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Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

Riviere du Rempart, International, Mauritius | Lifestyle Estate

Reinvent your life under the tropical sun.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village

Riviere du Rempart, International, Mauritius | Lifestyle Estate

Reinvent your life under the tropical sun.

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Ocean River Golf View Villas, Ennéa, and Amara each have their own identities and vibes. But what they do have in common is perpetual tranquility, and all the benefits that come with living by a golf course.


Rive Droite

The golf neighbourhood

Picture this. A peaceful neighbourhood. A quiet street lined with gorgeous, intimate homes. Lots of greenery – the fairways of a beautiful signature Par-3 9-hole golf course. Welcome to Rive Droite, a neighbourhood at the heart of a splendid golf.

What draws people to Mauritius and Azuri in particular is the proximity to nature. Whether you fantasize about owning a beach house or a lavish villa near a golf course, Azuri offers the best of both worlds. Rive Droite, Azuri’s newest neighbourhood comprises three distinct residential clusters: Ocean River Golf View Villas, Ennéa, and Amara. Eighty-eight classic penthouses, villas, and apartments are set near the river’s elevation, affording breath-taking views of the golf course, and in the distance, mountains. Here the land is invaluable, offering attractive investment opportunities to potential international buyers looking for a first or second residence. Each of these luxurious compounds come with their own eco-friendly electric buggy, which can be used to drive over to the Village, but also a transferable golf membership at the Azuri Golf.

Tropical gardens, manicured greens, contemporary architecture… Think Miami meets Mauritius.


Ennéa Residences

Where vibrant meets soothing

The Ennéa residential cluster epitomises tropical island living. The focus on Indoor/ Outdoor space, the private landscaped gardens, the use of local, natural materials, are an ode to Mauritian culture and traditions. Long, lazy lunches, hours basking in the sunshine, time spent with friends and family… This is what Ennéa is about.
The Ennéa resident loves the tropical, Mauritian vibe. The garden extends to the immaculate green fairways providing a sense of space. Immense glass sliding doors open onto a covered terrace with splendid views of the bright green fairways or the western mountain range. And yet, the contemporary residence is by no means a typical rustic campement. Ennéa is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and appliances. The blend of modernity and low-key charm makes Ennéa a dream-come-true for its lucky owners.

Located on 1.25 hectares of prime property facing fairways #7 and #8 of the Azuri Golf, Ennéa adjoins the existing vibrant village to the new Rive Droite neighbourhood. Ennéa consists of a collection of high-end residences ranging from two-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom villas with views of the west and northwest part of the island. These exquisite residences are ideal for a family of golfers and investors alike.

The villas

The architecture of the twelve 3-bed room villas sets forth Azuri’s signature contemporary style with defined lines, geometric structures, and the use of traditional Mauritian materials. The 260m2 residence that blends in perfectly with its tropical surroundings comes with a swimming pool, gazebo, and a garden overlooking the golf course that encapsulates the Mauritian art de vivre.

The penthouses

Six penthouses located on the first floor afford breathtaking views of the golf course. No compromise was made when it came to space. The penthouse comes as a 3-bedroom or a 4-bedroom residence. A spacious terrace, deck, and pool provide complete privacy. The open-plan design enables easy access from one room to another, as well as a sense of openness. This is the kind of home you would want in the tropics.

The apartments

The apartments come in a 2-bed or 3-bed option, en-suite. They are all located on the ground floor with a small pool and lovely garden that opens up onto the course, bringing depth and grandeur to your front lawn. The 140m2 of the 2-bedroom residences are nicely balanced between the open living space and the bedroom area. This is the ideal investment for those seeking a holiday home under the sun, especially when one signs up for the property management services Azuri has to offer.

Amara is, without a doubt, the house you call home. It is where tradition meets elegance.


Residences Amara

Where tradition meets elegance

Nestled at the heart of Rive Droite—a short buggy ride from the bustling Village—, the Amara residences are designed for those seeking understated luxury and tranquility. The variety of properties include 7 island villas, 19 villas, 4 penthouses, and 12 apartments. With views of the majestic river and golf course, Amara is the quintessential island home.

