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Kelderhof Country Village

Somerset West, Western Cape | Country Estate

Traditional country living

Kelderhof Country Village

Somerset West, Western Cape | Country Estate

Traditional country living

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Discover a new life at Kelderhof Country Village, a premier, secure country village-style estate close to Somerset West, just 30 minutes from Cape Town. Choose a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle in the charm and natural beauty of the surrounding Helderberg winelands today with this exceptional value for money offer.

Initially designed as a traditional English country village almost 100 years ago, the layout of the property which is now Kelderhof Country Village was approved in 1903, as the ‘Croydon Township’, but never developed until now. Today, yesterday’s dreams are made reality, employing the original layout with a contemporary feel.

 Between 1903 and 2006 plots were transferred to numerous individual buyers, but no services were ever installed by Council and no development by any owner could take place. The plots situated to the north of the railway line had limited access via an old farm crossing some way along from the towns itself.

Originally owned by Faure Wine Farms, who own the neighbouring farm, and the Miller family, the majority of the plots to the north of the railway line were acquired by the Kelderhof development company in 2006 with the vision to create, develop and market Kelderhof Country Village. However, scattered throughout the +430 plots owned by the developers were some 130 plots owned by numerous individuals over the years, which presented a unique challenge to the developers if they were to proceed with the development. These plots are commonly referred to as the ‘unowned erven’, for the simple reason that they were not owned by the developers.

In 2006 the developers made every possible effort to trace owners of the ‘unowned erven’. Their strategy was to compile a petition to Council, with the backing of these owners, to declare the Croydon township a ‘Special Rateable Area.’ In simple terms this would have meant that Council would have been able to increase their rates charges for the township, thereby having motivation to install all the required services to allow the development to proceed…

However, Council declined to install services or open up the access to the town due to a lack of Council funds. The developers thus decided to install all the necessary services on site in order to proceed with their vision to make Kelderhof Country Village a reality. The developers completed construction of all site services above the railway line in April 2009, allowing the entire township including the ‘unowned erven‘ to be opened up.

In addition to construction of services that should have been installed by Council, the developers have provided a security office and gateway for access control, landscaped open spaces and electrified perimeter fencing around the entire site. They have also constructed the Lifestyle Centre at the heart of the village, providing a coffee shop, swimming pools, tennis court and kids play area.

In short, the developers have added substantial value to the ‘unowned erven‘ and once their owners have reimbursed the developer for services installed they will be able to build on their plots and become members of the Kelderhof Country Village Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and thus enjoy all the amenities to be provided within the estate. They too will then be bound by the Constitution of the HOA which includes the payment of monthly levies. By arrangement, Council will not permit construction to take place on any plot where connections to services have not been paid for.

As time progresses it is estimated that the 117 ‘unowned erven‘ that have not yet reimbursed the developer for services installed will become incorporated into the Kelderhof Country Village Homeowners Association.

As of 1st January 2013, 251 homes have been completed on site and an additional 48 are currently under construction. The community is well established and has come to life and the dreams of the original town planners in 1903 are becoming a reality in the form of Kelderhof Country Village.

As an owner of a Kelderhof Country Village home you too can become part of the future history of this unique estate.

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