the estate landscape is synchronised with the surrounding backdrop.

A water retention dam was also developed as a water hole to attract and maintain the number of local species and walking trails, and a public park and play areas for children as well as access to the reserve complete the outdoor facilities, allowing residents to enjoy a more complex and interesting environment that is part of a conservation initiative.

The master plan allows for a total of 300 plots, with 133 homes already completed and inhabited by a wide-ranging resident portfolio, including many wealthy South African captains of industry, CEOs and well-known cricket and rugby players. Residents come from across the country and abroad, as well as from within the Western Cape, with the majority relocating from the Atlantic Seaboard. All invest in Baronetcy for its convenient location and easy access, for it is a mere 18 minutes’ drive to Cape Town, 15 minutes from the local airport, eight minutes from Century City and Tygervalley and less than 30 minutes from the patchwork quilt of the winelands in Stellenbosch and Paarl. The silky beaches of Blaauwberg, nearby hospitals and outstanding local schools make this the perfect place, especially for families and young professionals, to set up home and have a life that can be lived in perfect balance.

Unlike other residential estates, Baronetcy forms part of the local municipality, and maintenance of the roads and collection of refuse is undertaken by the local council. A management agent overlooks the financial aspects of the estate and five trustees sit on the board and, with the help of the on-site architect and estate manager, oversee day-to-day management of the estate.

Security is a vital component and the estate is extremely proud to be incident-free for the last three years. The outsourced security company, Vizual Security provides a constantly improving service and an R 5.8 million camera system upgrade has just been undertaken, including the installation of 34 flir cameras that are operational across the estate. The entrance gate has also been upgraded with a state-of-the-art camera control room with a back-up generator, and three security guards with night vision binoculars regularly patrol the estate, sometimes via a golf cart. In a bid to ensure the best security option, there are plans to implement biometric fingerprinting to assist with control of residents, visitors and domestic staff.

A number of local and foreign investors continue to make this quiet piece of the northern suburbs their home, with some building magnificent residences to use as their December summer homes, and astute residents from within the estate and those nearby also choosing to reinvest within Baronetcy. One homeowner has already invested R 33 million building his dream home, setting the bar extremely high for others. Homes in this section, which was created to meet increasing demand, are situated on the top tier of the Tygerberg Hills, offering uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Seaboard and Tygerberg nature reserve, and consist of 81 plots, most of which were sold out extremely quick since being launched last year.

Although entry level homes are set at R 5.8 million for a small home on 380m² with no views, due to high demand, most properties under R 6 million have already been sold. The majority of properties available now start at R 8 million upwards, with most selling prices at around R 16 000 per m² to R 25 000 per m². However, with new homes that are being constructed this per m² is continuously increasing. For those wanting to undergo a build, plots offering limited or no views currently retail at R 2.2 million (R840 – R1000 per m²), whilst prime plots start at R 2.7 million to R 4 million (R850 – R2000 per m²). Even though only half complete, Baronetcy Estate remains an extremely viable investment option.

After close inspection, it is little wonder that Baronetcy Estate has been dubbed the Constantia of the North and the most upmarket estate in the northern suburbs. It is most certainly an exceptional find, seamlessly balancing investment with value for money, secure, quiet and understated, but with majestic homes, tremendous views and outstanding reverence for the local environment. Baronetcy has set the foundations for a promising and exciting future and, when fully built, one can expect it to be one of Cape Town’s top five estates in the country, with property valuations expected to increase to anything between R 40 and R 50 million in years to come.

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