The island villas

Seven 3-bedroom en-suite island villas appeal to those looking for a place to call home. The exquisitely-designed villas blend in with the surrounding nature. The villa opens onto outdoor living space including a terrace, deck, pool, and gazebo—all of which afford breathtaking views of the riverbanks and fairways.

The villas

Nineteen 3-bedroom villas feature a unique design and layout. Home-owners may choose between a ground-floor (173m2) or ground-floor + 1 (210m2) configuration, depending on their needs. Spacious living areas and proportional light-filled bedrooms provide comfort and privacy.

The apartments

Homeowners can choose between twelve 3-bedroom apartments (176m2) located on either the ground or first floor. These coveted apartments facing fairways #7 and #8 are equipped with a lift. Their open-plan layout and en-suite bedrooms provide a sense of spaciousness and views of the greenery.

The penthouses

The topography of the land combined with the penthouse configuration means homeowners will enjoy stunning views of the sea. The four 3-bedroom penthouses (295m2) each have their own pool, veranda, and lift. The design, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, appeals to those looking for comfort and style.

The Ocean River Golf View Villa is the kind of home you want to have to get together all your. children for a lovely family holiday

Ocean River Golf View Villas

Between grandeur & simplicity

Golfers are always happy to live near a golf course. Not a golfer? That’s okay too. This may be a chance to learn, or simply to enjoy the manicured green lawns from your terrace. To get a feel for the Ocean River Golf View Villa, you must imagine waking up to peaceful surroundings, drinking your cup of coffee on your veranda, a traditional component of Mauritian architecture. Having friends over for a drink and dinner in your backyard. Hosting a pool party. Playing a round of golf.

The kiosk is set a pool level, giving it a cool, sleek design. The dwelling is built on a single plane, further emphasizing the spaciousness. Immense glass panes let the natural light in. The bright and airy space perfectly suits the island’s climate.

Azuri promotes a smart-home concept, meaning you can enjoy the comfort of your home while still embracing that Indoor/Outdoor living we’ve come to love.

The sixteen iconic Ocean River Golf View Villas are situated on 2.5 hectares of land on the northern part of the golf course, and face the southwest and southeast. These exquisitely-designed, light-filled residences combine modernity with outdoor living, inherent to life in the tropics. Built on a single plan, the residence is designed so you may gaze at the tropical gardens from the inside of your home as well. Adjacent to the swimming pool and deck in a sunken gazebo, ideal for entertaining. The luxuriant tropical garden borders the greens of the course, immersing you in nature.

The Ocean River Golf View Villa’s clean lines and geometric structure contrast beautifully with the organic, natural materials such as stones, timber, and ceramic, while the neutral tones make the lush garden stand out even more. The master bedroom even has its own outdoor shower—a greatly appreciated element of living on an island, minutes from the beach.

The 3-bedroom villas

The sleek and contemporary 3-bed room configuration (216m2) makes for a fabulous weekend getaway home or a place that can be rented out year-round. The master bedroom opens onto an outdoor veranda and pool. The gorgeous bathroom has a bathtub, shower, and outdoor shower.

The 4-bedroom villas

The spacious 4-bedroom configuration (261m2) is the perfect family home for generations to come. The tasteful interiors are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities—a perfect example of how form follows function. Neutral tones with pops of colour are evocative of the sweet life of living in the tropics. In addition to the palatial master bedroom, are three other bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

A place where you can unwind and appreciate the everyday pleasures truly and simply.

Island Living

Since its discovery by Arab sailors in the 16th century, Mauritius has been coveted by powerful nations because of its strategic position on the Spice Trade Route. People from all corners of the globe continue to be drawn to its natural beauty, ideal location at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, and time zone that allows round-the-clock transactions with all major markets. Who doesn’t love the sweet life of living in the tropics?

Since its inception five years ago on a large estate on the north-east coast, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village has metamorphosed into a vibrant and tight-knit community. Mauritians, expatriates, and foreign investors can purchase property, residency, splendid contemporary residences designed by famed architects, as well as gain access to a secluded beach, a bustling cafe, an array of restaurants, a gourmet shop, a fabulous spa, a sports club, and a signature par-3 9 hole golf course. But above all, the residents of the seaside village benefit from gorgeous natural surroundings, a safe neighbour-hood, convenience, and a sense of community. Azuri meets, without an ounce of doubt, the growing demand for alternative island living opportunities.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is defining what it means to live in a multicultural, urban beachside retreat.

