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Better bond, better home, better life

By BetterBond

, |

Better bond, better home, better life

By BetterBond

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Backed by over 19 years’ experience and expertise, and strong relationships with major banks and estate agents, BetterBond is one of the largest bond originators in South Africa.

We ensure that the bond application process is taken care of by professionals who make it easier, faster, and simpler to secure competitive home loan offers from all major banks, using just one application. And we do this at no cost to the customer.

Then we deliver an expert service at key touch points in the home-buying journey, from pre-qualifying buyers to protecting their home with the best possible insurance cover. By placing our customers in an empowered position to choose the home loan option that works best for them, there’s a strong possibility that a better bond could cost them less, which could translate into substantial savings over their bond term. And this, in turn, translates into a better life, from the very first instalment. We believe in creating a positive ripple outward in society, with the belief that every life can be better.

Our ‘better’ lies in simplifying the home-purchasing process so that our customers complete just one application, which we submit to multiple banks – including their own – on their behalf.

This encourages the banks to compete to put their best home loan offers on the table, which could result in an interest rate difference of up to 0.5%, meaning hundreds of thousands of rands in savings over the bond term. By bringing our clients multiple offers, they are empowered to choose which offer works better for them.

Once they’ve chosen their ‘better’, the belief in a better life kicks in. Simply put, every bit better your bond is, that much better your life is.
Being ‘better’ is our guiding and driving principle; be it giving people access to better homes or giving the less fortunate a means to a better life, better comes in many shapes and forms. Indeed, better is in our name. But it is more than a name: better is a way of being. As a group of people, we strive to be better, daily.

And how do we get our clients a  better bond? In 5 simple steps…

We’ll prep the application.

We’ll make sure we get all the documents in order and help our clients complete their application form.

We’ll apply on behalf of our clients.

We submit their application to multiple banks, including their own, on their behalf.

We’ll negotiate for our clients.

This is where the magic happens! We go on the hunt and fight on our clients’ behalf to get them the best deal.

We’ll give our clients options.

We’ll talk them through their offers and help them choose the offer that’s best for them.

The client accepts … and voila!

Once they’ve decided on an offer, we’ll notify the bank, and … they’re a home owner!

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