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12 Star Capital – Emigration through Investment – EB-5 Visa Programme

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12 Star Capital – Emigration through Investment – EB-5 Visa Programme

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2 min read

Estate Living, Stuart Ferguson of 12 Star Capital, Shaun Minnie and Garth Wellman discuss the process of emigration through investment to the USA. Exploring the proposed new Bill that has been put forward to extend EB-5 with some amendments.

Shaun Minnie, a South African who has emigrated to the USA via the EB-5 Visa programme, with the assistance of 12 Star Capital, will discuss his personal experience and provide valuable insights around research, relocating and some of the challenges they overcame. If you are looking at this option, this webinar will offer relevant and useful information.

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12 Star Capital

European countries are at the top of the list for offshore investing and migration due to the lifestyle benefits and strong currency hedge. We have partnered with key experts to help facilitate your investment journey. Through extensive research, our team has identified key investment prospects across Europe that will allow you to capitalise on property while also securing residency abroad.


00:00 Opening
00:21 Louise Martin | Estate Living – Welcome and Introductions
02:52 Louise Martin – 12 Star offering
03:35 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson | 12 Star Capital – 12 Star Capital overview
06:06 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – About the EB- Visa Programme
07:27 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – Differences between the investment options
08:27 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – Risk categories in EB-5 investments
09:11 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – Changes to the EB-5 investments with the change of US Administration
11:26 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – How does 12 Star Capital assist investors through the EB-5 Visa Programme structural changes over time
13:05 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – Threshold increase
14:23 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – 12 Star Capital Projects
16:54 Louise Martin & Stuart Ferguson – Due diligence on developers from a security of investment point of view
18:40 Shaun Minnie | Founder, Luxury Homes Tennessee & 12 Star Capital Client – Experiance emigrating to the USA through EB-5 Visa Programme with 12 Star Capital
20:39 Louise Martin & Shaun Minnie – Finding and choosing 12 Star Capital
22:52 Louise Martin & Shaun Minnie – Groundwork and lessons learned
22:45 Louise Martin & Shaun Minnie – The experience of setting up a business
26:43 Stuart Ferguson – Timelines & flexibility around the EB-5 Visa Programme
28:23 Louise Martin & Shaun Minnie – Important aspects and insights into moving a family and business over
31:44 Stuart Ferguson & Shaun Minnie – Schooling and getting kids enrolled
32:43 Louise Martin & Shaun Minnie – Purchase or renting your first home
33:57 Louise Martin & Shaun Minnie – Support structures available
37:03 Garth Wellman | Caleo Capital – Caleo Capital introduction and offering
41:54 Louise Martin & Garth Wellman – Financing and funding Opportunities
43:45 Louise Martin & Garth Wellman – Financial Emigration
47:16 Louise Martin Q&A – Investment lifespan and exit strategies
52:33 Louise Martin – Summary
54:13 Closing

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