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Azuri Homeowners’ Benefits

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Azuri Homeowners’ Benefits

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If the promise of the sweet island life doesn’t seal the deal, here are ten more perks of living or purchasing property in this unique seaside setting.

1. A rare and unique destination

This little corner of paradise is a microcosm of the world. A combination of natural beauty and urban charm, Mauritius offers a sweet life. Its cosmopolitan nation, a mosaic of cultures, ethnicities, and religions, make the tiny island very much a microcosm of the world. Travellers are surprised to learn that beyond the sandy beaches is huge opportunity
for business growth—and a strong dose of happiness.

2. Seaside living

Azuri is a place that encapsulates what it means to live by the sea. Wake up, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, and take a seat on your terrace over-looking the sandy shores and blue lagoon (the second largest of Mauritius). It doesn’t get any better. Truly. The outdoors is an integral part of living at Azuri. Boat rides, beach volleyball, an evening jog in the sugarcane fields… Who needs a lap pool when you have the ocean?

3. A Village Community

Azuri’s village celebrates our community needs safety, happiness, convenience, recreation, and a sense of belonging. The hip and happening neighbourhood is a playground much for the kids as for the grown-ups! Azuri’s Village manager goes the extra mile to bring the community together by organising events and activities year-round.

4. Ocean and Golf*

Around the world, golf courses are equated with luxury, freedom, and beauty. Azuri is no exception. Our spectacular executive golf course is a chance to play a round with friends, enjoy the peaceful open green spaces, or take up a new sport. The acquisition of a residence at Rive Droite comes with a transferable golf membership at the Azuri Golf.*

*Conditions apply

5. Prime real estate

Prime beachfront property is hard to come by. Azuri, set on the coveted northeast coast, is a gem. It is as much an investment as it is a place you’ll want to call home. On an island delineated by its shores, land is particularly invaluable. BlueLife Limited is a pioneer in the land development sector in Mauritius. With years of experience, the property developer knows how to create and sustain value, both in the short and long run. Their motto, “We don’t just build houses but homes” illustrates their commitment to enriching the lives of those at Azuri.

6. Modern

BlueLife Limited, the developper and promoter, collaborates with famed architects to design and conceive stylish, contemporary residences. Each beautifully-designed villa embodies tropical modernism, an architecture that is ideally suited to our gloriously sunny island. Each residence comes with all the amenities that will make life so much easier. Azuri’s residential neighbourhood was cleverly designed, integrating lasting infrastructure, functionality, aesthetics, community, and greenery. The ultimate goal? To help its citizens live better, happier lives.

“I get to fall asleep to the lapping of the waves and wake up to the chirping of birds. Downstairs is as good a café as what you would find in a city. What more can you want?”

“Eyes on the prize, we invested time, energy, and resources into instilling life and a sense of community into the village.” BlueLife Limited, The Developer

7. The advantages of a Mauritian residency

Life in Mauritius is—literally—less taxing. Foreigners who purchase property under the PDS (Property Development Scheme) acquire Mauri- tian residency (as do their dependents), and benefit from advantageous fiscal policies including a flat tax rate at 15%, no taxes on capital gains if the property is sold, no withholding taxes on interests and dividends, and various exemptions.

8. A portfolio of high-end properties

Azuri Golf & Ocean Village stands out as being the first to have created a real community, one that is socially- engaged, responsible, and aware. It also stands out because of its inherent beauty: each cluster of residences apartments, penthouses, villas, super villas, and bespoke designs conceived by renowned architects elevate living standards. The quality of the homes reflects the quality of life of Azuri’s residents and homeowners.

9. Full-fledge Property Management Service

Azuri provides a full range of services that cater to homeowners and renters. These services simplify your day-to-day life and include short and long-term rental management, property sales, maintenance services (plumbing, pool, gardening, dry-cleaning…), but also event planning (such as booking a chef, planning a party…).

10. Smart Living

In the Internet era, geographic mobility and work-life balance are becoming the norm. Azuri’s dynamic community is a mix of Mauritians and expatriates in pursuit of business opportunities, a cer-tain way of life, and the happiness that one experiences waking up in this cor-ner of paradise. You could call it smart living. That is, the ability to reconcile your career with the joys of living on an island.

“A vibrant village by the sea !”

Come live the Azuri Lifestyle


Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

Riviere du Rempart

13 min read Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, a place of island elegance and serenity, to live truly and safely your dream of a tropical lifestyle. Since its inception five years ago on a large estate in the North of Mauritius, Azuri has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community.

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