Azuri is much about living truthfully. The splendid ocean and golf village is built around a community that is welcoming, caring and vibrant.


Think of Mauritius and visions of verdant fields of sugarcane, pastel-coloured houses, the rustle? of palm trees, sugar sand beaches, scintillating lagoons, and a mosaic of cultures come to mind. Mauritius is very much a way of life. Trading your bustling city life for a beachside village like Azuri is something you are going to want to seriously consider.

Invest in Mauritius

Investing in a villa at Azuri allows you to reside in Mauritius and create your ideal lifestyle: the climate is tropical and pleasant, its inhabitants are welcoming and harmonious, and the island’s infrastructure is modern. Economic, political and social stability supported by a very advantageous tax system complete the picture, positioning Mauritius as a qualitative destination, and a safe and profitable investment centre.

The Luxury Residences are part of a real estate program that allows foreigners to acquire property in Mauritius by offering unique investment opportunities. The acquisition of property by a foreigner under the real estate structure confers automatic Mauritian residency for the purchaser and his dependents, full benefits of a fixed 15% tax rate on corporate revenues and profits, and tax exemption on the secured value of the property.

Azuri meets, without an ounce of doubt, the growing demand for prestigious island living opportunities.

The 9-million year-old volcanic island is home to 1.3 million inhabitants, whose origins can be traced back to Africa, India, France, England, and China, a list that has expanded tremendously as citizens from across the globe migrate to Mauritius. The result is a cultural mosaic in which different people’s beliefs, customs, religions, and dialects are tolerated, embraced even, by one another. The nation, a microcosm of the world, continues to flourish—access to a great education, a framework that fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, a—quite literally—less taxing tax system, booming sectors, public infrastructure, affordable healthcare, and the possibility to tap into markets with enormous potential such as Africa, India, or China, contribute to its growth.

It doesn’t hurt to have year-round balmy weather, a laid-back vibe, warm and welcoming people, and gorgeous natural surroundings.

Azuri Ocean & Golf Village is set on the northeast coast of this idyllic island, facing the second largest lagoon—Roches Noires—, and surrounded by mangroves, a vital ecosystem. The Rivière-du-Rempart river runs through the property. Azuri’s gorgeous natural surroundings bring immense value to its prime real estate property, and provide its residents with the ultimate nature escape—whether an early morning dip in the lagoon, or a Sunday afternoon family hike.

As if Azuri didn’t have it all… We are now adding a stunning golf course!

Between luxury and simplicity

The beating heart of Azuri is its market place. It is a place where neighbours can come together and build a happier, stronger, and safer community. The village offers the convenience of a city—a café, restaurants, boutiques, a delicatessen, an ATM, a farmer’s market—without the hustle. And all this, by the sea.

The Café

The Café channels all the charm and style of a hip, outdoorsy eatery. Both cosy and spacious, it provides hospitality as warm as its decor: ceramic tiles, monochrome greys and white, wood furniture and potted green plants. There’s also a great outdoor sun-terrace. With options to curl up with a book, meet a business partner over coffee, and hang out with friends, The Café is the quintessential community spot.

Ô Marché Gourmet

Time and time again, Agnès, the owner of the deli comes to the rescue. An impromptu dinner? After-school snacks? A day at the beach? A bottle of wine? The family-run deli packs an incredible selection of food and groceries, from artisanal ice-cream to fresh pasta, to delicacies dished up by Agnès herself. She puts a lot of love into hosting tastings and cooking up made-to-order dishes. What more could you ask for?

The Seaside Shop

The nautical-themed boutique, conveniently located across from the ATM, is our favorite shop for perusing. A treasure trove of linens, straw hats, beach bags, bathing suits, textiles, candles, and soaps, the shop is pretty ideal for picking up a last minute something.

Azuri is only a short car ride away from Grand Bay in the North, and Port-Louis, the business hub, some of its residents never feel the need to leave. A charming café, a dizzying array of restaurants, a gourmet shop, a spa, pool, and fitness club, a tennis and nautical club, and a spectacular golf course complete the offer. It seems the urban village that stands astride beach and golf truly has it all.


