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Karino Lifestyle Estate

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga | Lifestyle Estate

Affordability meets Estate Living

Karino Lifestyle Estate

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga | Lifestyle Estate

Affordability meets Estate Living

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With the popularity and feasibility of the affordable property market soaring in South Africa, more and more people are doing their homework about investing in such Estates. These Estates not only pose a viable investment venture with high return on capital outlay, but also a sustainable and stable secondary income for investors. A fine example of one of these pioneering Estates is the Karino Lifestyle Estate located just outside of Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.

The Karino Lifestyle Estate has positioned itself as one of the largest and most secure affordable residential Estates in South Africa, and when evaluating these sentiments; it seems that this is a prominent space that they have efficaciously filled. The development was initially financed through the Old Mutual HIFSA (Housing Impact Fund for South Africa) fund and was worth R9.15 billion. The HIFS fund aims to offer commercially viable investment opportunities for the low-income housing sector. While doing so, investors are able to achieve set investment points as defined in the Financial Sector Charter. HIFSA is managed by the Development Impact Funds (DIF) team within the Alternative Investments capability of Old Mutual Investment Group (Pty) Ltd.

Development on the Estate commenced in 2010 and it has already steadily grown in popularity and demand and investors should take note. At the core of the Karino Lifestyle Estate’s attributes is their stability of investment. It offers savvy investors the opportunity to purchase more than just one or two properties at competitive rates and both rent and sell these out at an increased profit. Initial investment forecasts were highly favourable with solid growth. In 2010, the launch price of properties was recorded at R290 000 with a current re-sell value of the same property reaching around R480 000. This is a 64% price increase in only three years with the same statistics applying to their separate apartments. The affordability of the properties at Karino is one of the most attractive elements making it such an alluring investment haven. It’s evident that property prices in South Africa are on the rise and investing in a more affordable venture will lower your risk considerably while offering you the ability to diversify your property portfolio with peace of mind.

It offers savvy investors the opportunity to purchase more than just one or two properties at competitive rates

Upon completion, Karino will contain a total of 3500 homes with its first phase already sold out. The Estate aims to successfully integrate a secure and convenient lifestyle with a positive return on investment. With the hunger to purchase becoming more and more prevalent in the affordable housing sector, this creates a sure supply of demand. The Karino Lifestyle Estate goes further than just providing basic needs, it successfully offers housing solutions under R600 000 in a security Estate without compromising on design, landscaping and communal areas. Components which make Karino an even more attractive investment opportunity are the low levies, stable property owners and further expansion that is sure to add value.

The aim was to specifically offer first time buyers with a property investment opportunity as research has indicated that people can indeed afford it, but are intimidated by the process and taking the initial financial step. If evaluating the average South African, the affordable property market is one of the largest ones in the country. This means that there will be steady supply of demand and with 50% of property registered in the deeds office below the R500,000 mark, it shows how pertinent this market is and how an investor can really capitalise on it. The Karino Lifestyle Estate team, and all of its affiliates, are closely involved with the consumers and facilitate every element of the purchasing process. The sales team strive for exceptional service by assisting clients every step of the way in finding their perfect home and obtaining a bond.

The Estate prides itself on the abundance of green spaces, beautiful gardens and parks with lovely views of the surrounding vegetation and mountains. Family living is highlighted with jungle gyms and play parks and the Estate successfully promotes care-free, outside living where children can play outdoors with peace of mind. Karino boasts world class security facilities including palisade and electric fencing surrounding the Estate, access control at the entrance via a boom gate, gate guards and patrolling guards on duty 24/7, and a Mircom system regulating access only by means of permission granted by residents.There are a variety of homes one can invest in at Karino. Homes of around 61-68 square meters range from R540 000 to R580 000, 51 square meter unites from R455 000 to R470 000 and 42 square meter simplexes from R375 000 to R390 000. Apartments are also available for rent from R3 500 a month. Apart from the variety and stability of investment available at Karino Lifestyle Estate, its plans for the future are sure to make it even more appealing. The Estate will be expanding significantly with Karino Gardens launching towards the middle of the year, which will consist of 14 new types of homes, adding even more diversity to your property portfolio. The Meridian Karino Private School opened on the premises at the beginning of the year with 600 pupils joining and soon shopping will be on the doorstep of residents with the building of Crossings Karino Shopping Centre in the pipeline.

It’s evident that the Karino Lifestyle Estate has seen a viable gap in the South African property market and has filled it successfully whilst and offering a sound product. As the Estate grows and populates, so will the investment ventures that are sure to grow too in value and demand. If you are a looking to break into the investment property game, a viable place to look at is the Karino Lifestyle Estate.

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