Who doesn’t love having a favorite place to eat just down the road? Now imagine having several tantalizing venues…
Each menu is dominated by inventive, flavoursome, beautifully-presented dishes. Whether you are in the mood for fine dining or a buffet lunch, local fare, or dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world, you are in for a treat.

In-Residence Services

We created an extensive menu of in-residence services to meet the needs of today’s—busy—home owners but also to help care for the homes of owners who travel frequently of live abroad. Our home maintenance services will preserve the value and beauty of your residence, and can be carried out whether you are home or gone. Services include garden maintenance, pool cleaning and maintenance, pest control, house cleaning, repairs, air-conditioning maintenance, a laundry service, and even
‘lifestyle’ services such as booking an activity within Azuri or a restaurant. We also offer a preventive maintenance package which includes monthly check-ups on various aspects of your home.

Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa

Great location, great food, and great hospitality—Radisson Blu Azuri truly has it all. Mauritius has made its way onto many a bucket list, and what better way to get to know this earthly paradise than staying at this stellar hotel. It pulls inspiration from its tropical surroundings—a peninsula, blue-green waters, mangroves, the beach, alcoves—while still maintaining the Radisson flair we’ve come to know and love.

The immaculate white pavilion-style architecture perfectly suits the balmy weather. Beautifully-designed rooms open onto tropical gardens with splendid views of the azure sea. Other facilities include an incredible spa, a kids club, several eateries that highlight a variety of cuisines, conference facilities, and a swimming pool around which you will be tempted to laze on the chaises-longues while you sip a cocktail from the Cyan pool bar. The Radisson Blu Azuri is sure to become a favorite.

Healthy Lifestyle

“ The freedom these kids have …It’s priceless. After school, my children can play a game of tennis or beach volley with the other kids. I don’t have to worry about safety or driving 30 minutes to pick them up. It’s all right here.”

Picture the word ‘wellness’, and you might imagine a sun-salutation, a bright pink smoothie, an early-morning exercise class, a rejuvenating facial, or a tennis match. Azuri has all this—and more.

Living by the sea is good for you

The benefits of seaside living are undeniable. There is something soothing about the colour blue, the sound of waves, the salt air, and the feeling of sand between your toes. Between laps in the pool, a tennis match, and an evening gym session, you’ll likely work up an appetite. Good thing Azuri’s café, restaurants and gourmet shops offer plenty of healthy options, from egg-white omelettes to healthful, nourishing salads (served with a view of course.)

The Spa, Pool, and Fitness Room

Carve out space for some me-time at the incredible spa, a haven for beautistas, replete with state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable therapists. Sports junkies can swim laps in the pool or hit the gym. Whether you need a good workout or an express manicure before you jet off to far-flung locales, the spa and fitness facilities, which are located just around the corner from you, will leave you feeling whole, rested, and grounded.

Azuri Tennis Club and Academy

Azuri’s Tennis Club owes its popularity to its beautiful courts bordered by green plants and sugar-cane fields, its team of professionals-enthusiasts, and the fact that it is filled with people of all ages and levels of athletic expertise. The accredited Tennis Academy offers lessons for beginners and those who want to perfect their game. Whether you go out to the court to be with friends, or want to squeeze in a sweat session, tennis remains a favorite.


Bow-and-arrow aficionados head to Azuri’s archery range that offers classes and hosts friendly tournaments. Raising, drawing, and aiming one’s bow at a target improves hand-eye coordination and upper-body strength. The meditative qualities of the ancient sport help quiet the mind.

Azuri’s community life is fuelled by initiatives that gather all the residents, from a farmer’s market, to recycling initiatives, to building a community vegetable patch.

Community Life

Azuri’s village celebrates our community’s needs—safety, happiness, convenience, recreation, social engagement, and a sense of belonging.

We believe the neighbourhood is one of the most impactful communities in a person’s life. Azuri is no exception. The thriving beat of the cosmopolitan village has never been louder: locals and foreigners of all nationalities convene here at Azuri. The dynamic neighbourhood, the culinary scene, compelling architecture, and green open spaces fuel the community life. While we humans naturally engage, and socialize (making lifelong friends in the process), it doesn’t hurt that Azuri’s committee goes the extra mile to sustain the dynamism. From IBL On the Move, a charity triathlon that takes its runners through the sugarcane fields, to the Tennis Open, a tournament in partnership with the Mauritius Tennis Federation, from hosting a boozy apéro on the beach to setting up a lively farmer’s market, Azuri cultivates a warm and leisurely vibe. Azuri promotes sustainability with its recycling policies but also the well-being of the community at large. Giving back is a big deal at Azuri. Residents can partake in numerous charity initiatives and fundraisers that benefit the surrounding communities. The community of people celebrating no matter the occasion is truly the best thing about Azuri.

Nearby Facilities

Think of your idyllic summer getaway. Now imagine having the privilege of living that gloriously sunny daydream of yours on a daily basis. Hard to imagine right? We know how rare it is to find a place that is truly unique. Azuri’s location at the heart of the northeast part of the island means two things: proximity to nature and convenience. You will find remarkable schools, hospitals, grocery stores and markets, but also the capital city, Port-Louis, a 20-minute car ride away.

Well-developed, Affordable Healthcare & Specialized clinics

Private hospital groups and the government have invested heavily in developing a sophisticated and resourceful healthcare system, providing access to highly-specialised treatments including plastic surgery, fertility, cardiology, dentistry, and hair grafting. Azuri is located 30 minutes from Fortis Darné, a private clinic, The Act, a one-stop-shop for health and wellness that groups various therapists, the Centre de Chirurgie Esthétique de l’Océan Indien that specialises in plastic surgery and Clinique du Nord. There is also a great pharmacy in Rivière du Rempart, five minutes away.

Grocery-stores and Markets

Winner’s, a local supermarket chain, is located a five minute drive away and offers a vast selection of local and imported items. Along the streets in Rempart are many local vendors selling vegetables, fruit, and street food. Super U, another big supermarket chain has a location in Flacq, and one in Grand Bay. There is also a tiny boutik run by a lovely Mauritian family in Roches Noires, a minute from Azuri (the habitués know they can place orders for specific items.) In Mapou, where the schools are located, is La Corbeille, a small grocery store that sells homegrown vegetables, to-die-for fruit jams, a selection of local, specialty meats and sausages, and an array of baked treats cooked by local entrepreneurs.

First-Rate Education

Mauritius being a bilingual nation, there are a number of top-quality, private, international schools that cover pre-primary, primary, and secondary education, all situated approximately 20-25 minutes by car from Azuri. Kids can attend École du Nord, a private French school, or IPS, the International Preparatory School. Northfields International High School is located across the street from IPS. The three schools are located in Mapou, near the Labourdonnais estate, an old sugar estate that has been converted into co-working space, offices, a café, and a small grocer. Several prestigious universities have set up campuses and affiliate programs in Mauritius, enabling students to graduate from top-of-the-league schools.

Port-Louis, Capital& Business Hub

The historic port is located on the northwest coast on the water. Home to 150,000 inhabitants, the old city is the country’s economic, political, and cultural centre. Most offices and government services (passport, driving license…) are located in Port Louis. The winding, cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful colonial-style edifices, and packed with street vendors, cafés, restaurants, and shops. The Port Louis Bazaar sells fruits, vegetables, and other speciality food items. Port-side is the Caudan Waterfront. Set on the harbour, the complex is ideal for a shopping spree, going to the movies, or out for dinner. Port-Louis is a 35-minute drive from Azuri.

Golf Lifestyle

Island living evokes balmy weather, tropical gardens, beautiful homes, sandy beaches, lagoons, and above all, space. Living on the edge of a golf course means you are surrounded by greenery and lush vegetation, peacefulness and beauty. Having the freedom to choose to live by a golf course is the epitome of luxury.

Azuri’s signature Par-3, 9-hole course adds immense value to the land and homes at Azuri. Not to mention, it offers homeowners a chance to play their favorite sport within a minute-walk from their house. The conception of a golf course also places nature at the heart of the community, ensuring spaciousness and a legacy for years to come.

The signature Par-3 golf course is a first of its kind on the island

A signature Par-3 9-hole golf course

Green open spaces, manicured fairways, breathtaking views, peacefulness, tranquility… Who doesn’t love a golf course?

Mauritius has, over the years, become a renowned golf destination. Azuri’s 9-hole, Par-3 golf course offers golfers of all levels a chance to perfect their game, play a round between meetings, and challenge themselves. We have partnered with industry leaders including IMG, one of the world’s leading golf designers, and expert Marc Amelot of Green Sun Management, to conceive this unique course and maintain and manage it on a daily basis. The course brings immense value to Azuri’s land and puts Azuri in IMG’s network of top global golf destination.


If the promise of the sweet island life doesn’t seal the deal, here are ten more perks of living or purchasing property in this unique seaside setting.

1. A rare and unique destination

This little corner of paradise is a microcosm of the world. A combination of natural beauty and urban charm, Mauritius offers a sweet life. Its cosmopolitan nation, a mosaic of cultures, ethnicities, and religions, make the tiny island very much a microcosm of the world. Travellers are surprised to learn that beyond the sandy beaches is huge opportunity
for business growth—and a strong dose of happiness.

2. Seaside living

Azuri is a place that encapsulates what it means to live by the sea. Wake up, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, and take a seat on your terrace over-looking the sandy shores and blue lagoon (the second largest of Mauritius). It doesn’t get any better. Truly. The outdoors is an integral part of living at Azuri. Boat rides, beach volleyball, an evening jog in the sugarcane fields… Who needs a lap pool when you have the ocean?

3. A Village Community

Azuri’s village celebrates our community needs safety, happiness, convenience, recreation, and a sense of belonging. The hip and happening neighbourhood is a playground much for the kids as for the grown-ups! Azuri’s Village manager goes the extra mile to bring the community together by organising events and activities year-round.

4. Ocean and Golf*

Around the world, golf courses are equated with luxury, freedom, and beauty. Azuri is no exception. Our spectacular executive golf course is a chance to play a round with friends, enjoy the peaceful open green spaces, or take up a new sport. The acquisition of a residence at Rive Droite comes with a transferable golf membership at the Azuri Golf.*

*Conditions apply

5. Prime real estate

Prime beachfront property is hard to come by. Azuri, set on the coveted northeast coast, is a gem. It is as much an investment as it is a place you’ll want to call home. On an island delineated by its shores, land is particularly invaluable. BlueLife Limited is a pioneer in the land development sector in Mauritius. With years of experience, the property developer knows how to create and sustain value, both in the short and long run. Their motto, “We don’t just build houses but homes” illustrates their commitment to enriching the lives of those at Azuri.

6. Modern

BlueLife Limited, the developper and promoter, collaborates with famed architects to design and conceive stylish, contemporary residences. Each beautifully-designed villa embodies tropical modernism, an architecture that is ideally suited to our gloriously sunny island. Each residence comes with all the amenities that will make life so much easier. Azuri’s residential neighbourhood was cleverly designed, integrating lasting infrastructure, functionality, aesthetics, community, and greenery. The ultimate goal? To help its citizens live better, happier lives.

“I get to fall asleep to the lapping of the waves and wake up to the chirping of birds. Downstairs is as good a café as what you would find in a city. What more can you want?”

“Eyes on the prize, we invested time, energy, and resources into instilling life and a sense of community into the village.” BlueLife Limited, The Developer

7. The advantages of a Mauritian residency

Life in Mauritius is—literally—less taxing. Foreigners who purchase property under the PDS (Property Development Scheme) acquire Mauri- tian residency (as do their dependents), and benefit from advantageous fiscal policies including a flat tax rate at 15%, no taxes on capital gains if the property is sold, no withholding taxes on interests and dividends, and various exemptions.

8. A portfolio of high-end properties

Azuri Golf & Ocean Village stands out as being the first to have created a real community, one that is socially- engaged, responsible, and aware. It also stands out because of its inherent beauty: each cluster of residences apartments, penthouses, villas, super villas, and bespoke designs conceived by renowned architects elevate living standards. The quality of the homes reflects the quality of life of Azuri’s residents and homeowners.

9. Full-fledge Property Management Service

Azuri provides a full range of services that cater to homeowners and renters. These services simplify your day-to-day life and include short and long-term rental management, property sales, maintenance services (plumbing, pool, gardening, dry-cleaning…), but also event planning (such as booking a chef, planning a party…).

10. Smart Living

In the Internet era, geographic mobility and work-life balance are becoming the norm. Azuri’s dynamic community is a mix of Mauritians and expatriates in pursuit of business opportunities, a cer-tain way of life, and the happiness that one experiences waking up in this cor-ner of paradise. You could call it smart living. That is, the ability to reconcile your career with the joys of living on an island.

“A vibrant village by the sea !”

Our Vision

Enhancing the lives of people, creating meaningful experiences, building places where people can evolve together as one community, moving beyond “bricks and mortar”, transforming the ways we live, imagining new lifestyle patterns… This is Azuri’s vision for the years to come.

We have established ourselves as pioneer in the community-building aspect of the land development sector. We continue to conceive unique living concepts that transform our landscape and ways of living. We strive to enhance people’s lives by helping them build communities and a sense of belonging.

Who We Are

At BlueLife Limited, we understand what a luxurious island lifestyle is all about. A subsidiary of IBL, the leading conglomerate, BlueLife Limited is one of Mauritius’ leaders in land development.

Azuri being in the infancy phase of its development means that with the involvement of homeowners and stakeholders, we can build a working model for sustainable living, work, education, and recreation that is exemplary.

The implementation of sustainability in all that we do is closely tied to the idea of building the future, of building a legacy that can be handed down to future generations.

We also understand the importance of Sustainable Development. BlueLife Limited has a deep knowledge of the Mauritian land and economy, and its team is made up of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals with a track record of creating value. Our vision today is to research and implement Smart Living systems, systems that sustain themselves while responding to the actual needs of people, society, the environment and the industry.

Facts & Figures

The Café

A town hotspot that serves great coffee, brunch, lunch, pizzas, and baked goods. Open 7/7 from 8 a.m to 8 p.m Place an order: 402 37 00

Azuri Tennis Club

Book a court, take a private lesson at our academy, or sign up for a tournament!
Open 7/7 from 8 a.m to 8 p.m Reservations: 5817 8680 (Jervis) / 5807 8892 (Hugues)

Ocean OneBeach Club & Restaurant

Located on the beach, the restaurant serves great food and regularly hosts brunches, themed night, and sundowners.
Open 7/7 from 11 a.m to 11.30 p.m Reservations : 402 37 00

Ô Marché Gourmet

Your one-stop-shop for gourmet foods, wine, fresh pasta, and staples you may have run out of.
Monday to Friday: 10 a.m to 7 p.m Saturday : 9.30 a.m to 7 p.m
Sunday : 9.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m
Place an order: 5931 0374

Azuri Nautical Club

Kayak, paddle board, windsurf, pedal boat, sail board… You name it! If you want to plan a boat outing, deep-sea fishing or a sailing excursion, contact the Azuri Nautical Club.
Open 7/7 from 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Contact: 402 3790

The Spa, Pool, and Gym

Our spa and fitness facilities are located just around the corner from you.

Spa: Open 7/7 from 11 a.m to 8 p.m

Pool: Open 7/7 from 6 a.m to 7 p.m

Gym: Open 7/7 from 6 a.m 10 p.m

Reservations : 402 3700

Seaside Shop

Heading to the beach or a birthday party? Pop by our curated boutique.
Open 7/7 from 8 a.m to 8 p.m
Contact: 5742 5267

Services d’Azuri

We provide a full range of services to simplify your day-to-day life including rental management, property sales, and maintenance services.
Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m to 5 p.m
Reservations: 412 21 21

Radisson Blu Azuri Resort & Spa

A luxury resort at the heart of Azuri.

Open 7/7 Reservations : 402 3700

Project Team

Client : Haute Rive PDS Company Ltd
Developer : BlueLife Limited
Architect : JFA Architects
Quantity Surveyor : Kefex Associates Ltd
Landscaper : CEPM
Golf Course Designer : IMG Golf Course Design
Engineer : ARUP

Contact Us

Azuri Sales Office
Market Place, Azuri Mauritius
T: (230) 54 99 99 95

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    Posted at 15:30h, 25 Oct Reply

    What are the selling price????????????????

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